How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

Apr 5, 2021
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You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Have a damn good day

    QuinnQuinn8 days ago
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    • @Some ordinary Dude different time zones

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  • You don’t understand how addicting these videos are

    Aziza YesAziza YesHour ago
  • Great movie

    rheqqyrheqqyHour ago
  • Well look at that he changed the image of the video

    ZombieEvan BlitzBooperZombieEvan BlitzBooperHour ago
  • How to beat Hostel: Don’t hook up with sketchy Slovak chicks.

    PeterPeter2 hours ago
  • God damnit why couldn’t the man see him take his daughter I hate when there’s ironic revenge but they don’t get the irony of it

    HextedHexted2 hours ago
  • but he killed that old man in the end ?!

    nordVPNnordVPN2 hours ago
  • do hostel 2 PLZ

    Jordan MilesJordan Miles3 hours ago
  • I watched 100 signal before it was age restricted

    Piece Control ClawzPiece Control Clawz3 hours ago
  • wow the ending was pretty bleak :0

    mApLemApLe4 hours ago
  • Ummm those handcuffs don’t have chains lol

    william joynerwilliam joyner5 hours ago
  • It's satisfying that he got revenge on those people

    lukepy2001lukepy20015 hours ago
  • *Movie character gets born. Cinema summary: THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HIS LIFE

    WarriorAjaz XxWarriorAjaz Xx6 hours ago
  • Bratislava 🇸🇰 our brothers 🇨🇿😃😃

    GrepsiGrepsi6 hours ago
  • Did the thumbnail change

    biggus dickusbiggus dickus6 hours ago
  • i woulda killed the dude or showed that i kidnapped his daughter at the end bc i’m more petty

    Roman GamboaRoman Gamboa7 hours ago
  • When is the second part of the jojo vid coming out ?

    Average Working HumanAverage Working Human7 hours ago
  • ngl thats kind of a good ending. Scary, but good.

    SpronksiSpronksi7 hours ago
  • that revenge tho i felt that

    IQ clanIQ clan8 hours ago
  • I thought it said hotel

    Benny BlazerBenny Blazer8 hours ago
  • is there a part 2

    Vince Ely Del BirutVince Ely Del Birut8 hours ago
  • The Revenge tho

    Crister Daniel RamosCrister Daniel Ramos9 hours ago
  • he

    TMSFateTMSFate10 hours ago
  • So close to a million subs! Reason:Nice videos, well explained and you deserved it

    Fernan RondinaFernan Rondina10 hours ago
  • I never understand how people just take drugs from strangers in a foreign country, like, did they never watch a horror movie?

    NatamNatam10 hours ago
  • This is my fav movie damn this is good

    PoisonousSoldier On crackPoisonousSoldier On crack10 hours ago
  • Hotel:travigo Hostel:ogivart

    every fandom in the universe and a creatorevery fandom in the universe and a creator11 hours ago
  • Wait did you change the thumbnail?

    Random_DC_Random_DC_11 hours ago
  • id beat hostel by not being as horny as they are

    Da_sipping _ghostDa_sipping _ghost11 hours ago
  • I remeber the old guy getting his Finger cut off in the bathroom at the end? Different version or smth?

    KTifazKTifaz11 hours ago
  • Ngl ur probably my fave "How to beat" youtuber i mean U MADE ME KNOW THERES LIVE ACTIONS OF MY FAVE ANIMES DEATH NOT,TOKYO GHOUL,AND JOJOS And thats why ur my favorite "how to beat" USworldsr

    Eri ChanEri Chan12 hours ago
  • This is why I refuse to hookup with beautiful women

    Grahame CampbellGrahame Campbell12 hours ago
  • Im from Bratislava :)

    Alex KöpplAlex Köppl12 hours ago
  • Bro the one I watched he kills him in the toilets

    Keegan BurkeKeegan Burke14 hours ago
  • You should do a how to beat the taking of Deborah Logan

    Kobi GamingKobi Gaming15 hours ago
  • So basically a red room but a movie

    KZXC R.9KZXC R.915 hours ago
  • I like the second ending more. The guy brutally kills the business man while he’s shitting

    Vivien BecerraVivien Becerra16 hours ago
  • "These three tourists want to get laid and it's going to get them all KILLED." LIVE BY THE BONER, DIE BY THE BONER

    CartoonGoddess626CartoonGoddess62616 hours ago
  • This video is 20:20 minutes and second long

    Earl Daniel CaraigEarl Daniel Caraig17 hours ago
  • "Eats his food with his hands" Me as a Filipino: 👁👄👁

    ZyonZyon17 hours ago
  • how to survive in any horror situation: 1. dont die

    tomas lovetomas love17 hours ago
  • Xd 80% of the video was blurred

    Paulius KaziukonisPaulius Kaziukonis18 hours ago
  • I really love how I’m the end he got back at the businessman but the child probably should be put in an orphanage to avoid her wanting to get revenge or having mental issues

    Enrique SEnrique S19 hours ago
  • almost to 1 mil lets get him there

  • That’s Some Karma For Your Ass!!! You Get What You Give!!

    Akira KamisaruAkira Kamisaru20 hours ago
  • Nice video.

    Ghost0465Ghost046521 hour ago
  • 1:19 The 2 person in the back....

    JameshyiaZyra DalmacioJameshyiaZyra Dalmacio21 hour ago
  • Actually you have the alternate ending. The ending for the theatrical release doesn't feature the daughter at all in the end. Rather, the guy goes to to the washroom , and Paxton follows him in and kills him.

    The MekranonThe Mekranon21 hour ago
    • And I thought I was going crazy because I didnt recognize this ending 😂

      Celina KlugCelina Klug17 hours ago
  • kill the girls sell there dead body to peverts

    Shane MathewsShane Mathews21 hour ago
  • 20:20

    JeffbrocoolJeffbrocool21 hour ago

    KaijawKaijaw21 hour ago
  • Hey look, cinema summary changed the thumbnail!

    Why am I hereWhy am I here22 hours ago
  • 17:51 he got that backfire medal

    Doodle DepotDoodle Depot22 hours ago
  • 0:23 You should've said "These three tourists want to get laid, and it's going to get them 'laid' in the ground".

    Doodle DepotDoodle Depot23 hours ago
  • "how to beat Hostel" DONT GO

    GremmyGremmy23 hours ago
  • How to beat Hostel: Don't leave the comfort of your home and/or city (country) if you do not already know the people and their culture / language. Ignorance gets you killed, kids.

    Catfight ParadiseCatfight Paradise23 hours ago
  • Best revenge ever honestly They take something precious You take something precious

    Silver ExpectationsSilver Expectations23 hours ago
  • If I mad as movie script coudl I send it to you and you give me ways they would get our and I change it to be exactly liek that? Its be interesting, a movie that the mc is smart....

    10PercentMilk Mmmm10PercentMilk Mmmm23 hours ago
  • I wouldn't get revenge by stilling his daughter, but by stealing all of his money and stuff by walking into the bathroom and confronting him with something blunt like a pipe or brick.

    J-117J-11723 hours ago
  • "He decides to take his revenge" Ah, gonna follow him into the bathroom and kill him, right? "He kidnaps his daughter" Excuse me what the fuck

    SombresSombresDay ago
  • Imagine taking someone hostage and then they take your daughter. Payback 😭

    Collis CooperCollis CooperDay ago
  • Mandela effect

    NIkola StojanovicNIkola StojanovicDay ago
  • 3:05 *laughs in poor*

    Blue gir LBlue gir LDay ago
  • That is a new ending to the Hostel that I watched. Cause Paxton killed the business man in the toilet.

    BIBOBIBODay ago
  • Me who realized he changed the thumbnail: hold up wait a minute

    Nathan iglesiasNathan iglesiasDay ago
  • I know his thing is all about survival and all, but i love how he analyzes the friggin percentage rate of getting laid in different eurpean countries xD

    RyGuyRyGuyDay ago
  • "Giving up on your friends might seem cold blooded, but thats becuase it totally is" Ahh yes well said

    SpineSpineDay ago
  • His fingers were cut off and he used the gun

    Tristan uploadsTristan uploadsDay ago
  • I remember a different ending, wasnt the man killed in a bathroom by paxton in the end ?

    Tommy B.Tommy B.Day ago
  • Now just incase everyone knows that is not the canon ending for part 1. There are 2 ending depending on which version you watched. In the real ending he kills the man while he is taking a shit instead of taking the girl.

    David ScottDavid ScottDay ago
  • You’ve been trollged

    TrollgeTrollgeDay ago
  • I didn’t remember him stealing the daughter. Thought he followed the man to the bathroom then drowned him in thr toilet water or whatever

    Camps2630Camps2630Day ago
  • When I saw he had revenge I was like THATS WHAT YOU GET BOI

    Matthew DurangoMatthew DurangoDay ago

    CharlesFcpxCharlesFcpxDay ago
  • Thats what happens when you mess with an American. We are too goated

    Holy Cod CrusaderHoly Cod CrusaderDay ago
  • pov: u came to hide in the comments

    Funnyx pg3dFunnyx pg3dDay ago
  • coulda sworn the thumbnail was differnet

    GuestForYouGuestForYouDay ago
  • nah bro just be main character or camaraman

    SuperryanSuperryanDay ago
  • tbh i would have done the same but i would have just walked up to the man it is public so if he tries anything tourists would be alerted and people would help me even if he is a family man murderers don't get pity cuz they have a family

    spy633 minecraft!spy633 minecraft!Day ago
  • the version I've seen, he doesn't kidnap the little girl at the end - he honestly wouldn't get away with a screaming girl on the train crying for daddy - the version ive seen, he lures the business man into the bathroom and slits his throat..

    Paul AnthonyPaul AnthonyDay ago
  • FINLAND!!! Suomi perkele

    JereJereDay ago
  • I’m going to Finland 😎

    Johnathan TurnerJohnathan TurnerDay ago
  • Yea it doesnt work like that but. Plus he just took a drill to ur body....

    Matt ClementsMatt ClementsDay ago
  • The end of this movie is just the definition of instant karma

    Oliver WilkinsonOliver WilkinsonDay ago
  • Instead of a european country, they could've used india, as around that time, india was quite infamous for tourist murders , specially the 1st world types, as 1 dollar is around 60 rupees, and a lot of drugged tourists woke up absolutely swindled in a third world country where 80% of people didnt know there language

    anant rawatanant rawatDay ago
  • alternative name: How To Beat Every Trap In "BDSM DUNGEON"

    Ande NAnde NDay ago
  • Hostel part 4. Should be on cruise with the American law enforcement investigation into the Kidnapping and murders of the missing people.

    marcus hardymarcus hardyDay ago
  • I noticed one issue with your early escape from the handcuffs tip. The Green Baret tangle up the chain and twist to break it thing only works if there IS a chain. It looks like he was restrained with hinge cuffs instead of chained ones.

    Ender HayesEnder HayesDay ago
  • 19:05 damn what mom raised those kids. SO SAVAGE.

    I'm AnnoyingI'm AnnoyingDay ago
  • Imagine you're on a train and some dude keeps covering the mouth of a child that is trying to scream for help *yup. nothing suspicious i see here*

    Anthony LeyteAnthony LeyteDay ago
  • Why is Austria missing on the map at 6:48?

    AlbertoAlbertoDay ago
  • WTH, the version I watched the ended the old man have no kid, he kill the old man in the toilet.

    Sai JayletSai JayletDay ago
  • Croatia is a part of EU but it isn't shown on the photo

    Pagx's LegacyPagx's LegacyDay ago
  • the biggest problem is the part where you're in a foreign country

    SweetwagonSweetwagonDay ago
  • What sucks is that, although you have to be at least a little smart and strategic, it’s mostly about luck. If you had a genius there, but they didn’t find the book telling all 100 triggers then they’d most likely lose.

    Workout BalalaWorkout BalalaDay ago
  • do a part 2

    shenarae khoshenarae khoDay ago
  • 19:09 For the last time its the MIDDLE EUROPE!

    Luki KlepsaLuki KlepsaDay ago
  • See this is what happens when you think with your guy downstairs

    Drip SephirothDrip SephirothDay ago
  • No disrespect this method dont make any sense

    ZhinoiZhinoiDay ago
  • Damn he talk a lot of shit

    ZhinoiZhinoiDay ago