How to Beat the NAZI ZOMBIES in "DEAD SNOW" (2009)

Apr 6, 2021
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If you vacationed in a snowy mountain cabin and Nazi Zombies tried to kill you, what would you do?
In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the Norwegian Students, see if we can make better decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the Nazi Zombies in, Dead Snow.
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    Nerd ExplainsNerd Explains7 days ago
    • Yes me 2 bang bang 🔫🎮🎧

      Chahed HfaiedhChahed Hfaiedh5 hours ago
    • Can you do a part 2 because there’s a number 2

      Miguel PaniaguaMiguel Paniagua20 hours ago
    • Get that crap outta here

      David mingleDavid mingle22 hours ago
    • Can you cover house of wax please

      Calven JrCalven JrDay ago
    • The captain zombie is like one of skin on call of suty

      Madel GabayaMadel GabayaDay ago
  • Why didn't they do the wonder weapon Easter egg

    Jeff the QTJeff the QT3 hours ago
  • You can see the tears come out erland eyes before the zombie sticks his finger in his eyes

    SparkydinoSparkydino3 hours ago
  • Call Of Duty World At War and World War 2 Vibes with the word Nazi zombies

    drackaflame99drackaflame993 hours ago
  • How to beat German zombies: turn russian

    It’s just DylanIt’s just Dylan3 hours ago
  • Can we get a how to beat on the movie dog house

    Dan dDan d3 hours ago
  • Just keep hitting the mystery box till you get a raygun or just grab the commando from it and pack a punch it you know what fuck it but any gun a wall gun or box gun and pack a punch it it will do

    Hghbrurjnrnfhru HruyururjrrhurrjdjndueiejHghbrurjnrnfhru Hruyururjrrhurrjdjndueiej3 hours ago
  • I am Norwegian

    Kari ThorsenKari Thorsen4 hours ago
  • Before you read this comment I would like to tell you about our sponsor raid shadow legends

    Almighty_painAlmighty_pain4 hours ago
  • Need explains and cinema summary are the only two people who can save me out of a horror movie.

    Almamy DiabyAlmamy Diaby4 hours ago
  • First, set the box of Nazi gold in the open to lure Herzog out. Make sure you’re armed with a shot gun, sit on the rooftop, shoot Herzog in the temple. Boom! All of the other zombies die with him and you have no sequel!

    Scarlet PantherScarlet Panther4 hours ago
  • 11:48 you should've said a peeping zomb

    Can*Can*4 hours ago
  • Its norway they are talking and I am from norway YAY!

    Dim BoihDim Boih4 hours ago
  • I am trained to go against zombies ive played Zombie Army 4: Dead War

    Gregory ZepedaGregory Zepeda5 hours ago
  • yea no wonder they lost the war

    Rim TamangRim Tamang5 hours ago
  • Dead Snow 2 was just a confusing and terrible executed movie

    I Am ToastI Am Toast5 hours ago
  • I would pack a punch the Ray gun

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith5 hours ago
  • Cod nazi zombies but a movie

    SavageBoy 150 GamingSavageBoy 150 Gaming5 hours ago
  • 10+ years of cod zombies experience "my time has come"

    GCOMANDO 14GCOMANDO 145 hours ago
  • This is like zombie army 4 with the nazi zombies 🤣

    AgentTechnoAgentTechno5 hours ago
  • Do you know what’s worse than Nazi zombies:NAZI VAMPIRES

    Olayiwonuola OmotadeOlayiwonuola Omotade5 hours ago
  • I love how the guy uses a hammer and sickel, I mean, the Nazis did fear the soviot union, so it makes sense. Still funny af

    Gamesniper 102Gamesniper 1025 hours ago
  • How in the world would this even be a situation you’d find yourself in

    StarfuryStarfury6 hours ago
  • Jessheim blir en You yes IM Better and You

    Mansor BathaMansor Batha6 hours ago
  • Damm I hate running into Nazi zombies

    Mantvydas KazakeviciusMantvydas Kazakevicius6 hours ago
  • Wheres hte mistery box

    Darth VaderDarth Vader7 hours ago
  • Yeah hold up i just got to call richtofen

    Modestas PucetaModestas Puceta7 hours ago
  • Im Austrian we learn about Nazis at school and even if this movie is brutal. The Actions of the zombies make sense. Because the Nazis were going on Maximum efficiency in War they tried not only to hurt the enimies physicaly, they also tried to make them lose by causing mental damages.This is also the way the Kamikaze was working.They needed to die to cause more damage in the Brains of the enimies.Thats something you have to remember.It appears in several Video games and films

    Jakob KashoferJakob Kashofer7 hours ago
  • *lullaby of a dead man intensifies* *loads colt 1911* You undead basterds.

    random spartan that uses gacha life sometimesrandom spartan that uses gacha life sometimes7 hours ago
  • 1 step don't go

    Frank SulkersFrank Sulkers7 hours ago
  • CoD players: *''Hmmm... interesting...''*

    _R3KT __R3KT _8 hours ago
  • If something has risen from the grave & is going to eat my brains, I don't really care about their ideology.

    BB8 hours ago
  • Simple build millions of T-34 tanks and go to Berlin

    Sampie ‘-‘Sampie ‘-‘8 hours ago
  • I die first

    soup -_-soup -_-8 hours ago
  • I shit my pants swing a guy getting his head splittend in half and a man getting bitten in the sack and a nazi zombie with a missing chin chunk and a man getting amputated slowly by the nazi zombies

    aa8 hours ago
  • Wait wouldn’t nazi zombies just be zombies with sweet outfits

    VolticslayerVolticslayer9 hours ago
  • Bolt action cycling isnt like loading a tank or something so dont make it sound like they're that ineffective.

    Marine CorpsMarine Corps9 hours ago
  • I loved this movie. Dead snow 2 is also awesome. Not to knock the other channel that does similar content (seriously who came up with this format first, even the titles are the same) but the Nerd is far superior at this format. Nerd is funnier and clever with more realistic or better thought out scenarios and solutions.

    Benny TBenny T10 hours ago
  • Not or be racist or nothing but just say “heil hi- u know what i mean

    Fitore SylejmaniFitore Sylejmani10 hours ago
  • if i wanted to find the zombies locate it would be easy me: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DU SCHONERRRR Zombies collectively: DE WESTERWALD!!!!

    Grey PossumGrey Possum10 hours ago
  • Step 1: Play CoD: Zombies Step 2: Now, Time to play it IRL

    Trainmaster4000Trainmaster400010 hours ago
  • Me who plays The Walking Dead The Saints and Sinners and Cod Zombies *ITS TIME*

    Chance KeefeChance Keefe10 hours ago
  • Are you a comedian because this video is funny as hell

    Alan PrpićAlan Prpić10 hours ago
  • You should do The human race

    SVAB StangerSVAB Stanger10 hours ago

    SleeplessSleepless10 hours ago
  • bro just get a knife thats it you now that vr game called uhh youll know later if you dont

    PinknDeathz ¿PinknDeathz ¿11 hours ago
  • T.E.D.D

    Ea Victoriano BernalEa Victoriano Bernal11 hours ago
  • Honestly, Vegard was a Badass

    Mali ChaïbiMali Chaïbi11 hours ago
  • Just knife em the first round for easy points smh

    Ferret GamingFerret Gaming11 hours ago
  • Imagine having negativ IQ..

    YotaYota11 hours ago
  • At least the Nazi Zombie isn't a Lesbian.

    Tatsuya ReaderTatsuya Reader11 hours ago
  • ​ ​

    yuunkuroyuunkuro12 hours ago
  • i am pulling up in T-34

    Teodor PrisadnikovTeodor Prisadnikov13 hours ago
  • nazi zombe

    RoboCatRoboCat14 hours ago
  • Wow black ops 1 zombies is real

    John SmithJohn Smith14 hours ago
  • Need

    dark fenasdark fenas14 hours ago
  • I am really surprised why Need Explains hadn't made any video on the SAW franchise. I would love to see his take on how to beat the traps in SAW. I wish you see this comment. And well, free content idea too. 8 SAW sequels in franchise mean 8 more videos on your channel.

    JR. JOEJR. JOE14 hours ago
  • Everybody gangsta till u hear “fetch me their souls”

    thatKidJoshthatKidJosh14 hours ago
  • Everybody gangsta till u a box opens up and a Rayburn is inside😳

    thatKidJoshthatKidJosh14 hours ago
  • 23:54 this guy is a giga chad.

    Stribor MutićStribor Mutić15 hours ago
  • You had the perfect chance to say Jerry... peeping Jerry. Jerry was the nick name for Germans in ww2.

    Caden PerryCaden Perry15 hours ago
  • Bro I am America I carry 5 guns on me and 8 in my car l.

    takumiမျထ fujiwaratakumiမျထ fujiwara16 hours ago
  • U should do how to beat the Koreans in Olympus has fallen and also how to beat the Americans in Olympus has fallen

    Madiyar YespolatovMadiyar Yespolatov16 hours ago
  • I’m just gonna train them then throw a monkey bomb then I’m just gonna 360 ragging all of them

    CabinetRocket60CabinetRocket6016 hours ago
  • I'll find the mistery box, then camp there till I get enough points and open i- OH wait its not cod

    morbidly obese catmorbidly obese cat16 hours ago
  • See the moral of the movie is just to not fuck with shit that isn't yours.(Also that ending really kinda helps my point, man's got ended for having a coin he forgot he had that belonged to him)

    Zeraxiou ShirouZeraxiou Shirou16 hours ago
  • They should have Pack-a-Punched their weapons and farmed the mystery box for ray guns

    David RomineDavid Romine16 hours ago
  • Do dead snow 2

    Falcon RestorationFalcon Restoration17 hours ago
  • Is this place where Battle Of The Bulge took place?

    Soren LopezSoren Lopez17 hours ago
  • This was lame.

  • DO THE RING!!!!!!!!!

    Matthew MiramontesMatthew Miramontes17 hours ago
  • Wow hitler army has become an zombie lol

    Eggyman Drink Egg JuiceEggyman Drink Egg Juice17 hours ago
  • Nerd: **sponsor raid shadow legends** Me: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE I SEEN ENOUGH NOPE

    Aizam DanishAizam Danish18 hours ago
  • Amateurs just get a ray gun

    Cameron SurretteCameron Surrette18 hours ago
  • Love the vid!

    Kyle MaitnerKyle Maitner19 hours ago
  • 6:48

    -MrBird— James-MrBird— James19 hours ago
  • Call the Russians

    IGNEOUSIGNEOUS19 hours ago
  • Let's pack a punch soviet union

    vinnie assassinvinnie assassin19 hours ago
  • 13:05 ok this is just turning into Call Of Duty now

    Nicholas WilliamsNicholas Williams19 hours ago
  • what the weird guy has is worse than a bolt action when it comes to reloading, its a single shot break action shotgun

    Not not a good GuyNot not a good Guy19 hours ago
  • we don't say the n word. we say not see

    Conner CainConner Cain20 hours ago
  • Easy just get your friend to carry you like before

    Connor SosaConnor Sosa20 hours ago
  • They even have wall guns

    DluhxDluhx20 hours ago
  • But why they not burning in the daylight

    killerkingkillerking20 hours ago
  • Nah i am blonde with blue eyes i would be fine and im half german so im sure it would be gucci

    Swag NormalBrickSwag NormalBrick20 hours ago
  • it's easy, pop in some elena sigemen, grab your perks and pack a punch!

    Kotori BrashersKotori Brashers21 hour ago
  • Nerd Explains sucks, I would try to hide from the bad guy. Why would you go after him, why??

    CarbonJay _CarbonJay _21 hour ago
  • Simple get max ammo or the nuke

    just some guyjust some guy21 hour ago
  • Really tho

    Tax EvasionTax Evasion21 hour ago
  • Any of us that played cod zombies will be gods we understand the weakness and more

    tree god 495 lemurs10tree god 495 lemurs1021 hour ago
  • You should do “ No Escape” the 2015 one staring Owen Wilson

    1 hr left1 hr left21 hour ago
    • @nerd explains

      1 hr left1 hr left21 hour ago
  • 0:22 "Before you click my link" Nah i think i prefer to skip that ad because game is garbage here is the skip button 1:57

    Eternal85Eternal8521 hour ago
  • D O N U T

    Alfredo MaganaAlfredo Magana22 hours ago
  • i would just R U N

    oSpookedoSpooked22 hours ago
  • What is this the KINO map 👁👅😂😂😂😅😂😭😱😵

    Jerron TatumJerron Tatum23 hours ago
  • just not be a jew(no offence)

    chris swanson55chris swanson5523 hours ago
  • “I’ve never thought I’d being helping nazi zombies kill innocent civilians. Dreams really do come true

    isaac hisaac h23 hours ago
  • found 1 part

    Corrine EdwardsCorrine Edwards23 hours ago
  • Bro id just pretend im zombie hitler duh

    actualtaskactualtask23 hours ago
  • Just get a raygun 🤦‍♂️

    Maria HekkinenMaria Hekkinen23 hours ago