He HATES Valentine’s Day! #shorts

Feb 12, 2021
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  • That shows how much he loves you

    Holly ParksHolly Parks41 minute ago
  • what happed that’s not me I have I MOm and I say happy valentines

    Alexsina CastelAlexsina Castel8 hours ago
  • give me the set of drugs that she's on please

    queen of all anime simps UwUqueen of all anime simps UwU22 hours ago
  • Beautiful

    Sadie MitchellSadie MitchellDay ago
  • Dude my my birthday is on the day before valentines

    Kate YoungKate YoungDay ago
  • 😂😂

    Danika SantanaDanika SantanaDay ago
  • That I feel is the saddest thing but I am going to do that some day

    Kiley HootKiley HootDay ago
  • I love Liana Jade, she is so funny!!

    Daniel SeaveyDaniel SeaveyDay ago
  • I agree with the bf

    elfina stuffelfina stuff2 days ago
  • THE “yES” GOT ME😭💀💀💀

    scxrpiicscxrpiic2 days ago
  • I feel so bad! 😂😂😂 We could be friend valintines

    Lps With The Weird Guinea PigLps With The Weird Guinea Pig2 days ago
  • 😂

    Shalom AbrahamShalom Abraham2 days ago
  • This gives me so much serotonin but it's so depressing

    Danica HashimotoDanica Hashimoto2 days ago
  • Tik tok POVs be like :

    Sophie Osborne-AdamsSophie Osborne-Adams2 days ago
  • Omg lol I was dead at that bit 😂😂

    Xxemilia Lilyrose munceyxXXxemilia Lilyrose munceyxX3 days ago
  • And that is how you show self love 😊

    Position.Position.3 days ago
  • Lol l love that so much

    Talyah SpiteriTalyah Spiteri3 days ago
  • Tell him I hate it too. Lol.

    Babymochi_OfficialBabymochi_Official3 days ago
  • *every single people in valentine's day:* HELL YEAH IM ONE OF THOSE

    s a n a l y xs a n a l y x4 days ago
  • bro this is meee

    nah , just Remnah , just Rem5 days ago
  • Lol I just saw the comments and the first three comments are 4.4k likes 3.3k likes 2.2k likes

    Misha HintonMisha Hinton5 days ago
  • Imagine the reflection says no

    My FriendMy Friend5 days ago
  • No fair I asked my self and she said no 😒

    adorexYT XoxoadorexYT Xoxo6 days ago
  • This is me every year😂.Im alone

    Isabelle DouglasIsabelle Douglas6 days ago
  • It's call SELF - LOVE😤

    BunnyBunny6 days ago
  • She is such a sweetheart! 😄

    Ria MajumdarRia Majumdar6 days ago
  • That’s some wholesome self love right there 🥰

    Sara ChidouinSara Chidouin6 days ago
  • This is actually me Every Valentine’s Day

    Mikayla CholevaMikayla Choleva6 days ago
  • “That Debby Ryan move” I’m gonna be my own Valentine got me dead

    Itachi’s WaifuuuItachi’s Waifuuu7 days ago

    Emma HeinzlEmma Heinzl7 days ago
  • I know how he feels, I also hate valentines day. I just dont tell many people.

    Luna and KoI StudiosLuna and KoI Studios7 days ago
  • I agree with him it’s just a drag for money

    Sisters FairleySisters Fairley7 days ago
  • I think the same as her boyfriend I also hate romantic movies and I‘m a girl I just can’t understand the hype

    JJ theheartlessJJ theheartless8 days ago
  • Why Is this me?

    SamsaGachaCookieSamsaGachaCookie8 days ago
  • Lamo

    Alle KatAlle Kat8 days ago
  • This video is perfect, it explains how I don’t have any freinds

    Fiz EAJFiz EAJ9 days ago
  • Hahahaahha

    camilla pachecocamilla pacheco9 days ago
  • Thats me lol

    Angelina GonzalezAngelina Gonzalez9 days ago
    • Jk your funny

      Angelina GonzalezAngelina Gonzalez9 days ago
  • plz get off my recommendations.

    Trinitee ElvertTrinitee Elvert10 days ago
  • I love heeeerrrr💕💕

    Elia SánchezElia Sánchez10 days ago
  • Cute!

    Lilith OfgeraltLilith Ofgeralt11 days ago
  • Most people hate me Even my reflection hates me 😆

    PandaPuff 16 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔPandaPuff 16 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ11 days ago
  • My boyfriend hates Valentine’s Day to so asked myself but brought so much chocolate cuz chocolate is my fav lol 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

    Juniper LeeJuniper Lee12 days ago

    meme mayhemmeme mayhem12 days ago
  • lol i got that exact rose in the vase, big up co-op

    GeorginaGeorgina12 days ago
  • Me every Valentine’s Day:

    EditsシEditsシ12 days ago
  • 😂

    Reem 672Reem 67212 days ago
  • Mood I do this every year it a tradition for me and my friends

    Dessie AnnDessie Ann12 days ago
  • Single people be like:

    Capricorn MonkeyCapricorn Monkey13 days ago
  • yourself to be your Valentine okay ❤️

    Daniel BikilaDaniel Bikila13 days ago
  • Omfg 😂😂😂

    Taylor JenkinsTaylor Jenkins13 days ago
  • I think she took self love to far-

    gacha teagacha tea13 days ago
  • Why is this me

    It'sreallyJaeIt'sreallyJae13 days ago
  • *boyfriend walks in*

    Alyssa RiceAlyssa Rice13 days ago
  • "Mini eggs, she loves these" XD

    Fiona ChenaultFiona Chenault13 days ago
  • So buetiful it's enough to make a lil boy cry yea u go tear 😿

    Mason OvermanMason Overman13 days ago
  • Ur boyfriend thinks like me bot thinks knows. I guess halloween wasn't enough but halloween is my fav holiday

    Mason OvermanMason Overman13 days ago
  • Like what's the point of celebrating val day thanks giving new year when jesus\ prophet Issa never celebrated it!

    Mehmood AlamMehmood Alam13 days ago
  • Me this past Valentines:

    BubblesTheBearBubblesTheBear13 days ago
  • When she said she just wanted an excuse to eat chocolate 😂

    Jacquelyn ChanJacquelyn Chan13 days ago
  • Even Singles are now able to celebrate their Valentins day like this😌❤🥺😂

    Karolina XOXOKarolina XOXO13 days ago
  • Umm your lips look big sorry I got mad about that they look ugly

    Iloveumbrellaacadamy FiveloverIloveumbrellaacadamy Fivelover13 days ago
  • 🤣

    Sapphic CookiesSapphic Cookies13 days ago
  • Why didn’t I do this 😭

    Original. girlOriginal. girl14 days ago
  • Eating chocolate and watching a movie or greys anatomy with my gf uhhh😖 what I was abt to say just made me want to throw up but it actually sounds nice I want to go jump off a cliff

    ThatweirdbotdudeThatweirdbotdude14 days ago
  • YASSS 😂

    luv dogsluv dogs14 days ago
  • Your boyfriend hates my birthday 🥺😂✌️😳

    Shelbi LayShelbi Lay14 days ago
  • Lol

    Endia ThompsonEndia Thompson14 days ago
  • First of all self love is super important. So to start everyone should be their own valentine. I definitely agree with that But on another note if Valentine’s Day is significant for you your bf is a bit of an a$$ to not spend the 5$ for a rose and a box of chocolate. A lot of things are ploys to make money such as a new ps5 with the exact same games available on ps4 🤷🏽‍♀️but they still spend money on that. So yeah I’m not tolerating anyone who says Valentine’s Day is a waste of money but they constantly waste money on other ploys. Also I don’t buy that Valentine’s every day bs because half the time people in long term relationships really start to take each other for granted. It’s literally one day guys/gals/them if you love them you can totally celebrate a cheesy holiday with them.

    Dee La FleurDee La Fleur14 days ago
  • My bf is the same way, we didn't celebrate this year. Kindnof upset because I didn't know and made him something really nice lol

    Alyssa TewAlyssa Tew14 days ago
  • Acting skills 101

    Esme Lacey-banksEsme Lacey-banks14 days ago
  • Wow my last name is valentine

    Savannah ValentineSavannah Valentine14 days ago
  • I'm gonna eat a tub of chocolate ice cream and cry. :)

    whisperwhisper14 days ago
  • Your boyfriend is just an emo bitch

    Secret Fan GirlSecret Fan Girl14 days ago
  • I hate it

    •{demon slayer}••{demon slayer}•14 days ago
  • Hghg

    jonathan monaghanjonathan monaghan14 days ago
  • For me is Valentine's day nothing.

    Baba BooeyBaba Booey14 days ago
  • I absolutely love this! At a day to celebrate love, why not celebrate loving yourself? Treat yourself! You are the most important person in your life!

    VanillemorVanillemor14 days ago

    《Ruby_ Gamer》《Ruby_ Gamer》14 days ago
  • Plot twist she says no

  • The end cracked me up

    Nellie KilfoyNellie Kilfoy15 days ago
  • Cupid rhymes with stupid Also I hate Valentine’s Day

    Carmella BaldacchinCarmella Baldacchin15 days ago
  • Oh I pronounce my name is leeana or the same way u say it

    Liana DanielLiana Daniel15 days ago
  • Just ask yourself if ya man can’t do what ya want is he your man ?

    Liana DanielLiana Daniel15 days ago
  • When ur so lonely you ask yourself to be ur valentine LMAO 😆

    Gymnast_Forever 0925Gymnast_Forever 092515 days ago
  • He’s just a cheap ass.

    Mary CatMary Cat15 days ago
  • This sad

    wwe toyswwe toys15 days ago
  • Wtf is shr doing

    emily stacheckiemily stachecki15 days ago
  • Babe he doesn t hate valentine s day he just needs an excuse to not buy you a gift or spend the day with his sidechick. And theese are facts. 👀💗

    Clover is a spyClover is a spy15 days ago
  • 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

    _anonymous__anonymous_15 days ago
  • Why does he hate valentine's day

    sana zahrasana zahra15 days ago
  • Same my bf hates valentines day but im fine with it

    Sapphire GabbitasSapphire Gabbitas15 days ago
  • Is any asking themselves if she's sick in the head and mad in stomach

    Philisiwe MazibukoPhilisiwe Mazibuko15 days ago
  • Omg

    S LuxS Lux15 days ago
  • Good on u gurl!!

    Josie GamerJosie Gamer15 days ago
  • me be like on valintines day but talking to a cat

    Autumn MillerAutumn Miller15 days ago
  • I have that phone I’m using it right now lol

    Baby Angel RaeBaby Angel Rae15 days ago
  • self love on a whole different level

    dexiptydexipty15 days ago
  • Same my dad does too😅

    Theatrekid- HiTheatrekid- Hi15 days ago
  • I would ask myself out for Valentine's day too lol

    vvkittycatvvkittycat15 days ago