Cities are Hell

Dec 26, 2020
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Hey Arnold: It's hard to live in the city.
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You probably fondly remember Hey Arnold as that Nickelodeon show about a lovable do-gooder. But what if we told you there's a secret darkness at play when Arnold explores his city of Hillwood? We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition on Hey Arnold: Will City Life Destroy You?
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Written by: Myles McDonough
Hosted by: Greg Edwards
Directed by: Elizabeth Yarwood
Video Title Card by: Amanda Murphy
Motion Graphics by: Riley A
Editing by: Mark Potts
Produced by: Evan Yee

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  • Wow, I loved this video! Hey Arnold was such a deep show that can be looked at at so many angles and perspectives. I like how you talked about psychogeography. That's something I never heard about but it makes a lot of sense when you explained it and how it connects to Hey Arnold!

    Dial Up DigestDial Up Digest5 days ago
  • As an urbanist, i love it 💕

    Carolina AquinoCarolina Aquino8 days ago
  • That is the greatest promo code I have ever heard.

    James RichieJames Richie8 days ago
  • The show was ahead of its time for sure.

    Memo SanviMemo Sanvi10 days ago
  • More thug notes plz!!!

    Animal BeastAnimal Beast15 days ago
  • This was rad! I keep coming back to Hey Arnold over the years and this makes me love it all the more.

    Kacy JonesKacy Jones17 days ago
  • I loved this!

    Jay WJay W22 days ago
  • Hey Arnold was my moral compass as a kid. Arnold was one of those rare cartoon characters who had a strong moral center that was unhindered by comical naiveté. He was a good person, but he wasn't an idiot or a weirdo, which made him really stand out among other cartoons of the time.

    DinoJakeDinoJake22 days ago
  • from the main cast, both Halga and Phoebe were almost as rich as Rhonda, they just didn't brag about it. Phoebe has a fencing piste inside her house.

    Miroslava Juarez RamirezMiroslava Juarez Ramirez28 days ago
  • Greg does the best topics, change my mind. The video on the dark shift of comedy was 🤌🏻

    Dallas RandallDallas RandallMonth ago
  • Hey Arnold good. Video bad.

    Chasingthe TaleChasingthe TaleMonth ago
  • I had almost forgot everything about this show. Going to look it up and rewatch it soon. Always interesting to rewatch whatever show or film wisecrack talks about to try to see it through a new lens.

    Krisping GamingKrisping GamingMonth ago
  • What i got from this video is that living in a city just sucks

    RobertRobertMonth ago
  • 16:46-16:53 unlike how irl too many see the *apparent* indifference w/with ppl take actions *as* personality traits

    Vintage TerminalVintage TerminalMonth ago
  • From this perspective I can kind of see and I'm glad for how some of the themes covered on 'The Simpsons' were covered on 'Hey Arnold!' at a time when I would have been scolded for watching the former.

    Marginalia 2043Marginalia 2043Month ago

    vcvcMonth ago
  • hilarious that the inner city black kid was the self jerk 😅 maybe a little too realistic for comfort 😏 remember that father figures are important to your growth kids 😅

    SobeCrunkMonsterSobeCrunkMonsterMonth ago
  • Helga is one of the best cartoon characters ever. So dynamic and her love for Arnold and why she loves him is so sweet.

    Mac BurtonMac Burton2 months ago
  • Live in Williamsburg and beeper stores are the least of our worries now lol

    Danny CDanny C2 months ago
  • We are not merely individuals, and we are not merely members of the community. We are both simultaneously.

    Piers Echols-JonesPiers Echols-Jones2 months ago
  • Well we're on the topic of situationism it be kind of cool to also talk about Ghost Hound

    Gardner PonyGardner Pony2 months ago
  • Never realised how much Hey Arnold had a hand in shaping my mind in adolescence

    Emperor NimballaEmperor Nimballa2 months ago
  • Hey, Arnold is a masterpiece of a cartoon and one of my all-time favorites. I was lucky enough to watch the premiere of the pilot episode on Nick back in the 90s, and I still love it today. This video was incredible Wisecrack, thank you very much.

    That Fetcher FargothThat Fetcher Fargoth2 months ago
  • Hey Arnold used to be my fav cartoon from childhood because it felt very familiar to me. I’m not even from the USA, but their lifestyle was so close to the reality of my third world country that I understood the way the played, the way the get along with their neighborhoods, even the way they had to defend themselves from danger. This video was really eye opening for me

    Paola SerranoPaola Serrano2 months ago
  • Greg from thug notes is back yaaaaaaa

    SIR DIXONSIR DIXON2 months ago
  • Gonna have to strongly disagree on the "desert tribes tend towards monotheism" overgeneralization The major monotheistic religions of today were all strongly influenced by the Zoroastrian religion of the Persian empire. They were settled at that point, not a desert tribe. And they spread it to Israel. Who was also a settled nation with cities. Who passed it on to Rome. Another empire full of settled cities. All of these cultures had nomadic components, but had long-since formed into nations and empires as well. Monotheism has absolutely thrived with the rise of civilization and empire. And it seems to have started with people living in the steppes and mountains, not the desert.

    Ben LamoreuxBen Lamoreux2 months ago
  • I think you guys are missing out on an; existential, isolationism, nihilistic gem in House Md you should do a philosophy of about his character. I think it’s worth a deep dive.

    The Boom Boom RoomThe Boom Boom Room2 months ago
  • Hey Arnold is my all time favourite show. Hands down. i had such a crush on him and even as an early teen, all i wanted was to save him. Never thought that i actually wanted to be saved myself and saw Arnold as my saviour, "favourite person" as they say. You know the Pigeon man... to this day his story haunts me.

    Nef WaenreNef Waenre2 months ago
  • Till this day I’m still tryna get a bedroom like Arnold 😂

    Flexxx StrongFlexxx Strong2 months ago
  • I recall "hey arnold" speaking to me as a kid, despite being from a rural area (as in, 200 people within 10 miles). I think it's more about just relating to characters in a tough situation and to relating to people around you due to class and shared experiences than anything. Great video though, made me reconsider the show from just simply "something I enjoyed watching as a kid".

    FenFen2 months ago
  • Greg returns 👌

    Just A GuyJust A Guy2 months ago
  • And This is why I loved (still do) this show so much. It explains a lot!

    Elizabeth GiovannaElizabeth Giovanna2 months ago
  • I'm just gonna say, I love that the coupon code is "DEADINSIDE". Never would buy the merch, but damn if that isn't self aware of the season spirit.

    Sha ShoSha Sho2 months ago
  • Since when did in Wisecrack started to be about how shitty capitalism is, I don't want to call them the m word but good!

    Reinaldo A. Agüin AgüeroReinaldo A. Agüin Agüero2 months ago
  • ahahaha they got the "urban" guy to talk about the urban cartoon

    d taylord taylor2 months ago
  • That's a jerk of an uncle!

    Donna SnyderDonna Snyder2 months ago
  • Excellent video

    ThatMissQuinThatMissQuin2 months ago
  • U folks in Wisecrack are incredibly smart, I like watching most of your videos.

    Mark DrifterMark Drifter2 months ago
  • Wow... Now that im older this show really made since. They were really spitting truth.

    AndrewAndrew2 months ago
  • Real talk this show was ghetto as hell to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rod ShawRod Shaw2 months ago
  • yes i love hey arnold i related to it a lot growing up and the movie is also so good and i feel like it doesnt get enough credit! thank you greg!!

    Jessica JimenezJessica Jimenez2 months ago
  • Man, I want to see more of Greg. I miss his content so much!!!

    Wagner Tulio PaulinoWagner Tulio Paulino2 months ago
  • Best episode you guys have done

    ervca06ervca062 months ago
  • Stoop kid episode changed my life lol

    Derek TafoyaDerek Tafoya2 months ago

    bob bobinsonbob bobinson2 months ago
  • Always happy to see Greg

    The Seph I amThe Seph I am2 months ago
  • So im from country living. I grew up in a place that (relatively) unchanged. I moved to Toronto Ontario Canada. Since being here restaurants and mainstay places have come and gone in a blink of an eye. Huge condos whipe out old views, hell I was here for 8 years and I have seen this city become unrecognizable. Back home in Grande prairie, you see and feel new changes, the scars that are cut out are felt.. I feel for you Arnold, I do...

    bulldog666999bulldog6669992 months ago
  • I tend to side more with Marxists on the causes of alienation being more a result of capitalism than of some quality inherent to cities. Arguably, we city slickers should be more connected than ever, living in such close proximity with so many people, but this isn't the case in practice, due in part to the way cities are laid out (largely determined by what is judged most profitable), and in part by the fact that we spend all of our time working and have very little time or energy to expend on building communities with our neighbors and neighborhoods.

    Jordan SullivanJordan Sullivan2 months ago
  • Great catch on the German Expressionist influences in the show.

    Jordan SullivanJordan Sullivan2 months ago
  • Greg makes me so happy :)

    Jordan SullivanJordan Sullivan2 months ago
  • When I was younger, I didn't even notice that Hey Arnold was out of the ordinary. Only much later did I consciously notice the differences between it and other cartoons. Hey Arnold just looked ... normal.

    jaime sjaime s2 months ago
  • As a kid growing up in a small town in a country that doesn’t have giant skyscraper type cities i thought Hey Arnold and it’s setting was pure fiction

    SebbirSebbir2 months ago
  • When you said “Arnold stubbornly believes there is still good in people under layers of hurt.” I was happy to be stubborn lol

    Coolhigh6000Coolhigh60002 months ago
  • I miss Greg and his segments.

    Joshua DrewJoshua Drew3 months ago
  • Really loved this vid

    Anthony IwejuoAnthony Iwejuo3 months ago
  • Unashamedly putting this kids cartoon in such a serious philosophical light to show that it is one of the most wholesome beautiful peices of artwork for modern society is the exact kind of thing to make me say I love wisecrack.

    RaggleRaggle3 months ago
  • Hopper Rules

    Matt SchlapferMatt Schlapfer3 months ago
  • Gerald kept it pushing because he never gets a warning. The opening credits/arguably title of the show, is LITTERALY the entire city giving the clueless/optimistic white boi a heads up for potential danger while Gerald kept it 100 with his Deadpool reds and 33's. Stay woke or been woke 🤔👌🏾

    Trap MasonTrap Mason3 months ago
  • It's this sort of thing that gives me a hard decision. I want to move away because of psychogeography, but I want to stay because of communitarianism.

    Elsewhere PrinceElsewhere Prince3 months ago
  • Hey Greg, when we gonna see more Thug Notes?

    AriAri3 months ago
  • Was just suggested to watch this by a friend, and I am blown away by your insight and breakdown! Thanks dude.

    Kilian HeadKilian Head3 months ago
  • yes Greg good to see you, missed thug notes

    Dan BlackDan Black3 months ago
  • As a kid my diehard favorites to this day are Hey Arnold, Courage the coward dog and Zim, with a special mention of Avatar, I hold all of them dear in my heart.

    CloverfrCloverfr3 months ago
  • I wish there was a cartoon like this for todays youth.

    ShoryukenDatAzzShoryukenDatAzz3 months ago
  • I love hey Arnold but wisecrack really likes quoting communists. Not trying to say they're pushing it but yeah. My family got away from that and we like America

    skat26skat263 months ago
  • Goodness this was an awesome video.

    Joe RodriguezJoe Rodriguez3 months ago
  • I wonder where do one be able to find community

    Ciro ArrietaCiro Arrieta3 months ago
  • Wait, no mention of Max-Neff's development at human scale nor of the studies of Calhoun into societal downfall of mouse cities? Situationism was a weird place to start but the second half was an interesting spiral. Could've kept it going for a while, wisecrack!

    Jose P. MontoyaJose P. Montoya3 months ago
  • thug notes guy hell yeah!!

    ЯÕNIИfoxЯÕNIИfox3 months ago

    Kelley JonesKelley Jones3 months ago
  • Guy did a great job replacing Jared!

    Gregg EvermanGregg Everman3 months ago
  • Never watched but I'm going to now

    nachnach3 months ago
  • NO! Not at all! Cities are just a place where there is more comparable human crazy. Small towns/the country is NOT some bastion of ideal humanity. Take it from someone who's grown up in butt %^&$ right wing nowhere - THIS IS WHERE THE CRAZY COMES FROM. All of the best serial killers and genocidal megalomaniacs come from small towns for a reason! Have you not payed attention to all of the inbreed hick murder movies?

    Oracle WyrdOracle Wyrd3 months ago
  • I just missed being a Hey Arnold watcher. Wishing I had watched it now.

    Topper SundquistTopper Sundquist3 months ago
  • Great video! As someone who grew up in a rural area, Hey Arnold was such an interesting peek into a completely different worldview for me as a kid.

    TheLycanthrope09TheLycanthrope093 months ago
  • I grew up in an affluent town in Massachusetts however; I developed learning disabilities from the 3 and half years of cancer treatments I went through, the public schools in my town didn't really want acknowledge these disabilities, because it put a smudge on their "perfect" town. My mom found a school outside Boston for kids with LDs but, the town didn't want to pay for me to go there, even though the public schools told my parents I would never graduate from high school. I eventually ended up going to that school but, not until my parents sued the town to get me there. After graduating college I couldn't wait to move to the city.

    Bears08Bears083 months ago
  • my environment makes me contemplate suicide daily.

    Mr. Sean QueefMr. Sean Queef3 months ago
  • Pfft, I live in Canada. My community is chill, low crime, socialized healthcare, and only major issue is the anger I feel surrounded by shit drivers, and aggressive hockey fans. :)

    ItsJustMeItsJustMe3 months ago
  • Greg: "I mean who hasn't seen this?" Me: "....uh"

    Wesley AckermanWesley Ackerman3 months ago
  • 0:42 How did I never notice that?!

    DarthDragon117DarthDragon1173 months ago
  • Big bob has big jimmy pesto vibes

    itsme924itsme9243 months ago
  • They no longer make series like this. I feel bad for the current gen kids.

    Lying Dog Faced Pony SoldierLying Dog Faced Pony Soldier3 months ago
  • I got the complete series box set a couple weeks ago and I've been binging it like crazy lol I've seen the episodes hundreds of times as a kid, but they never get old

    Louis AriasLouis Arias3 months ago
  • "Arnold's philosophy is similar to that of Mengzi." And that's why I subscribed to this channel.

    Dan JohnstonDan Johnston3 months ago
  • I Love his Voice!

    Khashayar KhosraviKhashayar Khosravi3 months ago
  • Is that his real voice?

    daniel laradaniel lara3 months ago
  • OMG I'd never knew Hey Arnaold was this good!!

    Blacksheep azeBlacksheep aze3 months ago
  • Money heist por favor

    William Ellen CuartelWilliam Ellen Cuartel3 months ago
  • I never really noticed how bad some characters home-lives were

    AkitaAkita3 months ago
  • Cities suck? Well thats obviously a No shit fact

    adam hauskinsadam hauskins3 months ago
  • what beat is used at 17:00

    loop junkieloop junkie3 months ago
  • I guess Jarred getting fired allowed for this gentleman to come back to the channel.

    Kenneth CorreaKenneth Correa3 months ago
  • Glad to see you again

    Gone MadGone Mad3 months ago
  • 7:25 TRUEEEE. I fucking hated that...

    Snowball EffectSnowball Effect3 months ago
  • Arnold was an unique kid protagonist. He was kind, but he wasn't stupid or naive, he was actually pretty cool and respected. He wasn't dismissed because he was a kid, even the adults in his life respected him. As a kid, I really wanted to be like him.

    The YouTube AnalystThe YouTube Analyst3 months ago
  • I think the most shocking revelation about this is that the Hey Arnold cast are fourth graders. But in all seriousness, I'm consistently amazed at the messaging that was incorporated into the shows I watched as a child. The effects of Urban Sprawl are probably things the average person would image is impossible to demonstrate to kids, and yet Hey Arnold's ethos is dripping with this messaging. Makes me really want to rewatch the show.

    ZeverishZeverish3 months ago
  • Aw hell yeah more Greg

    Spyro FanSpyro Fan3 months ago
  • I miss Thug Notes

    J1P2KJ1P2K3 months ago
  • This show was after my childhood so I never really watched it. Amazing analysis. Really interesting.

    Richard ServelloRichard Servello3 months ago
  • Reading the comments, the things that strikes me the most is that yes, this show is about urban life, but more than that it is about class. Capitalism breaks people so they can better serve capital, and make the rich richer. We need to overcome this system.

    MahMah3 months ago