How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "No Escape"

Mar 30, 2021
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This movie is also known as "Follow Me".
You and your friends are trapped in a prison, and forced to play the world’s most dangerous escape room. You’ll have to solve every puzzle, survive being tormented by gangsters, and risk your life to escape before the time runs out. What do you do?
Thank you for watching No Escape and Follow Me explained and review of how to beat.
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  • have a damn good day

    rockman124rockman12414 days ago
    • @AJK76 ok

      A1 PuffsA1 Puffs7 hours ago
    • ok

      A1 PuffsA1 Puffs7 hours ago
    • U to

      AstroAstroDay ago
    • have a god damn it good day

      BannanaBannanaDay ago
    • How to beat freddy Kruger

      Trayvon KingTrayvon King3 days ago
  • alexi is dead

    Kazal 26Kazal 26Hour ago
  • Jesus and God loves you

    King CCbro1King CCbro1Hour ago
  • God is amazing

    King CCbro1King CCbro1Hour ago
  • Jesus is the only way to heaven

    King CCbro1King CCbro1Hour ago
  • ok i also noticed that the ending is a lot similar to the game just saying.

    Big BoisBig BoisHour ago
  • the water puzzle is definetly the bomb puzzle from diehard 3

    Big BoisBig BoisHour ago
  • That ending was dumb. Completely unnecessary and frustrating. =_=

    Pixel NuggetPixel NuggetHour ago
  • “Chamber of Secrets” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    J CrewsJ Crews2 hours ago
  • Watching your videos are fun lol

    BananasBananas5 hours ago
  • This is the representation of it’s just a prank bro

    C0rRUpt _C0rRUpt _5 hours ago

    eri chaneri chan5 hours ago
  • Friends- pretend to die traumatically and leave Cole alone with suspicious Russian mafia dude Cole- kills him to save himself and avenge his loved ones Friends- well good gibbering golly that was kinda harsh doncha think, it was just a jOoOokE😱 If anyone needs to go to jail for murder, it should be them💀 With friends like that, who needs enemies

    Ruth MekuriaRuth Mekuria6 hours ago

    DarkDark6 hours ago
  • What a Fuck up ending

  • The only movie that made attacking the villian while he's doing a monologue seem like a bad decision.

    KwadarthKwadarth7 hours ago
  • He shot the guy with the revolver what happened to him

    Fusiion VisualFusiion Visual7 hours ago
  • i love how he said embrace all the trauma and kill them too

    BvdBvd7 hours ago
  • I mean they could've put toothpaste in his oreos... Just saying. It's less expensive and has the same effect

    Aditi ShenaiAditi Shenai8 hours ago
  • How to beat “No Escape” The movie: But you can’t-

    SHREK WESSHREK WES10 hours ago
  • Jigsaw game Roblox: jigsaw but it's 100 players and it's no escape

    Kathryn bensonKathryn benson10 hours ago
  • damn that was pretty fucked up and the way they looked at him at the end so surprised...

    mApLemApLe11 hours ago
  • What the movie name

    Mamadou HaliMamadou Hali11 hours ago
  • the ending of this movie reminds me of the episode of futurama "murder on the planet express" and no cole was not at fault in the slightest

    Cody GartonCody Garton13 hours ago
  • bruh, this movie is just until dawn but worse

    Fedora8Fedora813 hours ago
  • Alexei died before he could even say " it's a prank bro"

    MŪÑDĀŃĒMŪÑDĀŃĒ14 hours ago
  • Cole was actually kind of a badass in this movie and the fact that everybody looks at him like he's evil and crazy at the end is annoying

    silly goosesilly goose14 hours ago
  • Cole: I love you guys so much! Friends: We need to teach this vlogging asshole a lesson.

    Stackhouse GamingStackhouse Gaming16 hours ago
  • i see they pulled a Logan Paul on the end for us

    Akapulko06Akapulko0617 hours ago
  • This was a damm good video

    SebSeb18 hours ago
  • that prank was a mistake goodbye followers lmaoo

    Xiioppa GtXiioppa Gt18 hours ago
  • How to beat "No Escape": *have better friends*

    Little Big Bunny RabbitLittle Big Bunny Rabbit18 hours ago
  • Hi

    Malia MorganMalia Morgan20 hours ago
  • what kind of fucking prank is that-

    gabeygabey21 hour ago
  • bruh I cringe when the protagonist go to the damn place again😠😠😠😠

    Jessie Cajayon Jr.Jessie Cajayon Jr.21 hour ago
  • why does he look like jcbackfire

    apex_XDapex_XD23 hours ago
  • It's just a prank comrade

    R ReedR Reed23 hours ago
  • Wow, this movie seemed like it sucked lol, great video though

    Sample TextSample TextDay ago
  • When you take April fool to far

    • I'mm Reid •• I'mm Reid •Day ago
  • If it was real that is

    AreyawinningsonAreyawinningsonDay ago

    AreyawinningsonAreyawinningsonDay ago
  • just some guy i agree with you but i would not go bck in there they have guns and many guads id be gone

    typical natetypical nateDay ago
  • I only watch because free movies

    David NgawnDavid NgawnDay ago
  • That ending was fucked up, imagine helplessly watching the girl you love be murdered along with your friends then for them to come out alive and treat you like the bad guy

    BFD ModBFD ModDay ago
  • I saw the twist coming, it was VERY Obvious, especially with the fact that everything was so convenient, like his friend just so happened to be down the hallway from the parking lot? Like as if it was all a planned path!

    Cup of TeaCup of TeaDay ago
  • The man has been in near death situations all night and saw all of his friends and the person they have feelings for all supposedly die and the he is confronted by the master mind behind the whole thing. If I saw my friends die I would do the exact same fucking thing.

    Cup of TeaCup of TeaDay ago
  • Realistically though, in real life, if he went to court for the murder, all he would have to do is say that he feared for his life. It wouldn’t matter if it was a prank or not.

    Username VRUsername VRDay ago
  • Fucked Up Prank. No Way People Wouldn’t Have Done The Same In That Position. I Damn Sure Would.

    Akira KamisaruAkira KamisaruDay ago
  • How to escape no escape.....this title is the reason I stay up at night

    Mystic BanditMystic BanditDay ago
  • Well I know my new escape room

    Official_blueknightOfficial_blueknightDay ago
  • In order to save them, I assume it allows more than the 4L marked on the wall and dump 5L, thus failing as quickly as possible because I didn't really think about this video.

    VeNoM0619VeNoM0619Day ago
  • holy shit this is the first time in a while a plot twist shocks me

    Lina c:Lina c:Day ago
    • yeah same

      TensR6TensR6Day ago
  • It’s just a prank bro

    H RH RDay ago
  • man i just love your videos so much your my most liked youtuber

    Victor FoxVictor FoxDay ago

    Carlos tnt 70000Carlos tnt 70000Day ago
  • 2:27 “fuck russia” -imaweaver2

    ًًDay ago
  • The head of the anti corruption department was corrupt ironic

    Daco756Daco756Day ago
  • And this is why I dont like playing escape rooms my people

    Holly WilkesHolly WilkesDay ago
  • “But Cole is determined to-“ **Google ad comes** Ad: *Find the best products for the whole family*

    Indigo’s Violet FlowerIndigo’s Violet FlowerDay ago
  • Why would they think this was a good idea?

    ShidpostingShidpostingDay ago
  • In Russia you dvot beat puzzil puzzil beatz you

    luke sprite gamingluke sprite gamingDay ago
  • “In Soviet Russia, you don’t pull prank, prank pull you

    Tano MendiolaTano MendiolaDay ago
  • Those are some horrible friends fuck that

    BriBriDay ago
  • You make way to many far-fetched exemptions

    NS RamenNS RamenDay ago
  • lydia and toby

    BirdamlagülBirdamlagülDay ago
  • How to escape no escape

    Jack CurtisJack CurtisDay ago
  • this guy seems to be portrayed as the a hole by the end he is like the best person ever he had an easy escape which he totally earned by saving all his friends yet still went back for them again

    ImbettadenuImbettadenuDay ago
    • and the mf made him such a twisted prank and still get shocked when he killed someone in what he thought was a life or death situation.

      KwadarthKwadarth7 hours ago
  • Cinema Summary, Are you a virgo??

    cheskacheskaDay ago
  • Wow what a fucking stupid movie. I would have been fucking pissed if I watched this. Thank goodness for this channel.

    William BondWilliam BondDay ago
  • you mean saw

    Edward ArtemisEdward ArtemisDay ago
  • how your mom sees your friends

    Mitzi BrabbMitzi BrabbDay ago
  • there’s only one cole turner i know & he was from charmed 🥴

    j.j.Day ago
  • Are you Michael Scofield???

    The King of HeartsThe King of HeartsDay ago
  • Lmao the endig, i mean why did everyone acted so Suprise at the end, they basically made him Attack Alexei, i mean it was Stupid for Alexei being with him alone to beginn with. I just wonder what would have happened if he actually decided to use the Car.

    Bruce DoyleBruce DoyleDay ago
  • And this is why I don’t have friends

    Eric ColemanEric ColemanDay ago
  • That was fucked up dude. Why would you put someone through that???

    Maximum RideMaximum RideDay ago
  • The guy who died should've told the blogger that it's a prank

    Areej WaqarAreej WaqarDay ago
  • his friends are like "Oh well after seeing all of us executed in front ofhim he should be completly fine"

    Rogue VRRogue VRDay ago
  • F

    Sad NømadSad NømadDay ago
  • I would beat no escape by having better friends, and just going to a normal escape room.

    Dezmond HustonDezmond HustonDay ago
  • At the very least, he was held against his will, so kidnapping.

    Dezmond HustonDezmond HustonDay ago
  • That was a really brutal prank..

    AlexAlexDay ago
  • I just realized that the movje had a similar concept from the movie the game. Took my 30 minutes to remember lol

    Julio Enrique IglesiasJulio Enrique IglesiasDay ago
  • Moral of the story:In soviet Russia you don't pull prank, prank pull you

    Shubhayu BhattacharyaShubhayu BhattacharyaDay ago
  • Ik how to beat it just say I know it’s a prank

  • they just gave him PTSD and called it a prank

    pppicklepppickleDay ago

    Emerson TrefzEmerson TrefzDay ago
  • just don't go to Russia 😀👍

    Kaiser SalamancaKaiser SalamancaDay ago
  • Watching this during online classes

    Gaming with AlexanderGaming with AlexanderDay ago

    vAx producervAx producerDay ago
  • Him: get car keys but runs back in Me: sdhfghdchvxgybfgzfvvufdvdsWHAT THE FNSC

    Deshaun GilesDeshaun GilesDay ago
  • I wonder will he get arrested for murder?

    Mantvydas KazakeviciusMantvydas KazakeviciusDay ago
    • i think all of the characters would go to jail

      j.j.Day ago
  • Can you do Alone (2020)?

    Lilly NoelLilly NoelDay ago
  • if anything in the movies happens irl ill be sure to stick with this guy lol

    AnotherMoobloomAnotherMoobloomDay ago
  • "In Soviet Russia, You don't beat Puzzle." *"Puzzle beats You."* "In Soviet Russia, You don't pull Prank." *"Prank pull You."* -thicc brain man

    No LightsNo LightsDay ago
  • If its a prank why are there no guards guarding alex. I mean it would be pretty obvious be would beat him up

    SirFaceSirFaceDay ago
  • its made by MY country: im so proud of our country

    szyrisszyrisDay ago
  • u made a mistake step 1 is be the main character or the camaraman

    SuperryanSuperryanDay ago
    • that’s not always the case for main character

      j.j.Day ago
  • 2:27 read the comment

    KdoubleRKdoubleRDay ago
  • I might beat them all to death as well.

    SieghartSieghartDay ago