How To Cut Brownies Tiktok: browniegod

Mar 26, 2021
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How To Cut Brownies
video by: browniegod

  • didnt know we needed math to cut brownies

    ¿Minerliton?¿Minerliton?45 minutes ago
  • Those look amazing!

    DeconstructionDeconstructionHour ago
  • Maths in making brownies no thanks

    Lochie PowellLochie PowellHour ago
  • I felt pain the whole time I was watching this but in the best way possible. In the middle of the night I would do my nightly “cleaning shift” and clean up every single one of those brownies with my mouth

    Brizee DoddBrizee DoddHour ago
  • Adam Ragusea would be proud of that brownie skin

    Aidan XavierAidan Xavier2 hours ago
  • "she be glimmering" - ...shut up.

    NicolasNicolas2 hours ago
  • 990th comment

    Fiery KittenFiery Kitten3 hours ago
  • Just give me the pan and no one gets hurt

    Min YoongiMin Yoongi4 hours ago
  • Am I the only person who doesn't like this stuff. I can eat like one but not anymore.

    Ernesto MarreroErnesto Marrero5 hours ago
  • Damn brownies are the best when they're hot though, with the warm gooey center..

    PriceYTPriceYT6 hours ago
  • Does it have a reject pile cause I'll go to town on those

    Anonymous TipperAnonymous Tipper6 hours ago
  • How much cannabis would I need for that brownie?

    Jhon CabreraJhon Cabrera6 hours ago
  • Chris is cute!

    MsSpyNoodleMsSpyNoodle6 hours ago
  • Was expecting Adam Ragusea to fly in and steal all that precious brownie skin for his tests.

    Dane ChevassusDane Chevassus8 hours ago
  • Omg...I know I just gained some weight. It ok because its chocolate

    Ivy PoisonIvy Poison8 hours ago
  • Yummy!!💕💕💕😃😃😃

    AnnAnn9 hours ago
  • Great now im hungry

    Flowering VineFlowering Vine12 hours ago
  • i cut my brownies in circles and triangles 🌚✋

    Snskdvwmsbds IeehisvesksosbsSnskdvwmsbds Ieehisvesksosbs12 hours ago
  • Brownies sound so good, if I worked there, I would take a slice of it and eat it, I grew up eating homemade brownies, and still do to this day!

    Violet DesavedoViolet Desavedo13 hours ago
  • OMG..So Many Brownies🤗🤗🤗

    Harvey GarrettHarvey Garrett14 hours ago
  • Turn to Jesus and be saved!

    Heyit’shailey!Heyit’shailey!14 hours ago
  • finally, earlier i saw this but i cant play it, now im in a new youtube shorts and i can finally watch it lol

    Quintana, Justine RaileyQuintana, Justine Railey14 hours ago
  • Plot twist: chris is her supervisor and she wants a promotion

    BendermanBenderman14 hours ago
  • That brownie isn't very appealing tbh.

    glendyglendy14 hours ago
  • Need the recipee of those browniessssss

    saraahikariisaraahikarii15 hours ago
  • I want a brownie.

    Catton EclipseCatton Eclipse15 hours ago
  • I want BROWNIESS

    PrevesqueVuPrevesqueVu15 hours ago
  • Felix: 👀

    ani_girlani_girl15 hours ago
  • my eyes watering just by watching this

    AzlyAzly17 hours ago
  • This Is what a brownie looks like, to be honest, the brownies here were black more like a chocolate cake but kind of moist and crunchy

    LisaLisa17 hours ago
  • Is that how mass hash weed is produced? then you buy a little piace brownie from a drug dealer

    Meni_VMeni_V17 hours ago
  • Why are you gendering the brownie

    nikIrock2734nikIrock273417 hours ago
  • These look amazing I'd luv to know the recipe or even better can I jst order them plz?💕

    Tagla TerriTagla Terri18 hours ago
  • Just serve that delicious looking brownie as is. There’s no need to cover up the taste of a perfect brownie with anything else (unless you put ice cream on top)

    Jeremy VoorheesJeremy Voorhees18 hours ago
  • Imagine how awesome it would feel to have your work represent a perfect job on your company’s social media.

    Dani JayDani Jay18 hours ago
  • Adam Ragusea would be so happy about that Skin/ Crust

    Antoine RobertAntoine Robert20 hours ago
  • Why does that brownie look like straight -doo doo- chocolate

    Joshua SheltonJoshua Shelton20 hours ago
  • i love how it says “how to cut brownies” like we’re never going to cut them like that because theyre so big but i still love this

    honeyhaplesshoneyhapless20 hours ago
  • She’s so sweet here’s a peace sign back to her “✌🏻”

    Salinascali 200Salinascali 20022 hours ago
  • Omg the size of your sinks to clean them trays must be huge!

    JuicySkittlzJuicySkittlz22 hours ago
  • "She be glimmering" ????....girl, just stop using BEV, especially awkwardly and proud. "Glossy or shiny" to describe these brownies would have been just fine.

    A FelixA Felix23 hours ago
  • That looks delicious!!!

    kimberly hyltonkimberly hylton23 hours ago
  • The Crispy parts are the best tho???!

    MooshieMooshie23 hours ago
  • They we proceed to charge outrageous prices for the thing

    Gary MartinGary MartinDay ago
  • I’ve never eaten a brownie before, is it good?

    Just Some Box With Internet AccessJust Some Box With Internet AccessDay ago
  • Ight do yall work in miami and whats the name so i can go get a brownie

  • Quick question how much for the hole this without being cut

    Army DoggoArmy DoggoDay ago
  • Omg those brownies soooo good looking

    Travis KnechtTravis KnechtDay ago
  • I hate how british people pronounce certain slang, it makes me want to pluck all my eyelashes one by one. "Sheebee glimring"

    HONK ?HONK ?Day ago
  • OMG.... I'M SALIVATING!!!.. no decorations, why ruin perfection.

    PR FOXPR FOXDay ago
  • That's a brownie? I thought that was a big pop tart

    Devil CrybabyDevil CrybabyDay ago

    Layla SitgravesLayla SitgravesDay ago
  • Fun fact:u can do the double tap to like thing like on tt-

    ARandomCookieCatARandomCookieCatDay ago
  • Who hasn't eaten and said: You: Oh my God You: o- oh my- *video continues* You: Can I have a brownie? 😞

    Gamer LexieGamer LexieDay ago
  • Me: BROWNIEZ You: it's just a video Me: IDK BROWNIEZZZZ

    Anna WisdomAnna WisdomDay ago
  • 2+2is 4-1thats 3 quick maths

    CryptonicDoomCryptonicDoomDay ago
  • Tell Chris she’s amazing

    KiplingKiplingDay ago
  • no need to cut im sure we can all handle it 🤣

    Trolling soulTrolling soulDay ago
  • Sweatshop

    Peezy BryanPeezy BryanDay ago
  • I would eat all them trays by themselves

    Z LZ LDay ago
  • If yall make brownies perfectly then why in my 4 pack of brownies i got 3 explain

    ShawnoShawnoDay ago
  • Show don't tell

    HasebeHasebeDay ago
  • Why am I so damn hungry now…

    Michael KaparosMichael KaparosDay ago
  • Not a brownie... that is fudge!

    parker Azzparker AzzDay ago
  • The way the camera lady talks about Chris/Kris sets off my gaydar

    Jolyne CujohJolyne CujohDay ago
  • Wheel C U T H A H

    G. C.G. C.Day ago
  • Well thanks i am hungry now 😋

    J M DecoratingJ M DecoratingDay ago
  • Y'all I can't eat chocolate and this video is making me get chocolate 😭😭😂😂

    Trafalgar D. LawTrafalgar D. LawDay ago
  • When I make brownies they are at öeast twice as dark

    Leonie uwuLeonie uwuDay ago
  • "When the brownies come out of the oven, They're way too hot to handle.." Wow.. The more you know 🤯

    Holy ShitballsHoly ShitballsDay ago
  • Tbh- i dont care about brownies... so the only thing I’m impressed by, is the perfect squares. So who wants my piece... (and switch me with some seafood starter or main course)

    AnkieAnkieDay ago
  • Why my mouth so wet 😩

    CelineelisexoCelineelisexoDay ago
  • Look at that shiny bottom “she be glimmering” but in a British accent 😭🤣 no hate it’s just funny

    Samanvita GantiSamanvita GantiDay ago
  • My heart melted when she said “her” fr

    M KM KDay ago
  • What if it does not come out of the tray

    Rodrigo GrosuRodrigo GrosuDay ago
  • This made me hungry

    soloroar0720soloroar0720Day ago
  • Omg 😱 yummy 😋

    CheezeFaceCheezeFaceDay ago
  • Omg I am fucking hungry now

    Kylie createsKylie createsDay ago
  • Why would you decorate brownies? My stomach hurts already.

    anna lizeanna lizeDay ago
  • She cut off the best part

    Blood ReaperBlood ReaperDay ago
  • The person doing the voice over sounds like garnet

    Kye SinghKye SinghDay ago
  • Imagine saying you got a perfect drawing, but you traced it from online, Basically what's happening here... Cut straight lines, yeah from a tool to help you cut straight lines, my G-Ma never needs to use any tools for circles, squares, triangles, etc.. she uses something called her eyes and patience. Plus all comments are just about eating up the brownies, if you want some so bad.. make some.. it's not hard, if you don't have the ingredients, that just proves you don't cook homemade meals.. and use stuff like premade lasagna

    MrCambion GamingMrCambion GamingDay ago
  • can I have a slice pretty please..? 🥺

    AaliyahAaliyahDay ago
  • Ive never even tasted brownies

    Jani StorlöpareJani StorlöpareDay ago
  • I wonder how brownies taste likw

    Scuffed PixelScuffed PixelDay ago
  • “She be glimmering” Ok Susan relax just flip the brownie and move on.

    Daddy Shiva the AlkhemistDaddy Shiva the AlkhemistDay ago
  • I want to get fat eating only brownies😭

    Best TuberzBest TuberzDay ago
  • I would pay her 80 dollars a minute for her to make brownies

    YEETYEETDay ago
  • Quick maffs

    Tom NichollsTom NichollsDay ago
  • Why cut it just eat it

    Yashvant KumarYashvant KumarDay ago
  • if Adam Regusea saw that much brownie skin, who knows what he’d do

  • Quick maffs

    Josiah FurnissJosiah FurnissDay ago
  • Sorry but brownies are best served 30 seconds out of the oven dipped in milk. If you eat them any other way I firmly believe you are not eating them correctly .

    Bryan119Bryan119Day ago
  • Thanks my diet was going pretty well, and then you showed me delicious brownies and now my fat self is getting brownies. 🖕😂🖕

    Squirt cakeSquirt cakeDay ago
  • when the brownies come out the oven, they’re way too hot to hold 🤦🏻‍♂️

    D-MaxD-MaxDay ago
  • i’m. allergic. to. chocolate. this. is. pure. torture.

    GeorgiaT VlogsGeorgiaT VlogsDay ago
  • My cavity hurts now.

    KnicksKnicksDay ago
  • 🤤

  • Sheeeeeeeesh

    B.V Llama GangB.V Llama GangDay ago
  • I want brownies now 😢

    Gingin TolentinoGingin Tolentino2 days ago