Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

Apr 1, 2021
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  • You sucked at it bro ur supposed to use high quality hot glue rod the thick ones and you didn’t even try with the glueing in to the car but their are some don’t in ur car that this method won’t fix

    TeleblackTeleblack43 seconds ago
  • You gotta let the glue dry first

    Dalton DimasDalton Dimas6 minutes ago
  • Bro has like 5 brain cells

    ItsJustWesItsJustWes7 minutes ago
  • why is he so dumb. We must wait until the glue is completely solidified.

    Drot GendelDrot Gendel13 minutes ago
  • Did you wait for it to dry then pull

    KaylynnKaylynn13 minutes ago
  • Wait for like 5 minutes

    XxWALYNxXXxWALYNxX16 minutes ago
  • This is why bottled water even has instructions

    GlasgowGlasgow16 minutes ago
  • Idiot

    Buang MoogBuang Moog21 minute ago
  • How can this dude drive

    True C0reTrue C0re21 minute ago
  • EXACTLY BRUH YOU DIDNT LET THEM DRY this still not might work but do the experiment right you really think googy hot glue can pull away it’s just hot sticky slime (edit) AND YOU DIDNT LET THE GLUE STICK MELT ENOUGH YOU JUST WAVED A FLAME AND SOFTEN IT UGHHHHH PEOPLE ARE DUMB

    Michael MejiaMichael Mejia22 minutes ago
  • Pour boiling water over the dent then sucshen a plunge on to it Emediently and pull the plunger off and boom fixed

    Gray ghost gamesGray ghost games22 minutes ago
  • That's why they made a ✨plunger✨ and a ✨hair dryer✨

    SammySammy26 minutes ago
  • You... you never waited for the glue to dry of course it’s not gonna work

    Time ItselfTime Itself30 minutes ago
  • I think we found ultra kevin

    Feral Day ASMRFeral Day ASMR39 minutes ago
  • There is no way you pulled it off that easily you must be doing something wrong. I tried this once on a beat up car and it was hard af to pull off.

    AaronRCAaronRC40 minutes ago
  • Try to get a plunger then put a little bit of fire inside then take it out then place on car and try to make it come out

    BabyItachiWrlddBabyItachiWrldd41 minute ago
  • Hard to watch

    Jarrett WiebergJarrett Wieberg44 minutes ago
  • I came to the comments because I knew that he was being a dipshit but I just wanted the reassurance

    WillHereWillHere57 minutes ago
  • It doesn’t matter how dumb he is it’s five minute crafts so it wouldn’t work anyway

    Jimmy JonesJimmy Jones59 minutes ago
  • Wow this guy seriously has 0 brain cells

    Hrray UKHrray UK59 minutes ago
  • Why didn’t you let the glue get hard??? That’s the dumbest shit I ever seen

    Jayy RosasJayy Rosas59 minutes ago
  • try using a plunger?

    misty miserymisty miseryHour ago
  • It could be a bad quality of glue.

    EncrediblySexyEncrediblySexyHour ago
  • Welll he’s denting his own car so that says enough...

    Brio BrioBrio BrioHour ago
  • Poor tahoe. So sad that this classic got destroyed in such a stupid way...

    Kevin I.M.Kevin I.M.Hour ago
  • And you didn't realise that Maybe that was a big a&s toy car that he had But you tried it on your real car

    HenceNoFireHenceNoFireHour ago
  • Use a plunger

    Jacob WilliamsJacob WilliamsHour ago
  • A plunger

    KamiDatachiKamiDatachiHour ago
  • He wait 15 min and do it on cold, you going to on hot XD

    Young SavageYoung SavageHour ago
  • well come on use your head those aren’t dents there gorges

    I’m FinI’m FinHour ago
  • He probably bought the most toughest hot glue to do that

    Alan SaintusAlan SaintusHour ago
  • Bro u have to wait for the glue to harden smart one 😂i call for a redemption part 2

    Clarices crocheted creations LeavittClarices crocheted creations LeavittHour ago
  • wait for the hot glue to harden dude

    danganrompa fandanganrompa fanHour ago
  • The most stupid guy i saw this day.

    daive bizdaive bizHour ago
  • The real question is how do they fake it

    Godzilla fan artGodzilla fan artHour ago
  • You not gonna wait

  • try putting hot water on the car and glue the toilet pump and then pull and it will really fix the car

    Filipmaric1 2Filipmaric1 2Hour ago
  • Like did it dry bro like make it dry first

    Akeem WaltersAkeem WaltersHour ago
  • You need to let it dry longer. The glue has to harden....

    Cora NelsonCora NelsonHour ago
  • This guy prob one of the people that drank bleach when trump said to 😂

    SupremetacoSupremetacoHour ago
  • This guy is the reason why we got instructions on paint bottles or tooth brushes :/

    Noor ahmedNoor ahmedHour ago
  • Let it dry longer

    Olive JonesOlive Jones2 hours ago
  • Have you ever tried to leave it on longer for the hot glue sticks to dry? Like u have to be smarter than that😂

    Ittzayana CortinaIttzayana Cortina2 hours ago
  • a plunger

    Josey GraceJosey Grace2 hours ago
  • Now you have dents and glue stick all over the outside. Dumb ass kids rhesedays

    Dave DDMDave DDM2 hours ago
  • Imagine when dad gets home

    CTICTI2 hours ago
  • Use a plunger

    85lbartel85lbartel2 hours ago
  • Downey lmao, just wait a few more mins

    CritmicCritmic2 hours ago
  • I feel like this only works on like a Kia or a Nissan, basically plastic

    JanaeJanae2 hours ago
  • When money gets in wrong hands

    Moritz l VatanaMoritz l Vatana2 hours ago
  • You’re supposed to hold longer than pull

    Carly FranklinCarly Franklin2 hours ago
  • Because u pulled it when it hot.

    Patomporn LawanPatomporn Lawan2 hours ago
  • I saw a video of a guy pouring boiling water on a car dent, then using a plunger to pull out the dent, maybe try that?

    JackJack2 hours ago
  • the thing is u need to let it there for like 30 sec and then pull

    oneshotkidoneshotkid2 hours ago
  • My south africans we lit

    Gaming 4LifeGaming 4Life2 hours ago
  • You need to leave it for a bit

    isabel gomezisabel gomez2 hours ago
  • Jisogb

    Lynnette StanleyLynnette Stanley2 hours ago
  • bro let the glue get hard 😭

    amg maineamg maine2 hours ago
  • That blue car is plastic the black suburban is metal that is why it didn’t work boy

    Nuke Em SteveNuke Em Steve2 hours ago
  • Best way to do this is with hot water and a plunger... preferable one that’s clean. Or take off the interior panels and just go to town on them lol. Given you are probably not driving that car anyway... I hope.

    Da_Aloha _ZDa_Aloha _Z2 hours ago
  • This is the type of guy who would wash his hands with soap after taking a shower 🤦‍♂️

    FlikMFlikM3 hours ago
  • It’s better to pour boiler water on the dent, then immediately use a plunger to pull the dent out

    Brian’s BrainBrian’s Brain3 hours ago
  • I mean duh it's hot glue it's ent for sticking popuical sticks together not pulling metiout

    inflatable elvisinflatable elvis3 hours ago
  • You didn’t even give the hot glue enough time to harden..

    Max Byrd’s Marvelous Musical MuseumMax Byrd’s Marvelous Musical Museum3 hours ago
  • Bro let it dry dummy

    SalinitySalinity3 hours ago
  • Use a plunger yes a toilet plunger to get d nuts out

    Mr peanut ButterMr peanut Butter3 hours ago

    Jartard SSJPDSCJartard SSJPDSC3 hours ago

    Elizabeth lakeyElizabeth lakey3 hours ago
  • Just buy a plunger or use boiling water

    Fell HermitFell Hermit3 hours ago
  • Get the plumbing thingy it works most of the time

    TTP_VixionTTP_Vixion3 hours ago
  • Bruh you have to wait over night

    jimmy martinezjimmy martinez3 hours ago
  • Try to put a little bit of fire on a plunger and try to put it out

    Natalie ya girlNatalie ya girl3 hours ago
  • bruh you have to wait for the glue to harden smh

    Q-TipQ-Tip3 hours ago
  • Hes the kinda guy to remind the teacher about the homework

    XSUIXSUI3 hours ago
  • Pull it fast and not slow. It will work. Also have more glue sticks together to remove big dents and wait for it to harden fully.

    Zsombor NémethZsombor Németh3 hours ago
  • U need to wait intill it get cold. Bruh🤦‍♀️😒

    Viktoria NordqvistViktoria Nordqvist3 hours ago
  • Idiot🤣😅

    Mary StarMary Star3 hours ago
  • That's because 5-minute Crafts are all fake. They are a Russian Company that made more money last year than Pewdiepie.

    Danielle JARAMILLODanielle JARAMILLO3 hours ago
  • They sell the dent sticks at the store that actually stick to ur car lol glues is the worst idea I've seen 😂

    Amaya_marie MinkowskiAmaya_marie Minkowski3 hours ago
  • U have to let the glue be harden so it’s glued to the car then pull

    Jason SpearsJason Spears4 hours ago
  • Are you dumb bro

    Sebaschan706Sebaschan7064 hours ago

    John WickJohn Wick4 hours ago
  • Maybe a plunger?

    Kevin BöhlKevin Böhl4 hours ago
  • D ont have insurance?

    T RT R4 hours ago
  • Wait until it dries lmao

    A SaenzA Saenz4 hours ago
  • പണി പാളി

    PHODEOME photo video customePHODEOME photo video custome4 hours ago
  • His father must be really proud of him

    ShrockShrock4 hours ago
  • 😂🤣 I saw him featured in this video

    Arnold FonsekaArnold Fonseka4 hours ago
  • 5minit craft 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤬

    Reparati si cauzeReparati si cauze4 hours ago
  • Follow Jesus Christ he loves us all repent of your sins amen 🙏🏾

    BruhBruh5 hours ago
  • Try again and let it sit for a little bit before pulling the glue sticks

    Mason LinkMason Link5 hours ago
  • You have to wait for it to dry

    Leah LaughlinLeah Laughlin5 hours ago
  • You didn’t let the glue cool off, and you didn’t even melt it nearly enough. Literally negative brain cells

    The Pink BucketThe Pink Bucket5 hours ago
  • So apparently my cat knows better than him.

    Gores welskeyGores welskey5 hours ago
  • Just tried it on my suburban fender. Worked great. Clean up sucks. Thanks for the idea

    Henry McNeilHenry McNeil5 hours ago
  • My man using flex seal to hold his last brain cell together

    Chaos TheKiddChaos TheKidd5 hours ago
  • That just made no sense.

    glizzy ßglizzy ß5 hours ago
  • Ya

    glizzy ßglizzy ß5 hours ago
  • Mans barely melted the glue lmao

    zJ E ZZ U ZzzJ E ZZ U Zz5 hours ago
  • No respect for anything nice

    CH KCH K5 hours ago