I Bought Minecraft From A Guy In A Dark Alleyway!

Mar 28, 2021
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  • All that for nothing

    Firegod 2468Firegod 2468Minute ago
  • I just seemed lover similar bitch

    Mario BarajasMario Barajas3 minutes ago
  • This is better than minecraft what a deal. Also dont mine the white powder in there.

    RemRem9 minutes ago
  • me: can we get Minecraft? mom: no we have Minecraft at home minecraft at home:

    Mani AmaniMani Amani14 minutes ago
  • Thats lowkey cool

    RoblofyRoblofy20 minutes ago
  • This is like a crappy roblox obby game in minecraft

    thebestmario467thebestmario46738 minutes ago
  • The only good thing from that was the block gun

    Wyatt NelsonWyatt Nelson40 minutes ago
  • *why would you buy it from a stranger thats just dum*

    Tails the foxTails the fox41 minute ago
  • Why would you take minecraft from someone in an alleyway😑🤨 And of all alleyways it had to be a dark one

    Emylee SchwartzEmylee Schwartz47 minutes ago
  • :awesome:

    Charina ArlosCharina Arlos51 minute ago
  • How my dad got to school

    Delta ShockDelta Shock51 minute ago
  • Cringe

    Unkown MemeUnkown Meme54 minutes ago
  • Hy I want that crack head minecraft sorry if I sounded rude

    Slime PlazeSlime Plaze54 minutes ago
  • obviously not sus

    AkutaruuAkutaruu58 minutes ago
  • Guys he’s actually just using mods

    Kieran HuntKieran HuntHour ago
  • the "AGH-" made me laugh XD

    Lufia_ImaBearLufia_ImaBearHour ago
  • What mod is this

    BossSauceBossSauceHour ago
  • Почуму ты украл видио о тругого человека

    Генри стикменГенри стикменHour ago
  • Perfectly cut scream

    Nicola DochevNicola DochevHour ago
  • Create mod

    Kirt AbucayanKirt AbucayanHour ago
  • The perfect scream cut doesnt exi-

    ShatterSauceShatterSauceHour ago
  • I love create mod

    Гэрс / МекГэрс / МекHour ago
  • because only Java has great mods 😞

    Lucas beats officialLucas beats officialHour ago
  • I just lauhf when you fall in the lava

    T2 BSITT2 BSITHour ago
  • "What is this?" *W 🅾️ 🅰️ 🅾️ H*

    Jayson MitchellJayson MitchellHour ago
  • instead of selling drugs he decided to sell cursed minecraft lol

    NVA SoldierNVA SoldierHour ago
  • A block gun actually sounds like a good idea

    Simon PearsonSimon PearsonHour ago
  • This is just fine

    Ducc BoiDucc BoiHour ago
  • the fact that you acknowledge the unorthodox behavior ruins it in my opinion

    DasherDasherHour ago
  • This is like the cursed majoras mask creepy pasta game

    aaronaaron2 hours ago
  • I find this better than regular Minecraft

    Help GachaHelp Gacha2 hours ago
  • Guy In A Dark Alleyway: **psst stranger want a minecraft?**

    Death NinjaDeath Ninja2 hours ago
  • Its so cursed

    Veronika TiniVeronika Tini2 hours ago
  • famous last words: “What is this?” -Eiaz

    QWERTYQWERTY2 hours ago
  • He bought mods from *Mrbeast*

    Krishna JhaKrishna Jha2 hours ago
  • It was at this moment he knew he f*ed up

  • Tower of hell players be like: This guy is cute

    Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar2 hours ago
  • There are no rotor blocks in minecraft

    Myton Decarron HartonoMyton Decarron Hartono2 hours ago
  • ah yes the Minecraft we all know and love

    oliveolive3 hours ago
  • Como se llama ese mod ????

    Felix and Alice :vFelix and Alice :v3 hours ago
  • V

    ruth miriutaruth miriuta3 hours ago
  • Alternative title I downloaded a bunch of mods

    SpearSpear3 hours ago
  • That actually looks fun

    FreakishFreakish3 hours ago
  • Perfectly cut screams

    Soleil Zavier AdamSoleil Zavier Adam3 hours ago
  • Why would you use the create mod to make such a shit video

    Ruby WintersRuby Winters3 hours ago
  • I've been watching a lot of surgery videos on USworlds so why the hell is this in my recommended?

    Enter GameEnter Game3 hours ago
  • i...

    JubbanoJubbano4 hours ago
  • Ah yes, create mod abuse

    Harits65Harits654 hours ago
  • The scream lol

    •Túbbo & Tømmy••Túbbo & Tømmy•4 hours ago

    Mario AlvarezMario Alvarez4 hours ago
  • Spruce door ?? Ew get better taste my guy 😬 /j

    ShlurmShlurm4 hours ago
  • That blockgun is genius

    Mekdim DerejeMekdim Dereje4 hours ago
  • Wait, it's fucking illegal

    Senhor RafaSenhor Rafa4 hours ago
  • What’s the name of this mod

    Pangone05Pangone054 hours ago
  • Wow so cool

    Sky WillSky Will4 hours ago
  • LOL

    Vu LeVu Le4 hours ago
  • Nice mod

    Dumb stuff games And scienceDumb stuff games And science4 hours ago
  • Someone likes the create mod

    Gugs mcGoobleGugs mcGooble4 hours ago
  • (BTW I know its a joke) I love how after the spinning things and crap, that one thing at the end made him suspicious of the game

    The Sight of an OwlThe Sight of an Owl4 hours ago
  • If you don't believe in God just ask him for a sign (if you do you can ignore this)

    Raymond KumaRaymond Kuma4 hours ago
  • Mario Galaxy

    SoftCustomer9SoftCustomer94 hours ago
  • “Perfect bridge made out of diamonds.” **Bridge is offcentered**

    NobodyNobody4 hours ago
  • A!

    GonzaNdeahGonzaNdeah4 hours ago
  • Is this the create mod?

    J NickelJ Nickel5 hours ago
  • this dude sounds like fogell from superbad

    Ryan CascioRyan Cascio5 hours ago
  • Anybody else getting super Mario galaxy feelings

    Chris B 2Chris B 25 hours ago
  • The scream at the end tho

    Jessie PlaysJessie Plays5 hours ago
  • Other people:Illegal Minecraft Me: *HOGWARTS*

    DeadPlushiesXDDeadPlushiesXD5 hours ago
  • Me cage de risa

    Danna kun JiménezDanna kun Jiménez5 hours ago
  • Jxshhsdusiss🎅🎇🎅🎇🎅👍

    Nate LeeNate Lee5 hours ago
  • I see nothing wrong here

    Among us FanAmong us Fan5 hours ago
  • XD

    ZakeyshuZakeyshu5 hours ago
  • WTF

    Piggy OnkPiggy Onk5 hours ago
  • Let’s face it.... it was probably Dream

    Sammi MillsSammi Mills5 hours ago
  • Anazing

    Khloe Socha NorvilleKhloe Socha Norville5 hours ago
  • Did no one else notice the house was made with b e d r o c k .

    DarkEclipse _DarkEclipse _5 hours ago
  • Parents: go play the neighbors kids Neighbors kids: PSSPPSSSS......WANT MINECRAFT?

    CORZATZCORZATZ5 hours ago
  • Last word AHHHH RIP

    MJ OMJ O5 hours ago
  • Before anyone asks The mod is create

    ugly bastardugly bastard5 hours ago
  • Did he sell it to you for a pickle tickle

    Arce HernandezArce Hernandez5 hours ago
  • *I was watching with headphones on* 😀

    •Hange Zoe ••Hange Zoe •5 hours ago
  • Thae SCReAM

    licelot de la cruzlicelot de la cruz5 hours ago
  • Mincraft ain't supposed to rotate like thst...

    _Mune_and_Elizabeth__Mune_and_Elizabeth_5 hours ago
    • That*

      _Mune_and_Elizabeth__Mune_and_Elizabeth_5 hours ago
  • This is nauseating

    Melissa DanielMelissa Daniel5 hours ago
  • In case you are wondering, this is all possible with a mod called 'create'

    CUB1CCUB1C5 hours ago
  • Mods

    Tom vlogs and stuffTom vlogs and stuff6 hours ago
  • Me: *slides 12$ into alley man's pocket* so I heard you got the craft

    Krakens ShadowKrakens Shadow6 hours ago
  • I hate Everybody

    the cool person Pembertonthe cool person Pemberton6 hours ago
  • Every video Who Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh poop

    the cool person Pembertonthe cool person Pemberton6 hours ago
  • I have been stealing videos

    the cool person Pembertonthe cool person Pemberton6 hours ago
  • dddddqqq211ooooooovvvvvv

    Krissie WardropKrissie Wardrop6 hours ago
  • “What a legendary idea” 😂

    Digz IsCoolDigz IsCool6 hours ago
  • A

    HanDefaultHanDefault6 hours ago
  • He barely bot mincraft and he already knows how to do so much stuff more than me 😂

    stc bomberstc bomber6 hours ago
  • I want this lol

    Cyber DragonCyber Dragon6 hours ago
  • Tf did he give u that

    Minty on zero ping WasupMinty on zero ping Wasup6 hours ago
  • How

    Minty on zero ping WasupMinty on zero ping Wasup6 hours ago
  • This is create

    Niklas OrtnerNiklas Ortner6 hours ago
  • Minecraft on somthing

    melontothewatermelontothewater6 hours ago
  • This is a mod I've seen it before

    random shortsrandom shorts7 hours ago