I Did My Makeup Horribly To See How My Friends Would React *Prank*

Oct 20, 2020
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to prank my friends to see how honest they are. I did my makeup as BADLY as I possibly could and gave them a call, including Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, Larray, NikkieTutorials, to see if they would tell me the honest truth about my makeup!! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Every time james says IM A PERFECTIONIST My brain " im a perfectionist i dont like to be rushed when im doing my makeup and hair"

    Angelina OteroAngelina Otero4 minutes ago
  • Even you said it's horrible, but I think it's beautiful

    P.D DaysP.D Days7 minutes ago
  • "it sucks"

    Midnight StarzMidnight Starz11 minutes ago
  • i love that James just comes up the camera:👁👄👁😂

    Semika RaiSemika Rai12 minutes ago
  • When he first did it i thought “ Donald Trump”

    Gaming with RamiGaming with Rami15 minutes ago
  • james to trump 🧍🏻‍♀️

    Miranda CitarellaMiranda Citarella16 minutes ago
  • I read the title you have friends?

    mk_ p2mk_ p233 minutes ago
  • *him accidentally making it good* it looks like and indie style makeup look except a little more intense

    CorpsedCorpsedHour ago
  • You look awesome in that weird make up😂

    Arsha kArsha kHour ago
  • I love how James doing his makeup bad, is still doing it better than I can, trying to make it look good.

    ColbyHamiltonColbyHamiltonHour ago
  • This is how many times James blinked at the beginning of this video with first makeup look 👇

    Rochelle KoRochelle KoHour ago
  • Are you a girl?

    isladogcat Roblox youtuberisladogcat Roblox youtuberHour ago
  • It’s not a bad look it’s ok

    Ansam AhmadAnsam AhmadHour ago
  • Dude I love how there all like HI Gorgeous (2 seconds later) BITCH TAKE THAT CRAP OFF

    Ansam AhmadAnsam AhmadHour ago
  • I Honestly Thought This Was A Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial When Sis Started

    Burnt Toast GamingBurnt Toast GamingHour ago
  • OMG FUUUUUNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Layla LiesenfeldLayla Liesenfeld2 hours ago
  • boi it actually looks good

    DelaneyDelaney2 hours ago
  • Your the best

    Kristina FillmoreKristina Fillmore2 hours ago
  • His horrible is my best

    Makeyblox MakesrobloxfunMakeyblox Makesrobloxfun2 hours ago
  • James try not to be so harsh on yourself u look beautiful as always ❤ 💋

    Delia MenesesDelia Meneses2 hours ago
  • Me trying to do a james Charles look be like..👁👄👁

    lavenderrayslavenderrays2 hours ago
  • flash back marry

    Mackenzie ColeMackenzie Cole2 hours ago
  • 1:55 you look like Donald trump😂😂😂

    Marco VlogsMarco Vlogs2 hours ago
  • His terrible makeup is my amazing outstanding makeup

    Hoodriversk8Hoodriversk82 hours ago
  • Hi sister! I have a question James, pls awnser this!

    Mariah KetchemMariah Ketchem2 hours ago
  • 1:29 bruh with the orange foundation he really said sebastion bails and donald trump at the same time

    ghxst g1rlghxst g1rl2 hours ago
  • I honestly like that makeup look. If I tried to do makeup normally it would look like that. But it looks better on James than it would ever look on me. 😂

    • b l u e b e r r y p i e • UwU• b l u e b e r r y p i e • UwU2 hours ago
  • It’s horrible but I can’t do any better

    Laya Gerlants-RosenbergLaya Gerlants-Rosenberg2 hours ago
  • Ummm its really good!

    3 hours ago
  • I love you James

    Andrea DuBoseAndrea DuBose3 hours ago
  • When u just started you look like sabatshtin bails

    Ashlyn BainsAshlyn Bains3 hours ago
  • I love you so

    Andrea DuBoseAndrea DuBose3 hours ago
  • No I really like the makeup you the all you makeup you've done but I really think makeup too but I really really wanna see the reactions to the faces Of the people your friends I love you James

    Andrea DuBoseAndrea DuBose3 hours ago
  • My sister even connect to my makeup like that You're just a orders on that makeup you are so good I just really wanna be like you

    Andrea DuBoseAndrea DuBose3 hours ago
  • Tell Charlie I said hi and FOLLOW ME. Pls

    Ashlyn BainsAshlyn Bains3 hours ago
  • James: Just to prove that I CAN so makeup, which I cant... Me: ArE yoU. FrIkeN kiDdiNg mE

    Gacha LeoniGacha Leoni3 hours ago
  • That wasnt even horrible.

    ErocsOrezErocsOrez3 hours ago
  • I still can’t figure out how to say bronzer

    Juliet HaukJuliet Hauk3 hours ago
  • The first one was not as bad but idk

    Nicole GlabinskiNicole Glabinski3 hours ago
  • I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry for you

    28_Shawn VanderVoorden28_Shawn VanderVoorden3 hours ago
  • What about Addison Rae

    Madilyn FlorianMadilyn Florian3 hours ago
  • Did y'all notice that almost everyone he called called him gorgeous when they answered

    UwU WeslynUwU Weslyn4 hours ago
  • When you take off your makeup: sad masterpiece

    Logan FountainLogan Fountain4 hours ago
  • at 0 23 secs yo james you look amazing

    ItsMacaroonRobloxItsMacaroonRoblox4 hours ago
  • Is James dating Larry

    Tamieka PlumbTamieka Plumb4 hours ago
  • James thinking that his look is horrible Me: HUH, YOU CALL THAT horrible??? Come see my potato a$$ face and you’ll know what’s HORRIBLE 😃

    Looney ChickenLooney Chicken4 hours ago
  • Hi James! My friend is a BIG fan of you and she really wants to meet you! Because we can’t meet you I wanted to know if you could say “Hi Paige” so I can send her a pic. That’s will make her day. I love your vids and of you don’t want to it’s ok! You make your decisions😊 if you can just comment on my comment that will make her day bye!

    Alyx’s Radom stuff StuffAlyx’s Radom stuff Stuff4 hours ago
  • He has so many friends I have 1

    Elise WatsonElise Watson4 hours ago
  • Larry: james what the heck are you wearing James: you like it Dixie: james!!!!!!!!! Charli: you looked great Me:

    life with CJlife with CJ4 hours ago
  • 3:09 that's what the sister said 😏

    ITSSugarguys Roblox YTITSSugarguys Roblox YT4 hours ago
  • U say horrible but I say so beautiful

    sanique Dawkinssanique Dawkins4 hours ago
  • U say horrible but I say so beautiful

    sanique Dawkinssanique Dawkins4 hours ago
  • Dude his makeup his good no matter what

    Krqb Beast 21Krqb Beast 215 hours ago
  • 1:54 looking like Donald Trump 🤣

    Sign MineSign Mine5 hours ago
  • Even if your make-up is bad you still look really beautiful in the inside I love you james😊 🖕👁👅👁🖕

    Tobi YoungTobi Young5 hours ago
  • His nad makeup did not look bad till he added the green

    katlyns worldkatlyns world5 hours ago
  • they all say "hey qeorgues"

    York Movie ProductionsYork Movie Productions5 hours ago
  • See, for him doing “bad” makeup is hard.

    Gladys ReedGladys Reed5 hours ago
  • It would so cool if I could actually do make up good

    katlyns worldkatlyns world5 hours ago
  • when i try to make my face like the face when he adds the eyebrows, it doesnt work for me

    glowy maeglowy mae5 hours ago
  • See, for him doing “bad” makeup is hard.

    Gladys ReedGladys Reed5 hours ago
  • “A really bad wing” Me who does those wings on an almost daily basis: 😳

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki Bakugou5 hours ago
  • It ok

    Chanelle NamwendaChanelle Namwenda5 hours ago
  • I fcking love you so does my mom

    Jelly girlJelly girl5 hours ago
  • Drew’s was by far my favorite😂😂😂

    Hannah BurnettHannah Burnett5 hours ago
  • don't worry your a artiist!

    Michelle MarianoMichelle Mariano5 hours ago
  • Ho else is pouting about how many friends he has

    Mae DMae D5 hours ago
  • Quem concorda que deveria ter legenda em português?????

    Carlos BarbosaCarlos Barbosa5 hours ago
  • Did anyone else cringe when he wore the super long eyelashes? 0:24

  • 😝💕💕😝💕💕😝💕💕😝💕💕😝

    Channelle SmithChannelle Smith6 hours ago
  • I hope one day I can do makeup like yoy

    Channelle SmithChannelle Smith6 hours ago
  • James I’m a humongous fan of you

    Channelle SmithChannelle Smith6 hours ago
  • The Spongebob x Hannha Montana transition music SENT ME

    Sam ButcarisSam Butcaris6 hours ago

    Grace WilsonGrace Wilson6 hours ago
  • @musikenna yeA lol

    Candace HollinsworthCandace Hollinsworth6 hours ago
  • Your always beautiful in your own way 🙂

    kenn1961 kenn1961kenn1961 kenn19616 hours ago
  • That is not that bad

    Meaghan PruneauMeaghan Pruneau6 hours ago
  • What’s rong with it

    Layla ReinhartLayla Reinhart6 hours ago
  • It’s fine

    Layla ReinhartLayla Reinhart6 hours ago
  • even in the thumnail james be lookin good XD

    VRoberts 1117VRoberts 11176 hours ago
  • I looks Halloires lol

    Nikole TurnerNikole Turner6 hours ago
  • Is Alex awesomeness

    Lilly DehnerLilly Dehner7 hours ago
  • okay but bretman would've been funny

    Sarah BelowSarah Below7 hours ago
  • it looks gooooooddddddd

    Josh VerezeJosh Vereze7 hours ago
  • hes trump

    Josh VerezeJosh Vereze7 hours ago
  • can you share Charlie’s number out plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Destiniee ObrienDestiniee Obrien7 hours ago
  • The makeup actually looks good except for the green part

    Evagrace ChukwuraEvagrace Chukwura7 hours ago
  • no do not do it

    Misty KimbleMisty Kimble7 hours ago
  • The Orange Tho😆

    The Wixy FriendsThe Wixy Friends7 hours ago
  • It is actually really pretty

    Ella BrigdenElla Brigden7 hours ago
  • You look better than I could ever do lol

    Olivia GaddyOlivia Gaddy7 hours ago
  • Tbh the only part of makeup im good at is the eyeshadow.

    Girl on robloxGirl on roblox7 hours ago
  • I was not expecting all this 🤮🤢😱😨😰😥😓🤭🤯😟

    Hope JoslynHope Joslyn7 hours ago
  • XD, it’s WAy better than what I could do

    Jay The SilkwingJay The Silkwing7 hours ago
  • thats good

    DBDB7 hours ago
  • You should start a company so you can spread your talent btw is you see this i love you 😍 💗 💖 ❤ 💕 💓 😍

    Lois RobertsLois Roberts7 hours ago
  • You looked like sabastion bails when tou were putting the conselour

    Rita StephensRita Stephens7 hours ago
  • You looked like donald trump-

    Bianca MaciasBianca Macias8 hours ago
  • James: does “horrible makeup” Me: I can do that ;(

    Sabiha PinkySabiha Pinky8 hours ago
  • james i love you

    greenkelly1020uuyjugreenkelly1020uuyju8 hours ago