How to win east money 💵 | When your friends try this 😲

Mar 23, 2021
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Omg yes, you can trick your friends into giving you $200.00 lmao 😂
Also thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this video remember to like & subscribe if your new, I’m sure some of you already saw this but if you haven’t then this could be a cool 😎 trick 😅
Also mention to austinfelt for making this video.

  • Simple🤔 draw the dot then the circle around it 🕵without picking up the SHARPIE!!!

    LarryLovesYou GDNLarryLovesYou GDN5 minutes ago

    PoopPoop8 minutes ago
  • How?

    Mr KoopaMr Koopa22 minutes ago
  • yh yh that’s great and all but you spelt easy wrong. that’s a red flag

    DepressedPotatoDepressedPotato25 minutes ago
  • I don’t understand these videos Like this exact same thing has been on the internet for years and people making them act like they’re the first to see it every time Please fuck off You’re wasting technology

    SimmeyG123SimmeyG12340 minutes ago
  • Notice the two energy drinks

    WindowXpV1 -WindowXpV1 -40 minutes ago
  • Who the fuck walks up and goes: "Ey mang, I give you 20 dollars if you can draw a dot and a circle around it without lifting up the pen yo" get the fuck outta here

    PlotPlotHour ago
  • What if there was a machine that function as the same maneuver

    AGoat Named QuakeOMGAGoat Named QuakeOMGHour ago
    • Would we create a world inside of a world but I’ll stop

      AGoat Named QuakeOMGAGoat Named QuakeOMGHour ago
    • How could that machine be useful

      AGoat Named QuakeOMGAGoat Named QuakeOMGHour ago
  • That marker is dryer then my life

    emirhan atamemirhan atamHour ago
  • I saw they cut the video did the same thing or they edited the video and took out the line

    {Dark_poison }{Dark_poison }Hour ago
  • Tell me you faked your video without telling me you faked your video

    DarenDarenHour ago
  • Bro both of his kids are drinking bang energy drinks.

    GroovyThePandaGroovyThePandaHour ago
  • "How to win east money😲" lol

    DADDYDADDYHour ago
  • They all were just conveniently drinking Bangs.

    Ole JBOle JB2 hours ago
  • I feel bad for that kid, he’s way too young to be downing a mf energy drink...

    WizardBluntsWizardBlunts2 hours ago
  • I did this when i was 5. Now fuck off

    UnbeastableUnbeastable2 hours ago
  • *Sponsored by Bang™️*

    Yori Let’s BURNYori Let’s BURN2 hours ago

    brandon monsonbrandon monson2 hours ago
  • Didn't someone already do this

    MissxlyricMissxlyric2 hours ago
  • The kid Literally Did the same thing

    Andrew JanneyAndrew Janney2 hours ago
  • Sponsored by bang

    Hayden ParhamHayden Parham3 hours ago
  • Ik they acting and all but I’m pretty sure that boy is too young to be drinking a bang energy that’s got too much caffeine in it that’s some good parenting right there

    boi Dankatron _boi Dankatron _3 hours ago
  • Nice transition

    Aman Ethio TubeAman Ethio Tube3 hours ago
  • Bs bruh where’s the line at

    PhillipPhillip3 hours ago
  • bruh played him badly. Kids these days will never know old school tricks like these.😂😂

    Agam MeguAgam Megu3 hours ago
  • Nobody gonna talk this dude upload original post on yt?

    Mysterious CatMysterious Cat4 hours ago
  • Gotta love that *East Money*

    LightningReachLightningReach4 hours ago
  • I only like west money

    Grant GoldenGrant Golden4 hours ago
  • Both drinks faving directly at the camera omegalul

    Kevin DonahueKevin Donahue4 hours ago
  • There’s this thing called saving a video

    iDoStuffiDoStuff4 hours ago
  • Why is this the first time I see a sharpie out of ink

    yogurt sauceyogurt sauce4 hours ago
  • Slight of hand..... He covered the line with the piece he tore off.

    Keith LaubKeith Laub4 hours ago
  • Honestly angers me that these shitty, no creativity having ass videos have hundreds of thousands of likes

    Kevin GordonKevin Gordon5 hours ago
  • I like how this shows nothing about how to actually do it. Camera angles for the win

    David LDavid L5 hours ago
  • Ah well close. Stfu

    MrFreakfaceMrFreakface5 hours ago
  • The acting though

    Ejay CamarEjay Camar5 hours ago
  • Us noone gonna talk about how it's just 2 videos cut together

    ZZZZZZ6 hours ago
  • why is the 6 year old drinking bang

    noah relyeanoah relyea6 hours ago
  • i love that people have to make up these scenarios to make themselves look cool its so pathetic

    Imperial GuardImperial Guard6 hours ago
  • wait.... I thought I saw the same game but with different actors

    Daniel Anonymous001Daniel Anonymous0016 hours ago
  • Technically the kid one the guy a little bit sharpie when he left the other page that he was initially drawn on to go to the other page to hold a sharpie on

    Hunter ArmitageHunter Armitage6 hours ago
  • Is that kid drinking energy drinks people that are filming this video is irresponsible😑

    cheemoua xiongcheemoua xiong6 hours ago
  • 🤦‍♀️ This is the oldest thing on the planet. I was doing this when I was 10. That was 16 years ago LMAO get with the times. Tictoc is why aliens haven't visited.

    🌟 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓🌟 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓6 hours ago
  • Nice product placement

    Bushido BrownBushido Brown6 hours ago
  • Prat

    Dixie LadDixie Lad6 hours ago
  • How y'all gonna copy dude's post with his kids?

    Will DaBeastWill DaBeast7 hours ago
  • Faker copyer

    Tobias BjørklundTobias Bjørklund7 hours ago
  • Nice stolen joke😂

    Pie_ Crust69uPie_ Crust69u7 hours ago
  • these fuckers are soo annoying all they do is copy vids theyve seen. And i HATE how yall let shit like this go viral

  • Wo war die Challenge ?

    M KM K7 hours ago
  • The music is married life but i think remix?

    {Johnson} {Mustang}{Johnson} {Mustang}7 hours ago
  • He’s drinking a bang and he’s under 18, I’m calling the cops let’s get this on the news this is a capital crime red alert

    RiverSLVRiverSLV7 hours ago
  • One day I will need therapy because of videos like this

    EntityEntity7 hours ago
  • Fold over corner of paper

    big oofbig oof8 hours ago
  • *gives the money back after the video was over*

    G59 SmokeyG59 Smokey8 hours ago
  • Thank God it isn't East money

    High JoyHigh Joy8 hours ago
  • Shitty video, shitty drink, and shitty sharpie

    mcslave3mcslave38 hours ago
  • Already seen a video exactly like this

    NagiNagi8 hours ago
  • Why is a kid drinking bang

    Rushawn BrownRushawn Brown8 hours ago
  • Cant wait to win me some *"EAST"* Money, too

    hatednychatednyc8 hours ago
  • What if I wanna win west money

    adam torresadam torres8 hours ago
  • yea ok lol

    Rachel GourleyRachel Gourley8 hours ago
  • Just take the $200 and walk away, doubt the person that gave it to you wants to box for it

    AestheticSlothAestheticSloth8 hours ago
  • Ok I know it's probably a spelling error but I can't stop think about how it says how to win east money

    letsplayminecraftletsplayminecraft8 hours ago
  • You left your wonderful bang energy on the table FYI 😂

    • • nannesoar •• • nannesoar •8 hours ago
  • The real question is why is an 8 year old drinking a bang

    JonJonWhatsGoodJonJonWhatsGood8 hours ago
  • I knew this was fake when 2 people were willingly drinking bang energy and it wasn't an ad

    Austin CurrieAustin Currie8 hours ago
  • Screw that I want west money 😂

    Jonathan TalleyJonathan Talley9 hours ago
  • What about west money?

    FrenzyBoiFrenzyBoi9 hours ago
  • I'll bet you $200.00 that this is the worst time I've ever had.

    james wagesijames wagesi9 hours ago
  • everyone is talking about the bad act , when I'm here hating the fact that the goddamn felt tip pen is dry

    EryethEryeth9 hours ago
  • Wtf is this shit? We need to find the source and destroy it!

    Lukas PrienLukas Prien9 hours ago
  • What’s east money?

    EJ_CycleEJ_Cycle9 hours ago
  • Nobody talking about the fact that this literal infant is drinking a Bang Energy?

    waluigi the prophetwaluigi the prophet9 hours ago
  • How do I get rid of shorts? I don't want tiktok tainting my USworlds.

    Shpooptypants13Shpooptypants139 hours ago
  • and if i want west money?

    CrippinInaDiaperCrippinInaDiaper9 hours ago
  • Why it is that one person do this and million what to do the same shit everybody else do instead of doing something new or different I already saw 3 videos of the same shit lol and they all do the same shit and I don't understand why they recommend me this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Wilfredo Garcia DiazWilfredo Garcia Diaz10 hours ago
  • Me who saw the dude lift it up

    OrigamiOrigami10 hours ago
  • Fuck all Bang influencers 🤮

    Cardo 95Cardo 9510 hours ago
  • "let's do a challenge we use to do in grade school"

    richSalaz merichSalaz me10 hours ago
  • What... like I genuinely don’t get it, they did the same thing and does a circle with a line to the radius even count??? Obviously I’m putting more thought into this than they did but legitimately what’s the point

    Ryan KaneRyan Kane10 hours ago
  • He folded the sheet of paper, he cheated!!

    Dropkick 01Dropkick 0111 hours ago
  • Oh yes I always wanted to get east money

    Φραπε δωμαγοςΦραπε δωμαγος11 hours ago
  • When I was just 5 year old than I do that 🤦‍♂️😒

    Kaushik pandeyKaushik pandey11 hours ago
  • That's sharpie is terrible

    Joseph VoskuilJoseph Voskuil11 hours ago
  • Technically the sharpie come off the page anyway so fuck off

    Sarah GlennonSarah Glennon11 hours ago
  • These are so cringey

    Nolan NevalackinNolan Nevalackin11 hours ago
  • I knew this back in 1987 ! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    NEO DAVNEO DAV11 hours ago
  • I hate white people more then ever now

    Fuck YoutubeFuck Youtube12 hours ago
  • why is no one talking about how they just put a bang in front of that kid 💀 d

    walterwalter12 hours ago
  • should’ve bought a new sharpie with that 200

    Joshua MoralesJoshua Morales12 hours ago
  • I bet you $200 you can't spell "easy" right in the title.

    Jamie BennettJamie Bennett12 hours ago
  • I had to watch this 5 times to see how he did it

    joey drummerjoey drummer12 hours ago
  • *And this is why North Koreans hate Americans* 🙄

    Po AlPo Al12 hours ago
  • I dont even get what he done and what is even happening here

    SIMSYSIMSY12 hours ago
  • Why is there bang energy drinks just sitting there menacingly

    Smitty -small cat-Smitty -small cat-13 hours ago
  • Now use that money to get new sharpies

    Ty VoglerTy Vogler13 hours ago
  • Who all saw him draw a line

    Aiden WilliamsAiden Williams13 hours ago
  • I dot get it

    Hilda ZamoraHilda Zamora13 hours ago
  • So didnt the boy do it first

    Joy HeadJoy Head13 hours ago