I finally got a world record #shorts

Mar 27, 2021
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  • Wow you got a world record wow so amazing...

    gameplayer zillagameplayer zillaHour ago
  • Yasssss

    meow meowmeow meowHour ago
  • What happened to wing wing

    kaylakaylaHour ago
  • Im still waiting in medical shop.... Return mask and pay the bill of borrowing it😠😠

    Flamour XFlamour X3 hours ago
  • Damnn. That took allot of effort

    kyle louwkyle louw3 hours ago
  • Wow good job

    Karyzma BraswellKaryzma Braswell3 hours ago
  • Shit like this that makes you realize, no wonder there are recent attacks on Asian Americans!

    jacob’s Worldjacob’s World3 hours ago
  • You can be beat

    Emmanuel DownenEmmanuel Downen4 hours ago
  • This guy stupid cheating must be same with guy his more fastest

    Yeo MinkiatYeo Minkiat4 hours ago
  • 🤦‍♂️

    Stu FraserStu Fraser5 hours ago
  • Congratulations!

    nightlightnightlight5 hours ago
  • That is not even the same type of mask lol

    Joshua ReyesJoshua Reyes6 hours ago
  • This is going to be normal one day

    Juan sevillaJuan sevilla7 hours ago
  • Congrates

    123 321w123 321w7 hours ago

    SaroPonchoSaroPoncho8 hours ago
  • someone's seen this and I bet has allready broke his record lol

    SkelterSkelter8 hours ago
  • someone's seen this and I bet has allready broke his record lol

    SkelterSkelter8 hours ago
  • I think I got a record too. I got ready for school in 1 minute and 49 seconds bc I was late 😌✨👌

    •Chill Gilli••Chill Gilli•9 hours ago
  • Wow

    SsNoobsS BrokeSsNoobsS Broke10 hours ago
  • *i pogged so hard*

    Florzell webbFlorzell webb10 hours ago
  • When he realizes he can just put them all on at once😂

    Ethan VanHornEthan VanHorn10 hours ago
  • thats not a world record if you dont saperate them like that guy did stacking them make it too easy

    Hoy KeoputhsathyaHoy Keoputhsathya11 hours ago
  • Good job

    Axel BarriosAxel Barrios11 hours ago
  • World Record: Covid Edition

    Cameron MiedunieckiCameron Mieduniecki12 hours ago
  • nice

    LampLamp12 hours ago
  • what wow !

    Gloria BorjonGloria Borjon13 hours ago
  • You could actually get that world record to as fast as 1 second per mask on average

    ThadMonk15ThadMonk1513 hours ago
  • He and my friends actully try to break the world record of longest phone call ever , we called for 2weeks nonstop

    Lil JxsLil Jxs15 hours ago
  • Me: oh 10 mask bruh take me Also me:after Nathan says 12.11 um bye 🤐

    DanielleDanielle16 hours ago
  • Good job and I already know I can't do anything in life

    i am blue dody gaming a gamei am blue dody gaming a game17 hours ago
  • The moset impresses sheep npc are you human

    Jacob BlankenshipJacob Blankenship18 hours ago
  • I wanna break your record C:< hehehehehehheehehehehehe

    Ammadador CecilAmmadador Cecil18 hours ago
  • Mom: I'm not impressed Me: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lybia GarciaLybia Garcia18 hours ago
  • He is da chosen one

    Aedan MontAedan Mont18 hours ago
  • Okay but like I need a follow up as well like do they send someone to your house with a framed certificate????

    Kyle BoltonKyle Bolton19 hours ago
  • Me at home trying the mask one: *dies of asphyxiation*

    Kyle BoltonKyle Bolton19 hours ago
  • Im going to try and break the world record of eating apple sace

    Aryana McNairAryana McNair19 hours ago
  • Heading to store to buy mask

    De LueDe Lue19 hours ago
  • Gg

    MrCatMrCat19 hours ago
  • GOOD JOB!!!!

    Wolfy LightWolfy Light20 hours ago
  • cool

    East SorenEast Soren21 hour ago
  • The finishing face tho

    MemerMemer22 hours ago
  • Don’t you need a Guinness judge present?

    Rob BanksRob Banks22 hours ago
  • Wow!😱

    berlyn Faustoberlyn FaustoDay ago
  • Great job Nathan

    Jayden JaimeJayden JaimeDay ago
  • ricegum is that you

    LigateLigateDay ago
  • Sorry man but i tried this right now and i got 8.91s so the title goes to me

    Scarlet BeastScarlet BeastDay ago
  • Look at those masks user the microscope, you can see nanotechnology move

    Melody DawnMelody DawnDay ago
  • No shin chon gwau no shireno

    Setyx !Setyx !Day ago
  • U did it but its not the proper way to wear a mask

    Farjid ArfeFarjid ArfeDay ago
  • It was the power of ching ching

    Humza MawloodHumza MawloodDay ago
  • Nice job for you

    ccccccDay ago
  • Dream: 👀

    Eazy BreezyEazy BreezyDay ago
  • 3001

  • Dang

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yea

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yeet

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yeet

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yeet

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yeet

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yeet

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • Yret

    H&SH&SDay ago
  • He did it yay

    Dont ask meDont ask meDay ago
  • OMG

  • Fun fact i almost beat the world record for misquito bites the world record i remember was 56 and i got 54 im so mad rn

    Mariela LopezMariela LopezDay ago
  • You are now officially amazing

    Mystic RBLXMystic RBLXDay ago
  • Mom:what will you do if your grown up? Me: speedrun life

    UselessMattUselessMattDay ago
  • They’re just handing out these damn world records now

    Tyler BennettTyler BennettDay ago

    Strawhat ManStrawhat ManDay ago
  • Watch him pull a family guy

    Bennie MartinezBennie MartinezDay ago
  • Great job man

    Nishinoya YuuNishinoya YuuDay ago
  • there's literally thousands of world records in each and every thing there's so many that everyone can have one

    Ishaan LakhotiyaIshaan LakhotiyaDay ago
  • Imagine the guy that made this record is watching

    Michael CarbonellMichael CarbonellDay ago
  • Baaaa Baaaa Badass 🐑

    Pamela BrownPamela BrownDay ago
  • I’m happy for uuuuu

    React GamerReact GamerDay ago
  • like a SHEEP....if you wear the mask & the layers they want you to wear & the vaccines they will make you take. After trying to beat the worlds record how well did you breathe?

    Shire FernandezShire FernandezDay ago
  • Every 7th etemp always get lucky

  • Bro could’ve cut it down to 9 if it was a perfect run

    Kodojow 22Kodojow 22Day ago
  • Wow

    Willow KnollWillow KnollDay ago
  • Repent , Repent , Repent , Jesus Christ loves you He died so that we can live :.

    tinaj sewstinaj sewsDay ago
  • Where jing jing?

    ShadowheadShadowheadDay ago
  • Cool

    JeffdabmooseJeffdabmooseDay ago
  • Cool video.

    Chuckle FunChuckle FunDay ago
  • He ain’t getting Corona, I’ll tell you that much

    Boynerd DDDBoynerd DDDDay ago
  • I feel like I could do it a way easier way that I won't say 😂🤷‍♀️

    The BrokenShadowThe BrokenShadowDay ago
  • It’s not a record if u don’t sort em

    Z FatexZ FatexDay ago
  • Dorime

    The destroyerThe destroyerDay ago
  • Why not just put them all on at once?

    TheUltraBot76TheUltraBot76Day ago
  • Where's ging ging

    Mase HMase HDay ago
  • F for the Chinese guy

    Yagito CömertoYagito CömertoDay ago
  • Let's goooooo

    ZeniiFNZeniiFNDay ago
  • ConGrats

    Scott StineScott StineDay ago
  • Show us your plaque

    Veronica NajarroVeronica NajarroDay ago
  • Nah.. I did it within 3 seconds.. just put all 10 together...

    Jewelson NoronhaJewelson NoronhaDay ago
  • rice gum is that you

    GaudiGaudiDay ago
  • Good job

    Telluric WarriorTelluric WarriorDay ago
  • "Dude what is wrong with the stupid mask" -Nathon Doan 2021

    DeathslayerDeathslayer2 days ago
  • He cheated.Once the timer got to 00.30 every second the timer immediately went to the next second.This is sadly not going to be accepted.

    CrazyBrain 842CrazyBrain 8422 days ago
  • Good job man

    YelinaYelina2 days ago
  • Maskskskskk V s c o Hehe

    8 - Ball8 - Ball2 days ago