I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends

Oct 13, 2020
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it was my first ever Among Us livestream and I was nervous
Jacksepticeye: www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
Fuslie: www.twitch.tv/fuslie
Sykkuno: www.twitch.tv/sykkuno
Wendy: www.twitch.tv/natsumiii
Pokimane: www.twitch.tv/pokimane
CHARLIE: www.twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal
Lilypichu: www.twitch.tv/lilypichu
Toast: twitter.com/DisguisedToast
Scarra: www.twitch.tv/scarra
Pewdiepie: usworlds.info
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  • 3:01 is the time your looking for ;)

    Rayz GamingRayz GamingMinute ago
  • a mans worst enemy... *admin card swipe*

    xOkthenxOkthen3 minutes ago
  • Card swipe : too fast Corpse : i need to do it FASTER!

    NERVSV gtNERVSV gt10 minutes ago
  • lol its not that hard once you get the hang of it but if ya still cant do it back and forth 3 times really fast and it will work or last i checked it works

    Glitch55Glitch5518 minutes ago
  • I love how Pewds has the most money yet the worst camera quality :p

    CeruCeru25 minutes ago
  • The look of disappoint on Jack's face when Felix accused Lusile.

    Damian WhitmoreDamian Whitmore31 minute ago
  • Charlie was sus since the beginning. He said Scarras body was going into nav and corpse saw scarra going into nav already at the beginning.

    Chelsie Joy ValerioChelsie Joy Valerio32 minutes ago
  • When you swipe the card, hold it at the end and that always works for me

    Mike ElliMike Elli52 minutes ago
  • I

    Ari BunchAri BunchHour ago
  • Don’t mean to be an ass but is corpse legit dumb ? Does he not read the “too fast” he ain’t even try slowing down once

    Crimson BlackCrimson BlackHour ago
  • Corpse just in general is amazing I'm not saying they because other people say he's amazing cuz of his voice just watching his amount us videos and his videos are great

    spirit demonspirit demonHour ago
  • Poor corpse, hope you get better at that task

    Aidan VerdonAidan VerdonHour ago
  • Card Swipe : To Fast, go slower. CORPSE: proceeds to launch the card through it

    SoCalSoCalHour ago
  • Dude. I hate card swipe. Its the worst. I feel your pain.

    Faux WildeFaux WildeHour ago
  • Game Designers: Card swipe seems like a simple task. Gamers: WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT!!!

    Brad LawonnBrad LawonnHour ago
  • Like si veniste a jalartela.

    LOVE X.X.XLOVE X.X.XHour ago
  • Oh so is this his gaming channel?

    Milkyutz.Milkyutz.Hour ago
  • Corpse: *Fails Cardswipe thirty times* Me: Finally someone i can relate to

    Emmanuelle KirlinEmmanuelle KirlinHour ago
  • I swear down sykummo sounds like the guy from futurama.

    Matthew BrooksMatthew BrooksHour ago
  • I'm not gonna lie but I really thought it was blue from the beginning because you saw purple go into nav when you were going to down to shields. and after fixing lights, blue went through shields to probably navigation and probably killed purple then self-reported. like every time you guys went on the voting page I was like "It's blue." investigator mode "ON" lol I love how many times you messed up tho

    Vaishu BalaVaishu BalaHour ago
  • Why didn't he point out that Grease Ball teleported to electrical? He passed through him in navigation and greaseball got to electrical first, that's enough to point out greaseball as impostor

    Gerome De LeonGerome De Leon2 hours ago
  • I'm pretty sure "30+" is a little optimistic...

    Hannah CrenshawHannah Crenshaw2 hours ago
  • I don’t understand how the admin swipe card task is so hard. I ace it all the time. Just swipe slow and pause the the card at the end.

    Lightning FlashLightning Flash2 hours ago
  • Nah, I failed card swipe the whole round until there were three ppl left and they voted me off for being in admin whole game. :-:

    ɮɨ0ɢɨʀʟ_Ӽ-ֆӄʊʟʟ playsɮɨ0ɢɨʀʟ_Ӽ-ֆӄʊʟʟ plays2 hours ago
  • You have to hold the card at the end when you swipe

    Monaryk HurleyMonaryk Hurley2 hours ago
  • imagine corpse using sulfur hexafluoride to make his voice even deeper 👀

    Mackenzie MayMackenzie May2 hours ago
  • I want to play with penguinz0

    Day’s ReptilesDay’s Reptiles2 hours ago
  • jack literally watched him do trash wtf???????????????

    maruftimmaruftim3 hours ago
  • For some reason pewds camera quality bothers me ..

    Joseph VangJoseph Vang3 hours ago
  • I was scream-laughing at the screen to slow down.

    Aoman BrineAoman Brine3 hours ago
  • Look at jack when the game first starts🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Itz PabloPlaysItz PabloPlays3 hours ago
  • does corpse have like ANY idea how much all his viewers thirst over that VOICE???? LIKE DAAAAMMMNNN

    Srushti ThakurSrushti Thakur3 hours ago
  • These comments are epic🤣

    Austrian WeebAustrian Weeb3 hours ago
  • He seems to just swipe it faster whrn it says "too fast" 😂

    Austrian WeebAustrian Weeb3 hours ago
  • Card machine : too fast Corpse : let's do it faster

    V0LT1FY _V0LT1FY _3 hours ago
  • I'd actually learn how to make a fan cam for Corpse. 😩

    Bish BeautyBish Beauty3 hours ago
  • Omg I feel so bad for corpse 😂 I love how pewds said to not give him too much shit tho, they prolly know he wears an eyepatch playing

    Emmy IanthaEmmy Iantha3 hours ago
  • Gotta respect the time that went into syncing the cams with the audio

    Im JalucoIm Jaluco3 hours ago
  • Poking sucks

    GrandjaxxflaminGGrandjaxxflaminG3 hours ago
  • I honestly have never failed car swipe like no cap its easy af lmao

    John alockJohn alock3 hours ago
  • God I want to play with this group so bad.

    Jagger JawJagger Jaw3 hours ago
  • I also claim to be one of the best imposters in the game. Well at least in fair public games. Every once in a while everyone knows it’s me with nobody talking or any evidence lol wonder how that happens

    Salvador RodriguezSalvador Rodriguez3 hours ago
  • Card swipe is easy. Slow swipe to middle, fast swipe to finish

    ButteryAvocado DotExeButteryAvocado DotExe3 hours ago
  • Just swipe it slower?

    Thomas ZiagosThomas Ziagos4 hours ago
  • is this real coprse channel?

    FinFin4 hours ago
  • Ngl 30% of the reason I subbed just now is cz I just discovered him due to my newly discovered addiction to gaming streams/commentary of Among us... the other 70% is his VOICE omg can we clone it

    Missmethinksalot1Missmethinksalot14 hours ago
  • corpse if you start slow for the first but then go fast the rest of the way you’ll get it everytime

    Briklyn KentBriklyn Kent4 hours ago
  • It's not hard tho. Do what it says. DO WHAT IT SAAAYYYYSSS 😭

    Miranda MorehartMiranda Morehart4 hours ago
  • I think CORPSE completing the card swipe caused them to lose the round

    RedNinja18RedNinja184 hours ago
  • I’m so glad i play among us on an iphone because it seems like everyone who uses a PC has trouble with tasks like card swipe and wires etc lmao

    MelanieMelanie4 hours ago
  • Sean: 🗣 *SPEED RUUUN!!!* corpse: ...sp...speed...speed run.

    MelanieMelanie4 hours ago
  • U got it on 42 try

    lil cheesylil cheesy4 hours ago
  • I love that this is the same dude that sang e girls are ruining my life!🤣🖤

    Abigail TremblayAbigail Tremblay4 hours ago
  • When you can get it first try every time - *visible confusion*

    RainRain4 hours ago
  • Legend has it Corpse is still failing card swipe to this day.

    Penny LotsPenny Lots4 hours ago
  • *TOO FAST. Try again* Corpse: mmh lets try faster.

    DonAntónDonAntón4 hours ago
  • who else also gets so anxious when he just doesn't slow down.. I am literally screaming at the screen XDDD

    1BrownieAday1BrownieAday5 hours ago
  • Corpse being the best impostor, but just so happens to be bad at card swipes :I theres a sweet spot where just where the small lights turn off on the card swipe, let the card sit there for a bit and then, swoOoOo0osh it to mars

    JoshJosh5 hours ago
  • If you swipe the card back and forth three times super fast than it reads right

    SandraSandra5 hours ago
  • 13:50 - your welcome

    Videonik 28Videonik 285 hours ago
  • *I- ughhh, I still can't get over his voice dude. It's scares me but I love it too. I-*

    what's up?what's up?5 hours ago
  • I honestly feel like he's trolling cuz he's just throwing it through every time and not even trying to slow down or do it differently

    Red JesusRed Jesus5 hours ago
  • Deepest voice I’ve ever heard

    FallsgrimFallsgrim5 hours ago
  • "Too fast" This guy: "imma pretend I didn't read that"

    Joe ScorpionJoe Scorpion5 hours ago
  • Some say he's still doing card swipe to this day...

    Everan McCartanEveran McCartan5 hours ago
  • Corpse: *exists* Everyone who watches his videos / plays among us with him: OMG BE MY HUSBAND

    Robert CainRobert Cain5 hours ago
  • I hate that damn card swipe tooooo!!

    Judi AllJudi All5 hours ago
  • ffs swipe slower lol

    AlthexiaAlthexia5 hours ago
  • I just realised corpse husband is a reference to corpse bride im stupid

    SylindaaaSylindaaa5 hours ago
  • I really liked what you did with killing everyone dude. I hope you become more famous then pooki.

    Gabriel WilhelmGabriel Wilhelm5 hours ago
  • Dont worry corpse i failed the card swipe like 50+ times

    landon 1231landon 12315 hours ago
  • He is doing it on purpose

    Vukašin ČađenovićVukašin Čađenović6 hours ago
  • Toast : Charlie hasn't done anything sus But Charlie was the first to leave electrical at the beginning, self reported Scarra, that Corpse had seen being alone in nav... He was like super sus right at the first round

    LedonailLedonail6 hours ago
  • There is a way to never fail on swipe card. Swipe it about 1/8th of the way, pause, and then drag it all the way.

    ShiftClickingShiftClicking6 hours ago
  • But toast isn’t there

    BrennerBrenner6 hours ago
  • i feel speacial bc at the start of the round i guessed 2 random people and made them my sus and it was poki and greaseball and now i feel special bc i guessed it right.

    SofeaSofea6 hours ago
  • *Corpse’s voice makes 12 year old kids insecure about theirs*

    LoffyLoffy6 hours ago

    Gucc1 LxxckyGucc1 Lxxcky6 hours ago
  • Everyone loves Corpse But everyone hates Chris

    spicy mange シspicy mange シ6 hours ago
  • Same deep voice guy LmaoshmsfoaIdmt

    max sealsmax seals6 hours ago
  • Now 2.6 million people saw you

    ProsamisProsamis6 hours ago
  • Where's toast

    NUGET_K1NGNUGET_K1NG6 hours ago
  • Love your narrating but this is epic

    KnoxmortisKnoxmortis6 hours ago
  • 3:03

    Potatoo KingPotatoo King6 hours ago
  • On the card swipe just go slow until you get to the arrow and then go fast after that

    Taylor ColvinTaylor Colvin6 hours ago
  • When he finally got it, I was shaking... *HOW WAS THAT SO SATISFYING?!*

    BlueFurry21BlueFurry216 hours ago
  • Corpse sounds like the inner monologue of Charlie.

    Sen SenSen Sen6 hours ago
  • Why do people simp for people with deep voices :\

    Dani SteigerwaldDani Steigerwald6 hours ago
  • You're doing fantastic honey

    Cookie_on_JoyCookie_on_Joy6 hours ago
  • I could be wrong but I think Corpse is from TikTok

    Kaitlyn OrtizKaitlyn Ortiz7 hours ago
  • i love u beeing nervous xD its so awesome!! xD

    KräuterEuleKräuterEule7 hours ago

    Lays AndersonLays Anderson7 hours ago
  • Honestly whoever called the reactor crisis during that completely ruined this. That was the lamest thing I could have imagined happening.

    Justin AdamsJustin Adams7 hours ago
  • Corpse do the swipe slower ur doing it wayyyy too fast u have to do it slower

    DezzyDezzy7 hours ago
  • How he is so bad at card swipe this is fucking abominable does he have some sort of psychological block in his brain that keeps him from doing the extremely obvious solution of just slowing down???????????

    PyrozellaPyrozella7 hours ago
  • Card swipe task: *exists* Corpse: *internal scream*

    unw146unw1467 hours ago
  • you can swipe the card 4 times very fast in one go, the game glitches and counts it as an valid swipe just o you know

    MSBMSB7 hours ago
  • Card Swipe: “Too fast. Slow down.” CORPSE: “Wanna see some real speed bitch?!”

    Diet JeffreyDiet Jeffrey7 hours ago
  • Why was he so nervous???

    Coc BrandonCoc Brandon7 hours ago
  • Daddy Corpse

    JaarryyyJaarryyy7 hours ago