i broke my foot...

Feb 21, 2021
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lol oops

  • what is with you breaking your body mark. am i going to have to come to your house and Turn it into a pillow

    jairo Silesjairo Siles23 seconds ago
  • I somehow have never broke or sprained anything but I’ve jumped off and fell off many things in my life so I don’t understand how I haven’t broken or sprained anything .-.

    Frostclaw The Warrior Cat /FCTWC\Frostclaw The Warrior Cat /FCTWC\6 minutes ago
  • If you look at the thumbnail you can see that both the L’s in lol are uppercase, oops is put after it, and foot is bolted, you could make it into Foot Loops, idk that’s where my brain went

    NoraastiNoraasti28 minutes ago
  • 3:09 "It didn't hurt at first, so I grabbed that." Ok I'm going to stop you there and say that's how you make it hurt.

    King HOTCOCOKing HOTCOCO28 minutes ago
  • First it was his NOSE TWICE AND NOW HIS FOOT

    verity woodwardverity woodward36 minutes ago
  • I broke the same thing tripping in a hole. It hurt like a bitch especially since nobody believed it was broken so i had to walk around for a day on it at school

    BerkerrangBerkerrang48 minutes ago
  • Yikes! I had a break there on my right foot... suffered tendon and ligament damage too. Keep an eye on yours, cause if it doesn’t heal right it will hurt later on... on and off while you walk. Take it easy Mark, and make sure to get a follow up to make sure it heals well

    CyberNinjaKatCyberNinjaKatHour ago
  • Dammit Mark! We need to wrap you in bubble wrap!!

    Jenny BeanJenny BeanHour ago
  • knee

    Isaiah N. BlackIsaiah N. Black2 hours ago
  • Who broke it

    SushiSushi2 hours ago
  • I fell off my bike and shattered my wrist. We don’t talk about that...

    Hannah AddisonHannah Addison2 hours ago
    • I also jumped a hurtle and broke my leg. 😶

      Hannah AddisonHannah Addison2 hours ago
  • Of all the things Mark’s done it was a storm drain that took him out😭

    Niicii SiingsNiicii Siings2 hours ago
  • when i was younger i actualy feel in one of those , it was coverd by dry leaves so i didnt see that it had no grill (i dont know how to call it) so i kinda had my whole leg in there D: was kinda scary

    Miayah MillesMiayah Milles3 hours ago
  • I broke my right arm when I was younger in the same spot and it looked the exact same! I slipped on a soccer ball trying to stop it and it looked like a wet nood or like part of a roller coaster. I pushed it back into place a little because of the adrenaline and when I went to go tell my mom she didn’t believe me at first until I held it out to her. She immediately grabbed me and got me in the car lol. I hope you recover fast Mark! Broken bones are no fun.

    Stacey PhillipsStacey Phillips3 hours ago
  • Should've watched JonTron's workplace safety video to learn the dangers of the fatal half inch.

    OneArmedBoxerOneArmedBoxer3 hours ago
  • 😯😥 why do you keep breaking bones?

    Brendon OlaldeBrendon Olalde3 hours ago
  • I fell on the ice and dislocated my wrist three weeks ago and it is still killing me.

    Rilena BurrellRilena Burrell3 hours ago
  • The thought of it kills me. I haven't broken anything and I pray that I don't have to.

    Hxise4RunHxise4Run3 hours ago
  • You break your nose like 5 times and your foot. You get hurt so easily

    StandoEraStandoEra4 hours ago
  • Alex: "Oh, OK MR. GLASS"

    Squatting PigeonSquatting Pigeon4 hours ago
  • Oop

    Angle NguyenAngle Nguyen4 hours ago
  • I love how this man can talk about his broken foot for 17 mins and it is still entertaining

    Tate BlomTate Blom4 hours ago
  • Markie did a hurty

    shawn lawsonshawn lawson4 hours ago
  • 1 year ago i broke my femur and it did a giant crack it hurts so bad

    Rachel ThiebautRachel Thiebaut4 hours ago
    • And i was 11

      Rachel ThiebautRachel Thiebaut4 hours ago
  • Damn Mark, back to the hospital Again?

    Doctor. ExecutionerDoctor. Executioner5 hours ago
  • bruh is my phone listening to me? i just screamed at my mom that i stubbed my toe and this got recommended to me.

    NarumiNarumi5 hours ago
  • I broke my leg once. I am twelve and I have broken four bones already. The leg I broke was the tibia. The big bone in your leg. It wasn’t a Jones fracture or whatever Mark called it. It was a clean break. My leg twisted but my foot couldn’t turn all the way because there was too much weight over it. It was like someone twisted my bone That caused it to snap in half. My leg was broken and I knew it. I had heard it pop like Mark heard his arm pop. When we got to the hospital I had put my leg in the worst position I could. I clutched had it to my chest. This was bad because when the doctors tried to get it strait for the X-ray I screamed cause it was so painful. I went to the emergency room and was X-rayed there. As I said earlier it was a clean break. The break was bad enough that they had to give me meds they usually only give adult athletes for athlete breaks. I got casted up and we left. From that point on I was in a cast for about two and a half to three months. All of summer break. The first month I was in a wheel chair, the second, crutches, the third, crutches and a boot. The next year I went ahead and broke my leg in the same spot. It wasn’t as bad of a break as my first one was but It was more like a fracture but still.

    attic ashesattic ashes5 hours ago
  • i cant be a member but here is 17 bobo kisses

    Jessica SchweersJessica Schweers5 hours ago
  • after you faked your death chica just doesn't believe you

    KnightGamexKnightGamex5 hours ago
  • I'm chica...

    Still LookingStill Looking5 hours ago
  • I broke my foot on the the outer side like mark did but I was like 10 and I slipped bc my sister got water on the kitchen floor then when my foot healed I broke my toe a few days later... On the same foot. Wasn't fun

    Jessie SmithJessie Smith5 hours ago
  • Mark everytime I come back to watch you after taking a break why is something new either broken, fractured or your just in the hospital 💀

    Kitsune ElieKitsune Elie6 hours ago
  • Anyone else wanting monty python to scream. "GET ON WITH IT!" ?

    Kira IrvineKira Irvine6 hours ago
  • Might as well call him Deku at this point

    XxKkathleenxXXxKkathleenxX6 hours ago
  • Here's hoping he keeps up with his exercise

    John VetterJohn Vetter6 hours ago
  • I thought I was clumsy and accident prone... no sir, you out clumsy me... sheesh.

    Kimberly CampbellKimberly Campbell6 hours ago
  • I'm 6 days late but I broke my right foot a few years ago by slipping on a puddle of water on a concrete floor and I managed to break the tarsals and metatarsals entirely. I hope you feel better soon!

    Aidyn WyattAidyn Wyatt6 hours ago
  • Good job Mark Edward, you did good....you good. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Foraging BeetleForaging Beetle7 hours ago
  • I got a golden retriever puppy today because of u and chica :))

    lizliz7 hours ago
  • I really hope the hospital just knows him at this point. Like “oh hey Mark what are ya in here for today?” “Oh nothin much I just kinda exploded my foot on a drain.”

    Vivian PanVivian Pan7 hours ago
  • Nice I basically did to

    POYO Kirbo !POYO Kirbo !7 hours ago
  • The fact that it took him 11 minutes to start telling the story 😅

    Stella NordinStella Nordin7 hours ago
  • That Mark is why i dont go outside!

    WaindyWaindy8 hours ago
  • the drawnoutness is making me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Evie WEvie W8 hours ago
  • Notice how he can't go a day without getting hurt XDDD While he was explaining to us, he literally hit his toes on the desk XDDD This man I swear, I love Mark

    Theshadowsswallow The stupid one *Me*Theshadowsswallow The stupid one *Me*9 hours ago
  • Bruh when he said he went into the street, I though his foot got ran over by a car or somthing! scared the crap out of me. But very glad you didn't, Mark. Be more cafeful sheesh. What lesson did we leanr? Look left to right and also down before crossing the street.

    Theshadowsswallow The stupid one *Me*Theshadowsswallow The stupid one *Me*9 hours ago
  • Mark I like ya you are good. But please . Cut . Your . Hair .

    Dwayne SinesDwayne Sines9 hours ago
  • The first thing I see when I come back from holidays : I broke my foot Mark why do you do this?

    KlaraKlara9 hours ago
  • " It felt like someone *punched* me in the *foot* with a *sledgehammer* "

    Levaniel MidoriyaLevaniel Midoriya9 hours ago
  • So crazy I broke my ankle on February 20th, 2021, broke ankle and foot all across, ligaments detached., surgery 2 days ago. Screw in ankle. Sooo much pain. First broken bone ever. I feel your pain.I tripped on the bottom 2 steps.

    Bonnies Writer LifeBonnies Writer Life10 hours ago
  • i feel like the hospital staff has a sixth sense of when mark is coming to the hospital for yet another injury

    Payton HillPayton Hill10 hours ago
  • I've never broken anything apart of my body...at least I don't think I have :I

    Still LookingStill Looking10 hours ago
  • @Markiplier I'd recommend an Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler mix. They're really good and really healthy dogs for any purpose.

    SteelWolf89SteelWolf8910 hours ago
  • Is anyone going to talk about how just just randomly said "I've been pepper sprayed on this channel that doesnt exist anymors." !!!!!! MARK HOW COULD YOU DIS TO US! MY HEART

    Fluffichu UchihaFluffichu Uchiha10 hours ago
  • WOW(๑•́ωก̀๑)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)

    ~K∆TWAII×Rei~~K∆TWAII×Rei~10 hours ago
  • 1 foot mark from killing floor

    Mtataah The Meme BoyMtataah The Meme Boy10 hours ago
  • My brother got that fracture (and fractured his shin) from running so flat footed and then not telling anyone for a week and continuing to run on a broken foot. Fractures take forever to heal though so haaaaave fun

    BetaBlubBetaBlub10 hours ago
  • Sue da city 😂jkjk

    Casey LombardoCasey Lombardo10 hours ago
  • I thought he was going to say he broke his foot on a plastic coat hanger… And then when I heard he was outside I was like storm drain?

    The howling gamerThe howling gamer10 hours ago
  • Mark just broke his foot to have us virtually kiss his foot.

    MrAussiePooMrAussiePoo11 hours ago
  • do you get discounts now at the hospital?

    yureirenyureiren11 hours ago
  • Mark mustve took some drama lessons 😂

    ThatRandomBlackGuyThatRandomBlackGuy11 hours ago
  • You are lucky you didnt was ran of by the care

    Ćudo . gamea guardianĆudo . gamea guardian12 hours ago
  • Oh god I haven’t watched you in forever I LOVE your new hair

    Carlos RamonCarlos Ramon12 hours ago
  • lol oops

    Deryio I.Deryio I.12 hours ago
  • Mark's bones aren't ready for stealing....not yet

    Starry ChompsStarry Chomps12 hours ago
  • wild, i had the exact same fracture in elementary school when i slipped off the edge of my shoe. i had almost like a flashback when he said jones fracture and had to google it.

    Winter ManuelWinter Manuel12 hours ago
  • JonTron was warning us about this - THE FATAL HALF INCH

    LeeamLeeam13 hours ago
    • "oH Oh my foot! The smallest bone in my mid life foot! The agony is unbearable y'know here's the thing

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss12 hours ago
  • If it hurt that bad Mark wanted pain meds then he wasn't honest with a 5 or 6 GOTTA TELL THE TRUTH MARKEMOOO

    Dustyn JohnsonDustyn Johnson13 hours ago
    • To mark...im hope u do not hurt yourself AGAIN

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss12 hours ago
  • I broke my foot when I was about 14 , the weirdest part was the bruise would be there on day , the next day it would be gone , then come right back. We had to take pitcure to prove it was happening because they thought we was crazy 😂

    Dustyn JohnsonDustyn Johnson13 hours ago
  • I love how much he milked out the story and dragged it out

    Chantal ByrneChantal Byrne13 hours ago
  • 1:38 ANNUS-TLY?? 🤔 😏

    Chantal ByrneChantal Byrne13 hours ago
  • When he said, "now I know how tyler felt using crutxhes." I felt that, for the fact that I broke both my ankle and leg, two different times, different legs. I had to us crutches as well

    Tyler 2916Tyler 291614 hours ago
  • At this point he should just stay in bed so he doesn’t hurt himself lol

    Morgan BazerMorgan Bazer14 hours ago
  • Is it just me or i have never ever broke a bone in my whole entire life,..

    feliinnit 1.0feliinnit 1.014 hours ago
  • I’m a klutz and accident prone with hyper mobility, so many dislocations, but damn boy 😰 so many broken things. I understand the being able to hear things breaking, well dislocating for me. Hope the healing process goes smoothly (looked up Jones Fracture)

    Pale ValkyriePale Valkyrie15 hours ago
  • ur gettin old mark

    Mia SannesMia Sannes15 hours ago
  • I thought this was an actual game. That thumbnail did not match what i believed

    The Rap GameThe Rap Game15 hours ago
  • ok so butterflies are called butterflies because they flutter by.. hm, ok thank you for this knowledge

    JonathanJonathan15 hours ago
  • I just popped in to see how markimoo was doing. Wtf mark XD

    irisiris16 hours ago
  • I broke the same bone on the opposite foot. Forklift backed into me 😂

    Clayton JohnsClayton Johns16 hours ago
  • To mark...im hope u do not hurt yourself AGAIN

    ᴅᴀɴᴛᴇᴅᴀɴᴛᴇ17 hours ago
  • "oH Oh my foot! The smallest bone in my mid life foot! The agony is unbearable *y'know here's the thing*

    Signy GabrielleSigny Gabrielle17 hours ago
  • how much is this man going to break his bones

    심심물통심심물통17 hours ago
  • Haha nice

    NateRockoNateRocko18 hours ago
  • Members went brrrrrrr

    Gaming CrusadersGaming Crusaders18 hours ago
  • Fall damage needs to be nerfed just saying it’s really op

    Gaming CrusadersGaming Crusaders18 hours ago
  • 500K SUBS!!!!! 🙏♥️♥️

  • Don't worry Mark im the same way as you

    bey battlesbey battles18 hours ago
  • Imagine if he wasn't rich, he'd be in crippling debt by now😂

    Random GuyRandom Guy18 hours ago
  • Man, he can't catch a break

    Random GuyRandom Guy18 hours ago
  • It's okay Mark, I broke some toe bones running and tripping over a door frame once. It was 11 pm at night. I had no reason to be running. You can feel less stupid now.

    Mary CMary C19 hours ago
  • Love how he said Kevin Durant’s name

    pie manpie man19 hours ago
  • 3:57 tells me this was pre recorded and aired as live, why idk?

  • I love how when mark is talking to us (chat) he looks at the actual chat and not the camera😆

    NightmareshadeNightmareshade19 hours ago
  • I broke the same bone and it’s fucking dumb how it happened. All I did was jump in the air and my foot landed wrong some how even though I barely jumped that high and was fully prepared to land it and then my best friend proceeded to move my foot around which made it swell like a bitch cause she thought it was sprained up until I took my shoe and sock off and the bone was popping out a bit.

    BearBear20 hours ago
  • A break of any kind definitely hurts, at the end of 2019 I snapped my Fibula and tibia, the latter broke through the skin, and shattered my ankle. I've got plates and screws all through it....I did that falling down 1 stair. Just the one. Landed on it wrong and ouch. I had to set my leg myself cause my bf threw up when he saw the blood and bone xD

    Beklee DeeBeklee Dee21 hour ago
  • 1 like = 1 prayer

    Louise JephcottLouise Jephcott21 hour ago
  • Long Hair Mark is my new favorite look

    LEGO Obi-Wan KenobiLEGO Obi-Wan Kenobi22 hours ago
  • Everyone is making fun of him for being a masochist but can we take a moment to appreciate his fabulous fucking hair? 😁 Hope you recover soon, Mark!

    AnnoyingTiger888AnnoyingTiger88822 hours ago
    • Yeah really, it's fucking aweosme!! And yeah, hope he gets better, but I know he will cuz he's Mark!

      Theshadowsswallow The stupid one *Me*Theshadowsswallow The stupid one *Me*4 hours ago