How Zack Greinke Became the Weirdest Player in Sports

Mar 31, 2021
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Zack Greinke, The Weirdest Player in Sports
#Baseball #MLB #Sports

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  • he actually mowed my lawn 😂 i had no clue who he was but my brother was talking about who he was

    Drew ΨDrew Ψ13 days ago
    • Sounds fake but I guess he had to mow someone’s lawn

      XaddreXaddre4 hours ago
    • @Baseball Doesn't Exist what you mean it matters rather you win or lose and not how you play the game i am going to need to have a talk with my folks about this

      joe jackojoe jacko22 hours ago
    • Now at 69 comets

      Scott JanssenScott JanssenDay ago
    • Choose one 🧢 🎩🪖👒

      Its2JaysIts2Jays2 days ago
    • @Drake Mayer his comments at 366 now. I made it 366

      Peezy BryanPeezy Bryan2 days ago
  • People gotta start acknowledging mental health

    Wyatt ZeiglerWyatt Zeigler10 minutes ago
  • Is this a case of severe anxiety, or being on the spectrum? Anyone know?

    jjodoin05jjodoin0531 minute ago
  • It's not about the money. It's about sending a message.

    Hugh MungusHugh Mungus48 minutes ago
  • This dude kind of sounds like me except I’m not talented in any sports...

    wakawaka1976wakawaka1976Hour ago
  • My dad coached him age 9-11 AAU. My brother was third base, Greinke Shortstop and Pitcher back then. Apopka, Orlando legend. We still have 2 2nd place national championship trophies from ages 10 and 11. They're huge lol. Prince fielder's team beat their team. My dad says Prince was the same size as a 11 year old as he is now pretty much lol

    nope ?nope ?Hour ago
  • Yo what’s in that guys pants at 5:37

    Not JP GolfNot JP GolfHour ago
  • He needs shrooms

    C KC K2 hours ago
  • He’s the Kanye of baseball.

    Captain CooterCaptain Cooter3 hours ago
  • I ❤️ talented crazies. Can’t stop us, mofos!

    Dita Von CheeseDita Von Cheese4 hours ago
  • Vaccines! Vaccines have caused all sorts of issues rarely seen in generations prior.

    My name is August WestMy name is August West5 hours ago
  • As someone with anxiety, this video gives him anxiety.

    The Sleepy CraftsmanThe Sleepy Craftsman6 hours ago
  • I think y'all are underestimating just how much growing up in Apopka fucks with your head. Source: Grew up in Apopka

    Duragon910Duragon9106 hours ago
  • It’s nice to know that there are other people out there like myself who suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. It has ruined my life over the last 8 years.

    Spiral OutSpiral Out6 hours ago
  • As someone who has struggled with social anxiety my whole life. I totally understand where he's coming from dealing and talking to people is so exhausting you just try to avoid people and interactions with them as much as you can. Sad life to live really

    TimTim6 hours ago
  • I have interest in baseball at all but this seems really neat I like these kinda stories

    Jordan WilliamsJordan Williams6 hours ago
  • Interesting. F mlb.

    Billy BartonBilly Barton6 hours ago
  • Can’t imagine how many generalizations and exaggerations are in this video haha.

    Jason ShoemakerJason Shoemaker7 hours ago
  • He's norm macdonald if norm macdonald was a young baseball player

    Travis the Solar Expert DosserTravis the Solar Expert Dosser7 hours ago
  • Awesome video.

    Duke ScanlanDuke Scanlan8 hours ago
  • This just shows the difference in decades because even though you called him the weirdest back in the '60s OR 70s he would have been called the flakiest.

    Doug OhaverDoug Ohaver8 hours ago
  • Zack Greinke's Hall of Fame Speech in a nutshelll *Well this is kinda a big deal Ummm, thank you? goodbye*

    MonkeyPerson69MonkeyPerson699 hours ago
  • This dude is funny as hell

    young kobeyoung kobe9 hours ago
  • Sick fuckin sword bro!

    Landon MasseyLandon Massey10 hours ago
  • slingblade vibes

    Dan PasgritsDan Pasgrits11 hours ago
  • ok youtube....I clicked on the video ya happy? Stop recommending it.

    freezeryderfreezeryder11 hours ago
  • “I was gonna say something about it, nothing too interesting,” is the attitude I wish many had before speaking on politics.

    Will LaPlanteWill LaPlante11 hours ago
  • Ight god damn the more i watched I feel this guy... Idk what it is about other people that just gets me irritated amongst many other emotions

    Bonnor BassidyBonnor Bassidy12 hours ago
  • This guy failed ........... successfully lol 😆

    Erik CubiasErik Cubias12 hours ago
  • I feel this man. Every day be drastically different

    Bonnor BassidyBonnor Bassidy12 hours ago
  • Oddball....excuse the pun

    Alan BenloloAlan Benlolo12 hours ago
  • I was annoyed with my coach and team in High School. I hit .318/.573/.912 off the bench with limited at-bats, constantly hit line drives off the top of the deepest parts of the ballpark, but I was fighting for playing time with two head-coaches sons, and every other kid on the team had their father assistant coaching while mine refused to come to any games. One of the kids was an offensive liability maybe hitting .080 in the 6th hole, the other was a pitcher and centerfielder who hit .225 in the 3 hole every day. My teammates included me in one event: slip-track racing in North Carolina, where I, the off the bench right fielder had the best time between us and didn't even act like I won. After that, the hazing never stopped, frozen underwear, cold water in the shower and the cold shoulder in the dugout was never a good time. I don't speak to any of my former teammates. I didn't attend the postseason banquet either to receive a participation trophy. I wanted to play on a 10 man squad and sat on the bench til the 7th inning 8 games out of 10. I am still mad about it today as there was nothing I didn't do for everyone else, I caught the pitchers on warm ups even though I wasn't a catcher, I carried supplies and bags and cheered the other guys on. But I never felt like I was a teammate of theirs. Just an outsider taking up space. Zack is my man. I completely understand why he had anxiety problems. I didn't, but people really suck at being good to each other

    J.D. MatthiasJ.D. Matthias14 hours ago
  • Pog

    exvayexvay15 hours ago
  • You mean like a cheater?

    Gordon WhiteGordon White16 hours ago
  • This is actual journalism! You didn’t try to manipulate the story to embarrass him or elevate yourself. I feel like you were fair to him and just put the truth out there. It would be great if every journalist was capable of such work. Great work, in my opinion.

    It’s RobIt’s Rob18 hours ago
  • It's called Aspergers now go read a book people

    Darwinian BonoboDarwinian Bonobo18 hours ago
  • The narration in this video is really fast, and I love it. Non-fiction videos never go as fast as you can read, but this one comes close.

    K. PacificNWK. PacificNW19 hours ago
  • One of my all time favorite players. Absolutely love watching him compete

    Ian GoldbergIan Goldberg19 hours ago
  • This is the most relatable shit ever. He doesn’t like his day job, he doesn’t like his coworkers and he doesn’t want a promotion because it means more attention on him.

    NewYorkersveryownNewYorkersveryown22 hours ago
  • reminds me of Steve Nebraska

    Logan SkarupaLogan Skarupa22 hours ago
  • Can you do what happened to Junior Lake?

    Ball Talk GamingBall Talk Gaming23 hours ago
  • this story was cool until he said “Greinke was traded from Milwaukee to the Dodgers” Bro didn’t do enough research and missed his stint with the LA Angels lol

    Carlos XCarlos XDay ago
  • Wow player. Instantly goated

    Slnp ArtSlnp ArtDay ago
  • Grienke would hate this video. I like it though.

    John WickJohn WickDay ago
  • Dudes got wicked control its always interesting watching kids at the age when they develop control speed n different potches to a batter thats not used to that its wicked funny seeing kids practically tripping over themselves to try n hit the pitch he does remind me a bit of Greg Maddux

    Derrick HarmonDerrick HarmonDay ago
  • Hearing him want to have a hold out if not traded shouldn’t be frowned upon, ppl do it in football all the time whether they get their way or not

    kaimakani13kaimakani13Day ago
  • “hitting him on purpose to keep his pitch count low, even though they were teammates and it was spring training”🤣🤣

    Daniel SullivanDaniel SullivanDay ago
  • At least the GM tried his best

    Jon 710Jon 710Day ago
  • Zack would not be happy with the attention this video got.

    Tec ManiacTec ManiacDay ago
  • Great vid keep up the great work

    Joel StugelmeyerJoel StugelmeyerDay ago
  • Legend

    William LedbetterWilliam LedbetterDay ago
  • subscribed.

    Michael IIIMichael IIIDay ago
  • Please do one on Babe Ruth murdering his wife. I had never heard the story until listening to the Section 10 podcast today. Apparently there's a ton of info on the subject

    Noah MoodyNoah MoodyDay ago
  • Honestly I think Zach was jus too high all the time..

    mauricio sanchezmauricio sanchezDay ago
  • My stars, can you imagine Greinke and Neshek (now a former Astro) being teammates today??

    case139case139Day ago
  • Remember when this channel first started and he basically made the short version of this vid back then? Pepperidge farms remembers

    Wilford BrimleyWilford BrimleyDay ago
  • I couldnt see the name of your channel as I watching this intro.... and then I saw it.. lmfao you fkin guy you.. hahahaha Baseball doesnt exist.. fkkinnn rights buddy

  • he reminds me of that weird wannabe boxer lad with the russian parents who film him going round punching people and running, oh & buying kim Kardashian some red plastic shoes...

    Schecter EvilTwinSchecter EvilTwinDay ago
  • Just because someone says outlandish stuff and acts contrary to others doesn't make him wierd.

    C AptC AptDay ago
  • Sooo, he’s not weird, he’s just misunderstood

    YawnKneeYawnKneeDay ago
  • We're all have Greinke sensibilities but are afraid to admit.

    『th k dzc ntf th m』『th k dzc ntf th m』Day ago
  • Him and Ilya Bryzgalov need to hang out sometime and it should be taped, I can’t imagine the weirdness that would go on

    ChrisChrisDay ago
  • I actually completely understand this guy. In some ways I am the same.

    YouZettaSonsOfDigitsYouZettaSonsOfDigitsDay ago
  • demand a trade to an NL club?

    Michael HarrisMichael HarrisDay ago
  • I can’t imagine how different this would’ve turned out if he was a person of color. No way he’d get these many opportunities and understanding from his team/management

    floppednutz17floppednutz17Day ago
    • Can that not be applied to nfl players of colour?

      Cian MacGanaCian MacGanaDay ago
    • Depressing but true. Hope that changes going forward.

      Aliza HAliza HDay ago
  • What irony, now that he had many videos singling him out as unique and pretty much a child prodigy...

    Luke PollardLuke PollardDay ago
  • rube waddell said 🚒

    Dale PetersDale PetersDay ago
  • When Zack went to your HS

    Aquaspace GamingAquaspace GamingDay ago
  • He’s the kind of guy who laughs at all the people who take what he does so seriously! 😂😂

    Max TerryMax TerryDay ago
  • Sounds like a guy who always wants to get his way! Just childish, he wants the attention or else he wouldn’t do and say so many weird things. Nothing wrong with being you, but there’s nothing original about it

    Max TerryMax TerryDay ago
    • If you have aspergers, certain social situations can be intimidating . So yes , it certainly makes sense that he wants things his way.

      Samer MogannamSamer MogannamDay ago
  • Ok Zach Greinke is officially my new favorite player

    Soarin SkiesSoarin SkiesDay ago
  • The pink radiator unfortunately handle because cod provisionally wreck among a stereotyped rabbit. eight, steady competitor

    Dan LiuDan LiuDay ago
  • Glad to have this weirdo in Houston. 😂

    Robert McCallRobert McCallDay ago
  • This the closest thing to Forest Gump as you can realistically get

    Nicolas LanglaisNicolas LanglaisDay ago
  • Weird people do it better.

    MostlyfpsclipsMostlyfpsclipsDay ago
  • They Royals were patient with him, if not for the Royals he would of continued to mow lawns. Zach then forces a trade because he wants to play forca winner. Royals then go to back to back World Series and win in 2015. Zach has never won a World Series.

    Vinyl LP ReviewsVinyl LP ReviewsDay ago
  • Please do one of Rube Waddell

    Samhian BlackmoonSamhian BlackmoonDay ago
  • I feel like he’s way more normal than some of the robots in baseball

    VariousValueVariousValueDay ago
  • 1:00 I know exactly where that b roll shot was taken. The 101 going past the Del Mar fairgrounds just before dog beach and the bridge.

    Echo MotoEcho MotoDay ago
  • Sometimes the most qualified person for the job, does not want to do the job.

    Jesus SavesJesus SavesDay ago
  • The frantic comfort arguably wander because substance curiosly suit between a unknown explanation. future futuristic, giddy broker

    Jayant YadavJayant YadavDay ago
  • Just awesome. Who cares if he’s a bit odd. .. bring the heat

    Zachary FoleyZachary FoleyDay ago
  • Yoooo anxiety is no joke 😢

    Chad SnowballChad SnowballDay ago
  • Man, god video but I felt like I was on an info bullet train with how little breaks in speach there where. Regardless, nice story telling and clips used!

    NomeansNo12NomeansNo12Day ago
  • 7:31 Brad Zeigler is from around my home town. He graduated from Odessa High School in Missouri. The first professional player from Odessa lol

    Corey WinderCorey WinderDay ago
  • Suffered injury during pick up basketball

    Brandon SousaBrandon SousaDay ago

    Brandon SousaBrandon SousaDay ago
  • I think F**k Face has a new contender for their collection

    Chip ClipChip ClipDay ago
  • Idk why I’m watching this baseball sucks lol so boring

  • He’s my favorite player

    Jesus Christ JrJesus Christ JrDay ago
  • In a world where 10 year olds become viral baseball stars and everyone without talent wants attention. you got a guy with talent who doesn't...

    Magic the Gathering : MtgLionMagic the Gathering : MtgLionDay ago
  • This video somehow avoided saying he’s on the autism spectrum.

    goalmaker88goalmaker882 days ago
  • This is a great video essay

    Dave BDave B2 days ago
  • So a player who doesn't care about the hype and bloated ego of being a professional athlete??? Sounds pretty damn awesome. Most of the pansy athletes today are premadonnas looking for woke clout.

    mytruthslaysmytruthslays2 days ago
  • He left royals... Ummm what happened

    Tyler WinninghamTyler Winningham2 days ago
  • Love the was they say he became the best pitcher in the world like it isn’t 2 countries that play baseball

    Lewisgg123Lewisgg1232 days ago
  • Oh this is the guy that halland is imitating

    Lewisgg123Lewisgg1232 days ago
  • I turned this off when he mispronounced "catatonic".

    Brandon GattiBrandon Gatti2 days ago