Husky gets told off by Lady for Howling at her in a Shop

Apr 1, 2021
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Almost ready to be reunited with Sherpa's best friend Keyush so off shopping for a pressie for his bday meet ☺☺☺
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  • I have a husky. I love them..I have a cute video of eds alarming going off making my husky howling letting me know... so cute

    GingerGinger38 minutes ago
  • "16 Beds"....probably......K'ey makes out good on Mail Day!!!!

    Raven RavellaRaven Ravella53 minutes ago
  • I'm pretty sure I've been in that pets of home 🤔

    British WrathBritish Wrath2 hours ago
  • Husky?? That's an Alaskan Malamute.

    Andrew BurnsAndrew Burns3 hours ago
  • Sherpa you are bloody gorgeous!! X 🥰

    hellzbellz68hellzbellz683 hours ago
  • Sherpa vs King Kong (toy)

    Piotr SteinkePiotr Steinke5 hours ago
  • I think he was being followed 🤟🤟🤟

    Ken RoweKen Rowe6 hours ago
  • Beautiful Husky. I love his howl; he's got soul! I found that my dogs were getting fleas walking around in pet stores. Since we stopped going to pet stores, they haven't had a fleas at all.

    Katie ScarlettKatie Scarlett9 hours ago
  • I love huskies! They're so friendly and vocal

    LouisianianLouisianian10 hours ago
  • I would’ve told the lady it’s a pet store dogs bark if she doesn’t like it leave

    patty Tancopatty Tanco11 hours ago
  • SERIOUSLY!!?? CLICK BAIT!! I DIDNT HEAR THE LADY GOING OFF ON THE DOG!! She seemed to be amused by it!!!

  • Cutest toy💕

    sunflowers28sunflowers2813 hours ago
  • So why are you wearing a seat belt but not your dog? Shame on you for not making sure he is safe. Get one for it at the pet store.

    Stephen RaatzStephen Raatz15 hours ago
  • I love that he is so vocal. I have an APBT and she is a mouthy little broad.

    Terri KilgoreTerri Kilgore17 hours ago
  • I didn’t see her get upset with him

    Dmm iceDmm ice17 hours ago
  • Sherpa is really cool dog, he likes talking to anyone.

    Joe RJoe R18 hours ago
  • He’s got spindly tail

    Jan HeardJan Heard20 hours ago
  • I love you and the dog! Yall make my day!♥️♥️♥️

    Carlotta FergusonCarlotta Ferguson22 hours ago
  • Sherpa has a great family & a ray of dog friends! Keys been hangin w Sherpa since Key was a pup!!

    Holly FarrHolly FarrDay ago
  • Animals are very sensitive, Sherpa probably sensed something negative about this woman!

    Oscar PoeOscar PoeDay ago
  • Such a serious shopper lol..

    Ann HinesAnn HinesDay ago
  • I'm desperate to know about the modified van. What a palacial ride !!!

    Julia SheehyJulia SheehyDay ago
  • "He doesn't need a bed. He's got like sixteen beds." Sherpa: "Human, you shush! A dog can never have too many beds."

    Ben AdamsBen AdamsDay ago
  • Don’t be embarrassed...Sherpa is wonderful dog with a huge heart and a wonderful personality!❤️❤️❤️

    Meg McMeg McDay ago
  • "Pipe Down, will ya'?"......

    Snow CrestSnow CrestDay ago
  • Awwww Sherpa isn’t an embarrassment, he’s just Mr super friendly & chatty who has to say hi to everyone. He’s a sweetheart

    Smileyrie.yeppoonSmileyrie.yeppoonDay ago
  • That's me in store telling cashier to move faster ⚡... ⌚⌚⌚⌚ 😖😡🤣

    Sebastian AvramSebastian AvramDay ago
  • I would feel personally honoured to get a woo woo

    kitty meowmeowkitty meowmeowDay ago
  • he was just saying hello to everyone.

    tomitstubetomitstubeDay ago
  • Dogs KNOW about people....and arent' afraid to say so.

    airborne63airborne63Day ago
  • Dad you're not that embarrassing so a few people may laugh but I got your back XOXO Sherpa

    Stephanie RitterStephanie RitterDay ago
  • I'm so grateful that your steering didn't go out on that trip

    Stephanie RitterStephanie RitterDay ago
  • He was saying "good day and how are yooooou!" Lol 😊

    Jordan MoodyJordan MoodyDay ago
  • A harness works well as it does not pull on the dog’s neck vertebrae. The collar can be used for ID tags. Beautiful boy. 💕😃🐶

    Dianne SeereyDianne SeereyDay ago

    KenKenDay ago
  • Pets at home are so overpriced. Buy a toy and it’ll cost you ££££, buy a similar toy in B&M and it’s only £ 🤷‍♀️

    I Sea Anemone 7007I Sea Anemone 70072 days ago
  • You're a sweetheart Sherpa 😍

    Stealth WarriorStealth Warrior2 days ago
  • The fist!paw bump..... 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😹😹😹😹😹

    Holly K -ZippedupkitzHolly K -Zippedupkitz2 days ago
  • Still a good boy. 💗

    Elizabeth QuinnElizabeth Quinn2 days ago
  • Love your van❤ looks like it would be awesome to travel the world in😁 even though here in America vans are known as kidnapper vans😂

    Lisa HopeGPLisa HopeGP2 days ago
  • 3:15 thats something u should never do.. never know if a sick dog drinked from it or if somebody put a poison in it (it happens.) Its better to go buy a bottle of water in a store or gas station etc and pour the water slowly in your hand while ur dog drinks from your hand

    bastard grannybastard granny2 days ago
  • cheeky pup

    M AllenM Allen2 days ago
  • He's gorgeous...think daddy chose the cheeky monkey. Im so used to hearing an American accent or video i was surprised to realise im listening to an English accent!

    Evening StarEvening Star2 days ago
  • “he’s just happy”😂

    kiwi_owokiwi_owo2 days ago
  • I would rather hear Sherpa say helloooooooooooo than someone's little kid screaming and acting like a brat.

    CorgiConnectCorgiConnect2 days ago
  • Note to self: NEVER buy the toys/items on the bottom shelves in a pet store...hehe

    S TaylorS Taylor3 days ago
  • My dog barks at everyone, till they start petting her, then she shuts up.

    Jon EricsonJon Ericson3 days ago
  • Don't make me hop on a ✈️ lady. Sherpa should be able to talk whenever he wants to. ❤️😂

    EibmozluverEibmozluver3 days ago
  • 💙

    lalith kumarlalith kumar3 days ago
  • I can listen to huskies all day .. People I hate ... Yapping constantly and not saying anything worth while ..

    Lobo DiabloLobo Diablo3 days ago
  • He's got 16 beds but not a single harness??? Instead he has to be chocked in that collar at every turn?

    Steven LearSteven Lear3 days ago
  • Adorable 😍 Love Sherpa❣️

    Sylvia CruzSylvia Cruz3 days ago
  • I love your fur baby! I'm wondering if my fur baby is part husky? I was told that he is part black German Shepherd and put but he has green eyes and has markings like your husky and he is very vocal and the sweetest pup I have ever had 😌🤗

    Sherry LoveSherry Love3 days ago
  • Him’s too excited and happy to be quiet!

    Happy DayHappy Day3 days ago
  • Ha! If that's getting 'told off' I need to build a safe space in your worst neighborhood. :)

    MollyMaid ChesapeakeMollyMaid Chesapeake3 days ago
  • He is so adorable

    milo the chihuahua brunetmilo the chihuahua brunet3 days ago
  • I love it when I'm in a store and people talk to my dog

    G GG G4 days ago
  • Awesome bond you two have

    Deadlock GrahamDeadlock Graham4 days ago
  • NEVER let your dog drink from communal bowls .. PARVOVIRUS! Take your own water ♥️

    Picketty WitchPicketty Witch4 days ago
  • Why do i always think that sherpa is a girl 😅😂

    Elissa SalibaElissa Saliba4 days ago
  • I love huskies!!! So cute Just wanted to talk and be social got scolded instead?😢 Love u both Sherpa and Keyush❤💙💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍

    enakshi paruaenakshi parua4 days ago
  • Oh my god I think that’s the pets at home that I go to 😂😂

    This ain’t MeeeThis ain’t Meee4 days ago
  • Love that he choose his own toy, very relieved he didnt go for the pink one 😁

    Philomeena LernihanPhilomeena Lernihan4 days ago
  • Hey! Sherpa was clearly going for the pink piggy, not the monkey! lol

    Táltos LexTáltos Lex4 days ago
  • Lovely Husky..... beautiful animals

    sidney swanepoelsidney swanepoel4 days ago
  • I wish I could take my 9yr old chocolate lab to the pet store with me. It would be an absolute nightmare 😫 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    murphy murfmurphy murf4 days ago
  • I just want to know how Key and Serpa met.

    ariel thounaariel thouna4 days ago
  • Whenever I'm "told off" it is far less pleasant!

    Beckoning ChasmBeckoning Chasm4 days ago
  • If your van was also a Sherpa that would make the video even better :D Sherpa in a Sherpa

    Landie ManLandie Man4 days ago
  • So Sherpa is one of those that doesn't like to stand in line and hollers open more registers lol. The lady was nice though.

    Remy, Lily and Momma tooRemy, Lily and Momma too4 days ago
  • My dog goes straight for the pick n mix aisle and crawls under the shelf and rummages through the shelf to find all the dropped treats,we walk past Pets At Home regularly so I take him in at least once a week even if I'm not buying anything.

    DomingoDeSantaClaraDomingoDeSantaClara4 days ago
  • Awww, he picked out a toy he liked the best, now he'll have to watch you give it away. My dogs would feel that this is confusing and unfair. They'd feel betrayed. If I could vote on this, it would be that Sherpa gets a toy, too 🐻

    cbeautifulworld11cbeautifulworld114 days ago
  • Click bait. Nobody got told-off, let alone the Husky; unless you're a sensitive $lmp.....

    Chucky LaneChucky Lane4 days ago
  • Can I just say that I love the comment section under your videos, it’s just pure gold. This community just makes me so happy

    Jakob BüscherhoffJakob Büscherhoff4 days ago
  • At 00:56-Before I go any further...I love that before going into the store, this guy stops to ask the dog not to embarrass him. I'm a new full-time dogowner and it just gives me a great sense of relief to know that I'm not the only one dealing with an unruly dog that gives zero sh*ts about making me look crazy out here.🤣 I love her, BUT damn, she get on my nerves!!!!🙉🤬😤 Can I get a Hallelujah Amen?😂

    ShanaShana4 days ago
  • I so miss my husky they are just fun personality dogs - and so smart

    andi gandi g4 days ago
  • No mask tho? No one really safe move.

    Sugar BabieSugar Babie4 days ago
    • @Sherpa his daddy does

      Sugar BabieSugar Babie4 days ago
    • Dog don't need masks?

      SherpaSherpa4 days ago
  • anyone else think then He howled in Line" Hey calm down Karen everyone Has to take thier turn checking out."

    Kimberly AkinKimberly Akin4 days ago
  • Love how he chose K-E-Y's birthday pressie - that's adorable!

    Fern DSFern DS4 days ago
  • Beautiful dog 🐶

    butterfly71 walkerbutterfly71 walker4 days ago
  • That watch though 🔥

    Leroy HilliardLeroy Hilliard5 days ago
  • What a good boy!

    Echos PawEchos Paw5 days ago
  • I think the same whenever I take my sheepdog (Echo) into the store. It's always the same thing, drag Dad's ass everywhere. Fun times! lol

    Echos PawEchos Paw5 days ago
  • Confused new person to the page... So why does this video title say the dog is a Husky, when this dog (I assume is Sherpa) and your description says Sherpa is a Malamute?

    cincity076cincity0765 days ago
  • Sherpa was saying don't you know it's my birthday, me first lady. 🐕👍❤ Happy Birthday SHERPA 🎈

    Sabrina BoltonSabrina Bolton5 days ago
  • Dog have senses. He know why he doesn't like her

    Grecia RobainGrecia Robain5 days ago
  • I have to spell many words around my dog.

    Sandi DedićSandi Dedić5 days ago
  • he's got like 16 beds me: wait... Sherpa has 16 beds ❣️😧and i dont have my own small bed?😳😧

    bel giebel gie5 days ago
  • love how you said KY than keyush so that sherpa won't freak out😆❣️

    bel giebel gie5 days ago
  • So glad to be back Sherpa's like don't you embarrasse me he was a very good boy Sherpa is kind he talks to everybody and they love him 🐶 ❤

    Donna joroyalDonna joroyal5 days ago
  • I don't know how you drive over there I'd be going ass backward

    Joseph Anthony MatereseJoseph Anthony Materese5 days ago
  • I love the monkey stuffed animal that he picked out. What a beautiful dog.

    Robert BalboniRobert Balboni5 days ago
  • Sherpa has this rolling r to his bark that gave me pause when I heard it the first time. Kind of like a growl mixed in with the bark. But he really is a friendly fellow.

    Franz EndersFranz Enders5 days ago
  • You have to wash his toy

    Evangeline MendozaEvangeline Mendoza5 days ago
  • He was like “how do you not understand that my name is Sherpa & I LOVES ALL HOOMANS!?!?!?”

    PhildoPhildo5 days ago
  • Have husky also. Loves to fuss at me at 3am to let out, not to use bathroom. Wants to get opossum climbing wires.

    Pam BallewPam Ballew5 days ago
  • That's it? That wasn't much howling

    Lee VuletichLee Vuletich5 days ago
  • Sherpa was just so excited! Gorgeous Boy! ❤🐾

  • He wasn’t that bad! I think he did great for a husky. They love to talk! ❤️❤️🙏❤️❤️

    Kathleen RomanKathleen Roman5 days ago
  • I'm glad the first lady was being sweet and funny and only teasingly fussing at the doggie. Then I worried that the blonde was really going to yell. LOL. Over here in America a stray doggie kept breaking into a Dollar General store and trying to steal the same stuffed purple unicorn horse toy. They kept stopping him and escorting him out of the store but finally a security guard ( I think? ) felt bad for him and bought him the toy but also had him taken to the shelter. Due to his notoriety ( and cuteness ) he got adopted quickly.

    Mandy SimmonsMandy Simmons5 days ago