How To Change Your Brakes 1 minute Tutorial #shorts

Apr 1, 2021
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Quick overview changeing my Supra’s rear brakes in one minute #shorts

  • You literally have my dream garage. These two are some of my favorites of all time

    Kyle DeBoeufKyle DeBoeuf29 minutes ago
  • I like how were telling people who don't know how to change there own brakes how to but didn't show them where to place the jack to jack up the car lmao! I can only imagine how many people will try to jack it up by the floor pan lol!!

    MichaelMichael52 minutes ago
  • IS ThAt A sUpRA?!!!!🗯🍆

    Smartyrdumb ?Smartyrdumb ?Hour ago
  • Here's how it goes for most working class people who have to buy used cars that the previous owner probably didn't do perfect regular maintence on. 1. Go over to your buddy's house who's got all thebdsmn tools. 2. Locate a spot where the jack will actually lift the car and won't just punch a big ass hole through rust. 3. Use entire can of WD-40, PB Blaster or whatever your favorite is. (I'm not even gonna recommend a brand because dudes will straight up commit holy war over their favorite brand.. Looking at you Kroil guys) 4. Swear many times at that one bolt that's somehow bound on there so hard even the almighty couldn't remove it. 5. Get torch to heat bolt, it still doesn't come off. 6. Get breaker bar and put an 8 foot snipe on the end of it and have your fattest buddy stand on the end of the damn thing, which should generate enough torque to reach low earth orbit given the leverage advantage. 7. The fuckin thing, which at the very least should have just sheared off from that much torque, is still on. 8. More swearing, just cut the damn thing off with the rat-rail grinder (be sure to use safety squints) 9. Congratulations, it's now 2am, you're probably through your first case of beer, and you can begin actually changing the brakes on the first of 4 wheels.

    blackhawks81Hblackhawks81H4 hours ago
  • 1 minute ok😏

    Red GamerRed Gamer4 hours ago
  • That would take way longer than one minute..

    CaseyPlaysMadout2CaseyPlaysMadout26 hours ago
  • 5 hours later

  • This was longer than a minute

    RemmyBukanasRemmyBukanas7 hours ago
  • Damn that supra looking hot 🥵

    Kawaii_VibezKawaii_Vibez11 hours ago
  • Hey, just a tip, there is specific Jack points on your vehicle so you don’t damage anything.

    DestruxandExplozeDestruxandExploze11 hours ago
  • You missed the “open the brake fluid reservoir cap to make the caliper pistons go in easier” part

    Denver KenyonDenver Kenyon12 hours ago
  • 100,000$ Supra with civic brakes

    Matthew HMatthew H12 hours ago
  • Now how do I put these back on?

    Drew LathamDrew Latham14 hours ago
  • Nice flex haha nice cars 💯

    Nick HillNick Hill22 hours ago
  • Not performance brakes😞

    SycoSyco23 hours ago
  • Droopy coxk

    ✔️Zippy✔️Zippy23 hours ago
  • I think I'll stay home for a couple days, I bet brake failure accidents are gonna go up this weekend

    RB WRXRB WRXDay ago
  • “Buy brakes”,”there not universal “-really

    kinglangrenkinglangrenDay ago
  • Very misleading title, it obviously took him longer than 1 minute to change his brakes Edit: this is sarcasm, yall mfs better not come at me cross

    ChaotiXChaotiXDay ago
  • Honestly if you don’t know how to change your brakes especially brake pads you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place

    John PatrickJohn PatrickDay ago
  • Have to say it but... bro is that a Supra?!

    KarlKarlDay ago
  • If youre replacing the rotor, you dont use a baby ass use a bfh.

    Electro EvolutionElectro EvolutionDay ago
  • Jack. Stands.

    Matthew KerrieMatthew KerrieDay ago
  • psh this took me an hour not 1 minute, liar

    Im AidsyIm AidsyDay ago
  • He focused on the supra when he’s pulling parts out of a mclaren I’m done lmao

    Riley MathewsRiley MathewsDay ago
  • Don't forget to use a jackstand so while your head is under the vehicle it doesn't get clapped when your cheap jack fails.

    Desperate4CloutDesperate4CloutDay ago
  • Get bigger brakes pls that's an accident waiting to happen

    MrjpzMrjpzDay ago
  • Nothing wrong with the old rotors, just a waste of money F.cking rich people

    Jose ChavarriaJose ChavarriaDay ago
  • Where the Jack stand

    justinharris99justinharris99Day ago
  • What about compressing the caliper to get the new pads on?

    timelordnoahtimelordnoahDay ago
  • We talkin about Mars minutes here?

    tire childtire childDay ago
  • me thinking it takes 1 minute to do it

    Ciel FrancisCiel FrancisDay ago
  • So, when can I book my car in for a quick brake change? 😉

    Rusty LegsRusty LegsDay ago
  • Tell me your rich, without telling me your rich

    Xotic_ReaperXotic_ReaperDay ago

    Bradley Snow21Bradley Snow21Day ago
  • It takes longer than a minute to buy them so busted lmao.

    Curtis ShoresCurtis ShoresDay ago
  • First step is to buy them? Never woulda thought

    Mitchell NunnMitchell NunnDay ago
  • New rotors don't come coated in osmoline cleaning is optional!

    Dave LaButeDave LaButeDay ago
  • I miss my HKS coilovers /:

    ZaneZaneDay ago
  • Would of been a perfect time to replace those park brake shoes. Just saying 🗣

    stunt509stunt509Day ago
  • I can personally guarentee you that took you more than 1 minute mister

    Carter RutherfordCarter RutherfordDay ago
  • I have done many brakes.. I have always removed the caliper. I will try it your way next time. Can't belive I have never thought of that. For doing only pads that is

    flying munk89flying munk89Day ago
  • Id almost bet that those yota breaks are om a few models. The pads anyway. Somewhat universal lol

    My own IdenityMy own IdenityDay ago
  • When did he get a McLaren

    ItsTemporaryItsTemporaryDay ago
  • 12 hours later...

    Robert ZeiglerRobert Zeigler2 days ago
  • First off already been more than a minute you went and got the parts to change them that counts as part of the time

    Mac MottolaMac Mottola2 days ago
  • That Supra’s front bumper is hideous

    StatStat2 days ago
  • Uh. One question... Can I please live your life for just one day?... those cars are amazing.

    Ian ScarlettIan Scarlett2 days ago
  • Had to show the mclaren symbol huh? I’m just kidding take a joke, nice car 👍

    RENXWALRENXWAL2 days ago
  • Nice mclaren

    your non-local car guyyour non-local car guy2 days ago
  • Do NOT apply antiseize to the whole surface - just to the inner part - same goes for wheels - only apply it on the inner ring The antiseize could squeeze out over time an make your rotors run untrue and the lugs could loosen up and you loose a wheel

    Conor BurnsConor Burns2 days ago
  • Not gonna mention how you gotta bleed your brake lines where you replaced the pads since the piston had to be pushed in? Or am I wrong? Legit question.

    Miguel LopezMiguel Lopez2 days ago
  • 1 minute he said...... 1 FUCKIN MINUTE

    Smug Cpt. PriceSmug Cpt. Price2 days ago
  • Is that a supra!

    Run SgdRun Sgd2 days ago
  • Now show me how to replace my blinker fluid!

    Patrick SpapensPatrick Spapens2 days ago
  • You forgot to use a jack stand. Don't want to get squished.

    Dyelan MinkDyelan Mink2 days ago
  • Working on a Supra and picked up parts with a McLaren: still uses harbor freight floor jack. Respect.

    Riley FisherRiley Fisher2 days ago
  • forgot bout the brake lube for the slider pins

    xOpTicFaZexxOpTicFaZex2 days ago
  • Also, make sure to lubricate the break pads with grease before driving

    GUNGUNM4NGUNGUNM4N2 days ago
  • Sure, a minute on film an hour in life.

    Paul SturePaul Sture2 days ago
  • Weird flex but ok

    Liam LeechLiam Leech2 days ago
  • Don’t forget to push the caliper in so your able to put the pads on

  • Took me 5 minutes to get the new brakes so yea not one minute

    andrew goodsandrew goods2 days ago
  • This took more than a minute to do so im contacting my lawyer for false advertisement.

    Clap LordClap Lord2 days ago
  • You'll regret not having a jack stand.

    tawn248tawn2482 days ago
  • It's a quick easy job but I wish it was that fast!

    Mopar ManMopar Man2 days ago
  • I took all this confidence of working on cars to a 2014 mercedes c350 coupe. Not fun. I did a caliper replacement with the rotors and brakes replaced as well. Calipers were the star of the show... Had to get a pump for the brake fluid because things aren't built the same anymore. Annoying lol

    inter- vals_inter- vals_2 days ago
  • Can you buy me a mustang

    young Banzyoung Banz2 days ago
  • Theee rotor

    R SR S2 days ago
  • No way you got the hub that clean it looks amazing

    Boot to BonnetBoot to Bonnet2 days ago
  • “A minute” is often used to describe long periods of time.

    DerekDerek2 days ago
  • Idk why but I was think he was gonna say call a mechanic and end the vid😭😭😭

    godly 23godly 232 days ago
  • That’s more than a minute my dude

    Logan B FishingLogan B Fishing2 days ago
  • You lied it took me 2 hours

    TheflamingsnowmanTheflamingsnowman2 days ago
  • Is that a supra you have there

    Jacob ConnerJacob Conner2 days ago
  • It went dark it is fake

    DABEASTDABEAST2 days ago
  • Idk man this looks like it’s gonna take more then a minute

    KBS -117KBS -1172 days ago
  • I literally have the new brake pads and rotors in my back seat rn. Either the youtube algorithm is on point, or they're just not trying to hide the fact that they're being nosey.

    remember1ifyremember1ify2 days ago
  • Too bad I need to remove my axel nut lol

    guns blazeguns blaze2 days ago
  • Also he forgot to ad break grease he is going to have a squeaky car

    That one kid UwuThat one kid Uwu2 days ago
  • This was no where near a minute that’s just how your supposed to do it

    That one kid UwuThat one kid Uwu2 days ago
  • Is that a😶

    Dylan RogersDylan Rogers2 days ago
  • No jack stand?

    Anthony FisherAnthony Fisher2 days ago
  • Well video is less than 1min so He did it ...

    Lukas Morski-ZmijLukas Morski-Zmij2 days ago
  • Nice supra

    DestroyerkaelDestroyerkael2 days ago
  • Idiots like you should definitely not be working on cars like that, never mind trying to do walk throughs on brake servicing

    Gareth HopkinsGareth Hopkins2 days ago
  • His motivation died so quickly after the realization of having to do it 3 more times.

    Justin RowslerrJustin Rowslerr2 days ago
  • Is that a Supra

    Colin DavisColin Davis2 days ago
  • In 35 minutes later you have just completed a brake replacement in one minute

    cole marshallcole marshall2 days ago
  • Really had to put the Mclaren logo in there did you?

    Jamie ReedJamie Reed2 days ago
  • Or you can just do it in Forza where the simple press of one button will do it for you.

    Your_TypicalCivicYour_TypicalCivic2 days ago
  • Beautiful car by the way

    Donny PintoDonny Pinto2 days ago
  • Just forgot to let them know to compress the caliper piston.

    Donny PintoDonny Pinto2 days ago
  • Leaving brake rotor oily?

    7TH ウォード メタモン7TH ウォード メタモン2 days ago
  • So ig absolutely nothing mentioned about pushing the brake caliper back in using a caliper press or a C clamp, kinda a big part. Also didn’t mention lubing the guide pins so the pad moves in an out smoothly. And also didnt bother to explain that after changing you breaks you need to press the brake down a few times to get the brakes to properly function. Appreciate the effort but seriously guys look for a more detailed step by step explanation

    Brodrick WatsonBrodrick Watson2 days ago
  • "First buy the rotors for your car" No i was actually going to changes it to the same as before, stupid🤦‍♂️

    Edvin PerssonEdvin Persson2 days ago
  • Bro both of your cars are so sick, especially the supra

    Alden SeallsAlden Sealls2 days ago
  • I like how the fire hazard is outside of the garage

    Hitler did nothing wrongHitler did nothing wrong2 days ago
  • Heard wrong going 200mph and can’t stop the car in the local parking lot for Walmart

    Rene GarciaRene Garcia2 days ago
  • Anyone notice? If the rears have disk brakes I assume the “drum” inside is the e brake

    Dylan schomerDylan schomer2 days ago