"Hog Hunt" | Dream SMP Animation

Apr 2, 2021
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Hello!!!!!! I'm backk!!!!!!
Hopefully you have a wonderful day today ^^
MUSIC by @2WEI and @Marvin Brooks
Music: Marvin Brooks - Ghost (2WEI Remix)
Stream here: artist.positionmusic.com/Ghost-2WEIRemix-MarvinBrooks
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
Original Song: Marvin Brooks - Ghost
Stream here: new.positionmusic.com/MarvinBrooksGhost
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
I'm very thankful that they let me used this wonderful music piece!
Go ahead and support them!! :D

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Technoblade never dies!!!!!!


    TechnobladeTechnoblade14 days ago

      KoiPondKoiPond14 days ago
    • Techoblade never die

      lolopo guy'slolopo guy's14 days ago
    • EPIC

      KordessPLKordessPL14 days ago

      Nicholas Chung Hong ShengNicholas Chung Hong Sheng14 days ago

      El team MatheEl team Mathe14 days ago
  • 2:39 I thought that the tusks belonged to the mask, who would have expected it to be part of the Technoblade's head

    UltimateFantasyUltimateFantasy6 minutes ago
  • It’s like a movie trailer!

    Axol BuddyAxol Buddy10 minutes ago
    • Yup

      JackQTV Games and MemesJackQTV Games and Memes8 minutes ago
  • make this a movie

    thegamingkid 254thegamingkid 25411 minutes ago
    • Would be so epic

      JackQTV Games and MemesJackQTV Games and Memes8 minutes ago
  • Protect le horse

    IzzyDoesAnimationsIzzyDoesAnimations12 minutes ago
  • Petition to invite Sad-ist to the Dream SMP

    Pulsive GamingPulsive Gaming12 minutes ago
    • Signed

      JackQTV Games and MemesJackQTV Games and Memes8 minutes ago
  • I cant stop rewatching

    ItsSnowNink PlayzItsSnowNink Playz14 minutes ago
  • how could someone dislike this-

    NoxtqrnalNoxtqrnal17 minutes ago
    • @JackQTV Games and Memes exactly, what’s not to love

      NoxtqrnalNoxtqrnal5 minutes ago
    • If they don’t like dream smp, Bu-but l who doesn’t!

      JackQTV Games and MemesJackQTV Games and Memes8 minutes ago
  • this is astonishing. and who else licks there teeth when techno puts the pickaxe through big Q's teeth

    Sarah HarshmanSarah Harshman23 minutes ago
  • I don't know why but quackitiys eyebrows make me so mad

    Faded WolfFaded Wolf24 minutes ago
  • 2:31 this scene sent chills down my spine, this is a masterpiece.

    Toonmatt 92Toonmatt 9230 minutes ago
  • This is just....Chef kiss...i can't this is too beautiful for me

    S PelerinS Pelerin32 minutes ago
  • That was... So freaking AWESOME. Shout out to Camila Cuevas for recommending your channel with the speed paint drawing SADIST Dream.

    PhoenixGirlPhoenixGirl33 minutes ago
  • Ok hear me out this would be AMAZING if formed into a movie

    Raseel TARaseel TA37 minutes ago
  • This is amazing

    Sweet TartSweet Tart40 minutes ago
  • "Every Step Will Make It Worse"

    Brian ResnovBrian Resnov42 minutes ago
  • No way this is to cool man i cant not even i can do that-

    Ysabel DerpoYsabel Derpo42 minutes ago
  • This animation just gives ya a certain feeling ya know?

    sophia roppasophia roppa47 minutes ago
  • Watching for the 45th time today

    sophia roppasophia roppa49 minutes ago
  • Nobody cant beat sadist animation is impossible

    glitch galaxyglitch galaxy57 minutes ago
  • The 4.2K Dislikes just hate dream smp not the animation no joke I liked

    VerifiedDathiVerifiedDathi58 minutes ago
  • Holy shit whoever did the subtitles deserves an award as well

    DrTashbagDrTashbagHour ago
  • Why does this feel like a movie trailer?

    Jaime DelacruzJaime DelacruzHour ago
  • I've watched this way to many times

    squidsticlessquidsticlesHour ago
  • Iv watched this 1,000,000 times

    Sarah SalewskySarah SalewskyHour ago
  • That totem is SICK

    Brian ChinBrian ChinHour ago
  • I love the animation but the thing it gets good because of its subtitles

    Nightcore EverywhereNightcore EverywhereHour ago
  • After lmanburg blowing up i will be so excited for a ranboo one or tommy and tubbo vs dream.

    Polar ExpressPolar ExpressHour ago
  • he attac, he protec, but most importantly, we all agree this animation is as cool as hec

    DerpPicklesDerpPicklesHour ago

    Zenitsu AgatsumaZenitsu AgatsumaHour ago

    Stop. Now.Stop. Now.Hour ago
  • This should be on Spotify i love this to much

    Kai MolamphyKai MolamphyHour ago
  • how did she get the captions to do that?!

    mationsmations2 hours ago
  • this has the same vibe as an professionally made show trailer.

    ξεκούραση νεκρούξεκούραση νεκρού2 hours ago
  • This was so good. I got chills and my heart started pounding when they caught him. Soooo freaking awesome.

    AudreyInTheUniverseAudreyInTheUniverse2 hours ago

    General IrohGeneral Iroh2 hours ago
  • Let him be pig

    General IrohGeneral Iroh2 hours ago
  • Techno with hair sucks ngl

    General IrohGeneral Iroh2 hours ago
  • Techno has the best lines

    Afto̸nAfto̸n2 hours ago
  • i think i killed the replay buttom O_O

    Zade the uglyZade the ugly2 hours ago
  • This was amazing! But I cracked up when he said pull the lever and technoblade is just like HEEH?

    Woofenitup!Woofenitup!2 hours ago
  • welcome back dream smp fan, we all know this aint your first time watching this masterpiece

    ConoCono2 hours ago
  • 3:07 The time that technoblade became technobade

  • What can we do to improve our country? START A FIGHT WITH THE ONLY PERSON WITH WITHERS l manburg is sooooooo poorly run

    Copper 29Copper 293 hours ago
  • In the next animate put the aot season 4 soundtrack

    Gericho MarianoGericho Mariano3 hours ago
  • Are you working wtih 2wei??

    A.R.BA.R.B3 hours ago

    Bry GuyBry Guy3 hours ago
  • Bruh! So STINKING AWESOME!!! Also I love the little "Heh?" noise Techno makes XD

    LilWolfy DoesArtYTLilWolfy DoesArtYT3 hours ago
  • I like the idea that Phil is like an archangel or something

    David Awesome GamerDavid Awesome Gamer3 hours ago
  • Song by 2wei

    World of NatureWorld of Nature3 hours ago
  • Did she animate this all alone?? LPSAODJAO

    Momo you can step on meMomo you can step on me3 hours ago
  • I love this woman

    Momo you can step on meMomo you can step on me3 hours ago
  • 3:00 Love this part so much!

    Alisha HaskettAlisha Haskett3 hours ago
  • what the hell this is sooooo cool i loved the totem part thats soooooooooo AMAZING

    8Y.30.Zidane Alghifary8Y.30.Zidane Alghifary3 hours ago
  • we always memorize all of ur vids cause its so cool and we watch it many times

    Cherry may OmosCherry may Omos3 hours ago
  • I just realized that Techno was wondering why Dream helped him then Quackity showed up and Dream disappeared : 2:49

    Dagmar CaygillDagmar Caygill3 hours ago
  • This feels like a movie trailer! And it's sick!!!

    Andrew GonzalezAndrew Gonzalez4 hours ago
  • NO FLIPPIN WAY!!!! This is beyond amazing my friend!!

    Golden KingyoGolden Kingyo4 hours ago
  • I’m not sure if you are even aware of the amount of skill you have to make me feel the way I did watching this on stream. Be proud of this masterpiece

    Professor STONKSProfessor STONKS4 hours ago
  • It's so fucking good

    lugge_m _2lugge_m _24 hours ago
  • I literally cannot describe how incredibly cool this is! The animation is smooth and thought-out, the storytelling is incredible, the interpretation of the characters and the fights and the story just blows me away.

    CodebreakerblueCodebreakerblue4 hours ago
  • Cool man the animation is really cool looking and the song make more 😊❤

    godzillajrgodzillajr4 hours ago
  • Can u try to make the Eggpire

    Day PawDay Paw4 hours ago
  • Quackity: the plan is SIMPLE find and kill Techno Me: That is the OPPOSITE of Simple Rickrollled XD

    Pritam MukherjeePritam Mukherjee4 hours ago
  • Fundy looks sick

    Emily Curtis-MurphyEmily Curtis-Murphy4 hours ago
  • I didnt notice "friend" there 2:36

    Rhayn Y OpsimArRhayn Y OpsimAr4 hours ago
  • I'm watching this by the 9th time pls send help

    Cyber LemonCyber Lemon4 hours ago
  • Yoo that's soo cool

    ChaserChaser4 hours ago

    arsonarson4 hours ago
  • techno big pp

    nicolas gonzaleznicolas gonzalez4 hours ago
  • This is amazing I couldn’t even draw one frame of this 🤯

    Sanscerly meSanscerly me4 hours ago
  • This is freaking awesome and the totem looks so cool

    Crazyface 310Crazyface 3105 hours ago
  • I've noticed with each progressive video, we see less and less of Dream's humanity. At the beginning he was just a guy, and now he's this ominous, faceless figure devoid of all human emotion. I like it.

    Medusa StoneMedusa Stone5 hours ago
  • I like how Phil's wing is still torn from the last animation

    Exotic BruhExotic Bruh5 hours ago
  • this makes me more excited to animate cause this was freaking fire bruh

    nutella kookienutella kookie5 hours ago
  • When he says “welcome Theseus” does he mean when techno made withers and said to Tommy “you wanna be a hero Tommy, THEN DIE LIKE ONE” sunscreen Theseus can be relayed to a hero

    Cartoon SmileyCartoon Smiley5 hours ago
  • Song?

    Katie PrattKatie Pratt5 hours ago
  • cool video i love it

    mr gamermr gamer5 hours ago
  • Look at Ramboo he look so cute and good

    Marik BXMarik BX5 hours ago
  • ive watched this 15 times lol

    Ryan NyoniRyan Nyoni5 hours ago
  • Noooo girl it's amaizing animation to but continue ....

    thebluebest 30thebluebest 305 hours ago
  • I am amazed by how much effort was put in to this This definitely deserves more views (tbh the whole USworlds community should see this, that’s how good it is) And those scenes with dream just casually saying nothing while staring to me are really cool, so yeah! This should be trending

    EE5 hours ago
  • Best animation ever

    IconiksniperIconiksniper5 hours ago
  • "The only thing that works in this world is that you treat others as they treat you... Those who have treated me with kindness, I will repay that kindness tenfold... AND THOSE... who treat me with injustice, that hunt me down, that hurt my friends... I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over!"

    14vidit14vidit5 hours ago
  • Может ей(ему) аниме рисовать? Тип будет ещё популярней 👀♥️

    дerevяωĸa 2.0дerevяωĸa 2.05 hours ago
  • cringe larp cringe larp

    Orb of WaterOrb of Water6 hours ago
  • for some reason this makes me think of a movie trailer

    leapingzulu 5470leapingzulu 54706 hours ago
  • Sad ist you are sooooo underrated, you should have 1717272727727272 subscribers 😃

    gelogelo6 hours ago
  • Techno yooooooo

    Jason ZinnJason Zinn6 hours ago
  • I just realized.... the heart on Philza’ chest is a hardcore heart....

    Trainer LSWTrainer LSW6 hours ago
  • This is so good what- 😳

    Rouna Go ZoomRouna Go Zoom6 hours ago
  • i have clearly missed a lot in a month

    Enderman RobotEnderman Robot6 hours ago
  • Aint No cryin please

    Alicja LewandowskaAlicja Lewandowska6 hours ago
  • Sadist animation really make me cry, i love it sadist!!

    Mr FoundeyMr Foundey6 hours ago
  • It's like I'm watching a movie or a trailer of it

    rozetina rozetinarozetina rozetina7 hours ago
  • bruh, how did you jferiuadsjokdijfh-edhweadfjsighhhhhhherurgyvhbfnjusxo hugbhiofrnjgbvwzhow??> wait is this based on a video, if it is what video?

    ʕMirpʔʕMirpʔ7 hours ago
  • I have only watched this about 200 times and I am still amazed about how well it was animated well done SAD-ist!

    Jonathan IzattJonathan Izatt7 hours ago
  • I love seeing how sadist is geting beder in animating and using moves more than just frames like in The Fall

    Michal BaborMichal Babor7 hours ago
  • I gain +100 life everytime the totem of undying scene plays

    JustinJustin7 hours ago
  • best thing I've ever seen ]