How flight attendants treat nice vs mean passengers #shorts

Apr 2, 2021
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@Jeenie.Weenie #shorts

  • Sometimes I wish flight attendants were literally just like "oh. Well that's because you're being a bitch."

    Fightre FlighteFightre FlighteMinute ago
  • Maybe if you came for the trip if you want to be a bitch (;

    Brooke HarmanBrooke Harman16 minutes ago
  • Bitch get stiches

    IAmDuxkyIAmDuxky41 minute ago
  • Me too just say your a bitch beautiful just say that if they are a Karen

    Radi AhmedRadi AhmedHour ago
  • Why didn't you just gave it to me Meh:✨B✨ S T A R V E ✨ B ✨

    Xx_Cute_donuts_xXXx_Cute_donuts_xXHour ago
  • paryy this you fucking casual

    Mine goldMine goldHour ago
  • People shouldn’t treat rude customers nice anymore, the customer are ALWAYS wrong. The employees know what’s going on. Do you want beef, chicken or nothing bitch??

    Levi JohnsonLevi JohnsonHour ago
  • 😤😤😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 You go girl!!!

    Coco AtsukoCoco AtsukoHour ago
  • You are so funny all your videos make me laugh.

    Crystal PhillipsCrystal Phillips2 hours ago
  • Ew. A kern ✋😏😩

    l'manburgstanl'manburgstan2 hours ago
  • Bruh y chicken when I can have beef

    Alan LimAlan Lim2 hours ago
  • there should just be a universal law that flight attendants can swear like 3 times per person

    HrbiHrbi2 hours ago
  • “Oh! Because your a b*tch!” I Was laughing so hard

    Mini Red Crewmate 2Mini Red Crewmate 22 hours ago
  • Ok but how much do you fly on planes if you have to say “it’s always my turn” like hun if you fly that much you’d be in first class or summin 🧍

    Lalisa ManobangsLalisa Manobangs3 hours ago
  • She's cute

    kody gardnerkody gardner3 hours ago
  • Straight up honesty. Love it

    Mae_ chanMae_ chan4 hours ago
  • Why does this make me so happy? 🧐

    M Kuti-ChildressM Kuti-Childress4 hours ago
  • That's because you are bitch 😂😂😂

    Jahnavi SinghJahnavi Singh5 hours ago
  • I am sorry bu that's just mean 😂

    Lonely_ Cabbage;-;Lonely_ Cabbage;-;5 hours ago
  • Lmaooo

    An yeeAn yee5 hours ago
  • Moral of the story don’t be a bitch

    Coldtenq LColdtenq L5 hours ago
  • lesson learned: *don't be a bitch and u'll get free chimken* :D

    Little mochiLittle mochi6 hours ago
  • Because your a bitch😂😂😂

    Dark WonderDark Wonder6 hours ago
  • People who treat nice attendans like shit are like retarded...

    Gunnar RetarderadGunnar Retarderad6 hours ago
  • Either way both beef and chicken is bomb so I dont see what the problem is💀

    Tëddy BëarTëddy Bëar6 hours ago
  • The flight attendant character's voice and mannerisms remind me so much of Lily from How I Met Your Mother

    lamotrigine dreamslamotrigine dreams6 hours ago
  • How tf do you get chicken on a flight

    LoyaterLoyater7 hours ago
  • *Go back to sleep and STARVE*

    Random LandRandom Land7 hours ago

    My irl channel ALEXMy irl channel ALEX7 hours ago
  • Well why didn't you give me that earlier Well that's because your a b Me: *laughs hard and trust not to spit tea everywhere bc it's true SHE IS! XD*

    Stephanie SanchezStephanie Sanchez7 hours ago

    Mr MelonMr Melon8 hours ago
  • Hahah perfection

    Ursula ClairUrsula Clair8 hours ago
  • When subtitle too small wtf its that

    Danish EmirulDanish Emirul8 hours ago
  • That last part mhm on fleek

  • I didn't get the joke?!

    Samiksha GuptaSamiksha Gupta8 hours ago
  • But beef is so much better thsn chicken, if you have a beef and a chicken why would u want the chicken

    Irish WannabeIrish Wannabe8 hours ago
  • 😂yes

    Ùnstäblē GlîtçhÙnstäblē Glîtçh8 hours ago
  • It's the ending for me

    Él TheoÉl Theo8 hours ago
  • Her:Why dident u give me that befor Food servis:oh Its Bc ur a B Meh:the fuck lol🤣😂

    Ayah AliAyah Ali8 hours ago
  • Lmao

    Cj ShannaeCj Shannae8 hours ago
  • Oh, cuz ur a ✨Bitch✨❤😀

    SkippyCat 41SkippyCat 419 hours ago
  • Ooooo got her

    Amy RoseAmy Rose9 hours ago
  • it's really funny 🤣

    John PaulJohn Paul10 hours ago
  • Flight attendant:oh that’s because your a bitch Me:... starts laughing uncontrollably

    Itz LunazItz Lunaz10 hours ago
  • Hahha fuck off unless you pay for first class there’s no way you get that kind of service

    Slant I CarlySlant I Carly10 hours ago
  • Asahhhhaaaahhhhaaahhhhaaahhhaaaaa, cuz your a B

    LuckyLuckyLouLouLuckyLuckyLouLou10 hours ago
  • Facts

    Thedog 52 YTThedog 52 YT10 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    The TerminatorThe Terminator11 hours ago
  • Xd

    OH - 07RA 813961 Beatty Fleming Sr PSOH - 07RA 813961 Beatty Fleming Sr PS11 hours ago
  • “Why didn’t you just give that to me?!” Me: “Fuck you

    Carla HarrisCarla Harris11 hours ago
  • Harrison Ford as the flight attendant be like: "Get the hell off my plane."

    Rebel RunnerRebel Runner11 hours ago
  • To me beef or chicken they are both delicious

    soperpresoperpre12 hours ago
  • 😡😂

    Princeton JohnsonPrinceton Johnson12 hours ago
  • After having a baby, my tolerance for people with shitty attitudes has taken a steep dive. I do not have time to deal with your shit anymore.

    Georgia McLennanGeorgia McLennan12 hours ago

    MiNiya KamaraMiNiya Kamara12 hours ago
  • Ahhhh everybody loves a look Karen now and then c:

    Alicia JohnsonAlicia Johnson12 hours ago
  • This is everything

    Travis MaupinTravis Maupin12 hours ago
  • That is funny

    The_Big_Mac59 5The_Big_Mac59 513 hours ago
  • God loves enough to allow you to repent in order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW!

    super gohansuper gohan13 hours ago
  • me:"can i have chicken?" her:"sorry we just ran out, want beef?" me: *anxiety kicks in my heart is beating fast and hands are sweating im shaking* ....."okay" my brain : I FUCKING HATE BEEF WHY DIDNT I JUST SAY NO WAHT DO I DO WITH THIS I DONT WANNA JUST RETURN A FULL PLATE OF BEEF I SHOULDVE JUST ASKED FOR WATER

    hi therehi there13 hours ago
  • Guys I Got It For Ya, Here Yalls Go, Keep Re-Playin It 0:42 (Its The "Well That's Because You're A Bitch" Bit)

    Queen PeacockQueen Peacock13 hours ago
  • Wow looks like a Karen😒😒😑😑😐😐😐🙄🙄🙄

    Karla GonzalezKarla Gonzalez13 hours ago
  • I usually shutter or flinch or turn down the volume when somebody curses But she said it so casually... To the point where it just seemed normal.

    Coco PonyCoco Pony13 hours ago
  • That’s a Asian Karen right there that’s a Aren

    • RatherSimilar •• RatherSimilar •13 hours ago
  • Honestly, who the fuck eats airplane meals? I mean, even the meat is just horrendous.

    I'm wanted for 3 accounts of embezzlementI'm wanted for 3 accounts of embezzlement14 hours ago
  • Flight attendance=deku Passenger 1=bakugou Passenger 2=ochaco

    Gabe MehlerGabe Mehler14 hours ago
  • Karen alert

    TTV ryftTTV ryft14 hours ago
  • i swear flight attendants do a lot of work just for some short cock to be rude

    YouTube PoliceYouTube Police14 hours ago
  • The end 🤣🤣

    MattgamesMattgames14 hours ago
  • Always be nice to people who serve you. Never know when they might spit in your food

    liam jamesliam james14 hours ago
  • She is not a bitch, she is hungry and can be vegeterian, if airline services cant predict what people want they have to make voting before the flight, or give chicken to everyone because not all people eat beef. Or make vegeterian options.

    Raziya BabayevaRaziya Babayeva15 hours ago
  • That bitch

    Emily SpencerEmily Spencer15 hours ago
  • That so funny

    Fernayah Fun timeFernayah Fun time15 hours ago
  • That is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in my life😭😭😭😭

    Brent LennonBrent Lennon15 hours ago
  • Jesus is coming soon! He loves you and he has a place for you reserved in Heaven all you have to do is accept it. He can give you strength and bless you 💞

    Sxpreme QueenSxpreme Queen16 hours ago
  • This seems similar to a movie I watched ....... na no way

    just chillingjust chilling16 hours ago
  • Oh! It's because you're a bitch! Roasting you so hard with a very soft voice....oooo

    Cameron CadagCameron Cadag17 hours ago
  • You sound like tabbes

    Z4XTERZ4XTER17 hours ago
  • I wish I won't get fired for calling someone a bitch in a nice way

    Jose EscobedoJose Escobedo17 hours ago
  • that caught me off guard-

    EE17 hours ago
  • me who doesn’t eat meals on planes and eats small baggie pretzels: You guys are getting chicken?

    CastleBloxFilmsCastleBloxFilms18 hours ago

    Jada NoceJada Noce18 hours ago
  • Bro beef is good tho

    Bitxh_ AssBitxh_ Ass18 hours ago
  • The end lol

    Maxwell Wynne-ShepherdMaxwell Wynne-Shepherd18 hours ago
  • Keren

    josephine carlinjosephine carlin19 hours ago
  • Lmao I died laughing at the end 🤣

    AlphaGamingAlphaGaming19 hours ago
  • I didn’t know they serve chicken all I get is pretzels and peanuts 🤣

    Idk 1101Idk 110120 hours ago
  • LMAOOOOO I swtg customer service is just like this

    Cia PriceCia Price20 hours ago
  • Lol love it

    Ryan’s Gaming ShowRyan’s Gaming Show20 hours ago
  • I can't eat airplane food its something that makes me nauseous as hell and i would literally starve myself

    Anonymous PentagonAnonymous Pentagon20 hours ago
  • When a Karen is in a plane:

    Ελένη ΘωμαιδουΕλένη Θωμαιδου20 hours ago
  • What a proper way to end a passenger's career. Lovely.

    Rohanjeet NattRohanjeet Natt21 hour ago
  • Fair point.

    Star FanStar Fan21 hour ago
  • Now, to be completely fair, she only started becoming a bitch AFTER she was told that there was no chicken. So the flight attendant had willingly withheld the chicken, knowing full well they had some, just to ruffle the passenger's feathers.

    AcerthornAcerthorn21 hour ago
  • Bitch what’s wrong with beef if you got a problem fight me

    Fake Name2.0Fake Name2.021 hour ago
  • Seeing this remember me my experience with flight assistance i was on a flight to europe, and they were giving breakfast for who was awake, so i wanted a coffe, but i also wanted a tea, but i could choose only 1, and ofc i was being kind, and everything, so i choose coffe, a little bit later, the flight assistance came back and talk to my mom saying that i was rly kind, so she also gave me a tea, and i was rly happy about it, cuz yeah idk, i was 12, so..

    Gato DmaisGato Dmais22 hours ago
  • They way she said it so calmly one time I said to my bully he was like hey how come u make stuff for them but not me I said oH because ur a bitch

    Simply FoxySimply Foxy22 hours ago
  • My mom is a flight attendant and she can probably relate too this

    Leah KimLeah Kim22 hours ago
  • Sike

    D'Irish ClubD'Irish Club22 hours ago
  • "Oh... well that's because your a *b!tch* 😁" Yes.

    DiyanaDiyana22 hours ago