Hummingbird Feeders BE AWARE of Issues Before YOU Buy, EASY to Clean, Bees Ants & DIY Recipe Nectar

Mar 30, 2021
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How to pick a hummingbird feeder, things to be aware of when purchasing a hummingbird feeder, this can make things much easier for you. And safer for the birds too as they feed and go to nest. Here I go through hummingbird feeders thoughts and ideas and issues and concerns and tips on hummingbird feeders, so you can decide which will work for you, going over prices, plastic or glass, cleaning problems, bees, hummingbird stands, hummingbirds perches, hangers, flowers, easy cleaning, and so much more. AND also the Oriole birds, the males, are back getting ready to nest and the females just showed up here too.
Here is the aff. link to the ones I purchased from there, I bought 6 (which lowers the price), but this is for 1 feeder here:
Here is the aff. link to the set I purchase of 6, great feeders, easy to clean and last a long time:
Here in an aff. link of the ones that are my favorite and I have purchased from them, this is for 4 feeders:

Here are some aff. links of the fountains we buy and use, I try to buy from companies in the USA for fastest shipping: This link is the models we use the solar fountain models, that has the panel and long cord,

Our Hummingbird Playlist :

Shopping for Hummingbird Feeders Choosing Right Feeder for Your Garden or Yard & Easy Recipe & Nest

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  • Thank you so much for all the ideas you're sharing. Ordered 2 solar fountains and preparing to build a ball out of cement. In one of your videos I saw a feeder looked like a muffin/cupcake, did you make it as well? Would love to see how to do one.

    Gundi RuedenauerGundi Ruedenauer31 minute ago
  • Wooww! so cute the way you speak about it! Thank you for the tips :)

    Débora SampaioDébora Sampaio3 hours ago
  • I only buy $100 feeders because my hummers only drink “refined “ sugar water🌺

    Blue JayBlue Jay3 hours ago
  • I mix red bull & cane sugar. They love the stuff.

    Conditionally UnconditionalConditionally Unconditional5 hours ago
  • Good suggestions. We love our visitors. One time we got an “angry bird” hummer that guarded the feeder. Had to get another and place it out of sight. Fun watching them. They can be very bold if they feel safe (get extra close to you).

    keydudekeydude9 hours ago
  • The hummingbird feeders here are "guarded" by 1 bird and they try to run off any other hummingbirds that are trying to feed. Ruby Throated hummingbirds are what we have here in Georgia

    SteveSteve11 hours ago
  • It is not healthy to feed humming birds sugar water! Lets stop killing our birds. They get nectar from flowers period. People feeding birds from suet block are killing the birds with lard that is making seeds stick to block and the bird pecks it off and some is still on seeds.

    Eye on artEye on art12 hours ago
  • No to the mascara brush, feeders with bee guards are best (that's the round piece with the grid pattern), unless you enjoy cleaning out bees and ants.

    BrendaBrenda16 hours ago
  • One year, I was late in getting my Feeder Up. A humming bird came by as I was out on my deck, flew to the bracket the feeder used to be on, flew over to me, chortled, then flew back to the bracket, chortled again, and then came back and hovered in front of my face chortling some more. I got the message, went to the store, got some sugar and set the feeder up.

    Gamer JunctionGamer Junction17 hours ago
  • I loved feeding the hummingbirds but for the past two years I've had praying mantises going after them!!! Yep praying mantises kill hummingbirds 😳🙈!! They sit on the feeders and wait. I took down all my hummingbird feeders to keep the lil guys safe!!! Do miss them!!!

    Orchids n LymeOrchids n Lyme19 hours ago
  • Great video, thank you

    Reese _Reese _21 hour ago
  • I love the beautiful decorative hummingbird feeders and always want to buy them, but then I remember how much of a pain some are and just buy the cheap ones. We've also had better luck with the cheap ones when it comes to leaks too. We start with a couple small ones at the first sighting of a hummingbird and put the big guys out along with the small ones once we are going through the small ones fast. We really need more out these past few summers, but it is too much maintenance for us. We have flowers around front as well that they love so plenty of food to go around.

    RefinnejRefinnejDay ago
  • If I put up feeders will that keep the hummingbirds from going to my hummingbird friendly plants?

    JeffJeffDay ago
  • In winter its 3 to 1 And in summer we do 4 to 1, to encourage the birds to eat from flowers. After the first clutch of babies has been raised we take them down, to encourage the birds to head north to Alaska. Please remember that IF you have feeders up after July you MUST continue to fill it all winter. The birds will stay behind rather than migrate south, and if you stop feeding them they will begin to die after flowers are all died off. We fill our feeders everyday. Sunset and sunrise are the most active times. When the feeders are empty they will let you know...they usually dive bomb me or fly in my face 2 inches off my nose and go between me and the feeder many times, like saying "look over here! The feeder is empty and I am starving to death! " I have a male that has been with me for 4 years now. I call him poncho via as he is always at war protecting his feeders. ( he has a very distinct scar from being caught by my cat. Peanut brought him inside in his mouth. I had to feed poncho with an eye dropper and keep him warm for 2 days before he was ready to go back outside. He shows off that he isn't afraid of me or peanut. Turns his back on peanut all the time. Like saying to the other birds, "see, I'm not afraid, the human has mastered the cat and I have mastered the human. " Thank you for your video.

    c.a. greenec.a. greeneDay ago
    • If you have a way to watch them up close you can see them filling their flying bladder with liquid to get through the is located behind their head, between their shoulders/ where the wings are attached and is visible as a bump or a hunched back. If the hummingbird didn't have that flight bladder they wouldn't have the weight they need to maintain balance over long flights on windy days or be able to survive the long, dark, cold nights. I am not sure just how often it is exactly, but I know they must drink every few minutes to maintain body heat and strength. These are my spirit animal

      c.a. greenec.a. greeneDay ago
  • Your page has been so helpful. I have three feeders now and I built a solar bath that they love. I just experienced the first fledglings leaving a nest on the patio.

    Angela HolmesAngela HolmesDay ago
    • Wonderful! How Cool. Thank you So much for telling me, makes My Day to hear this, take care!

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening EasyDay ago
  • Try to see if denture tablets will work to help with the cleaning. I don't have hummingbird feeders yet, but I do use the tablets in hard to clean glasses, vases and thermoses and in some plastic cups. Hope it will help.

    dawn ochwatdawn ochwatDay ago
  • This woman’s voice makes me want to punch a baby! Lol I can’t take it

    Brian TownsendBrian TownsendDay ago
  • How do you get them to cooperate? I put out my feeders and one hummingbird sits guard over all the feeders and runs off any other humming birds off. I am in Texas.

    Rp EdingtonRp EdingtonDay ago
  • Stay away from the ones thst have metal.. They rust...

    M MarkelM MarkelDay ago
  • I put the plastic part in the dishwasher and keep about three per feeder on hand to swap out. To clean the glass I use a little vinegar or bleach, a little water and a piece of small chain. Cover the opening with one hand and shake the daylights out of it, the chain abrades off the mold and scum.

    mguerramdmguerramd2 days ago
  • I use the baby bottle brush to clean them.

    My Life in a NutshellMy Life in a Nutshell2 days ago

    Sam ColtSam Colt2 days ago
  • I'm glad I have a cat.

    Miss TownsleyMiss Townsley2 days ago
  • Don't get feeders with a metal bottom, they can start rusting and then they're useless.

    Loraine SpencerLoraine Spencer2 days ago
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Rosario Carmen LopezRosario Carmen Lopez2 days ago
  • What about nectar stabilizers. Do they work.?

    Eric MooreheadEric Moorehead2 days ago
  • The hummingbirds around here seem to be a bit more territorial. Constant dog fights. Entertaining.

    Sean MurphySean Murphy2 days ago
    • Ours are as well and it doesn't matter how many feeders are out. We usually have 5 big ones at one end of the house and there can be 2 hummingbirds and one will try to run the other off.

      RefinnejRefinnejDay ago
    • You may have alot of males, but if they figure out there is more than enough food the fighting should stop.

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy2 days ago
  • I make my mix 4 water to 1 sugar and boil the mix, This process makes the mix thicker and prevents mold. Constant cleaning, is a must, about an hour a day i sit by the feeders and they come and land on you and sometimes they talk to you Last year 375 pounds of sugar. Each batch = 32 cups of water and 8 cups of Sugar Great fun interacting.

    anthony toscanoanthony toscano2 days ago
  • I tried feeders and had zero birds, but I did have lots and lots of ants. Tried moving them, same thing. So I gave up,

    sandra moreysandra morey2 days ago
  • One brand I would discourage people from buying is " The World's best hummingbird feeder" from Poteet Texas. The bottles are nice, but the plastic part of the feeder break easily, and don't seal to keep out bees and flies. I've tried to get replacements , but they don't answer back, so I wouldn't recommend them. I've had deer come to the hummingbird feeder out of curiosity.

    Dan BoltonDan Bolton2 days ago
  • I would love to share this very informative video with my mom. She’s been trying hard to attract hummingbirds. Please add Closed Captions to this video for her.

    Jill WhitmanJill Whitman2 days ago
  • Beautiful!

    Sweettina2Sweettina22 days ago
  • Love your instruction and enthusiasm! Thanks

    Michele WorthingtonMichele Worthington2 days ago
    • Hello Michelle, I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
  • Feeding hundreds every year, going through 60+ pounds of sugar! The feeders she recommended are the most used by the birds!

    Gail SimmonsGail Simmons2 days ago
  • Please show us your exterior hook installation? Thanks!🤗🇨🇦

    DigitalhunnyDigitalhunny2 days ago
    • I have on the live feed once, will do soon, thanks

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy22 hours ago
    • @Digitalhunny What’s Your name?

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
    • @Digitalhunny Yes I do miss the snow lol 😂

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
    • @Steven Buck - Well hello Steven, from Houston. We're doing excellent in my neck of the woods. Thanks for askin'. Though, there were 8 new cases listed the weekend.☹ We just wear our masks & stay home too much. How are you doing? Snow all gone? Do you miss it? You guys had snow when we didn't, so thanks for lifting the burden.🤣🤣🤣 Our snow weather here is way, lighter than New York & Boston. In fact we get the least amount of snow in al, of Canada. Love it here.

      DigitalhunnyDigitalhunnyDay ago
    • Hello dear, I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
  • Fire ants _can_ cross water! For them, it's best to use a little rubbing alcohol & baby powder. That's too slippery for them. My friend is an entomologist that actually keeps ants. Those girls are wonderful when controlled. 😂🤗🇨🇦

    DigitalhunnyDigitalhunny2 days ago
  • If a feeder is deep enough, then bees and wasps won’t come because they can’t reach the sugar water, but the hummingbirds can. Deep hummingbird feeder (Wild Wings mason jar feeder, Mosaic Birds basic feeder, Dieguez hummingbird feeder, and the HummZinger are all fairly good examples) and an ant moat will solve all your feeder’s insect problems!

    Eliza Bassett-WilsonEliza Bassett-Wilson2 days ago
  • Awesome, thanks.

    Rawhide AdventuresRawhide Adventures2 days ago
  • You are lucky that you are up high and don’t have a squirrel problem! My favorite feeders are the Dollar Tree feeders, the squirrels don’t have a “seat” and have a harder time hanging on. They are easy to clean, and my hummers seem to like them. Thanks for the video, waiting for my beauties!

    M WohlM Wohl2 days ago
  • Thank you for all the great info. Love how you keep it so simple & easy. Makes it all the more enjoyable. Learned something very interesting about Hummingbirds the other day. Their brain makes up 1/4 of their body weight. They are so intelligent that they will remember every feeder & group of flowers they have fed from their whole life! Pretty Amazing little Gems💖

    Debbie FoxDebbie Fox2 days ago
  • Didn't realize humming bird feeders were such a serious purchase for some.

    ranger5572ranger55722 days ago
    • It can be, some are just easier to clean than others

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy22 hours ago
  • Anna's hummingbirds on the west coast. Here in Oregon a few rufus stay a few days as they pass through. I have had plastic feeders start to break down and the plastic begins to stink. A string chemical smell.

    Doug McCoyDoug McCoy2 days ago
  • Light them on fire

    Tyler WestmanTyler Westman3 days ago
  • My mother loved hummingbirds. She always had hummingbird feeders out. She was like you, she started with one showing up and then she had so many that when you walked out the door you got head bombed. Mom loved how their colors were so brilliant and so colorful. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful video with all of us. ❤️ I miss my mom.

    Artie JohnsonArtie Johnson3 days ago
  • Thank you for all you help!!!

  • I have 2 outside on a shepherds hop. Waiting. Been a month and have never seen one

    luciepaul1luciepaul13 days ago
    • They may no be there yet, they are starting to move around the USA. Keep it out in the open so they can see it. Take care

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy3 days ago
  • I noticed the yellow centered flower feeders tend to draw many more bees does anyone know of one that's inexpensive without yellow centers flowers ?

    S. MorganS. Morgan3 days ago
    • If you go to the store you will see there are some without the yellow plastic flowers, but if you have one and you think the bees are bothering it, you can always get non-toxic paint in red from the craft store and just paint the outside of the flowers. I have not found yellow to really attract the bees personally, the sugar might if it drips. Take care

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy3 days ago
  • Hi! Love the video! Can you tell us how you make your ant moats? Thank you!

    Kim ClemKim Clem3 days ago
    • Yes I can, here is a video I did a while ago, will do an update soon, thanks

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy22 hours ago
  • White granulated sugar is healthy for a hummingbird?

    Victoria MunozVictoria Munoz3 days ago
    • Hello Victoria! I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
  • Last year I had no problem bees, but the wasps and especially yellow jackets had become a serious problem towards the end of summer. Are bee guards effective against yellow jackets?

    YaYaYaYa3 days ago
  • Biggest problem I have is finding one NOT made in China.

    EE3 days ago
  • I add a small amount of prepared "nectar" and hang the feeder out in April. I take it down in October. With only one occasional hummingbird, the nectar still ends up going to waste.

    whiteknightcatwhiteknightcat3 days ago
  • You should clean the bird feeders with rice. Never use chemicals like bleach. This woman is wrong advising to use such solutions for cleaning.

    In the World But Not Of ItIn the World But Not Of It3 days ago
  • I've Been Feeding These Beautiful Creators So So Pretty !! I Clean My Feeders With Soap & Vinigar As Needed . I Sure Enjoy Them .Weve Had 32 At Least At One Feeder Yrs Sgo ! We Love Them All ! & Thanks ! For Your Video .& Tpyes .

    Susan BoydSusan Boyd3 days ago
  • As beautiful as the birds are, they are very messy. Don’t hang the feeders over a deck or walkway. 🇺🇸✌🏻

    Tall PaulTall Paul3 days ago
  • 6 minutes in...what about the bees!!! Cmon..I don't want to hear all your thoughts and yapping..get to it ,please!!!

    Dudeareno RodentDudeareno Rodent3 days ago
  • The recipe doesn't add protein or fat that they need. So better to use commercial formula,not just sugar. Think about you living just on sugar water.

    Kirk RKirk R3 days ago
  • Question. First off, loved the video. Do you like the red juice they sell at stores? Thank you and god bless

    IrishGipIrishGip3 days ago
  • I'd be concerned about putting too many feeders out that it deters birds from feeding from natural plants and pollinating plants as nature intends.

    Stephanie DonohueStephanie Donohue3 days ago
  • Best video I've ever seen!! ❤️❤️❤️

    ahayes40ahayes403 days ago
    • Hello dear, I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
  • My hummingbirds like to hit the bong while they hang on the porch. They prefer glass! I can’t even get them to touch the feeder. Any suggestions?

    Chill TimeChill Time3 days ago
  • I miss hummingbirds. I moved from So. Cal to Texas and there are hardly any hummingbirds here. There was 2 a couple of years ago, but I didn't see them much last year. I got a feeder so hopefully they will come around. There are so many things I miss and Texas doesn't have much to offer me. I'm ready to move back.

    NatalieRalphsNatalieRalphs3 days ago
  • Amen Halleluiah!! Hummingbirds are a gift from God as is all wildlife.

    Joseph MJoseph M3 days ago
  • Thank you this is a very informative video. We have only attracted two or three hummingbirds at a time. We've been putting out feeders for years now. Every year we have one aggressive bird that chases the other ones off. We have put out multiple feeders but the bully always manages to take over them as well. Don't now what to do about this you have any suggestions?

    Janine GoberJanine Gober4 days ago
  • I started feeding hummingbirds as a kid after one hovered a couple inches from my face. It was like he asked, so I had to oblige. Loved them ever since.

    D JD J4 days ago
  • Do you mean ant guard?

    Eileen LohrerEileen Lohrer4 days ago
  • My problem is finding a bag of hummingbirds for the feeder...

    Buckhorn CortezBuckhorn Cortez4 days ago
  • Ants can easily cross water. Ant motes don't work in a lot of cases.

    1StarProductions1StarProductions4 days ago
  • Bees are attracted to yellow try to stay away from the the yellow and get red. I have red and no bees.

    Jth FaithJth Faith4 days ago
  • I live in North Georgia thank you for your help

    Margaret RobertsonMargaret Robertson4 days ago
  • Good info. I've been feeding hummingbirds in Los Angeles for five years. I like the First Nature 32 ounce feeders (about $8). They have the pop on yellow flowers but I've removed them because they got mold underneath. The hummers don't care. I've got two new ones with the flowers. Even during migration when total strangers show up they don't care. To clean them out, I usually just rinse the base parts with hot water, might rinse out the clear reservoir. If I even think there's any mold growing, smell? I have a container of vinegar. I dip a dish washing in the vinegar, give everything a quick once over, rinse - clean, sterile. I still cook up my nectar. In a 5 quart pot: 3 quarts of water, 4.5 quarts of sugar, bring it to a boil. Wait you say 3+4.5 - 7 quarts. Nope it fits, there's lot of space inside and between the glucose molecules for the tiny water molecules. Takes 26 minutes to boil on my gas stove. I put this in to quart containers. On my 32 ounce feeder reservoirs I've drawn a line at 8 ounces. Fill that up with the nectar base, then to the top with filtered water. If you're going away, take the feeders down rather than let them sit there empty. When you get back and set out fresh feeders hummers flying by will immediately notice and zoom in to feed. I've got a hive of (formerly) killer bees, and I get orioles visiting the feeders - neither can get in. When I used to read every day on my porch about once every hour or so a hummer will hover right next to me. And then if I walk anywhere in my neighborhood they'll swoop into buzz me. When I'm not out there so much they don't get as close. And even with the feeders full, they'll still canvas the flowers.

    WillN2Go1WillN2Go14 days ago
  • The Hummingbird whisperer.

    Teresa VTeresa V4 days ago
  • There are lots of resources out there that explain how dish soap is not effective for killing several kinds of mold that tend to grow in sugar water. Also an extremely small amount of dish soap can be harmful to hummingbirds. It can even kill them. I'm amazed that you are not aware of this.

    Scott WeesScott Wees4 days ago
  • PLEASE--- the black moldy stuff around the feeder holes is a kind of mold that kills hummingbirds so KEEP those clean!! also no beet sugar it is GMO and the dye shuts down their kidneys

    serieserie4 days ago
  • This is empty calories for these birds. It weakens them and makes them susceptible to disease. With flowers they get their vitamins and minerals.

    Happy SoulHappy Soul4 days ago
  • Thank you, this was extremely helpful. I didn't know the yellow flower was a bee blocker & top areas needed to be filled with water to prevent ants. I will be adding the wire now so the bird can sit on it. What to do about the hummingbirds that want all the feeders to themselves, & chase the other hummingbirds away?

    Cora TurnertateCora Turnertate4 days ago
  • Nice video! I use the ones you use but they hold 64 oz! (Plastic).. I have 2 of them and we have hummers all year long. Our feeders are empty within a day and a half, so I know we are doing it right!

    Susie PowncebySusie Pownceby4 days ago
    • Hello Susie, I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?

      Steven BuckSteven BuckDay ago
  • I use the same feeder but I buy small red plastic bowls that I drill a inch and a quarter hole in the bottom and flip it up side down over the top of the feeder creating a shade. Keeps the sugar water from boiling out when it gets hot. And shades the birds as they feed.

    Gary ChannellGary Channell4 days ago
  • I made ant moats with tops from old prescription bottles...just the simple plastic ones...I drilled a hole to place a hook through and a little silicone (food grade) to seal around the hook...and no more ant problems!

    Mel LogueMel Logue4 days ago
  • Here's a cool fact: You can tell if the hummingbird is male or female by the listening to it's humming sound. The males have a slightly higher pitch.

    SpelterdonSpelterdon4 days ago
  • How come these dont fight???!!! So well behaved!!! Mine have an all out war all day long and usually one of them owns the whole area feeders.

    Tha Truth SeekerTha Truth Seeker4 days ago
  • How can hummingbirds live on sugar water? Where do they get all the other nutrients they need?

    pepperco100pepperco1004 days ago
  • I love her! Enthusiastic and loves her hummingbirds. They give us such joy to watch and see them thrive. Pull up a chair with some iced tea and let the bird show begin. Hummingbird life ahhhhhhhhh 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Shane Stuart-RamirezShane Stuart-Ramirez4 days ago
  • great video, thank you for sharing !

    barbi machanbarbi machan4 days ago
  • Sorry to leave a 2nd comment, but: my friend said that if she didn't keep up with filling her feeders, the hummingbirds would come and scold her ☺. So look out for that. We put suet out and the woodpeckers love it, and I swear they will come peck on the house at unusual times if we're out of suet. Bossy birds!

    She Elf JohnsonShe Elf Johnson4 days ago
  • My hummingbirds are very territorial? Anytime another hummingbird comes buy they chase it...

    brigitte benadibrigitte benadi5 days ago
  • I wonder if the ant moat would keep earwigs out? That was why I gave up on hummingbird feeders- because earwigs would get into them and make them disgusting. 😬 But luckily our neighbor has a bush the hummingbirds love - I think it's a lilac? So we get to see them around anyway.

    She Elf JohnsonShe Elf Johnson5 days ago
  • You're killing it Robbie !

    jeff hunterjeff hunter5 days ago
  • Loved ur video thank you yeh I like the same feeders as well

    Virginia RemsenVirginia Remsen5 days ago
  • I've been feeding them for 20 years. I have had woodpeckers hanging upside down on my feeder. I always know when they are here because they look in my window.

    Laurie BottLaurie Bott5 days ago
    • Laurie, can I ask if you make your own juice or buy ready made. I'm using ready made. They came by once or twice, but have disappeared. When they do occasionally show up, they head straight for this one long flower I have, and ignore feeders completely.

      Suzi OSuzi ODay ago
  • I wonder if we have hummingbirds in northeastern Texas. I would love to have hummingbirds come by and visit my garden, I have a Japanese maple tree in a nice shady spot where I can hang the feeder and it’s right outside my bedroom window. I live in Texoma, Grayson County, which is a bird sanctuary county. Right now I have attracted a flock of beautiful red cardinals that sing such sweet songs, but I would love to have even more birds come by.

    ChuckandMaxChuckandMax5 days ago
  • Great advice! Thank you! ❤️

    Kathryn AKathryn A5 days ago
  • The cheap plastic ones melt in my area. Gets really hot. So I went to glass

    carolyn bohannoncarolyn bohannon5 days ago
  • My hummingbirds are all year round in Vacaville California

    carolyn bohannoncarolyn bohannon5 days ago
  • I’d love to watch this but how to tolerate her voice? Tone it down we’re not all from calicommia

    Garden GirlGarden Girl5 days ago
  • Ha ha. I can see why you got them eating out of your hand..😅what.❗no hummingbird emoji.⁉️🐦oh well .he'll do. Tweet for my tweets. .😁👍

    Cherie AllenCherie Allen5 days ago
  • Thank you for this video. I am brand new and just stumbled upon this video, so helpful!!

    T MBT MB5 days ago
  • Get the wider ones as they are easier to clean. I learned the hard way, but I did invest in a baby bottle brush for my one feeder to get those hard to reach places. And PLEASE. people, remember to keep them clean!! Dirty feeders can KILL them!! Mixture to feed is easy; 1 cup of white granulated sugar & 1 cup of water. Do not used the store bought or dyed mixes!!

    Wendy GoreWendy Gore5 days ago
  • My favorite is Best-1 glass hummingbird feeders. They clean great with 3 pieces and keep the bees out. Does need an ant moat.

    TeresainILTeresainIL5 days ago
    • Thanks for the info!

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy22 hours ago
  • I made my own with a plastic water bottle. Worked fine

    Barbara OlsonBarbara Olson5 days ago
    • Perfect!

      Robbie and Gary Gardening EasyRobbie and Gary Gardening Easy22 hours ago