I Fooled My Friend with a Shapeshift Mod in Minecraft...

Feb 19, 2021
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I Fooled My Friend with a Shapeshift Mod in Minecraft...
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  • 2:22 best and favourite moment 😂😂😂😂

    Ayaan playsAyaan plays8 minutes ago
  • Is this staged or?

    Holy CrusaderHoly Crusader10 minutes ago
  • Lmao he just got a God Gapple and doesn't mind I'm cackling

    Demafelix JaymarkDemafelix Jaymark11 minutes ago
  • Ahhh yes he SECRETLY installed forge on his friends computer and also SECRETLY installed THE MORPH MOD on his friends computer and his friend had to load onto forge, dont understand how people think this is real.

    ChiefAshhChiefAshhHour ago
  • this video got more than 100000k likes in like 1 week best video ever your my favorite youtuber.

    K WK W2 hours ago

    Happy BesayHappy Besay2 hours ago
  • You are really bad Bionic

    Rebecca WilliamsRebecca Williams2 hours ago
  • 😞😞your face in the topleft corner you have hair but your channel picture has no hair and your character has no hair 😕😕😥😥😭😭

    Jhopay1981Jhopay19814 hours ago
  • I love the end part

    Its SlapzyIts Slapzy5 hours ago
  • The kaput babies unintentionally hang because heat importantly lick round a dramatic hat. funny, thick partner

    Alicia MartinezAlicia Martinez5 hours ago
  • helo

    Enrique SamuelEnrique Samuel5 hours ago
  • Better speed on the new 345 villages actually and I also found two were bored you just found

    Kelly HowlettKelly Howlett5 hours ago
  • ZA better speed run the new

    Kelly HowlettKelly Howlett5 hours ago
  • Bionic:too sacred to unfriend his friend So fools him with shapeshift Me:ask my friend I don’t want to be you friend anymore :)

    Beverly LouBeverly Lou6 hours ago
  • what is the name of this mod

    Doodles Is The NameDoodles Is The Name6 hours ago
  • I hate you

    Matthew NelsonMatthew Nelson6 hours ago
  • You are hacker

    Pro MalsawmaPro Malsawma6 hours ago
  • Bionic don't say noi mana noi noi

    Pro MalsawmaPro Malsawma6 hours ago
  • This video has so much views

    milk in your facemilk in your face6 hours ago
  • How did he not notice that the other one is not facing the correct direction

    VlopeVlope7 hours ago
    • Timestamp: 16:55 Middle left portal block

      VlopeVlope7 hours ago
  • What is the seed of the world?

    Conner CallConner Call7 hours ago
  • This guy is annoying

    ICYICY7 hours ago
  • Korni

  • Me: if i were Quiff i'd likely unfriend bionic

    happy YThappy YT9 hours ago
  • Yo I’mma need the seed please

    XantylesXantyles10 hours ago
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    Kenny NgKenny Ng11 hours ago
  • Bionic I can turn into an enter dragon Quit how in two seconds I died how

    Bhavesh SingiresuBhavesh Singiresu11 hours ago
  • For the ones that want to download the mod, the name is IDENTITY mod, use it with the fabric mod (i think thats the one)

    JustW4RJustW4R11 hours ago
  • We need the world seed

    The unbathed oneThe unbathed one12 hours ago
  • Worst of friends. Best of enemy’s.

    Gumball WattersonGumball Watterson12 hours ago
  • Quiff in 10 years: *remotely turns off bionics WiFi mid speedrun*

    Emily AnEmily An13 hours ago
  • How do you get the mod?

    Rachel SargentRachel Sargent13 hours ago
  • Ur the new best

    Andrew HallAndrew Hall13 hours ago
    • I love ur Vids Bionic

      Emily AnEmily An13 hours ago
  • cap

    al_paka_98al_paka_9814 hours ago
  • Meow

    HackerKittyHackerKitty14 hours ago
  • You're sus!

    PaerPaer15 hours ago
  • You should’ve shot the nether portal as a gast and listen to what he says

    RYAN HUNTRYAN HUNT16 hours ago
  • rigged

    willepirogwillepirog16 hours ago
  • Bro bill. Subscribers in weeks

    Eyoel TesfayeEyoel Tesfaye16 hours ago
  • The one is the best nether build i will rate it 10/10 nice...

    mr. mastermr. master18 hours ago
  • 15:32 lighting lol

    idontknowidontknow18 hours ago
  • What your download to morph name

    Fhieras ImanFhieras Iman18 hours ago
  • You'r so mean... just give him 500dollars just give some respect to him. And this is why your vievers are decreasing.

    pixardpixard19 hours ago
  • I’m subscribed bionic

    SebPlays864SebPlays86419 hours ago
  • Googangingan

    SebPlays864SebPlays86419 hours ago
  • Wait.. when you go in nether you get an advancment..so your friend can see if you came in nether

    Petar JolovicPetar Jolovic19 hours ago
  • Bootiful hair

    mr kazoomr kazoo21 hour ago
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    noah jacobsnoah jacobs21 hour ago
  • I love ur Vids Bionic

    Orchid_ PlayzOrchid_ Playz21 hour ago
  • A morph mod or a shapsmihfb mod

    Ville Ahlman Høyen 05SMEVille Ahlman Høyen 05SME22 hours ago
  • Lol

    Infected SansInfected Sans22 hours ago
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    • sup

      H iH i23 hours ago

    محمد محمود الكاملمحمد محمود الكاملDay ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      محمد محمود الكاملمحمد محمود الكاملDay ago
  • Rrrerrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    محمد محمود الكاملمحمد محمود الكاملDay ago
  • Bionic Bionic Bionic Will it work

    ZukoZukoDay ago
  • eyyh bionic if u rly didnt pay him his $1000 u most likely lost ur friend sad ...

    simon leenderssimon leendersDay ago
  • Secretly? It’s on youtube

    XhidenXhidenDay ago
  • Чё он говорит

    Дияс ДаулетбаевДияс ДаулетбаевDay ago
  • Hahahahaha that so fanny man

    RJ channelRJ channelDay ago
  • How to play with friend????

    애플님애플님Day ago
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    Luis VenturaLuis VenturaDay ago
  • Can I get seed pls

    Aung Pyae PhyoAung Pyae PhyoDay ago
  • What mod did you use

    Louis RaivenLouis RaivenDay ago
  • It’s small brain time - Albert Einstein should of said

    UnbreakableProgaming XboxUnbreakableProgaming XboxDay ago
  • 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊哈哈哈哈😄

    xing hao Huangxing hao HuangDay ago
  • When did Zdeno Chara start making USworlds videos?

    Sloom RavenSloom RavenDay ago
  • Baldonic

    Ralf PitoyRalf PitoyDay ago
  • 14:07 is funny as f

    Beanos Is ComingBeanos Is ComingDay ago
  • 3:38 nether

    Evan Hughes YouTube channelEvan Hughes YouTube channelDay ago
  • Oh my god... the acting was so bad it made me cringe outside of the universe

    Noel HajduNoel HajduDay ago
  • Do you have a gf then f you do call her bionic bear

    hdusudhdihdusudhdiDay ago
  • You and quiff have been trolling each other so much this has to be faked

    Uzair FarooqUzair FarooqDay ago
  • It’s funny that he starts with the dream speed run music

    Levi YoungbergLevi YoungbergDay ago
  • To the end get it!!

    the palzthe palzDay ago
  • boncccccc 104k likeesssssss LoL

    Ardit GamingArdit GamingDay ago
  • Ghghfh🤣😂

    Mohamed BadiMohamed BadiDay ago
  • The end was ultimate I almost died of laughter

    GoldGoldDay ago
  • I like the luigi's mansion in the background

    The PikaThe PikaDay ago
  • 6:28 wide IRON GOLEM

    2point2mods2point2modsDay ago
  • 5:25, the song from Dream speedrunner vs Hunter.

    James CastroJames CastroDay ago
  • Not gonna lie this dude is messed up

    William SiebertWilliam SiebertDay ago
  • Awedttyu

    Jake WinterJake WinterDay ago
  • Jake Winter Jake Winter

    Jake WinterJake WinterDay ago
  • Bionic hair grows faster than my relationship...

    Ptao TomPtao TomDay ago

    Vanessa BenoitVanessa BenoitDay ago
  • sorry but you cloned this video from channel Fixeye

    • hey the wierd thing is to get a mod you have to download it and your friend to so thath means he must have seen whath he was downloading right

      Ptao TomPtao TomDay ago
  • I smell CAP

    Dylan AnksorousDylan AnksorousDay ago
  • Bro when he wanted world edit he put //wand

    MarmusMarmusDay ago
  • Nice try buddy, but that is not how portals naturally spawn

    Dexter CobbDexter CobbDay ago
  • Bionic I may be your new viewer and subscriber

    Queen MonaeQueen MonaeDay ago
  • Wow. Havent seen this Guy in years. Last time he had more hair lol

    DuckDkDuckDkDay ago
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  • You're so toxic.

    XxTNTBOSS750xXXxTNTBOSS750xXDay ago
  • I like you cut g

    Mikkel FejsøMikkel FejsøDay ago
  • I been seeing your videos but your video face? Wha what?? Prooooooooooffffff………………..aaaaaaaaaaa😶😶😶😶😶 a bla bla blaaaaaaa........ what was that cold aaaaaa WHAT THE HECK WA-WHAT THE MY BRAIN AAAAAAA........................I DONT KNOW WHAT IS BRAIN DOING MY BRAIN IS MAYBY CRAZY OR SOMTHING😑😑😑😑😑 I WAS ABOUT TO SAY WHY IS YOUR THING WHAT WAS THAT COLD THAT WHY IS IT STILL BLURD????

    Yziah GoYziah GoDay ago
  • 17:15 Watch till the end! 17:59 ROASTED YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!

    Gerry OtterstenGerry OtterstenDay ago
  • $@$@$^

    Hamid MunawarHamid MunawarDay ago
  • I LIKE YA CUT G *Slaps*

    xd binx Im a catxd binx Im a catDay ago
  • Bionic:bites tongue Edit:omg thank you so much for 50k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!1!1!!11!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1

  • If you hit 3 m subs Stare at paint drying for 10 hours

    AoReonAoReonDay ago