How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

Apr 6, 2021
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Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the biggest name in luxury cars globally, and for countless buyers around the world, it is a car brand to aspire to own. The German automaker has a reputation for superb build quality, excellent engineering, and the bragging rights that its founder Carl Benz invented the first production automobile.
Today, Mercedes-Benz faces a new class of challenges as Tesla has become the aspirational brand for younger consumers. There is a slew of other EV hopefuls vying for the next generation’s aspirational vehicle’s mantle. Automakers have had to sink billions into new technologies and contend with a new crop of competitors in the critical Chinese market and around the world.
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How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

  • Bmw and meecedes have both diluted their product to cater to the masses. I grew up wanting a bmw or mecedes one day. Now i have 0 interest in their over priced vehicles.

    K SinghK Singh5 hours ago
  • Overpriced and overhyped.

    BenjaminBenjamin5 hours ago
  • Mercedes is a money pit.. just ask Scotty.

    tpnguyen88tpnguyen886 hours ago
  • Mercedes sold its Tesla shares shortly before the stocks skyrocketed.

    Arved LudwigArved Ludwig6 hours ago
  • Clock bait

    RossBayCultRossBayCult6 hours ago
  • S Class ...ultimate luxury sedan and still built like a tank

    Joe GizJoe Giz6 hours ago
  • Mercedes use to be a great car. Now, these cars are poor quality built. Lexus and TAYOTA, they have way better quality cars. Germans have over engineered these cars.

    Tesla LoveTesla Love6 hours ago
  • I used to want a Mercedes, but then looking up the reliability ratings quickly turns you away and straight to Japanese brands. Mercedes cars are also known as " bottomless money pits" among mechanics, a lot of models having Renault engines in them doesn't help this of course.

    Alexander KAlexander K6 hours ago
  • Everything thing blows that's not a tesla

    OrganicaOrganica7 hours ago
  • Mbz is still the best luxury car brand Imo ...

    Neil SNeil S7 hours ago
  • Clickbait yet again

    lil insta zelenaaaclil insta zelenaaac7 hours ago
  • Compared to who...this really is poorly researched..

    Karl ParatoKarl Parato8 hours ago
  • High luxury ''plastic'' cars.

    Theo BenzTheo Benz8 hours ago
  • imo Mercedes hasn't lost its status at all i think a lot of people would be glad to be able even own a Merc

    High BornHigh Born8 hours ago
  • mercedes use to be able to do 300.000 km no problem now u cant get 70000

    Foxy FeetFoxy Feet8 hours ago
  • Because they make the garbage A, B and CLA class vehicles which are no better than a Hyundai Elantra but cost $45k. They also have too many models and variants out there. Everything has to be a an SUV, SAV, SUV coupe with 7 or 8 different engine choices and that's just one segment. The higher end models and AMG variants are brilliant but that should be the focus. There was a time MB had 1 compact car, a few midsize options, 1 SUV and a few high end choices. Now they're oversaturated.

    IKhanIKhan8 hours ago
  • I own a 2002 Lexus LS 430 with 300k miles, I’ve spent about $5000 in maintenance in almost 20 years. A 2002 Mercedes would’ve conservatively run me 6-10X that amount of $ to keep it alive that long. No thanks Mercedes

    Christopher MartinChristopher Martin8 hours ago
  • Just another depreciating asset...but hell it's your money

    hdmccarthdmccart8 hours ago
  • Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money

    Rose felixRose felix8 hours ago
    • His success stories are everywhere

      Phillip BlackPhillip Black8 hours ago
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      Jace CareyJace Carey8 hours ago
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      Sundar TreshSundar Tresh8 hours ago
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      Peter johnPeter john8 hours ago
    • @Coin Trades what's>app

      Peter johnPeter john8 hours ago
  • "Electric vehicles are coming into the world, pushed by eco-conscious policymakers and at least a few eager buyers." cute.

    im NEWYim NEWY8 hours ago
  • Heres a prestige image. CLICK DOWN BELOW FOR A PICTURE. 💩

    R LoR Lo9 hours ago
  • Mercedes has lost it's design edge some 15 years ago.

    Errant BallErrant Ball9 hours ago
  • Mercedes isn't going anywhere. they're still a top brand and probably always will be. The problem I hear everybody talking about is their maintenance hogs, so expensive to maintain. Lexus on the other hand has a reputation of put oil and gas in it do your oil changes and minor maintenance and it goes forever. the one thing positive that everybody agrees on about Mercedes is it is one of the safest cars out there. It must have a second cousin that's a Sherman tank, because people walk away from accidents that you would think they've got to be in intensive care.

    Ictpilot IctpilotIctpilot Ictpilot9 hours ago
  • CNBC, just stfu

    SeattleBeastSeattleBeast9 hours ago
  • Probably because they are unreliable

    WayneWayne9 hours ago
  • I ve watched three CNBC reports in a row while showering. Whilst interesting content, OMG what a boring boring pace they have. Good Bye!

    willarizawillariza9 hours ago
  • Clickbait!!!

    Bob BowieBob Bowie9 hours ago
  • So what are you talking about?

    J CJ C9 hours ago
  • All I have to say about this video is lol

    Team 974Team 9749 hours ago
  • What really happened was that they started making overpriced junk about 20 years ago. Once they are a few years old and have some miles on them, they become money pits. Overcomplicated systems built to the lowest quality standard to get it through the lease orvwarranty period, and then cost a small fortune to repair and maintain. They also have an an over reliance on leases, so coupled with unreliability and repair expenses, the used market means you will suffer huge depreciation on the car. The German quality myth has been exposed a long time ago.

    Jason RadiceJason Radice9 hours ago
  • Mercedes-benz has ties to concentration camps in Auschwitz

    Jabs JabsJabs Jabs10 hours ago
  • Mercedes engineering quality...hahahahah, can't stop laughing.

    A. M.A. M.10 hours ago
  • I saw a MB today n I was like....waaaoow!!😀😃

    Allan MureithiAllan Mureithi10 hours ago
  • Crap. This video is more of a promotion for Tesla. Misleading Title

    fubofubo10 hours ago
  • Bro mercedes sales are about to go up after polo g’s rap star !!!

    Paulin MartinezPaulin Martinez10 hours ago
  • This is all because Chris got Mercedes a Mercedes 🤣

    Mimi MomentsMimi Moments10 hours ago
  • Ever heard of audio compression/limiter? What is this, amateur hour? Learn how to produce audio, CNBC.

    T-DawgT-Dawg10 hours ago
  • Sooner or later Tesla will dominate the auto industry.... Tesla is not seen as a car its seen as an fashion accessory by the consumer just like apple , louis vuitton and so on.... Thats what most car manufactures dont seem to understand... My 2 cents

    dj Victor Novadj Victor Nova10 hours ago
  • Mercedes is a "grandpa" car. It's the Vineyard Vines of cars. That took two whole sentences.

    sammavacaistsammavacaist10 hours ago
  • Daimler's first A and B class were designed to have electric drive and fuel cells. The first edrive a class was built in 1997. It was decided to launch that platform with combustion engines instead. They were ahead of time again.

    DaveDave11 hours ago
  • People can't afford AMG cars so most people buy baby-mercs like a/c-class instead. Quality is not there and recent pricing changes made cars even less appealing. A part from made up prestige feeling there is really no reason to buy a MB (non-AMG). They even started to offer "43" version of their AMG cars for wannabes who can't afford proper AMG. New design is rather meh. Especially electric ones. I own ealy w205 c-class and it looks really nice. In the end C/E/S looked more or less the same. New C-class has uninspiring design. Not to mention that to get same spec I have today on my car i need to pay almost 10k$ extra. C-class for 50k is ridiculous. And you can go even higher if you want... At my local MB dealer there are no more cars that cost less than 30K$. Funny thing - MB demanded to remove any other brads from the hall so that people don't have any reference point to see how overpriced MBs are. And "other' cars were not some Renaults - it was LRs and Jags! I bought MB only because my wife liked the design and after owning it for almost 5 years I don't see what people like about them. Rather average car which is way overpriced. I see no prestige there. Too expensive to buy and run. If you have cash to flash you can get something way more cool. Normally smaller cars tend to have cheap fill to it but there are people who would like to have a smaller car and still keep that premium feel. I think MB one of the few brands that actualy make smaller cars that don't feel like sitting in a tin can. It's probably the only thing that MB does good (a part from AMG and F1).

    Anthony PilkjaerAnthony Pilkjaer11 hours ago
  • Clickbait: tesla cannot even hurt mercedes. Tesla cars are not luxury cars.

    Maro-Mohamed ElkastawyMaro-Mohamed Elkastawy11 hours ago
  • The moment you talk about electric vehicles, I stop watching. What a joke! Especially Tesla.

    Tekhelet75Tekhelet7511 hours ago
  • It’s a car built to perform hence the word “performance car” if you don’t have the money to maintenance the car and keep it up to date the car won’t “PERFORM” like you want it too why because it’s not like a Honda or Nissan that aren’t built to perform in any way and people don’t get that

    Twisty BluntTwisty Blunt11 hours ago
  • The baddest Benz coming will be a GT73E pushing over 800hp.

    M KM K11 hours ago
  • Something can be engineered to perform well, but not engineered to last. That could be a reason why you never see older used "luxury" cars on the road.

    Matthew WynneMatthew Wynne11 hours ago
  • Quality sucks: Get inside any current Mercedes and notice the creaking, popping, and rattle sounds from the center console area. It looks great, but it's cheap.

    Show Me What I Need To KnowShow Me What I Need To Know11 hours ago
  • 6:31 which model ?

    sherin 0312sherin 031212 hours ago
  • You know

    Asad ChishtiAsad Chishti12 hours ago
  • Mercedes are arrogant in much the same way BMW and Audi are. They all think everyone aspires to owning one, although in the UK thats laughable as most are leased by every man and his wife to show off to the neighbours and workmates. I CAN afford any of those brands but would sooner drive anything else because I dont need a badge to boost my ego. I used to drive premium German cars in the late 80s, early 90s but back then they had a classy image. Now they are far too common on our roads through easy access PCP deals. 18 year olds just passing their test driving them, it devalues the brand in my opinion. Used to be the preserve of the fortunate, much like myself. Now id rather drive a Japanese car. More reliable as well.

    Simon GeorgeSimon George12 hours ago
  • Why do Americans pronounce "luxury" with a "g"?

    Daniel RobertsonDaniel Robertson12 hours ago
  • It's hard to believe that there are people that think Mercedes builds quality cars. Their cars are rubbish. Poorly built junk. In the UK list of the fifteen least reliable cars last year there were four Mercedes models, five BMW models and an Audi model. German cars are as bad as anything you could buy from China.

    Rob SRob S12 hours ago
  • Mercedes EQDS has entered the chat

    Jorge A NunezJorge A Nunez13 hours ago
  • But why are is the narrator screaming randomly

    mkvvvmkvvv13 hours ago
  • Mercedes is not slowing down. Mercedes will be fine.

    Gaming with Producer: Justin BrownGaming with Producer: Justin Brown13 hours ago
  • fake news by CNBC lol

    Tsz Kam ChanTsz Kam Chan14 hours ago
  • The ill-fated meat macroscopically fit because donna proportionately interest throughout a nonstop eagle. faded, faded hearing

    Dane NielsonsDane Nielsons14 hours ago
  • Mercedes needs to move fast or will become a museum piece.

    Carlos E GonzalezCarlos E Gonzalez14 hours ago
  • This is more about curating reality than displaying it.

    Install WizardInstall Wizard14 hours ago
  • MB has already lost its prestige in Germany. It was once the undisputed gold standard. Now its only a car company among others. So many wrong decisions in the last two decades.

    Human BeingHuman Being14 hours ago
  • miss leading title mercedes still rules

    D GurkaynakD Gurkaynak14 hours ago
  • No. It isn’t.

    Giovanni Dal MareGiovanni Dal Mare14 hours ago
  • Mercedes aint losing nothing but you are losing your mind

    GennGenn14 hours ago
  • It's an American company's opinion...Mercedes isn't worried at all😂. They do need to work on the quality of their interiors though, can't be bested by Audi, ze Auto Union making better cars than Karl? Blasphemy!

    Kamvelihle MjaliKamvelihle Mjali14 hours ago
  • What about this title... one of the most prestigious brand in all world... Not everything is about what is happening in America! "Yet, still on top of the most selling brands"

    MchuvaMchuva14 hours ago
  • The roasted ease acly obey because son baly grab absent a magnificent catsup. violet, abhorrent pest

    J EgbertJ Egbert14 hours ago
  • 3:31 this is why they are losing the prestige

    Ray TangRay Tang14 hours ago
  • Misleading title. Mercedes is fine, they are in a period of adaptation. The upcoming EQ family of Benzes will compete with the best of the e-Luxury market. Mercedes is the best luxury automotive manufacturer in my opinion.

    Stephen Nnodim JrStephen Nnodim Jr15 hours ago
  • The wooden swamp descriptively consider because imprisonment enzymatically soak about a two carbon. frequent, thin floor

    Aubree EmmaleeAubree Emmalee15 hours ago
  • In my country the build quality of the current lineup of Mercedes is a disappointing

    E EE E15 hours ago
  • at this time Tesla has the best battery in the market. so they gaining sales, once germans get the battery tech correct the game will change.

    Pranab CherambakadPranab Cherambakad15 hours ago
  • I would take a Mercedes Benz over bmw and audi anyday tbh

    Leonard ClementineLeonard Clementine15 hours ago
  • Mercedes has a reputation of failure, greed and unearned snobbishness. For a vehical that has one of the quickest value loss, a dollar today will be a penny tomorrow.

    America AmericaAmerica America15 hours ago
  • Basically every German brand is losing coz people are moving towards electric. Well, when these brands do come on the market with electric, every other brand would have to make a run for THEIR money (in the luxury end). Coz I’m pretty sure if people had the option of choosing ev from these brands, they would be happy to do so. Tesla has just started, it stands out for innovation and quality, but there is a difference between epic and legend 🔥

    Niranjan RNiranjan R15 hours ago
  • Those dumb new box lights that's how

    Bryan EscalonaBryan Escalona16 hours ago
  • Are you guys stupid or something, there are so many Mercedes Benz on the roads these days, I think you guys mean BMW this way off base. If you walk in the street blinded folded there is a high probability that you will get hit by a Mercedes Benz.

    aperxmimaperxmim16 hours ago
  • Benz sucks... so new money...or soo millenial with a new job in debt 😝.... yuckkkk

    X YX Y16 hours ago
  • *I agree...they’ve become too affordable with too many basic models...if it’s not a premium model it just reminds me of a another Toyota...Tesla is an aspirational brand like it or not...*

    OFF HYPEOFF HYPE16 hours ago
  • Fk outta here

    Agent 47Agent 4716 hours ago
  • Mercedes knows whats doing.. they have Been preparing many new models and e-performance Lineup, they are preparing a big change and income of fresh blood to face this new reality Also, dont really agree with lots on This video

    Mester OrangeMester Orange16 hours ago
  • In London they have lost their prestige especially the E class and S class models since uber drivers use them a lot

    A DudeA Dude16 hours ago
  • Lucid Air is going to take over Tesla and all the other german brands.

    Saif Al SuwaidiSaif Al Suwaidi16 hours ago
  • Who narrated this? I am certain I recognize the voice but can't remember who it is ... It sounds like Salman Khan.

    D GilliesD Gillies16 hours ago
  • Benz will never lose its pristine image

    Arman KhastouArman Khastou16 hours ago
    • @jeff ellery how so?

      Arman KhastouArman Khastou6 hours ago
    • It already has!

      jeff elleryjeff ellery6 hours ago
  • I know in the bay area all the down to sol cal, you mostly see a lot of Tesla, toyota Camry, Toyota rav 4, chargers, challengers, mustangs, Camaros.

    BigelowBigelow16 hours ago
  • Mercedes will never lose its prestige with me! My first love.

    Job SkinnerJob Skinner17 hours ago
  • Nice history lesson, but also a long advert for electric cars. Not so much about Mercedes-Benz, but more about fuel powered vehicles

    Real OneReal One17 hours ago
  • What nonsense, the title must be how is it possible that Mercedes is still the best car brand ever. German cars will always be the best!

    UnknownUnknown17 hours ago
  • Clickbait title, shame on you guys.

    Master Mirror SungMaster Mirror Sung17 hours ago
  • Not you hating on Benz

    Dilan _Dilan _17 hours ago
  • They're all over low income neighborhoods, that's part of why they're loosing their image

    King hazyKing hazy17 hours ago
    • @ThankTheLord but "luxury" cars should be hard to get

      King hazyKing hazy8 hours ago
    • Does this mean Mercedes are getting cheaper? Sounds more like everyone can least nowadays.

      ThankTheLordThankTheLord8 hours ago
  • Bruh Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls Royce is German too. Not Italian or British.😂

    Why park Jimin when you can ride JiminWhy park Jimin when you can ride Jimin17 hours ago
  • Shall we ignore BMW's dive bombing image?

    Aidan PysherAidan Pysher17 hours ago
  • It's coz they get gold skinneded paint jobs in the deep east oaklandish.

    GG FuegoGG Fuego17 hours ago
  • Lexus 🤮

    SimonSimon17 hours ago
  • US it's a country, not a planet, it's not equal world.

    Yasmin CarliYasmin Carli17 hours ago
  • Mercedes- Benz designs are better than BMW and Audi in my opinion. They need some new tech and design language for their EV’s though..

    Ravishankar SRavishankar S18 hours ago
  • Americans bro why

    Levelz yungLevelz yung18 hours ago
  • Mercedes is not loosing anything Mercedes is gaining more than bmw thats whats happening, yall need to fire the jernalist who did this dumb video

    Levelz yungLevelz yung18 hours ago
  • Because they're churning out cheap cars like the CLA and GLA so which in my opinion ruins the exclusivity. I also owned a few Mercedes cars and the quality sucks for their price point. The reliability wasn't tremendously bad but the kicker was the interior. When i decided its time for a new car, i decided on Volkswagen as i felt it slotted between a more reliable but less refined Toyota, but still less finicky than a Mercedes. It was more reliable and the interior quality is better, the only thing that rattles is my garage door remote and the refinement was 90% of what the Mercedes had.

    Matthias HMatthias H18 hours ago