Homeless lady cries after getting gifts from stranger #shorts

Feb 19, 2021
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Absolutely loved surprising this sweet soul with blessings to make her day ❤️
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  • Maybe off line God is good

    TonyTony4 minutes ago
  • She’s not homeless this isn’t real

    cheesycheesy16 minutes ago
  • Maybe for us, 200$ isn’t much, but for homeless people 1$ is a lot

    qt.julieeeqt.julieeeHour ago
  • It’s nice that we have people like this it just warms my heart

    XxPartner_EarthxX play's games On RobloxXxPartner_EarthxX play's games On RobloxHour ago
  • It does put a smile on my face

    b o b a_candyb o b a_candy2 hours ago
  • I fucking love your energy. I love you for these good deeds brother

    Dray WayDray Way2 hours ago
  • Nfl she sounds like Micheal Jackson when she said "that made my day"

    ꧁Hanako's GoodStuff꧂꧁Hanako's GoodStuff꧂2 hours ago
  • Tired of these "look at me I'm such a saint!" videos

    Berry McCockinnerBerry McCockinner3 hours ago
  • If u have to record yourself doing something nice then your motivates are wrong, but enjoy all the likes your getting off a homeless women

    AlexAlex3 hours ago
  • You have to record it though if not it’s just a waste of time

    A AA A4 hours ago
  • Thank you so much. She looks really happy. God bless her

    mary holtmary holt4 hours ago
  • This inspired me

    Youtube GuyYoutube Guy5 hours ago
  • Maybe humanity isn’t so bad after all.

    RavenQueen187RavenQueen1875 hours ago
  • We need more people like you bro. The world right now is terrible.

    Zach FoxZach Fox6 hours ago
  • Mah hart Mah soll

    •{Ally_ キツネ}••{Ally_ キツネ}•6 hours ago
  • Great job. Now next time don't film it.

    patrick holbertpatrick holbert6 hours ago
  • 😭😭

    Karam AlbasitKaram Albasit6 hours ago
  • An able-bodied woman in the richest country in the world with a plethora of hiring jobs gets handouts from simp? How is this supposed to be heartwarming

    JackJack6 hours ago
  • That made me realize how much happy I would be to help ppl

    Cynthia hbhCynthia hbh7 hours ago
  • Granny:I'm so happy👁👄👁

    Rachelle PintoRachelle Pinto8 hours ago
  • He a blessing in this earth 🥰😍

    Zarah AliZarah Ali8 hours ago
  • That's humanity

    TanishkaTanishka8 hours ago
  • What is she was like a house what would he do but her a house that she will first off not have the money for second off that would be waaaaay too expensive

    Nothing 971Nothing 9719 hours ago
  • please make more but not for fame or anything but for good hearts of yours

    Josh GreenbеrgJosh Greenbеrg10 hours ago
  • I've seen other videos and he has a really BIG HEART💖💖 cuz he goes around and always tries to help as many homeless people as he can even helped a man by buying him clothes..got him an apartment AND paid ALL his bills for 1 year plus gave him a job so he could get a 2nd chance in life💕 This man has a huge..kind..loving💚 heart to help as many ppl as he💐 can....has never 🤗asked for anyone for anything and doesn't do it for praise...🌷

    MelissaMelissa12 hours ago
  • God bless you🙏💖😊💐💚🌷💜🌹💕💋🦄🤗

    MelissaMelissa12 hours ago
  • Ok I d k why mr beast doesn't doing like this guy he save poor people what they want ... But mr beast have alot of money's that he can save the poor people... Why he doesn't doing like this guy ... Why???

    league of player legendsleague of player legends12 hours ago
  • He's so kind I wanna be like him ❤️

    Bacon icecream :D 2Bacon icecream :D 212 hours ago
  • The break my feels 💔 im so happy yet sad

    Cassandra GutierrezCassandra Gutierrez12 hours ago
  • None of the homeless in San Francisco look that good. It’s pretty terrible

    Debra JohnsDebra Johns12 hours ago
  • With all due respect, these videos make me sick. The majority of people are homeless because they choose to be and make no effort to get back on their feet. "F" 'em all.

    Jedi Knight Jairin AikiJedi Knight Jairin Aiki13 hours ago
  • I hope you live for a very long time because you're the flower that shines and gives the human race the definition of true beauty

    bancy nkongebancy nkonge13 hours ago
  • This make me cry😢😢😢😢

    Kevin DavisKevin Davis13 hours ago
  • Something very disingenuous about posting videos of you "helping" homeless people like you can do that without getting Internet points🤪

    periperi rperiperi r14 hours ago
  • I love shit like this this guy is amazing

    ALYSSAALYSSA14 hours ago
  • I don't want to ruin this but: 📱 🌼🌻🏵 ️👵 Im going to hell 😭

    Iree Co.Iree Co.14 hours ago
  • Don't give homeless people flowers I can't carry them the count water then they don't do anything for him and can't keep him warm and it texts take away hunger pains

    miss jillmiss jill14 hours ago
  • Happy hes not getting shade thrown at him for recoeding it

    r hr h14 hours ago
  • That just made my day

    Adriennette & MarichatAdriennette & Marichat14 hours ago
  • I I wish we had more people like this

    Sawyer EstesSawyer Estes15 hours ago
  • Plot twist: The homeless girl turns around and hops into a Lamborghini

    WarriorBros3WarriorBros315 hours ago
    • Original joke am I right fellow internet dwellers

      ashy donutashy donutHour ago
  • Always catch someone doing good. These are the types of videos I would like to see more often

    James LymanJames Lyman16 hours ago
  • Giving us beautiful. You're supposed to give till it hurts. But filming yourself giving to others for notoriety, just sucks. Youre not supposed to look for congratulations or fame just for giving to others. Still give, but find something else to film, because it's kind of poor shaming.

    Sandra Payne76Sandra Payne7616 hours ago
  • Pretty stinking cool Mr

    Sarah AllgoodSarah Allgood16 hours ago
  • This is the best way ask them what they need instead of getting them what you assume they need unless it's drugs. If he or she wants a beer I'd say get in let's go get a beer Edit: spelling

    TrIpPyTiMeS BTDTrIpPyTiMeS BTD16 hours ago
  • You are a good man 🙂😇

    Zoey RuhlandZoey Ruhland16 hours ago
  • Amen

    AboveTheClouds -VlogsAboveTheClouds -Vlogs16 hours ago
  • She also wants a load and a 40oz king cobra

    porky pigporky pig16 hours ago
  • We should all do that because it is sad

    Aliya CampuzanoAliya Campuzano16 hours ago
  • This is so sweet

    Norma maldonadoNorma maldonado17 hours ago
  • Bless the woman please she needs help 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😞😞😞😞😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️☹️😣😫😫😫😫😫😫🥺🥺😢😖😖😖😫😳😳😳😳😕😕😕😕

    Sivester WashingtinSivester Washingtin17 hours ago
  • UK response: Uhh Uh c-ciggy and a beer mate. Normally have no teeth and are from burnley

    Ikl JoshIkl Josh17 hours ago
  • this makes me happy! we need more people like him in this world!☺️

    Ella LooperElla Looper17 hours ago
  • Faith in humanity restored

    AkimbozAkimboz18 hours ago
  • This was made just for views, hes wanting her to cry..... for likes 🤮

    SRCSRC18 hours ago
  • Omg I love this guy that keeps going up to homeless people and asking “what would put a smile on your face today?” And then he does it! And then they are sooo happy! Love it!!! Why don’t MORE people do this!?! Yay kindness!

    Hayley McNeffHayley McNeff18 hours ago
  • She looks like a very nice lady I would bring her home and call her grandma

    estela Benestela Ben18 hours ago
  • God bled u💜🤍

    Palela HeartPalela Heart19 hours ago
  • Almost made me cry

    M.L.P and L.P.S masters!M.L.P and L.P.S masters!19 hours ago
  • Being kind isnt a thing people should expect to get attention from its from well... being a good person and not telling every one about it but this was still sweet.

    HmmHmm19 hours ago
  • This is so heartwarming. I lived on the streets so I know how it's like and if someone came and gave me flowers I probably would have cried too. This is so sweet 💗

    danielle stoddartdanielle stoddart19 hours ago
  • It's sad this is only done for views and likes but it's nice it was done regardless

    dean sdean s20 hours ago
  • You are so nice

    Kristina PograntKristina Pogrant20 hours ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    undertale 2019undertale 201920 hours ago
  • I'm feeling like I'm about to get real high.

    jasen vernorjasen vernor20 hours ago
  • Respekt to you bro

    og dupheog duphe20 hours ago
  • Ma Allah Almaty help her 🤲❤

    og dupheog duphe20 hours ago
  • ❤❤❤👍👍👏👏👏

    og dupheog duphe20 hours ago
  • ok first why tf is she sounds like she died 59 years ago and WHY tf did u record it?

    antehxantehx20 hours ago
  • First did she look in the car for more and her nails but good job man

    Drippy MaseDrippy Mase20 hours ago
  • my god bless you🙏🏾

    Jordan MitchellJordan Mitchell20 hours ago
  • Your Awesome 👍😎 dude

    Jeremy GirtzJeremy Girtz21 hour ago
  • I bought that hoodie for like $130 when it first came out.

    G The EntityG The Entity21 hour ago
  • this is what my heart wasn’t made to withstand the happiness of others it just makes me so happy i can’t keep my composure

    ICBSRICBSR21 hour ago
  • Remember everyone, you’re not actually helping until you pull out a camera and show hundreds of thousands of strangers online how great and virtuous of a person you are.

    itscolditscold21 hour ago
  • Bro i love what you are doing!!! But there is one thing , why do you have two put you're face in the pic? It's dubbel bro. Realy more people need to do what you are doing!!❤👊🏽 But whitout you're self in de film. You will stil be succesfull!!! God bless Brother 🙏🏽🔥

    Jer BJer B21 hour ago
  • Is it bad that im wondering why he records this

    Envious TunicEnvious Tunic21 hour ago
    • Narcissism

      itscolditscold21 hour ago
  • I did that and i made there day bc they had a baby and a dog so what i said is "should i take after you can live with me" she said "no no its fine" i was like "come on pls i know your sad" and she agreed and now were friends

    Ochako Uraraka may i kill pev?Ochako Uraraka may i kill pev?21 hour ago
  • Yeah, let's film it for extra clout

    Jonny JonjonJonny Jonjon21 hour ago
  • I literally cried that’s so sweet!!

    Jaiden PetroskyJaiden Petrosky21 hour ago
  • 👏👏👏👍👍👍😇😇😇💝💖💗🤗

    Beriban KhederBeriban Kheder21 hour ago
  • This is probably fa-eh screw it yeah its real have your daily dose of happines

    Dank MemerDank Memer21 hour ago
  • Omg😭

    sara hernandezsara hernandez21 hour ago
  • Know what would be even better if they didn’t film it and just did it (by the way this is not hate)

    Lazy CatsLazy Cats22 hours ago
    • That's so right .

      Alondra RodriguezAlondra Rodriguez7 hours ago
  • I’m currently watching an older episode of Dr. Phil about Barbara losing her kids to CPS and being accused of setting their house on fire with her two kids inside it and I swear this is her. Go search Dr. Phil full episode “I did not set the house on fire to kill my kids”

    BethBeth22 hours ago
  • Aww nice

    aidencool Walleraidencool Waller22 hours ago
  • I was released from prison for heroin in December of 2010 and went to a church outreach to get some warm clothes and a coat. There were a group of women that were loading up carts with everything that came out of the processing area and blocked anyone that tried trying one on. That weekend I saw them at the weekend flea market selling the same coats along with twenty or so totes of other clothes. They also had cars and pickups that were five years old or newer. When I asked about why they were taking clothes meant for people in need and selling them their English got really bad if you know what I mean. Ever seen a homeless person from south of the border? Me either.

    DD PNDD PN22 hours ago
  • The best satisfaction on your videos is their smile and how small act can change someones day in seconds. Subscribed.

    Jesse BrownJesse Brown23 hours ago
  • this man deserves H E A V E N

    Drip CatDrip Cat23 hours ago
  • I mean im not homeless but if you wanted to give me 200 bucks id cry for a video

    Avery BrooksAvery Brooks23 hours ago
  • You so nice

    vc slayervc slayer23 hours ago
  • God bless you

    Crystal SalasCrystal Salas23 hours ago
  • So wholesome like im crying rn

    Abbey NAbbey NDay ago
  • Awwww

    Heh.xxEmili .xHeh.xxEmili .xDay ago
  • Be careful bc there are lots of scammers. And put the camera down fr. That’s all I see now a days filming.. can’t u do a good deed without filming and asking them to venmo you?

    Ellenore OxleyEllenore OxleyDay ago
  • This is amazing

    A WA WDay ago

    JC ClancyJC ClancyDay ago
  • The most amazing thing you could do for a homeless person is get them a place to sleep for a week with food. To be able to have a week of sleep and bathing/shower access. Also a phone. With a phone under these circumstances you would be amazed at what they could do for themselves.(work/place to stay) with just some rest and a phone. This would be optimal to bring thier physical and mental health back. Many people want to give things and find work ect.ect. without realizing the the effects of not having proper sleep food or hygiene for along period of homelessness. . You need to go A to B not A to Z. Just sayin...........

    Sherry NelsonSherry NelsonDay ago
  • Okay but the flowers were a super nice touch man, good on ya

    Alex HuertaAlex HuertaDay ago
  • Why dont u just put the phone down next time

    Okusitino HafokaOkusitino HafokaDay ago