Here’s a fun way to turn that frown upside down!

Mar 25, 2021
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My niece wasn’t having the best of days. I noticed a Capri Sun laying on the counter and remembered I used to freeze them to make Popsicles when I was younger. I figured this would cheer her up but at first she didn’t understand what I was doing with it until we put it in the freezer she realized she had a special treat coming to her but still was not 100% sure what tho?
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  • seeing sharp things close to this little girl give me huge amount of anxiety-

    bokuaka lovebotbokuaka lovebot23 minutes ago
  • Can someone tell me if these are actual juice? We don't have them where I'm from.. they look like sugar shit pouches but i see American parents giving it to kids so.. is it real juice??

    Elle pElle p35 minutes ago
  • I relate to how he took 3 and a half years to open the capri sun

    ZiP72ZiP72Hour ago
  • Wtf is this? No mames wey

    Oscar AOscar AHour ago
  • Poke the hole with the straw then flip it over and put back in so the pointy part isn't in the popsicle

    UltraGhostRiderUltraGhostRiderHour ago
  • Great now it tastes like ice with little food coloring

    WisKWisKHour ago
  • Wait... what are you doing to kill time while the popsicle is in the freezer?

    ButtersonButterson2 hours ago
  • "a pokey thingy" a wise man once said

    InkOnInkOffInkOnInkOff2 hours ago
  • I don’t know what’s going to make the bigger mess that popsicle when it melts or that I spit going through the roof of her mouth 😬🥶

    Jazmine VavalJazmine Vaval2 hours ago
  • anxiety popsicle

    Jones gaming_Jones gaming_2 hours ago
  • Mf it’s gonna taste like water

    Cutie PieV2Cutie PieV22 hours ago
  • Thought the juice was brown

    Your SunYour Sun2 hours ago
  • He said it wrong....he was saying to kill some time but deep down he was saying to kill some kids ......

    PurushottamPurushottam2 hours ago
  • Omg me and my sister would always make these in the summer when we were younger they were so good. But we instead put the whole Caprisun in the freezer and cut it open and ate it with a fork and it turned into like a ICEE

    NessaNessa3 hours ago
  • Suh dude

    Braddy FN_GamerYTBraddy FN_GamerYT3 hours ago
  • I don't have caprice sum but i have box milk so imma freze that and enjoy it like i normally do

    Nesia ChanNesia Chan3 hours ago
  • So stupid

    Jackson PowellJackson Powell3 hours ago
  • I have some to I got to try it👌👌👌

    Braddy FN_GamerYTBraddy FN_GamerYT3 hours ago
  • I don't know what's more cringe the popsicle or tiktok

    Say hi to BingusSay hi to Bingus3 hours ago
  • When you freeze a liquid with a plastic container it expands causing plastic to get in the pospicle which can cause cancer and other illnesses

    ខ្ញុំញ៉ាំក្មេង យ៉ាំមីខ្ញុំញ៉ាំក្មេង យ៉ាំមី4 hours ago
  • Bored? Make this thing in 5 minutes. Continue to be bored for another few hours or until it freezes. Eat it. Then be bored again

    BihBih4 hours ago
  • It’s all fun and games until she gets to the center

    Kayla NgoyoucantsaymylastnameKayla Ngoyoucantsaymylastname4 hours ago
  • Caprisun doesn't exist here in Canada or atleast where I live

    Zac The CrusaderZac The Crusader4 hours ago
  • bruh i’ve been thirsty and just as soon as i watched this i thought my water bottle was empty and there was still like half of it left ಠ_ಠ

    ᴛᴇɴᴏᴜ sᴀᴛᴏʀɪ ꕥᴛᴇɴᴏᴜ sᴀᴛᴏʀɪ ꕥ5 hours ago
  • Tried it sooooo good thank you for the tip

    Life with type 1 DiabetesLife with type 1 Diabetes5 hours ago
  • Well, I would simply pour the juice into a plastic cup, and before it freezes I put a pallete in it and that's it.

    Futaba SakuraFutaba Sakura5 hours ago
  • Thought he was gonna teach me how to flip my juice pouch like in the beginning.... Disappointed.

    BixlerBixler5 hours ago
  • My kid has one eye and twitches a lot now thanks but popsicle was good

    jim westjim west5 hours ago
  • That looks gross asf

    Ezell DeloachEzell Deloach5 hours ago
  • cool

    Evelyn velezEvelyn velez6 hours ago
  • Yes, but now we wait for it to freeze. What about that time? Lolololololo

    Madam CringeMadam Cringe6 hours ago
  • Oooo GEM *eats popsicle* OWWWWWW

    Rantaro AmamiRantaro Amami7 hours ago
  • Is it just me or the lil girl hair is just so LIKE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FOR A LIL GIRL

    ꧁AMONG YOU ꧂꧁AMONG YOU ꧂7 hours ago
  • i went to get a capris in then right after like 2 seconds i see this video

    EstebanEsteban7 hours ago
  • Lol , the only drink in the world that goes moldy after 1 week

    RichMantarayRichMantaray7 hours ago
  • We're bored babysitting so you give us a waiting game?!?! 😂😂 (Edit: I just thought of another game for the kids, watching paint dry, or maybe watching the grass grow!!)

    Abryneca PhillipsAbryneca Phillips7 hours ago
  • It took so long for him to pull that straw off that it made me uncomfortable lol

    Paper DollPaper Doll8 hours ago
  • Guy/boy babysitting... hmm what has this world came to?

    john jordonjohn jordon8 hours ago
  • Badaboom

    KaedinKaedin8 hours ago
  • What do we do to kill time when it’s freezing!?

    oct._ed 14oct._ed 148 hours ago
  • CapriSun is made out of garbage.

    SpeedKSpeedK8 hours ago
  • What did time ever do to you...

    llYamallllYamall9 hours ago
  • It's not a popsicle it's a pierce-sicle

    BB9 hours ago
  • Wholesome

    XornedgeXornedge9 hours ago
  • Bruh the corners of that popsicle sharp as hell

    Adam KowalskiAdam Kowalski9 hours ago
  • What kind of fake caprisun is that i live in Europe and it looks absolutly not like that

    Adam El YahyaouiAdam El Yahyaoui9 hours ago
  • Finally. I now know the color of the juice inside a Capri Sun

    Steampunk EmoSteampunk Emo10 hours ago
  • Woah nice

    Maryam NadeemMaryam Nadeem10 hours ago
  • Pacific cooler is the best caprisun flavor hands down

    BunniBunni10 hours ago
  • You freeze them, cut the top off and use a spoon.

    Shoe ShineShoe Shine10 hours ago
  • I feel a popsicle stick would work better than a straw with a spike in it, but that’s just me

    Caleb BrownCaleb Brown10 hours ago
  • This looks kind great for kids! Sike!

    BlackdiamondBlackdiamond11 hours ago
  • I don't even have kids and I want to do this!

    Willy LopezWilly Lopez12 hours ago
  • That shit is gonna have little to no flavor

    that_kiddd. jasonthat_kiddd. jason12 hours ago
  • You can literally just freeze it without doing anything to it, and then cut off the thinner part of the packaging and push up..

    ToulzahToulzah12 hours ago
  • Bro just get a wooden popsicle stick and use that instead of the death pick

    Jelly MelodiesJelly Melodies13 hours ago
  • You mean use fake Kool aid

    King DuckKing Duck14 hours ago
  • dollars.

    bilinas minibilinas mini14 hours ago
  • Its called Capri sonne

    LinusLinus14 hours ago
  • Its cap-ri sun not ca-pri

    PunyrPunyr15 hours ago
  • This man disrespected the pouch 😤

    Nahum RamirezNahum Ramirez15 hours ago

    Brian MeoBrian Meo16 hours ago
  • Ah yes, the pokey thingy

    The weird one 85The weird one 8516 hours ago
  • I love juice boxes I need to try this

    Jason JonesJason Jones17 hours ago
  • The straw is more longer than the spike so safe but if u pick a bigger spike nah ma bro thats the problem

    Rhiancliff Reyes mendameRhiancliff Reyes mendame17 hours ago
  • Just freeze the caprisun and cut the top then use a spoon

    YouwinYouwin18 hours ago
  • Why the fuck is the straw on the front?!

    setsuna 空間setsuna 空間18 hours ago
  • I dont wanna brag but i drank 13 caprisuns at one sitting

    Some random guy from 1 in 8billionSome random guy from 1 in 8billion19 hours ago
  • It's a popsicle with an ice pick center, enjoy!

    CragScramblerCragScrambler19 hours ago
  • Can we get a F in the chat for Capri suns because they have now got paper straws

    CraigCraig19 hours ago
  • Ah yes, everyone has a magic dollar store wand in their house, if not, just use a box opener

    The Black HandThe Black Hand20 hours ago
  • I was doing this with a pudding

    xzcxzc20 hours ago
  • Ye well i do that to my nutri boost chocolate

    nuggetplaysthisnuggetplaysthis21 hour ago
  • Dam I want a capri sun now

    Rattling Duck845Rattling Duck84521 hour ago
  • Couldn't my man just use a spoon or something not a spike bruh 🤨

    ArchieArchie21 hour ago
  • Wow the first actually useful Tik tok

    ʜᴀᴋᴀɪsʜɪɴʜᴀᴋᴀɪsʜɪɴ22 hours ago
  • oh god its a child...

    Rampant BucklerRampant Buckler22 hours ago
  • cool

    ZENkarnaZENkarna22 hours ago
  • Can't this all be done without the ice pick?

    Dildor of DestinyDildor of Destiny23 hours ago
  • Jesus Christ is king and he loves you

    Roblox Random'sRoblox Random's23 hours ago
  • Coolaid and icecube trays for us poor kids.

    Ally WilkeAlly Wilke23 hours ago
  • Although I know he expects us to remove the sharp stick from the straw it’s really not a good idea.

    mizmizappamizmizappa23 hours ago
  • What type of "how to murder someone" tutorial is this

    bisexual fingersbisexual fingersDay ago
  • It’s not capree sun it’s capri sun

    Lewis GarnerLewis GarnerDay ago
  • That’s a stab your child in the face hazard

    M ManM ManDay ago
  • Take the straw off put in freezer once frozen cut just the top off. Vwalla a giant jubbly.

    Chris LockeChris LockeDay ago
  • I have never once done this and now I want to so bad-

    Five nights In Undertale and fairytailFive nights In Undertale and fairytailDay ago
  • Or just buy a popsicle with that flavor. *mind blown*

    RoswellRoswellDay ago
  • It's an ok trick... but making a kid smiles is priceless. Continue to make children smile... don't ever stop.

    Michael Christopher IrothMichael Christopher IrothDay ago
    • "You wanna know how i got these scrars? Well my uncle left an ice pick in my popcicle and......."

      Elle pElle p26 minutes ago
  • so if we're bored we make popsicles and wait a couple hours for it to freeze to actually enjoy it?

    Kento ItsukiKento ItsukiDay ago
  • Pour liquid in cup Use scotch tape over center of cup Place stick through tape into center of cup Freeze

    Jonah AllcornJonah AllcornDay ago
  • or just open it and see the mold in the creases

    Dustyn CartwrightDustyn CartwrightDay ago
  • Natural selection at its finest

    StillNoPicklesStillNoPicklesDay ago
  • Wow

    Janice CacatianJanice CacatianDay ago
  • Let's be honest -- "the pokey thingy" is code for 'capri sun buttplug'

    Ethan powerEthan powerDay ago
  • Put pokey thingy in beer I mean death trap I mean.. ughh

    Mr. ReFlex GessnerMr. ReFlex GessnerDay ago
  • Or freez it for like 50 minutes and it’s slushy like

    Leah GraceLeah GraceDay ago
  • Ur voise sounds like scott

    amalina farhanahamalina farhanahDay ago
  • WHAT

    Bill cipherBill cipherDay ago