Hybrid From 1916: The Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage

Apr 5, 2021
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Sherlock Holmes described electricity as "the high priestess of false security" and that aptly describes the wonder of how this Owen Magnetic generates electricity using a gas engine.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
Hybrid From 1916: The Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

  • so its a slip generator/clutch? never seen that before, as now a days its taken care of with resistors. they sure did stuff differently in the beginning of magnetics/generators. as for power output i dont see what would be bad about this as you get the best of two worlds, top speed with engine , or low speed with the magnetic slip.

    magnetmannenbannanenmagnetmannenbannanen11 minutes ago
  • Fascinating. I always liked new ideas. I envisioned a hydraulic drive but I never was able to get across to people like you do. usworlds.info/slow/video/jHerm3qbs3eEqGY Saddened the Volt was discontinued.

    Robert D. BOUSKILLRobert D. BOUSKILL34 minutes ago
  • Some of these early electric cars can be seen at the Crawford Auto Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio and Michigan are where many of them were made. Jay has been an awesome provider of information and sharing this history. Thanks!

    konaok1konaok149 minutes ago
  • Petrol electric road car

    ("RNA0ROGER")("RNA0ROGER")57 minutes ago
  • Magneto!

    Phillip LeechPhillip LeechHour ago
  • Jay this car could have been Frank Zappa`s inspiration for the song Dynamo hum . Kidding aside Engelhart in New England could have ceramic coated the valve cover . The city buses in Hartford have the engines coated inside with this ceramic coating . It improves mileage horsepower and lower emissions .

    tony axemantony axemanHour ago
  • How do I get included on Jay's will?

    Scott MatternScott MatternHour ago
  • Hollywood should make a" Fast and furious 10 The Jay Leno's Garage Heist" LOL 🤣🤣🤣!!!! Now that would be a Summer Blockbuster 😄

    alida flusalida flus2 hours ago
  • What a fascinating car, acceleration must be really smooth!

    Rick te KronnieRick te Kronnie2 hours ago
  • You took it out on the road...!!!!!! calm down Steve he knows what he's doing.....

    Steve WoodsSteve Woods3 hours ago
  • Hard not to like "The Chin". The Chin dynasty

    FreemonSandlewouldFreemonSandlewould3 hours ago
  • Tuyệt

    Van ngân NguyễnVan ngân Nguyễn4 hours ago
    • not be safe back then... super efficient motor, and the price tag is reflective of that.

      alida flusalida flus2 hours ago
  • Great work as always. Thanks for sharing!

    tomtomed1tomtomed14 hours ago
  • Very neat car very cool. My late grandfather loved your show as well as Carson's. he passed away Feb 11 2014 he had suffered 3 heart attacks because he was 91 and had some Ill health . i love these car videos. When jay saus at 27:00 the car electric brake sounds like Mr Bill. I had to look it up because I never heard of it. Very hilarious. Here's Mr Bill safety tips video I found on youtube. usworlds.info/slow/video/mId-fGfSbKGepos

    matt New Haven model R.Rmatt New Haven model R.R5 hours ago
  • "OH NO, IT'S MR. BILL"

    Jeff di GiustoJeff di Giusto5 hours ago
  • large resistor under car: brake energy has to go somewhere hence large resistor it probably gets quite warm during braking

    name not shownname not shown7 hours ago
  • Jays love of these cars is stellar, he will always have my respect for how much he might spend to restore one. I have always been like him when it comes to any car I have owned. Just respect it and take good care of it!

    Katheryns CleaningKatheryns Cleaning7 hours ago
  • Mr Bill sound! Hadn't thought of that in decades. Thanks for all you do Jay.

    Jim PomeroyJim Pomeroy8 hours ago
  • Thanks Jay, I really enjoyed this car. I'm a retired electrical power engineer.

    ROBERT snyderROBERT snyder9 hours ago
  • Jay, that is one kool car.

    ROBERT snyderROBERT snyder9 hours ago
  • jay.....operating that wheel arm to control speed looks dangerous. ....what happens when you need to panic stop.....people were always idiots, more now than ever........rear brakes only....wow!! nice, but not for me.....great video, thanks

    SouthtownsJoeSouthtownsJoe10 hours ago
  • Thanks again Jay. My day is a little better for having watched this.

    michael baileymichael bailey10 hours ago
  • Early Ford pinto hybrid ? Just kidding .. Jay Leno , American Icon , for president !!

    eworldtravelereworldtraveler11 hours ago
  • lost pla is a great way to reproduce cast parts its just like casting with wax

    chrischris11 hours ago
  • The video doesn't really show the gas... is just the magnet powering the electric generator... if not I think you can just take the gas out of the equation completely, have a small battery start the magnet and if its efficient enough, it would just charge itself... I mean it just runs forever if you take care of it... which is necessary for stuff like traveling through space and time 19:29 15:48 isn't that where the oil for the motor goes? 22:01 and I think that's for the brakes? Or its the storage battery... 22:28 brake lines? Also there's no exhaust, so... They just replaced the fire box on a steam car with magnets and used the electric water pump as powered brakes. The magnet charges the battery by spinning the electric generator, and also drives the car, siphoning off electric energy as neccessary to increase speed. There had to have been a way to limit its efficiency, or it would almost not be safe back then... super efficient motor, and the price tag is reflective of that.

    Ben McDonaldBen McDonald13 hours ago
  • Amazing!

    Timothy HigdonTimothy Higdon13 hours ago
  • No burnout?

    Rick WebbRick Webb13 hours ago
  • Oohhhhh nnoooooo....great car thanks

    chris joneschris jones13 hours ago
  • Sort of like a torque converter drive.

    Jule BoatmanJule Boatman13 hours ago
  • I know who Mr. Bill is, and it's an accurate description of the sound. Mr. Sluggo went into the diesel engine business :)

    Rex GeekRex Geek13 hours ago
  • Oooooooow nooooo Mister hands pleeease Don't hurt meeee mister hands.

    Dwight BehmDwight Behm13 hours ago
  • My Dad is 87...and he has a short bucket list. Jay Leno's garage and the Ford museum. got the Ford museum covered, gonna work on getting a quick tour of some of Jay's amazing collection.

    thelanemanthelaneman13 hours ago
  • could you imagine if the motor vehicle industry went down this path......

    H3AVYHAUL3RH3AVYHAUL3R13 hours ago
  • Thanks Jay for taking the time to share your passion and the marvel of these machines with us even having to do it all yourself! You’re a true American treasure as much as the cars!

    DirtE30DirtE3013 hours ago
  • Thanks Jay. A car I've never seen or heard of before. Thumb up for the tutorial on it.

    BallenxjBallenxj14 hours ago
  • There was an 1916 Owen Magnetic in the Tupelo Auto Museum prior to the selling off of the collection. I am not sure where the car went after the auction. It was a cool looking car.

    Charles RivesCharles Rives14 hours ago
  • Thanks for sharing this amazing car, Jay. I certainly had never heard of it.

    Clint's Tiny Trailer ConversionsClint's Tiny Trailer Conversions14 hours ago
  • You know, if you ever think that this vehicle could help teach future engineers old concepts, you should contact Casey Putsch fron Genius Garage!

    HammerTowingHammerTowing14 hours ago
    • This was an awesome concept that should be modernized.

      HammerTowingHammerTowing14 hours ago
  • Let me know when you are ready to do another Tonight Show Intro... LOL. Hope you are well.

    Dennis MaynardDennis Maynard14 hours ago
  • After the pandemic you have to tour Norway with this car.

    sbblakey777sbblakey77714 hours ago
  • Was the valve cover sand cast using the 3D print as the form, or 'lost PLA' cast by burning out the plastic inside of an envestment which became the actual mold?

    scharkalvinscharkalvin14 hours ago
  • At 26:02 “see, you never ever... touch the shift lever” just as he shifts the lever.

    rover215rover21515 hours ago
  • I learned the word "porosity" today. P

    Ol' Jim EagleOl' Jim Eagle15 hours ago
  • Going to miss you on last man standing.

    Daniel MccabeDaniel Mccabe15 hours ago
  • Jay and his collection are a national treasure! It is too bad that federal safety regs seem to be preventing a short range, truly inexpensive hybrid car from being developed. Plug in cars with battery packs are heavy and expensive. IIRC Lee Iacocca was exploring a 'city car' concept (possible Huell Howser video footage?) that would limit top speed and thus not need more extensive crash protection. Perhaps the right younger inventor will be inspired ....

    Mick FreeleyMick Freeley15 hours ago
  • Jay sounds like just a shadow of his former self, time catches all of us

    John HullJohn Hull16 hours ago
  • Jay is so humble...he is such a good custodian for these cars..

    Thomas HumphriesThomas Humphries16 hours ago
  • We need the w210 e55 AMG review!!!!!!!

    Kevin FernandoKevin Fernando17 hours ago
  • To date this is my very favorite episode. Food for much thought. Thank you Jay. Beautiful! Hey Jay. Would you fund my prototype? (Something like an aircraft. There's nothing new under the sun.) Peace & Prosperity.

    Stefan SchlepsStefan Schleps17 hours ago
  • LOVE that car!

    Mary BlaylockMary Blaylock17 hours ago
  • This was an example of marine practice being tried out on land vehicles. The turbo-electric ship had been around for nearly a decade. In fact the first hybrid car had been invented by Dr. Porsche himself, using lead batteries and hub motors, but the straight prime mover-generator-motor drive was used on ships in the US after about 1908. The problem was that it was heavy and inefficient. Turboelectric warships and Diesel-electric merchant ships used more fuel and could carry less cargo than geared turbine or Diesel direct drive. The same with cars. Lead batteries were pretty useless as soon as gasoline engines started to develop any power, due tot heir enormous weight and cost, and fuel consumption was poor. So people learned to use rapidly imrpoving gearbloxes and clutches.

    Alfred WedmoreAlfred Wedmore18 hours ago
  • That was a nice trip down magnetic lane.

    Charles KellettCharles Kellett18 hours ago
  • Poor dumb uninformed moronic idiots at 29:48 pull up along side Jay. Please educate yourselves ,foolish people ! Worse to see folks doing this when they are by themselves , with the windows rolled up .

    Tommy Drone's MaadDaaahTommy Drone's MaadDaaah18 hours ago
  • A little trip on electric avenue.

    Ericson 26 SavannahEricson 26 Savannah19 hours ago
  • Love j.respect the man.mr.rogers of automobile.lol

    Thomas MaloneThomas Malone19 hours ago
  • Awesome video Jay! Thanks for an introduction to such a rare car!

    Liberty CosworthLiberty Cosworth19 hours ago
  • all copper wiring.. like.. all cars.

    Will DatsunWill Datsun19 hours ago
  • Great show, wonderful vehicle. In Britain Tilling-Stevens built petrol-electric buses and commercial vehicles. The built them from 1906 to about 1930.

    Roland HarmerRoland Harmer19 hours ago
  • So that is a Hybrid in a way

    Chocolate MilkChocolate Milk20 hours ago
  • Gorgeous car. The blue is a really nice complement to the wood finish. It's a mini diesel electric locomotive, except it burns gasoline. Electromagnetism is cool.

    MarzNet256MarzNet25620 hours ago
  • I had the book in grade school that told about all of those cars yes it's like a locomotive

    Ronald DaubRonald Daub21 hour ago
  • That brochure blew my mind. This car is absolutely beyond it's time.

    gsilva220gsilva22021 hour ago
  • Awesome car. I love learning of old prewar cars. Thanks.

    mrgcavmrgcav21 hour ago
  • This car is shockingly beautiful! I mean those line and the color, the shape, everything about it is gorgeous! I would love to take a spin in this! Reminds me of a BMW i3 sort of. Just way prettier. Thanks for sharing this with us Mr. Leno!

    Steve ReynoldsSteve Reynolds21 hour ago
  • I really like these "pandemic-edition" episodes. They give a homemade feel

    eelco bergeelco berg21 hour ago
  • I wonder just many cars Mr Leno owns!

    Rickie KhoslaRickie Khosla21 hour ago
  • *AWESOME! I have a 1930 FORD Model-A sedan 4Dr I restored but this car is IMPRESSIVE. Thanks for showing it.*

    Baumgartner RanchBaumgartner Ranch21 hour ago
  • Awesome show

    k pk p21 hour ago
  • most people don't understand the reason he has so many collector cars. It's simply because the cars appreciate in value way more than gold or anything else with time. Especially with inflation taking place.

    Budget FabricationBudget Fabrication22 hours ago
  • thank you, one of the most interesting vehicles you have showcased, and your right I had never heard of it

    Vim HillVim Hill22 hours ago
  • They should make cars like that now. Have like a one cylinder engine power a generator which powers the car.

    Tom BobTom Bob22 hours ago
    • Go ahead harbor Freight will do the job just carry a spare just in case it goes

      Chocolate MilkChocolate Milk15 hours ago
  • Fantastic car, and a fantastic explanation

    Merrill AldrichMerrill Aldrich22 hours ago
  • USworlds may be an enormous mountain of information yet there is no other channel that can offer such a detailed look at such a rare car. Loved it

    bilinas minibilinas mini23 hours ago
  • I don't know if you have aver heard of the book "Golden Wheels" by Richard Wager. It is about the auto brands that were manufactured in Northeast Ohio - primarily Cleveland. It is hard to believe but there were over 50 different brands of automobiles made in the Cleveland area over the years. Wager writes about all of them in his book. The Owen Magnetic was one of those made here in Cleveland. There is an example of an Owen Magnetic in the wonderful Frederick C. Crawford Auto- Aviation Museum that looks just like Jay's. For years I ran a company that was right next door to the the Museum's restoration and storage shop in Macedonia, Ohio. I spent a bit of time over in their shop helping them with hose tube fitting replacements that they needed during their restoration efforts. We liked supporting their efforts so we usually donated whatever time and parts that they needed. The Museum is in the University Circle area of Cleveland. I highly recommend both the Museum and the book (I have a copy that I had the Author sign with a nice personal note back in 1977).

    Andrew DalzellAndrew Dalzell23 hours ago
  • That is the most beautiful radiator I've ever seen., It could have it's own art exhibit. The black and blue scheme looks sophisticated and elegant. Great episode Jay, thank you!

    Mike MMike M23 hours ago
  • Jay brought back a piece of history humankind thanks you sir🙏

    trevor pentontrevor penton23 hours ago
    • Great episode, just 1 critique. Especially given the fact Jay keeps comparing it to a Chevy Volt, I wish he'd have mentioned the "gas mileage".

      bilinas minibilinas mini23 hours ago
  • oh no mr bill

    backyard rebuildsbackyard rebuildsDay ago
  • Engineering marvel!

    Anthony TurnerAnthony TurnerDay ago
  • Very cool interesting car...

    martin swiftmartin swiftDay ago
  • Very cool 😎

    DaOneEnOnlyDaOneEnOnlyDay ago
  • 21:47 convenient for gas thiefs

    IamwatchinitIamwatchinitDay ago
  • Amazing car, engineering, beauty and back from the dead. Those roads seem atrocious though.

    JuicyFruityifyJuicyFruityifyDay ago
  • Unbelievable Sir.

    Sai Harish HSai Harish HDay ago
  • I love Jay Leno. Huge fan, and what I love about him is,... he's got a stain on his shirt, but is so down to earth he just doesn't care. Still does the video.

    preto shohmoofc guypreto shohmoofc guyDay ago
  • Sounds like the first hybrid vehicle.

    1towmater11towmater1Day ago
  • Would be cool to build modern day versions of this I’ve always wanted to take rare cars and trucks and build them new again exactly like they did with the originals and would love to make a line of 2020 1930 model A pickups

    Spirit WolfSpirit WolfDay ago
  • What a glorious machine . . .

    sameebahsameebahDay ago
  • Interesting it was built in my home city Wilkes-Barre PA the last few years it was made.

    Kurt KeiserKurt KeiserDay ago
  • This is similar to the Haunebu II lol...

    Haunebu IIHaunebu IIDay ago
  • Fascinating. I had never heard of an Owen Magnetic, and a brilliant car for 1916. Having read up on the system, I'd say the nearest modern comparison is the Honda Insight which like the Owen uses the motor to boost the torque output from the engine. The Honda does this for economy, where the Owen does this to replace the gearbox.

    Jonathan WigginsJonathan WigginsDay ago
  • Great episode, just 1 critique. Especially given the fact Jay keeps comparing it to a Chevy Volt, I wish he'd have mentioned the "gas mileage".

    Dwain SummersDwain SummersDay ago
  • Fascinating! Congrats for the restoration!

    Francesco OrlandiFrancesco OrlandiDay ago
  • Even got cruise control

    Tushar AdesharaTushar AdesharaDay ago
  • Like a Fisker from 1916.

    Eric CarabettaEric CarabettaDay ago
  • Love the logo on the hood...little lightning bolts on it..hahaha

    Michael LovetereMichael LovetereDay ago
  • Very cool car thanks for sharing.

    David SnowDavid SnowDay ago
  • beautiful paint job!

    Michael LovetereMichael LovetereDay ago
  • Amazing car. Thank you for saving it. What a piece of history!

    chevelle68100chevelle68100Day ago
  • It operates the same as modern railroad engines.

    Derek DownsDerek DownsDay ago