I figured out how to make Crystal Wings

Oct 17, 2020
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If you haven't seen it, watch Part 1 (the one before part3)
song used at the end: Lorn - Acid Rain (Metal Version) || @ArtificialFear
Dumb Outro: @qbeeoy
Big thank you to @jimmydiresta for all the advice on mold making. love you brother.
Also, hat was from @Berried Alive go check out them out!
I'm too tired to write anymore, (been up all night editing), I'll finish this description when I wake up. Love you guys.
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  • Yaaaaaaaay, I didn't break it this time!

    Bobby Duke ArtsBobby Duke ArtsMonth ago
    • Imagine breaking it the next day he commented this.

      日向創日向創6 hours ago
    • what's the song title at 12:22???

      Peachy bqbePeachy bqbe9 days ago
    • Hi

      Celestial LOLipopCelestial LOLipop16 days ago

      StarneixStarneix16 days ago
    • Watching you make art makes me want to do art as well, U always motivated me to draw Bobby, Thank you😁💕👌

      Grace HargettGrace Hargett19 days ago
  • The fact that he was running from a SANTA HAT WITH A CREEPY FACE made me scream and once he acted like he never did that and showed the wings i did the same😅😅🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😂😂😅😅😅🤣😂😂

    Lucy FonacierLucy Fonacier46 minutes ago
  • Omg that is just amazing, I love this piece, well done

    Sharon ChandlerSharon ChandlerHour ago
  • hahahahhahahaha this is gold, and the humor omg got me cracking!

    Net Needing SystemsNet Needing SystemsHour ago
  • I wish I had half the tools you have have in your shop. I could make so many of my ideas.

    Pumpkin Patch ExoticsPumpkin Patch Exotics2 hours ago
  • *"Oh deer!"*

    Pumpkin Patch ExoticsPumpkin Patch Exotics2 hours ago
  • Have you tried if this wings really work?:)

    Nadine LangeNadine Lange2 hours ago
  • Who would dislike this video??

    Laurel AeonLaurel Aeon3 hours ago
  • Wow.....

    murtaza khalilmurtaza khalil3 hours ago
  • Beautiful. Amazing talent.

    Carol GeeCarol Gee3 hours ago
  • I am fan of crystal wings, just mine are not as large. So curious if this resin is not yellowing after 6 months or year

    Art4Start by O.K.Art4Start by O.K.4 hours ago
  • You're an Angel hobby i love your video s and i love very birds😁😁🐦🐦🐦

    Diana KocarovaDiana Kocarova6 hours ago
  • Too bad I just stumbled on this today - too late for the wings contest. Your work is amazing. I by work, I mean work! That's a huge process but the results are beautiful!

    sullir sullirsullir sullir7 hours ago
  • That uz a lota work for a table lamp. You could get one at Walmart for cheap.

    Annah KurtinAnnah Kurtin7 hours ago
  • Parabéns!!! Amei sua arte, sua alegria e dedicação pelo que faz

    Fran Aben AtharFran Aben Athar7 hours ago
  • Awesome wings. You are hilarious. I probably shouldn't encourage you. I just found your videos and look forward to watching more. You made me laugh 👍

    Merry AijlmanMerry Aijlman7 hours ago
  • Now this piece is Bad A**! I love it! Thank you for sharing this project. I would Love a set of wings to set on my Art easel, I would think it would look cool as hell.

    Wilmer VallesWilmer Valles8 hours ago
  • im not even into this kinda stuff but omg i love your style and the stupid funny part. i will subscribe simply to see more of it. OwO have a good day

    A.J. sanA.J. san10 hours ago
  • I came for the arts but I stayed for the farts.

    Mike ClarkeMike Clarke10 hours ago
  • I did all of that

    Dulcey WhyteDulcey Whyte10 hours ago
  • I just ate some sneakers

    Mr.CatMr.Cat11 hours ago
  • I came across this video at random. I saw Crystal Wings in the title and had to watch it. I am totally amazed at your final outcome , and it was made more real when your also shared your mistakes. I know being a crafter myself that things don't always come out perfect on our first try.

    Letticia SmithLetticia Smith11 hours ago
  • Phenomenal!!!

    Cynthia ChronisterCynthia Chronister11 hours ago
  • I'm just wondering.. why could he just make a pair of wooden wings to create the mold.. I miss the "bzzzzzz"

    Subject_ChangedSubject_Changed13 hours ago
  • I like his shirt

    RaeKtvdotcomRaeKtvdotcom13 hours ago
  • This is absolutely my favorite art piece! I would totally buy it. ❤

    Catalina2808Catalina280815 hours ago
  • U r awesome 🤩

    Aleesha AlsuAleesha Alsu15 hours ago
  • The sculpture is amazing!!! The wings are magical!!! The only sad thing is that the angel is crying...

    Sakura AmbrosievaSakura Ambrosieva16 hours ago
  • Omg that is amazing!

    Jennifer BusatoJennifer Busato16 hours ago
  • Love from Bangladesh ❤️

    Dêmøñ-Lørd TûhïñDêmøñ-Lørd Tûhïñ17 hours ago
  • it captures well i love it, best work you've made in my opinion

    Fahd AbdullahFahd Abdullah17 hours ago
  • Wow!! What a fabulous sculpture! I wish I had seen this sooner and could enter the drawing. You did beautiful work,and its all the more impressive seeing that you also make mistakes. Im curious... after the first set of wings had bubbles. Did you consider heating the wings someto help the bubbles move up and out of the mold?

    Dorothy WorrellDorothy Worrell18 hours ago
  • G E N S H I N I M P A C T

    Ozcanium: ozOzcanium: oz19 hours ago
  • This is just so beautiful😍 oh my God

    Angana BanerjeeAngana Banerjee19 hours ago
  • Crystal wings.... Made of resin... . . . And here I thought this was a genshin reference

    Kuuhaku playerKuuhaku player20 hours ago
  • You are hilarious!! Love your stuff❤️💯

    Sia LoloheaSia Lolohea20 hours ago
  • Beautiful art Bobby!

    SilvaraDragontearSilvaraDragontear22 hours ago
  • Oh, that is phenomenal.

    Joan K.Joan K.22 hours ago
  • I saw the Tammy merch lol 😂😭

    Mia RamirezMia Ramirez22 hours ago
  • Bro I’m am speechless 😶

    Johnny RosaJohnny Rosa23 hours ago
  • A wearable version would be heavy but so awesome!

    THE Historical HairdresserTHE Historical HairdresserDay ago
  • I don’t have Twitter But I would love to have A pair to mount to my grandmothers headstone at the cemetery

    sssistersssisterDay ago
  • Wow! Gorgeous as I've wanted that concrete status of Woman kneeling and large wings. But Love Crystal. I'm assuming you never watched a resin prior? I have things to do buy yet to Start. Actually have a 2 pc good size of wings o want to put some of my Mom's & I flowers in as I dried. To while watching you as your a hoot. Lol I thought of putting my two together make nice size Jewelry or other trays. But did you Have now the mold? You can make Good money off the mold alone I bet. Very beautiful. How much are you selling for? A mold? Great Art. We learn by our mistakes & never give up. I am a Big Cross Wing & Butterfly collector to DIYS . HAPPY DIYING 😇💯💯👍👍🦋🦋

    1Antique_ Junkieest891Antique_ Junkieest89Day ago
  • 4:40 Bobby did you cut all of your fingers whilst doing this? That’s commitment... but try not to let your hands get in the way

    VibVibDay ago
  • Absolutely love this. But even more I love your T-Shirt - where can I get this???

    Thomas SchneiderThomas SchneiderDay ago
  • Your comedy makes me laugh my@$$ off. It's so funny.

    陈青林陈青林Day ago
  • Why did I only come across this video now... Why'd I only come across this page now? I'm crying because I didn't find it sooner! I wish you had an Etsy page...

    Maggie CarforoMaggie CarforoDay ago
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  • At the first part of the video i was like oh dear god then i just hit subscribe shits cracking em up

    matt schmatt schDay ago
  • Wait is that a Chelcie Lynn incarnated into Mona Lisa fake smoking tee-shirt you're wearing at the end ?? Anyhow what a masterpiece ! New follower there :)

    2YS2YSDay ago
  • Wow. That's so impactful with various meaning, It's like the fall of an angel. The regret, the pain. I'm literally crying .

    Milagros RipskiMilagros RipskiDay ago
  • Dis do ba caoll Me speaking in Bobby language

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  • Wow! Just WOW!

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  • 17:04 Ooh, man... That music... Is a masterpiece! Does anyone know the name, or the style of music this is called? I seriously love it!

    Slendeer_GamesSlendeer_GamesDay ago
  • ❤Beautiful❤

    Luna shineLuna shineDay ago
  • Loved this, that piece is now my favorite piece

    ShortiWatta82ShortiWatta82Day ago
  • First time visiting you. The wings are really amazing, as is the wonderful sculpture! Love it and your fun, quirky personality! I mean that as a compliment, dude!

    Marta WomackMarta WomackDay ago
  • This is the most beautiful project ever... wow

    Knockoff GamingKnockoff GamingDay ago
  • He doesn't likes number 2 but he has 4.27 million subs, it has a 2 in it, 2.2m views, 200k likes and 2.2k dislikes. This must be illegal

    LukaLukaDay ago
  • Bobby gives off strong wade Wilson vibes

    Living The DailyLiving The DailyDay ago
  • amazing work mate. keep it up!

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  • 14:34 I hate my mind 😂😂😂

    mohit gautammohit gautamDay ago
  • OMG! You are So funny!/Interesting😂

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  • this is breathtaking

    JadeJadeDay ago
  • Holy... this is mindblowing! Amazing ♡

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  • I think its going the distance makes the deffriense -Bobby Duke Arts Thanks for letting me

    Mr.T-RexMr.T-RexDay ago
  • I don’t think he gets nearly enough credit for how damn talented he is it’s amazing

    Houston Car ChannelHouston Car ChannelDay ago
  • Next tutorial: how to fly with crystal wings(IT ACTUALLY WORKED)

    Gabriël BastensGabriël BastensDay ago
  • Very interesting to see how you made the master and then the mold.I do fused glass and was thinking of trying something similar with ground glass. Thanks for the video in-spite of the foolishness.

    Joe LongstaffJoe LongstaffDay ago
  • 9:28 (pause to see) Todoroki confirmed!

    Ivy NelsonIvy Nelson2 days ago
  • 11:11 . WHAT THE- 😂😂😂

    Abby GAbby G2 days ago
  • The dislikes are the people who were laughing so hard they misclicked Or they’re just people who wouldn’t know a good channel if it slapped them in the face with a rubbery hand mold.

    Abby GAbby G2 days ago
  • Me watching: Straight face with slight smile Me being a giant doctor who fan at 1:24 : *Face completely lights up in surprise* It’s a thing!! Wait, what was it? Now I can’t remember... (He He he See what I did there? G-get it? No? Ok.)

    Abby GAbby G2 days ago
  • I haven’t watched his videos in like a year and I was like “yay he’s going to the store I love it when he goes to the store!” and then when it cut to him wearing a mask I was like oh yeah we’re in the middle of a pandemic 🥺

    Abby GAbby G2 days ago
  • AMAZING!!! THAT’S ONE BOAT LOAD OF WORK, but we’ll worth the payoff! Exquisite art! 👌🤩🤩🤩

    Hilloree HeselgraveHilloree Heselgrave2 days ago
  • How can I buy

    kingpin1241kingpin12412 days ago
  • @2:21 your thumb was mighty close to the blade!! YIKES

    PatricePatrice2 days ago
  • omg you're my spirit animal

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  • You are absolutely crazy... But you are also an amazing artist!!! 👍

  • I want a pair of wings like that for my cosplay Daddy. 💕

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  • Can you imagine being married to this guy?

    lexiconloverlexiconlover2 days ago
  • mind blowingggggg. I just want to have this piece of art it's really really amazing

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  • what is that soft song at the end when they show the statue fully

    LifewateryLifewatery2 days ago
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    Green House AnimalsGreen House Animals2 days ago
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    HelloHello2 days ago
  • OMG , that’s a master piece 😍 .. I named it “the fallen angel” 🥺💔

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