How to Tame Every Animal

Apr 6, 2021
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  • Enjoy the video friends!

    WATOPWATOP4 days ago
    • @Khari Jaxtyn Trying it out right now. Looks promising :)

      Loraine LongworthLoraine Longworth6 minutes ago
    • I dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it if you care

      Khari JaxtynKhari Jaxtyn22 minutes ago
    • I forgot you existed for 3 months

      KEYOCITYKEYOCITY7 hours ago
    • Yo what happened to the sub count? Can't see it

      Kenith LemleyKenith Lemley9 hours ago
    • .,.

      Serious SillinessSerious Silliness12 hours ago
  • Pretty awesome, not showing subs or shilling out and just giving people the option to sub. I respect that

    AUXID3AUXID38 minutes ago
  • Just don't feed store bought honey to the bees.

    Neko LansarNeko Lansar15 minutes ago
  • He talks like Cave Johnson

    Nathan LynchNathan Lynch33 minutes ago
  • I feel like one of the most easy animals to befriend (that isn’t a normal domesticated animal) is a crow, you just feed it, mirror it’s movements, and you’ll have a friend who will bring you shiny stuff and things that they like!

    SolitasSolitas36 minutes ago
  • Man i cant even befriend a freaking cat

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira40 minutes ago
  • I thought this was a minecraft tutourial

    ray13ray1348 minutes ago
  • When I was about 10 years old, my two friends & I found a bumble bee on the ground. We got super close to it & it wouldn't fly away. We could see that one of its wings were torn. Since it was hurt, we felt bad for it. So I ran home to get a jar of honey, my one friend ran home to get a jar, while my other friend stayed to watch over the bee. I dipped my finger in the honey & the bee immediately climbed onto my finger & started eating the honey. My friend who stayed to watch the bee put him inside the jar. We named him Gruble. Every 2-3 days we would rotate him to each of our houses so we all had a chance to take care of him. But I guess his wing healed cuz about a week later he flew away.

    Ella DrutaroskyElla Drutarosky50 minutes ago
  • austraiions: wow so hard

    ezzy worldezzy world56 minutes ago
  • Give an animal food to tame it. Even works on humans, let’s be honest.

    Fantastically AverageFantastically Average58 minutes ago
  • YES! FINALLY I CAN TAME MY BROTHER! (JK hes not a crazy)

    dovpooldovpoolHour ago
  • it didn't work on my sister 😢

    Ayla /itzcyborgX_XAyla /itzcyborgX_XHour ago
  • can i tame insects?

    Dominik7TDominik7T2 hours ago
  • You mean "how to get killed by every animal" , right?

    Jignes PatelJignes Patel2 hours ago
  • WATOP:friends with a wild boar Me:inosuke?!?

    Yuhan WuYuhan Wu3 hours ago
  • I just realized that i don't like animals that are genetically close to humans. Monkeys, apes, pigs, mice, and rats all freak me out but I love most other animals.

    BoomerisadogBoomerisadog3 hours ago
  • Crocodile : thinks me as their food Me, watching this while running from them : this ain't helping

    claire trhytcheclaire trhytche4 hours ago
  • Here is a example that he is right my grandma said a giant group of squirrels in her yard for like 10 years and they come up to her window or patio and we hand feed them and they trust us

    Pro king poop DabPro king poop Dab4 hours ago
  • Fun fact from me that's not fun: To tame a wolf is very easy, just give them some bone and they'll be your pets now.

    AnmaAnma4 hours ago
  • *laughs in Ark*

    CloudCloud4 hours ago
  • Finally. I can befriend the local crows

    Gůmmi GumlordGůmmi Gumlord4 hours ago
  • Ok now tell me how to train my cat from the seats and jumping on the table when we eat

    Nasrin JahanNasrin Jahan5 hours ago
  • Remember, just because you can befriend an animal doesn't mean you should

    I have to power of god and anime on my sideI have to power of god and anime on my side5 hours ago
  • Me after this video: jungl man

    MAX RAHAMAX RAHA5 hours ago

    Purple._.Purple._.6 hours ago
  • I tried taming a lion......... It didn't end well

    test tubestest tubes6 hours ago
  • this is how you tame stray dogs here.3:37/10:23

    Habib UllahHabib Ullah6 hours ago
  • Off to tame some people

    Dazzling SkyDazzling Sky6 hours ago
  • Repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior while you can!!

    AngelCakesAngelCakes6 hours ago
  • 0:01-0:05 those are some weird looking fish

    Epic_seal Gaming400Epic_seal Gaming4006 hours ago
  • Underrated

    Yeshrun prakash MinzYeshrun prakash Minz7 hours ago
  • Finnegan fox!

    Yuyan JiYuyan Ji7 hours ago
  • When you have animal friend perk rank 2

    SharkanG02SharkanG027 hours ago
  • Shoot tranq arrows or darts and feed them kibbles according to their levels ez..

    Saint PaniniSaint Panini7 hours ago
  • Breaking news: florida man tames zoo wildlife and starts a revolution

    Jerrett EvansJerrett Evans8 hours ago
  • I was being chased by a bear, so I cut off my arm, and made friends with him, Later ending up in his stumach

    FireFlyDies gamingFireFlyDies gaming8 hours ago
  • I thought this was a minecraft video

    CherrifyCherrify8 hours ago
  • 3:13 look at that mane

    Uthmaan NobleUthmaan Noble8 hours ago
  • So this is how you tame a elephant for a circus 🎪

    Allen Leigh Antonio lll SinciocoAllen Leigh Antonio lll Sincioco8 hours ago
  • I don't need food all bees and wasp love me I'm an insect whispere

    anime weebanime weeb9 hours ago
  • how to tame my "hard to get" crush

    Cloud125Cloud1259 hours ago
  • How to tame every animal: "Give Them Food!"

    A Depressed CarrotA Depressed Carrot9 hours ago
  • "a florida man" damn the memes were correct

    Julianjared DelPosoJulianjared DelPoso9 hours ago
  • Oh i remember when i accidentally made an bumblebee friend... After that every bumblebee got a ride in my arm

    DieSeL FoxDieSeL Fox9 hours ago
  • Wait until dean finds out what happens when a lion gets to old for the pride

    Nitro _xp9Nitro _xp99 hours ago
  • I will soon have an army of squirrels, crows and raccoons

    lil toasterwaffleslil toasterwaffles10 hours ago
  • Far Cry is laughing at this

    MemenestMemenest10 hours ago
  • “Florida Man”-Darius ‘Atlanta’

    House of PainHouse of Pain10 hours ago
  • Minecraft modders: *First time?*

    Felyne VoxFelyne Vox10 hours ago
  • i swear it is impossible to try and tame a wasp you get too close or try to run from them and they try to fucking kill you

    PyromaticPyromatic11 hours ago
  • do not use the tactic of giving food unless you think to keep the animal because it will begin to expect food and when it does not get food they often attack other people when food is not given

    Grimm GamezGrimm Gamez11 hours ago
  • Lol i have a pet Kangaroo

    Snow7793Snow779311 hours ago
  • Arent you the guys that that do. R/reddit

    Charles JR DurantCharles JR Durant11 hours ago
  • Is this Seth Rogen?

    CatiolaBRCatiolaBR11 hours ago
  • Not me trying to befriend an ant

    EliEli11 hours ago
  • finally i can became a disney princess

    FeyFey11 hours ago
  • The answer is food, isn't it?

    Soggy CookieSoggy Cookie12 hours ago
    • Called it.

      Soggy CookieSoggy Cookie11 hours ago
  • Ark: Survival Evolved IRL

    Troy VasquezTroy Vasquez12 hours ago
  • So yesterday i was coming back from the store and a saw a black cat and so cats in my neighborhood aren't really friendly and run if they see you . So it was kinda small mayber a week or two and i like crouch down slowly approaching it and slowly take out my hand , put it in a level below its mouth and touch it . So the conclusion: cats and dogs will stay calm if they see that you are small and aren't too active, they also wont bark at you and rather be friendly with yoy for a while if you do that.or you can just stay down and make it looks like you are smaller than them , they will think you are of harm and might approach you if they are not giant wild animals like lions but foxes might work

    wassup 32wassup 3212 hours ago
  • Dude i got a pillowmcube ad and im glad i didnt skip it i swear it was legit rlly good lol

    Amin YashedAmin Yashed12 hours ago
  • Godzilla: *I am Untamable Mudafackas*

    X!CharaX!Chara12 hours ago
  • This isn't minecraft but I'll still watch it

    Incredible DragonIncredible Dragon12 hours ago
  • Aight lemme tame the birbs outside brb Edit: it flew away

    M1 AbramsM1 Abrams12 hours ago
  • fox: *scared of cat* the cat: *boi what wrong with you?*

    •Linda and Raisin••Linda and Raisin•12 hours ago
  • .,.

    Serious SillinessSerious Silliness12 hours ago
  • Time to tame a whale

    nathan angulonathan angulo12 hours ago
  • I have 5 pet bees now

    KingoftheNoobsKingoftheNoobs12 hours ago
  • Wait this isn't a minecraft

    Egg DoggoEgg Doggo12 hours ago
  • Him talking about taming bees: "You prob won't believe it" Me who befriended a bee cuz it landed on my palm and I didn't hurt it: *hehe. bees are my friends tho. Ive been there done that* (btw it does follow you it would appear and flutter around me at school all the time and it was my friend. it died while I was in quarantine. RIP Buzzy Bee)

    SplatoonKitty101SplatoonKitty10113 hours ago
  • u can tame a pillager if u make it waste its crossbows durability

    The Hat With No SalesThe Hat With No Sales13 hours ago
  • i tamed a dog without food and just with pats she kept following me so i gave her food. i had a neighbor and they had kids they were my freinds and i also played with them with my dog and so i named my dog sam the dog was also a female. i had to move out so i brought sam with me and my other dogs, i also have a cat it is a kitten i found it at thesame time as i found sam. And now i have 6 pets tamed by myself i even tamed a k9 but... it was still young. And thats my story on how i ended up being a animal owner....

    NightmareNightmare13 hours ago
  • How do I tame my kidnapper

    NintendopeNintendope13 hours ago
  • Please dont feed wild animals

    ٰٰ13 hours ago
  • mmmmmmmmm monke

    DomiCat UwUDomiCat UwU14 hours ago
  • I’m an easy man when I saw tame I click

    Subzero of HellSubzero of Hell14 hours ago
  • What about a Wasp? Can you tame it? 👀

    Paulo CaetanoPaulo Caetano14 hours ago
  • Alternate title “How to become a Disney Princess”

    ᴅᴏᴛ'ꜱ_ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇᴛ_ᴅᴏᴛ'ꜱ_ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇᴛ_14 hours ago
  • i wanna tame a dragon

    GhostGhost14 hours ago
  • 7:26 coyote peterson!? "Stay brave,stay wild, and we will see you on our next adventure!"

    green_ivy 8779green_ivy 877914 hours ago
  • I befriended lots of ravens when i was younger, dunno if they'll still accept me back now though 😄

    mirrorsedgymirrorsedgy14 hours ago
  • Russians: am i a joke to u?

    Marcel van AlphenMarcel van Alphen15 hours ago
  • in here monkeys sometimes is still used as something like kids show... there will be a person who chained him and train him to dance and ride a mini motorcycle and stuff ;-;

    VelVel15 hours ago
  • Can someone dumb down this entire video for me please?😂

    Astro FlamAstro Flam15 hours ago
  • *Raven will remember that*

    BreachBreach15 hours ago
  • Id pet a wild wolf

    CorruptedTruthCorruptedTruth15 hours ago
  • Gundham Tanaka: The Ultimate Breeder

    ChaosDude23ChaosDude2316 hours ago
  • One time I almost be friended a school of fish at blue lagoon and so I got the nickname Shark the durpy part is because I am a comedian

    Durpy Shark KingDurpy Shark King16 hours ago
  • Me after watching this vid: INFINITE POWER

    History MemesHistory Memes16 hours ago
  • Little kid: big birds real?! Wait why isn't he yellow? Edit: lol unless your a Disney princess don't get close to them lol

    Greatbatmanshark 124Greatbatmanshark 12416 hours ago
  • Oh yes finally I can tame a dinosaur Edit: oh wait..

    Demagmedoge SometihngDemagmedoge Sometihng16 hours ago
  • add the florida man to the florida man memes

    Brack prosBrack pros17 hours ago
  • Warhol in 2077: how to tame a microbot

    DollasDollas17 hours ago
  • Rest in peace Big Bird

    T GauffT Gauff17 hours ago
  • Try taming a polar bear and let me know how it goes...

    Umar AbdullahUmar Abdullah17 hours ago
  • how to tame jiraf i mean girgave

    indopocing jago funky friday kata ilhamindopocing jago funky friday kata ilham17 hours ago
  • Hiccup was cheating with this

    GoldyboiiiGoldyboiii17 hours ago
  • If this guy who had bees all over him didn't get stung i'll buy myself a beehive

    Donaldo TrumpuDonaldo Trumpu18 hours ago
  • Do they cover xenomorphs

    moop meepomoop meepo18 hours ago
  • I love Dean... And Dex

    Black HawkBlack Hawk19 hours ago
  • Imagine a raven you accidentally ran into 5 years ago suddenly turns up at your house with the rest of the ravens and starts trying to break in

    GodlyGamerGodlyGamer19 hours ago