Apr 3, 2021
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There's nothing like a good spiral ham. Now, if given the option between ham and most other meats, I'd probably choose the others. But there's something special about a caramelized, well-glazed honey ham. You'll likely buy this pre-cooked, and all you have to do to bring it to the next level is mix a few common ingredients together to make something truly special.
But what about vegans? Not to worry. I've also made a watermelon "ham." And you might ask, why on earth would anybody EVER turn a ham into a watermelon, but don't knock it til' you try it. This is one of those things that sounds a bit odd, even looks incredibly weird, but somehow...kinda works. It's soft, juicy, slices just like meat and almost has the texture of raw fish the more your watermelon dehydrates. So, so unique.
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  • You inspired me to buy a whole red snapper and cook it. And now I buy all my seafood whole and fresh

    JC_BassinJC_Bassin7 days ago
    • My family used to always do that

      TONY ALFYTONY ALFY2 days ago
    • Yay

      What is life ? How? why ? So many questionsWhat is life ? How? why ? So many questions2 days ago
    • @Nick DiGiovanni hello I subed and followed on TikTok

      Tj GuiryTj Guiry2 days ago
    • I catch mine lol

      Reagan Riddle OutdoorsReagan Riddle Outdoors3 days ago
    • Yoo

      Martino JenningsMartino Jennings3 days ago
  • You should try doing something with a dry rub

    EpicDogeEpicDoge27 minutes ago
  • “I dont like ham that much” UNSUBSCRIBE

    Ethan VanHornEthan VanHornHour ago
  • Why am I making myself hungry rn when I can't eat

    H E I !H E I !2 hours ago
  • In the thumbnail I thought the ham was the on the left(the watermelon). boy was I fooled.

    MindstormerMindstormer3 hours ago
  • If someone tells me we’re eating ham and they put a barbecued watermelon infront of me instead i don’t care how good it is I WILL be suing for emotional distress.

    Cup of Tae, with Suga Kookies no jams & a spriteCup of Tae, with Suga Kookies no jams & a sprite3 hours ago
  • The better you are at cooking, the more of a chad you are, Gordon Ramsay? Built. Andre Rush? Former Master Sergeant. Former Military, now chefs? Numerous.

    lemon is a fruitlemon is a fruit3 hours ago
  • I haven't had food for days only chips and ramen that cost 75$ I don't care how it tastes... Nice too have fruits and meat right

    Dark UniverseDark Universe4 hours ago
  • It can’t be only me that wants to meat him and eat everything he cooks

    Noah KrygierNoah Krygier5 hours ago
  • What about the wood chips when u glaze the ham 12:05 sec

    James whiteJames white5 hours ago
  • It is not amusing biting into a clove being raised in an arab family or desi 😂

    Hyper GummaHyper Gumma6 hours ago
  • God damn I love ham. Looks fire man

    Chaseon StrædeChaseon Stræde6 hours ago
  • I don't like ham that much either

    Ghostly 00Ghostly 006 hours ago
  • An elevated watermelon 🍉 😆

    Joel MJoel M7 hours ago
  • The decorous numeric affectively fax because church orally comb near a abundant llama. sweet, imaginary desire

    Shoe SellerShoe Seller7 hours ago
  • “A little bit” pours whole pan full

    SemSem8 hours ago
  • Stooped, go to the tiny bar, no good

    Dirt BikeDirt Bike8 hours ago
  • That type of ham always reminds me of Tom & Jerry 😅 It looks so fucking good every single time

    Patrick HaugenPatrick Haugen9 hours ago

    Harmony QuinnHarmony Quinn9 hours ago
  • that watermelon wasnt sweet

    Yellowman617Yellowman6179 hours ago
  • “Fully red watermelon” Uhm, it’s pink? 👀

    Harmony QuinnHarmony Quinn9 hours ago
  • Remember always knock on watermelons guys

    Sheb ShebSheb Sheb10 hours ago

    Daniel HealyDaniel Healy11 hours ago
  • Im not sure if ThatVeganTeacher would hate or love this

    Raptor The DinoRaptor The Dino11 hours ago
  • ‘Vegan watermelon ham’ I still question how a watermelon is classified as a veggie from that title

    zeckodyzeckody12 hours ago
  • U talk to much :( I like it I’m also talkative 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Izuku BakugoIzuku Bakugo12 hours ago
  • Arent the black parts Just burned?

    MIsterSojaBohneMIsterSojaBohne12 hours ago
  • Like your gloves! 🙏❤🙏👵

    OmmyNanaOmmyNana13 hours ago
  • 14:38 A S M R

    mike Lunamike Luna14 hours ago
  • I don't get why vegans try to make non-animal products taste like meat, just cook Indian dishes, they taste great.

    James Christopher CirujanoJames Christopher Cirujano15 hours ago
  • Ham is better than Turkey

    InnocentHD ProductionsInnocentHD Productions15 hours ago
  • Bro keeps saying. "A little" lol

    Malachi PollardMalachi Pollard15 hours ago
  • Enough with the globalist ‘eat bugs’ propaganda.

    stuckmannenstuckmannen15 hours ago
  • What in the world is a vegan watermelon

    AiluropodaAiluropoda16 hours ago
  • As opposed to a non vegan watermelon

    ScorpsJunk NstuffScorpsJunk Nstuff17 hours ago
  • Next time, do it with a water baloon

    Hemut NeckHemut Neck18 hours ago
  • YESSS, IM THE 1.000.000th person to watch this video

    Kenzi CrafterKenzi Crafter18 hours ago
  • Can you make asian food🙆🏻‍♂️egg fried rice please, after that you tag uncle roger😅

    muhammad azimmuhammad azim19 hours ago
  • “So we’re going to add a little bit of sugar” *dumps metric ton of sugar onto pan*

    jimbo macaronijimbo macaroni20 hours ago
  • Was it me or I just heard the watermelon said onii chan!?

    John Vincent PaloJohn Vincent Palo20 hours ago
  • Spiral ham is gross af.

    Bob RossBob Ross21 hour ago
  • Me making it with watermelon cause i dont have money for ham :c

    Constantine KavinskyConstantine Kavinsky21 hour ago
  • Why does the melon look so... White? And dry?

    ScavvyScavvy21 hour ago
  • Thats a big sprinkle

    BernardG718BernardG71821 hour ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/ioCamG3Ljoh2dYM&t

    Vegan ArielVegan Ariel22 hours ago
  • He’s done it he found out how to say Worcestershire sauce. Lol I still having trouble with it😂

    Joseph RamerizJoseph Rameriz22 hours ago
  • Remoist my melon Giovanni

    loyencerloyencerDay ago
  • Home made Jamaican cheese burger

    game maniacgame maniacDay ago
  • Watching his hands rub the melon and the ham was strangely erotic. Like I know I'm not that only one 😂😂😭

    Jjangyou? JjangME.Jjangyou? JjangME.Day ago
  • Man just put wood in his ham

    Saltine CrackerSaltine CrackerDay ago
  • I'm a vegan

    Elijah DawkinsElijah DawkinsDay ago
  • Vegans

    Elijah DawkinsElijah DawkinsDay ago
  • That way to prepare ham reminds me of the tender boneless ham, shaped like a ball you find here in Brazil (most common for Holidays), with shallower surface cuts, whole cloves inserted inside then (ofc you take then out after ready) and served with pineapple and canned peach slices cooked in the juices - the day after it's even more delicious for salads and sandwiches *muah*

    AceJayceAceJayceDay ago
  • Now and later

    Foolish YTFoolish YTDay ago
  • I already didn't like watermelon 😭

    holy water uwuholy water uwuDay ago
  • the beginning is just shameless padding. We get the point from the title alone, just get on with it.

    CHG JakeCHG JakeDay ago
  • him just a little bit of sugar garlic and whatever this is him:puts half of all the stuff in there

    Adam WrobelAdam WrobelDay ago
  • The watermelon ham looks like a grenade...

    TTV_PhantomPlaysTTV_PhantomPlaysDay ago
  • Looks good, but please don't make ThatVeganTeacher happy.

    random personrandom personDay ago
  • Nick dont join the vegan cult please vegan food isnt good for u

    Lady B MiniaturesLady B MiniaturesDay ago
  • I'm listening to what hes saying but I'm literally focusing on that knife and how it cuts so perfectly-

  • My Grandma makes the best ham. One day I asked her what her secret was and her answer was "nothing". She just bakes it. No fancy glaze. No complicated spice blend. Nothing.

    Caleb carterCaleb carterDay ago
  • Watermelon sugar

    HFBLADE CeroHFBLADE CeroDay ago
  • I will never show my mom this because she will try to make it and it does not look appealing.

  • i feel like gordon would have commented on this video by now.

    Sean YongSean YongDay ago
  • Gordon and you both have this amazing charisma that makes me watch over and over. Gordon's charisma is a bit less traditional though LOL

    Bryan TranBryan TranDay ago
  • Try ham fam ram

    momslayer21momslayer21Day ago
  • My said a little bit after every full family serving sized amount of an ingredient

    Danker DankDanker DankDay ago
  • Guys.. The way he slaps big chunks of meat.. 😍🤤😍

    Beth LambBeth LambDay ago
  • The way hes rubbin that 🍉 tho 👀 🤤

    Beth LambBeth LambDay ago
  • The real ham looks so fucking goodddd🤤🤤🤤🤤

    ivan beatboxivan beatboxDay ago
  • Every vegan says it tastes just like meat but really it just tastes like shit. Every single time. Shit. Tastes like it.

    bruhmcbruhfacebruhmcbruhfaceDay ago
    • @Beth Lamb cuz I ate vegan meat before

      bruhmcbruhfacebruhmcbruhfaceDay ago
    • 💩 huh? And how would you know what 💩 tastes like?? lol

      Beth LambBeth LambDay ago
  • imagine one of your family members decides to have thanksgiving at their place and invites the whole family and they tell you they have a big announcement to make so you starve yourself all day to make sure have lots of room in your belly so you get there talk to the family have a couple of drink 2-3hours passes by the host calls you to the table and all you see is a bunch of vegetables and tofu and right in the dead center of the table is a huge watermelon and the big announcement is they decided to go vegan

    Hugo BossHugo BossDay ago
  • Watermelon ham sandwich?

    Grant CrespiGrant CrespiDay ago
  • love the gloves man!

    ShadowShadowDay ago
    • WAT!?

      Beth LambBeth LambDay ago
  • Ham vs bee hive

    EpsilonEpsilonDay ago
  • Fuck for a minute I thought he was making two hams until said the smaller one was the watermelon. Who needs guests is right. That watermelon looks delicious I'd fight anyone who'd try and touch it

    Mikela HerbelMikela HerbelDay ago
  • W-watermelon?

    Shauny JimenezShauny JimenezDay ago
  • meat skittle

    Micro_is_MissingMicro_is_MissingDay ago
  • the whole rubbing process man *drooling*

    Vidhi BhujunVidhi BhujunDay ago
    • His wife or girlfriend is a very lucky gal

      Killua ZoldyckKillua ZoldyckDay ago
  • "Not to get nerdy or anything." Proceeds to get nerdy....🙄

    • @King Crimson Requiem uh....ok

    • @DRUGSTOREMAKEUPDIVA nick can get nerdy unironically tho

      King Crimson RequiemKing Crimson Requiem20 hours ago
    • @King Crimson Requiem it's a joke. I'm sure he meant it that way as well...

    • but cmon he's still nick

      King Crimson RequiemKing Crimson RequiemDay ago
  • Vegan food is nasty af

    Evil AGAREvil AGARDay ago
  • Love ham so much more compared to Turkey.

    Dave LaroseDave LaroseDay ago
  • Meaty melon

    Licher7863 gamingLicher7863 gamingDay ago
  • Nick: says woustershire sauce correctly Us Brits: MY MAN FINALLY DID IT

  • *"i always love cutting into watermelons because they remind me of S O M E T H I N G"*

    idkidkDay ago
    • Summer.. Summer.. Summer timeee

      Beth LambBeth LambDay ago
  • POV: You’re looking for comments about that weird lemon

    Joshua BlairJoshua BlairDay ago
    • honestly i'm looking for comments of angry vegans that only wanted to see the melon when... they know this is not the right channel for that

      King Crimson RequiemKing Crimson RequiemDay ago
  • Is it me or does the subscribe button look like the watermelon you slapped? Red. Or is it because I see the after math of the ham's color? (Almost) Grey.

    MuffinzMuffinzDay ago
  • I know im adking a dumb question but the knife u are using is made out of damash steel? Or am i wrong?

    marcel hablemarcel hableDay ago
  • This man has a very different definition of "little"😂😂 It feels therapeutic to watch his videos tho🖤

    Shreya DasShreya DasDay ago
  • That looks so dry

    Moto Moto FishMoto Moto FishDay ago
    • where's the watermelon sauce

      King Crimson RequiemKing Crimson RequiemDay ago
  • Bro you put sawdust in your aromatics *and then basted your ham with it*

    Wicked GreenWicked GreenDay ago
  • This should be banned every where

    Jacod RobinJacod RobinDay ago
  • “Big bite” that little bite

    Eazy KickzEazy KickzDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsay Has joined the Game

    Gaming With MathYTGaming With MathYTDay ago
  • No my favourite is pineapple and Cherrie ham that ham is not good for me tbh

    Pineapple Gaming Every DayPineapple Gaming Every DayDay ago

    Bullshit ProductionsBullshit ProductionsDay ago

    Elijah LuskElijah LuskDay ago
  • I don’t even like ham that much but that looks so freaking good!

    JaeJaeDay ago

    YEETYEETDay ago