How Many Bottles of Nail Polish Can I Lift?

Feb 20, 2021
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No broken nails in this gym😌💅
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  • Christine you should make your own edible nail polish that tastes good and rebake the nail polish cake.

    iconic mayiconic mayMinute ago
  • You guys are too cute 😍 😆 🤣 as always too fun and funny.

    Willmarie GironaWillmarie Girona25 minutes ago
  • How did I get here? Well several years ago I saw the original “mixing all my nail polishes together” video but thought, “cool video but she annoys me”. Then your videos kept coming up in my suggested and I kept thinking “okay no I will watch that that’s a cool idea for a video” and now I’ve been subscribed for several years, seen all your videos multiple times, own some holo taco and don’t find you annoying in anyway and would be very happy to be your friend and just generally love your content 😂

    Caitie FordCaitie Ford50 minutes ago
  • Ok miss chrunchable 😭

    PeppaPigsLeftNostrilPeppaPigsLeftNostrilHour ago
  • I got here like 4-5 years ago to figure out what that rainbow glitter stuff was and became a ✨✨H͜͡o͜͡l͜͡o͜͡s͜͡e͜͡x͜͡u͜͡a͜͡a͜͡a͜͡l͜͡✨✨

    Selena PequeñoSelena PequeñoHour ago
  • This video singlehandedly made me want to get into weightlifting.

    thesierramistifythesierramistifyHour ago
  • 99 bottles of nail polish on the wall, 99 bottles of nail polish on the wall, take one down pass it around Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Good VibesGood VibesHour ago
  • ben being the best hype man ever.. wow

    veevee2 hours ago
  • If its up than its up than its up than its stuck

    Oz A.Oz A.2 hours ago
  • So proud of you simply You look cool when your lifting those weights 💜🌸🤭

    Aishwarya RajAishwarya Raj2 hours ago
  • Okk you got that bodyodyodyyyy girl 👏🥰

    Yoon MinYoon Min2 hours ago
  • Im a big fan! I love you'r videos 😄

    מוריה זלץמוריה זלץ2 hours ago
  • I got here because of your Troom Troom videos and loved your humor XD so I stick around even tho I don't care about nail stuff. I watch every video regardless rofl!

    Kate LinKate Lin2 hours ago
  • An after she has to put it all back up lol

    Marissa CruzMarissa Cruz3 hours ago
  • Cristine!!!! Make tea bombs next!!

    rithika rajrithika raj3 hours ago
  • Me in my head: maybe I should start weight lifting. Looks fun. Me literally right after thinking that: I’m 3 months pregnant 😂😂

    Fayth LeeFayth Lee3 hours ago
  • You are a weird holo woman with pretty nails and pets!

    Mina's Pet Shop WorldMina's Pet Shop World3 hours ago
  • Cristine: my back always hurts. Also cristine: 10:15

    Lixie VellaLixie Vella4 hours ago
  • Meanwhile, I just ate pancakes for dinner. XD

    Hope HHope H4 hours ago
  • Myst3ry did it first.

    Vegas LordVegas Lord4 hours ago
  • I have been here for a minute

    Jazmin HerreraJazmin Herrera5 hours ago
  • omg boddd queen

    charley.drechslercharley.drechsler5 hours ago
  • Your voice is so satisfying

    Adilynn WAdilynn W5 hours ago
  • I think it's funnier that the fabric ripped, they were worried about the seam of the strap ripping

    coolbluebird21coolbluebird215 hours ago
  • I came from Safiya's channel! You are amazing!

    IceCream SundaeIceCream Sundae5 hours ago

    Juli Fe KaJuli Fe Ka6 hours ago
  • waiting for all the comments ab my back!

    sokin jonsokin jon6 hours ago
  • Ben really is THE BEST hype man

    PollyMamedePsiPollyMamedePsi7 hours ago
  • You asked how I got here... My cousin showed me one of your water marbling videos ages ago and I never stopped watching. For about a year, she and I would watch you together! Now she’s too busy playing Minecraft, but I’m still here!!!

    FuelUpOnPositivityFuelUpOnPositivity7 hours ago
  • I started watching you for your delightful humor and yours and Ben's relationship. The fact that you do nail art, have a nail brand, or weight lift is just a fun byproduct of the content you create. BEEEEENNNNN.

    Lana PhillipsLana Phillips7 hours ago
    • I love you both. That's it.

      sokin jonsokin jon6 hours ago
  • *It’s a Mench on a bench!* ✨Adorable✨

    _• Rōsē Mårÿ •__• Rōsē Mårÿ •_7 hours ago
  • oh great, another measurement of weight. not only do we have metric and imperial, now we have nail polish. ;)

    Mackenzie MichelleMackenzie Michelle7 hours ago
  • the video was on my homepage

    abby hahaabby haha7 hours ago
  • I just love that they are using cat beds to transport the nail polish.

    Alisha LauritAlisha Laurit7 hours ago
  • All of husband and wife in youtube I've seen they're the best for me.

    Andrea DayapanAndrea Dayapan8 hours ago
  • christine can lift me


    Alexa MorenoAlexa Moreno8 hours ago
  • I teared up when you said, "it's more about what my body can do rather than what my body looks like." My insecurities felt so addressed. Thank you for always being an inspiration. 🥺💖

    Jhanilla SaumatJhanilla Saumat8 hours ago
  • i'm not sure how i got here.... but i cant stop coming back

    woozeywoozey8 hours ago
  • Can you do a workout routine please? Simply mother

    ShadowShifterShadowShifter8 hours ago
  • That was delightful

    Holly GHolly G9 hours ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr9 hours ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr9 hours ago
  • man, this is really making me miss weight lifting. I love the yoga i've been doing this past year, but damn, i just really miss lifting heavy things.

    Octavian DynamiteOctavian Dynamite9 hours ago
  • I love you both. That's it.

    Lourdes ModestoLourdes Modesto9 hours ago
  • Im interested in weightlifting but actually going to the gym and knowing that guys will be there and be creepy sounds like a nightmare

    NathalieEspinalNathalieEspinal10 hours ago
    • tbh this isnt reallythe case. everybody minds their own business in my experience. don't let others deter you.

      Maggie McCarthyMaggie McCarthy6 hours ago
  • I got here because you are just so funny

    Syd MeadeSyd Meade10 hours ago
  • Is this my sign I should start weight lifting 🤔

    Jessica SureJessica Sure10 hours ago
  • Well. I- Oki

    Strawberry FieldStrawberry Field10 hours ago
  • The Easter egg though

    Emma WEmma W10 hours ago
  • I have been here for a while

    boltund boi i want marina idaboltund boi i want marina ida10 hours ago
  • Nail polish, tea, cats, oats, weightlifting... 🤔 spicy 😂

    Gdog RGdog R11 hours ago
  • Have you ever considered a wire cage over the front of your shelf?? When you aren’t using it you can know nothing will fall off??

    Kaitlyn MooreKaitlyn Moore11 hours ago
  • nail polish+wait lifting=this vedio

    Marlynn FabelaMarlynn Fabela11 hours ago

    Jillian StewartJillian Stewart11 hours ago
  • Omg I have been watching you for years and I am seriously proud of you! Btw... I am 37 yrs old....and now want to weight lift!

    Elisabeth GreenElisabeth Green11 hours ago
  • the bark and dog pic had me deaaaad 🤣 I love her

    Leah PerryLeah Perry11 hours ago
  • Beyn!!!!! He is just soooo supportive. I love it

    Katlyn ConwayKatlyn Conway11 hours ago
  • We need an app of just Ben saying encouraging things. That’s what I need in life.

    Megan FarmerMegan Farmer11 hours ago
  • *casually paints nails while watching*

    Baeleigh OrkwisBaeleigh Orkwis12 hours ago
  • I was brought here by your collaboration with how to cake it.

    Random ViewerRandom Viewer12 hours ago
  • SWOLogical I love how into this whole thing Ben was! It was great to see his energy and humor coming out more relative to most other videos.

    SelkeySelkey12 hours ago
  • Quality content

    im an irish thingim an irish thing12 hours ago
  • 6:30 is when her satisfying slide happens

    vena solovena solo12 hours ago
  • Can we talk about- how smart she is-!?

    Ugne Jankute2.0Ugne Jankute2.012 hours ago
  • Well, since you asked. I found you from your collab with grav3yardgirl. My name is also a grav3yardgirl reference from a collab she did with someone else.

    MakeupTrollMakeupTroll12 hours ago
  • Cristine got me into nails, oats, weighted blankets... guess now I’m weight lifting too

    Dermal CompassDermal Compass12 hours ago
  • Ben IS the best hypeman

    Kathryn BarnesKathryn Barnes12 hours ago
  • I got here from nail art so its been a while

    MaiMai12 hours ago
  • Polish mountain brought me here

    hey. hours ago
  • Who else is here from the collab with safya to find the francon nail polish

    Thiroshan NaidooThiroshan Naidoo13 hours ago
  • "How did you get here?" I was a fan of Safiya, and after she recreated your 'Raindrop Nails' on her channel, I tried one or two of your videos and have been a fan since!

    Sarah BSarah B13 hours ago
  • The lil dip before the sliiide is everythinggggg

    SplashdashthefinestSplashdashthefinest13 hours ago
  • Simply Bufflogical!💖 Ben is such a great hype man, it’s so wholesome!

    Matrixie KittyMatrixie Kitty13 hours ago
  • Simply paints her weights holo, with holo taco nail polish 😂 💅🏻

    Rochelle PhillipsRochelle Phillips13 hours ago
  • christine if i see u i swear u have to lift me up i am 40kg i swear to god wow

    all games gamerall games gamer13 hours ago
  • Most unproblematic USworlds🥰 I grew up watching her omg 😭😭❤️

    KumoKumo13 hours ago
  • Welp. Now the world needs more simplyfitlogical videos

    Skylar RussellSkylar Russell13 hours ago
  • My cousin recommended you about two years ago and I’ve been addicted ever since

    Benders Shiny Metal AssBenders Shiny Metal Ass14 hours ago
  • He's Christine giving us the toned arms vibes 🤪❤️

    Solo BabySolo Baby14 hours ago
  • “it’s a beautiful day to life all of your nail polish”© - Simply

    lictxnlictxn14 hours ago
  • Imagine Christine only owning 10 bottles of nail polish and none of them are holo

    lpsrainbow 1lpsrainbow 114 hours ago
  • I arch my back like this too when I lift dumbells for chest muscles (I use 2 dumbells instead of a single pole)

    DinaSan1DinaSan114 hours ago
  • Anyone else really proud of her and while she was lifting, cheered out loud?? Also, it made me really happy to see her so happy (hope that doesn't sound creepy just warmed my icy cold heart)

    15dinosRAWR15dinosRAWR15 hours ago
  • Christine have you ever seen a holographic snake there real

    Keira RodriguezKeira Rodriguez15 hours ago
  • 10:14 reminded me of bray wyatt

    PandukaPanduka15 hours ago
  • I’ve wanted to get the halo taco collection ever since its first came out, but it’s always been out of my budget 😭😭😭😭💕💕

    EmilyDubbzzEmilyDubbzz15 hours ago
  • I came here when you were doing nail art •-•

    Athena Greek goddessAthena Greek goddess16 hours ago
  • You’re seriously cool 🙌💪💪💪

    -rhianne walkey-rhianne walkey16 hours ago
  • Christine: "I'm not even that strong!" Me, unable to bench over 60: "wut" In my defense, as a vet tech, all of my weight lifting comes from coincidental squatting while moving 100 pound sedated dogs 😅 Which is why I have a booty but my arms are half of Christine's...

    Alice SladeAlice Slade16 hours ago
  • I love that she said she lifts for what her her body can do not on what she wants to look like I’m 170 5’4 and I work out to get stronger not skinny. And and wish other girls looked at life like this. Glad I’m not the only one

    Miranda RodriguezMiranda Rodriguez16 hours ago
  • 1:30 when she asked how I got here: I got here by wondering if christine is still together with Ben and how tf he’s now tired of her bullshit 😂😂😂😂 Hope one day y’all get married 😂😂❤️

    Patii MasoudPatii Masoud16 hours ago
  • i really was hoping that this whole thing would finish with a bang (bag breaking) and it did happen!!! :'D Christine was able to take more than a pink bag of nail polish!

    WekiaWekia16 hours ago
  • been here since the voice reveal 😳

    SkilletSkillet16 hours ago
  • Tbh I would rather fight the Rock then simply nail logical cuz at with the Rock itll be quick and a bit painless but with simply she'd probably break me in half be skinning me alive and he saying how ugly my nails are

    Craig DavisCraig Davis16 hours ago
  • For the multiplication you should’ve asked Ben’s brother lol

    Claudia OrtegaClaudia Ortega17 hours ago
  • I love how im not ge only person who doesn't care for how much they weigh, just cares about what their body can do. I makes me so happy!! Also your doing amazing lol

    Jade MJade M17 hours ago
  • yeeeeeee! Flex!!

    Maz HMaz H17 hours ago
  • I think I got here via safiya

    Ruby GRuby G17 hours ago
  • Do you need to rewrap those wrist bandages every time you lift? Is it important or you can lift for as long as you want without rewraping it?

    Natalie K.Natalie K.17 hours ago