How Every Hazbin Hotel Character Perished

Apr 1, 2021
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A history lover's theory on how every Hazbin Hotel character died and expanding on some other theories. If you want to see me do more Hazbin Hotel stuff, be sure to subscribe!
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  • He was bit by a g*****n snake

    Rebecca HastyRebecca Hasty37 minutes ago
  • Where are people finding the new episodes

    little miss vampirelittle miss vampireHour ago
  • LOOK AT VAGGIE’S LEGS LOOK HOW CREEPILY THIN SHE IS I think she was anorexic, and was told to kill herself by her abuser. That’s why she seems so innocent.

    Goose mafia SpyGoose mafia SpyHour ago
  • Why am I watching this at 11:00 pm I’m going to have nightmares.

    NGBW 9doheadNGBW 9doheadHour ago
  • My theory on vaggie is that she’s actually a fallen angel, specifically the ones who are involved in the extermination thing. She has an X over one of her eyes, similar to the extermination angels, and even has a similar color pallet. My theory is that she was one of the extermination angels and was banished to hell, possibly due to her devotion to the belief in redemption.

    . D E C I M A L .. D E C I M A L .2 hours ago
  • Ok dumb theory but maybe vaggie isn't a human maybe she is a "gift" to charlie from lucifer since she's dating charlie right... Idk like she's a perfect person to charlie she's supportive of her dreams and maybe they both hate children but idk I'm dumb...

    its your boi skinny penisits your boi skinny penis2 hours ago
  • what if crymini was drinking in the backseat with her friends, and stuck her head out of the window to puke(like a dog) and either fell out of the car or got beheaded like in hereditary

    CopperCopper4 hours ago
    • i think sir pentious just got bitten by a snake somehow. and travis may have gotten the bird flu, hence his crow-like appearance

      CopperCopper4 hours ago
  • For veggie I think she was raped because she has to x’s on her chest and the rapists stabbed her

    bubble lemonbubble lemon4 hours ago
  • Wow. . . I actually made my OC (Samael Williams) actually perfectly represented because of the way he is portrayed from the story and bio I gave him: -He has traits as a sheep,because like sheep? He’s part of the herd. . . disposable,like if he was just any other type of sheep and being used like a pawn like any other because he was fairly naive. (But he learns of his mistakes,cutting ties with anyone he ever met because of he starts becoming unstable mentally and emotionally. Not having anyone use him for anything they want for being expendable with they things he does. P.S. He has features like the horns of a ram/sheep,and he turns into a more twisted version of the animal he represents when in his more demonic form.) -For his addiction of giving justice since he was never given true justice for the things that happened to him mentally,emotionally and even physically (hating horrible acts with a cold hard passion,the sin of Wrath). He uses fire and his “trials of cleansing” which is more specifically torture involving him burning his “lost souls” in many different ways and giving a mark of “AoD” (Angel of Death) with a fire poker he made for not only to represent his name significance but to mark his lost souls his initials in their chest signifying that until they are straying off the wrong path... he’ll never let go of them and never give up on their quest. And the demons don’t stray off because they change,but because he’s always looking,and they know he is making them afraid of where else he’d be... the mark they have always stays with them and never leaves,like a small tracker placed forever on their body. He is everywhere and nowhere in the streets,hiding in the dark... keeping eye on the progress of his lost souls. -He’s been made a new coming outsider from the city,rumors going around about him. Like if he was the radio demon like if he was just like his name intended. . . an Angel of Death that strikes unexpectedly over horrid acts to then bring back out partially traumatized demons from his trials of cleansing to stray them to the right path (and he truly does want to help them,but he’s become so deranged that he has another split personality he calls his “God”. Following all he does and the methods “he gives” him,but not because he wants to. . . because he does believes that everything that has happened was because of his god, making him believe his methods do work ((and they have when he was still alive)) and that he’ll free him after helping him with the cleansing of lost souls. So he worships it with all his heart,made a shrine with offerings,gifts,scribbles all around the shrine,even a statuette that represents him,and... he even... “talks” to him,sings a song made for him back at his abandoned broken down apartment building that he calls haven and does all is bidding like if he truly was talking to a god. But in reality, it’s really just him and the other split personality talking to each other...), becoming pretty infamous in a small amount of time for being everywhere and nowhere in the span of the time I gave him (No,he’s not an Overlord. He’s just one man,who does all this on his own after much experience of the harsh life of the streets.). -And to top it all off,he can be redeemed if really helped throughly. He’s truly good at heart but even when he distanced himself from anyone and lacking any real social skills or communication or even trust since he doesn’t want to be hurt or feel betrayed and used like a sheep again... he’s still really loyal,respectful and does anything to anyone he considers a friend or someone who doesn’t want to hurt him or use him like a pawn in his eyes... of course,in his own way of showing this affection because he’s quiet and sheltered but,he still truly cares deep inside and even hides small grins of joy to people he call friends or even family... he just to be respected for who he is and be free spirited again,and with them? He has... hope. After so much time,he feels hopeful for the help he is given and hopes more from this new path he was given... now motivated,to see it through with them in the hotel. (And he has a lot of aspirations of what he wants to do other than his acts of killings there and then to do justice in his own eyes because of hatred of horrible people. So even if more difficult than others because of his mental and emotional problems? He is the shining example of someone who can be redeemed for everything he is and wants to, to be rid of his... curse. Because in time... he even believes that his god will never truly never let him go and tell him to continue the path of cleansing more till he fully does lose his mind to turn into what he feared to be... used as an asset for eternity,seeing it as a curse. And he would’ve been doing this for eternity if it wasn’t because of Charlie and the hotel... if he was truly a canon character in this show,hehe 😅). But yeah,Samael is... more well represented than that I thought initially. He’s more of an actual character that could be in Hazbin Hotel if the odds were ever to cross for Vivziepop to see this... it won’t,but I have a dream. . . and I already told it...

    JOMAR JM {flyingtacos_}JOMAR JM {flyingtacos_}5 hours ago
  • Depending on how old Vox is, Vox and Alastor might've worked together back in the late 1920s and early 1930s. They're also seen in the same room in the pilot and are both overlords of hell. It'd be really interesting if they had some sort of partnership going on! :D

    The Lightning BronyThe Lightning Brony5 hours ago
  • Wait is episode 2 out based on this?

    DrakovijasDrakovijas7 hours ago
  • Alastor killed Mimzy

    Cherry_huskyCherry_husky7 hours ago
  • Vaggie is an Angel/fallen angel? Her hair looks like feathers

    xDoomfirexxDoomfirex8 hours ago
  • I don’t think Valentino, vox and velvet could have died. I think it’s mentioned that alastor was the only human to become a demon that could match the power of demon overlords. So simply those 3 were born as demons and never had lives as humans. Could be wrong since I haven’t watched the pilot in a while.

    Bluelight Thee ForbiddenBluelight Thee Forbidden8 hours ago
  • Personally I think it’s more likely that Tom Trench was wearing a gas mask when he died but it was faulty or had been sabotaged.

    Milo TaylorMilo Taylor8 hours ago
  • Tbh the fan base for both hazbin and Helluva boss I feel like they take the show to far yes I get it it’s a theory but come on. In my opinion I don’t think there backstory doesn’t really matter it’s a cartoon show but I’m not hating on u so I guess keep up with the great work

    Mr. CAPMr. CAP9 hours ago
  • Angel Dust - 02:08 . Baxter - 02:21 . Alastor - 04:26 . Niffty - 05:35 . Katie Killjoy - 06:24 . Vaggie - 07:14 . Husk - 10:02 . Mimzy - 10:14 . Tom Trench - 10:48 . Sir Pentius - 11:20 . Valentino - 11:39 . Velvet - 12:07 .

    Sasuke UchihaSasuke Uchiha9 hours ago
  • She’s lesbian that’s why she was killed that’s what cartoon universe said

    Dragon club GigDragon club Gig9 hours ago
  • I thought you said appearance related to how they died, sir pentious looks like a snake, why does that have no correlation with his death

    JeremyJeremy10 hours ago
  • cherri bomb was known for bomb usage i believe she may have gotten to close to her or someone else bomb during a turf war getting her killed

    Shelby LangleyShelby Langley11 hours ago
  • I think sir pentious died of snakes since we see he is based on a snake

    sun g easonsun g eason13 hours ago
  • lmfao she didn’t want to tie in the titanic but made a joke out of a real serial killer who murdered multiple men who were mainly lgbt poc . embarrassing

    tripunishertripunisher14 hours ago
  • About your point on vaggie being a mother, if she is so set on redemption and her 'going towards the light' so to speak, might be another reference to that

    Charlie ChapmanCharlie Chapman16 hours ago
  • I don’t think the „you don’t go to hell for self defense” works. We’ve already seen from the cherub episode that the intention/goodness of your soul doesn’t matter and it’s purely your objective deeds. I think it’s also been alluded too that heaven itself might be corrupt and that heaven and hell don’t necessarily sort after good and bad

    Vincent SeebeckVincent Seebeck16 hours ago
  • The real question is *WHY THE HECK IS CHARLIE IN HELL*

    Nyja BrownNyja Brown17 hours ago
  • I tought cherri bomb died from an actual cherry bomb

    Stef GusaStef Gusa17 hours ago
  • I think Sir Pentious was bitten by a venomous snake. It would make more sense due to his design. Most likely a Cobra.

    ItsJustJaxItsJustJax20 hours ago
  • I personally think the hunter recognized Alastor as a wanted serial killer who was on the loose and when he saw him while hunting deer, he shot him, knowing this may be the only chance to stop Alastor for good.

    Brett BarnettBrett Barnett20 hours ago
  • So Baxter must be trans? Because only female angler fish have the light lure?

    lsd puppylsd puppy21 hour ago
  • Where did these years even come from

    jadenmajorjadenmajor22 hours ago
  • Where the hell did half of these characters come from

    jadenmajorjadenmajor22 hours ago
  • when I hear the words deer and dig I think of a dear head chihuahua Lol!

    Madison 07Madison 0723 hours ago
  • Maybe nifty was a maid for a rich guy and fell in love n obsessed over him & killed his wife over jealousy or something. Or maybe got shot by the rich guy for being so obsessive? Just throwing theories out there

    EllaEllaDay ago
  • I love the dr3 reference lol

    aau eaau eDay ago
  • Literally how i thought alastor died u said the same im s hocked 🏃‍♀️

    Lawrence OleanderLawrence OleanderDay ago
  • World war 2?

    Keli WilsonKeli WilsonDay ago
  • Where do I read/watch all of hazbin hotel

    Yo StupidYo StupidDay ago
  • Dang- you sound sad-

    Lena artz and more!Lena artz and more!Day ago
  • I think the theory of vaggie being a fallen angel who came down to hell during one of the exterminations and was either disgusted by the angel's actions or just fell in love with charlie causing her to chose to stay in hell. This would explain her usage of a spear, the red x over her eye similar to the eyes of the angel exterminators we see in the intro of the pilot, and her toned down mostly gray color palette again matching with the exterminators we see in the pilot. The show doesn't shy away from referencing classic christian mythology full on either and a fallen angel being associated with the daughter of lucifer really does fit with classic stories of lucifer, both his origin as a fallen angel and also stories of him tricking people into bassically damning themselves to hell through a variety of means, but almost a complete reversal, instead of being tricked by charlie into turning away from god, vaggie instead of her own volition dedicates herself to charlie and her goal of redemption, ironically sentencing herself to hell. Also her being a moth kinda plays into the angel thing since, moths have wings, angels have wings, idk thats kinda a stretch though.

    †XΞZIAN††XΞZIAN†Day ago
  • or maybe crymini died by getting mauled by wolves from sneaking out of her parents house seeing as she has a tear in her shirt and what looks like scratch and bite marks all over her But I do agree with the theory that she probably WAS a grade A . . . Female dog-

    CosmicCookieCosmicCookieDay ago
  • I love the video but COULD YOU MAYBE SPEAK A BIT LOUDER?!

    Takashika ZukajikushiTakashika ZukajikushiDay ago
  • My theory on vaggie is that she got into problems with the Mexican cartel (since she herself is Mexican) and had to kill to survive hence her weapon skills until she fell victim to a stab in the eye

    Nishikiyama and the cum chaliceNishikiyama and the cum chaliceDay ago
  • Titanic sunk in 1912 of april

    Demon WolfDemon WolfDay ago
  • I find it interesting that your April's fool video has more views than your hetalia ones

    salad caesarsalad caesarDay ago
  • Jesus loves you ✝️🕊🕊🕊🕊✝️🕊🕊🕊✝️🕊🍉🕊

    ProjectProjectDay ago
    • no

      Doodle FoxDoodle Fox17 hours ago
  • i think vaggie might have got r@ped since she has x's on her chest area and her sin may have been her killing the person who r@ped her but then got shot in the eye by the police maybe????

    Phoebe HopePhoebe HopeDay ago
  • everybody else: sharing their theories like a normal person me: vibing with the ONE danganronpa reference

    DeltashotDeltashotDay ago
  • How did you guys found the other characters and their names? “Velvet, mimzy, vox”?

    Dream FrostDream FrostDay ago
  • Alister is a windigo in hell

    universe gameruniverse gamerDay ago
  • I think vaggie was raped and killed at a young age

    Thu_VextarThu_VextarDay ago
  • He is a windigo for what it looks li,e

    Nicole HauschildtNicole HauschildtDay ago
  • “April Fools is upon us again.” Me hiding from Trollge and whispering: T-Trollge Tuesday too! Heh heh heheeheeheh AHHHHHHHH

    Mist McHavenMist McHavenDay ago
  • btw where are the episodes for this show

    Daniel BrownDaniel BrownDay ago
  • I don’t know who half these characters are ;-;

    Blubby! Animations!Blubby! Animations!Day ago
  • Why is this in my recommended who is hazb and why is he in a hotel

    shiroshiroDay ago
  • its a cartoon fucking watch it and stop analyzing the fucking show

    Brandon WhitneyBrandon WhitneyDay ago
  • Technically, Baxter is a female angler fish. The males don't have the lantern (and are ridiculously small--it's very weird and creepy)

    CasualNoticeCasualNoticeDay ago
  • I think Katie Killjoy could have died due to suicide (via hanging). This would explain her neck constantly snapping. She could have said something controversial as a living news reporter and couldn't take the media hate anymore. You can even hear it in her name, 'Killjoy'.

    Daniel WhitworthDaniel WhitworthDay ago
  • And husk is a cheater form gambling

  • I mena vaggie does have x’s in her chest, which could be that she was assulted and commited suicide by stabbing herself in the eye? Doesnt explain the moth look tho

    CoricordCoricordDay ago
  • Oop

    [[Rqin._.Drxps]][[Rqin._.Drxps]]Day ago
  • As for the Titanic stuff, the controversy may not stem from it being offensive but rather people having relatives which died on the Titanic.

    TheMagic1TheMagic1Day ago
  • Hey love your vid but you forgot angledusts black eye he got just before death

    John DoeJohn DoeDay ago
  • me:who baxter-?

    useless chairuseless chairDay ago
  • What do you mean No debate on how Sir Pentious died!? the “snake man” died from... Invention failure? Not a snake bite or other snake related death that could explain the, you know, SNAKE MAN BODY? 🤷‍♂️

    Will mckeanWill mckeanDay ago
  • 11:26I Thought he died by a snake...

    Jack BeecherJack BeecherDay ago
  • Katie may have been hanged because she killed her husband

    Ace_AzxureAce_AzxureDay ago
  • I feel like Travis was a hit man, like he worked for these assassins as a hit man and whatever he was told to do , he would be told to go where the victim would be at, and drive by and shoot at them and keep driving. And for his death, I feel like when he was gonna shoot one of his victims he wasn’t paying attention and a Diesel hit his car and died why burning alive in the car, and he seems to be a owl, like he would do his killings at night. And the car he would drive as a hit man, would be a black Jeep , because since he would do killings at night , it would be dark, so no one would know who did it. Or for his death he was shot in the eye by one of his victims partner or a enemy.

    Mariah WinfreyMariah WinfreyDay ago
  • I think Vaggie just learned weapons during her time in hell while she died bleeding out from her eye and a few abuses on the back by her customer(s) of course after murdering them all or not..

    Six ThSix ThDay ago
  • according to theology, though you've never done a bad deed, you'd still end up in hell if you offed yourself. That's probably why vaggie is in hell.

    ですサムサムですサムサムDay ago
  • the titanic lies 2 and a half miles down

    Pink Lightning Gacha and GamingPink Lightning Gacha and GamingDay ago
  • Where did all these other characters come from? Did new episodes come out or something?

    lazysnakelazysnakeDay ago
  • Baxter is a female angler fish tho

    ghostedkilljoy Memelordghostedkilljoy Memelord2 days ago
  • My theory for husk: sometime in the 1920s-50s, he was known around as a gambler. Someone who was well known in casinos and he was really disliked due to his rudeness and obsession with money. On top of that he likes drinking *alot.* I believe during the casino while drunk, he was lured into a room (on yhe highest floor ofc) with someone but they pushed husk out the window and he clashes to his death. Or it could be a suicide.

    KaylaVixenKaylaVixen2 days ago
  • Everyone seems so surprised that Vaggie’s in hell though she has shown some aggressive and violent tendencies. Maybe she killed someone. Even if in self defense or on accident we’ve seen heaven has a no killing policy.

    Autumn RoseAutumn Rose2 days ago
  • I'm surprised there was no poison or strangulation theories, other than the drowning one. the preying mantis could have killed her husband and then hanged herself since it was made as a way to break ones neck and not suffocate, which could explain how her neck is broken as well. the diva with teeth marks on her dress could have suffocated because a piece of food got stuck in her throat and chocked, or poisoned if the assailant knew of her love for food as a revenge of making someone's life miserable. TV head guy? I would think he was more of a telemarketer, from those ads you see on TV as for example: Billie Mays, rip. but also something related to phones or internet because of his tie/cloth under his neck with a wifi/reception strength icon (could be related to satellite television too). Screwing people over with contracts and other things. we theorize, as you said, that marks on people's body are where external trauma happened, but what if something happened outside, but still wouldn't leave a mark? like someone wrapping their hands around a neck and depriving someone of oxygen, or a hit so hard it broke bones or caused an hemorrhage.

    Frosty DragonFrosty Dragon2 days ago
  • If I remember correctly, Vivzie Pop actually released a comic a while back that showed Angel Dust and his brother died in a mob shootout.

    Jamie SnyderJamie Snyder2 days ago
  • Baxter: angler fish? fisherman who drowned, using lures

    Frosty DragonFrosty Dragon2 days ago
  • I'm new. So, no prank? Just, like, different stuff than per usual?

    Jose Avila-DiazJose Avila-Diaz2 days ago
  • Valentino's face is blue, strangulation?

    Collin La FleurCollin La Fleur2 days ago
  • Vaggie died in 2014 by her ex-boyfriend. As you can see on her shirt she has two x’s near her..y’know..melons. She was molested by her boyfriend before he stabbed her because he was one of those.. “love her. Kill her.” Kind of guys. She is nice and didn’t deserve to die but since she was a minor she did one of the deadly seven sins “lust” at least..that’s my theory. Oh and also this backs up why she hates men!

    Hxarts _BrøkeHxarts _Brøke2 days ago
  • Me :*wondering where some of these characters come from

    Jayden Studio'sJayden Studio's2 days ago
  • Kolko: Maki Harukawa Me: 👁️👄👁️

    RitorushifuRitorushifu2 days ago
  • I'm still confused on angel dusts gender

    Kevin VuKevin Vu2 days ago
  • I'm not really sure if the x x on baggies shirt is just for style but with the theme of that showing how they die since the x is gray I'm thinking it may stand a bit more for maybe SA

    beebee2 days ago
  • Can you tell me were I can watch this show pleaseee!!! I really wanna watch it

    XxWerido_gachaxXXxWerido_gachaxX2 days ago
    • @KaylaVixen thank u

      XxWerido_gachaxXXxWerido_gachaxXDay ago
    • USworlds: Hazbin Hotel. Warning, it holds heavy Language

      KaylaVixenKaylaVixen2 days ago
  • Where can I watch all of it?

    Buggie004 :]Buggie004 :]2 days ago
  • Theory for Sir Pentious: I feel like Pentious was a murderer. He would lure people into deathly traps and watch them fight for their lives. He was trying to lure a victim into a snake trap when the snake felt threatened by him and bit his ankle, poisoning him. He later died from poisoning caused by the snake bite and got sent to hell for all the lives he cut off for his own selfish, greedy needs.

    Aaron HillaryAaron Hillary2 days ago
  • Vaggie could of been involved with cartels or gangs. That could explain her handling of weapons, and at one point was pimped out by the gangs/cartels. She got murdered and her breasts got mutilated as a sick joke, probably by a rival gang/cartel, hence the x on breasts. Around her death, there could of been a shooting by the rival gang where vaggie was prostituted. She got shot and was left to die. This could be why she hates men and her cause of death.

    Oracle DazeOracle Daze2 days ago
  • There's X's on Vaggies chest, perhaps she was a trans woman when she was alive, and had breast implantation surgery. One of the doctors or a family member may have been transphobic and unsupportive of Vaggies surgery, then killed her by stabbing her through the eye and through the brain which killed her.

    Nate SalamanderNate Salamander2 days ago
  • Hey, theres a theory about vaggie :

    Steriø’s MusicSteriø’s Music2 days ago
  • Nifty probably died stabbed but a Spanish Chanel called Brillo G (plz check her out) did a theorie about why she is a cyclops, her shortness and yellow skin, Other thing, I think it’s confirmed that whatever happened to vaggies eye was caused in hell

    Shadowartist 666Shadowartist 6662 days ago
  • Imagine Charlie's found out the Imp's kill a child I just thought about that

  • I think Travis died of an eye infection

    Emily EmersonEmily Emerson2 days ago
  • Vaggie died because she was a lesbian when it was considered illegal so there for she was stabbed in the eye and hung

    Kali da Pineapple queenKali da Pineapple queen2 days ago
  • When did Baxter even appear?

    jackalodon gamingjackalodon gaming2 days ago
  • Vaggie has the X eye like the angels, maybe she's a fallen angel who takes care of/gaurds charlie

    Ruby SmithRuby Smith2 days ago
  • Idk if this would help any, but that song that Charlie does about redemption mentions cannibals in it.. maybe taking a look into the design of the cannibal character would also help determine if Allister was a cannibal? Or at least would help feed the theory?

    Fuzzy ToastersFuzzy Toasters2 days ago
  • Sir Pentious: literally a snake Kolko: yeah he died to an explosion

    McKenna is a personMcKenna is a person2 days ago