Oct 14, 2020
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Finding peace during this scary time of year/this whole damn year. Watch me transform into the OG, Gandhi G, in this little peace of content from Halloween 2019. Also, Gandhi vlogs... check him out here: instagram.com/tv/B4TiLhqFwbK/?hl=en AND thanks to Faina Rudshteyn for my outer peace and her masterpiece: instagram.com/p/B4VXjCWDOp3/?igshid=17inw2q2x54m9
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Keep on keeping on, y'all.
Thank you my G's.
All my lovin',

  • I've definitely missed her though...

    Emmanuel AchorEmmanuel AchorHour ago
  • How can she be so funny without even saying anything 😂

    Emmanuel AchorEmmanuel AchorHour ago
  • I love you liza I started watching you when I was 11 and I am 14 rn i will never stop loving your videos

    Siana FernandezSiana Fernandez2 hours ago
  • Ok but imagine being Liza's friend

    my mini businessmy mini business5 hours ago
  • And I ain’t a boy,dis me dads thingo

    Mark DouglasMark Douglas5 hours ago
  • I love u...that sounds creepy .

    Mark DouglasMark Douglas5 hours ago
  • the views will back just keep posting

    AliyaAliya6 hours ago
  • pretty happy you still got time for little old us!

    Ivanka OwlsIvanka Owls7 hours ago
  • When your wanted to see your grandpa but he died and you transform in to what he looks like qwq

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki10 hours ago
  • its been a year, i think liza was insane all this time. (she made this in 2019)

    opzz xsinopzz xsin10 hours ago
  • hello

  • Ummm greys anatomy is totally worth it

    Macey CookMacey Cook12 hours ago
  • Chinese makeup transformations could never

    Lazy PawLazy Paw13 hours ago
  • me looking at the thumbnail: O.M.G that looks like jet from the future! Btw liza i love ur videos🖤

    Storie holtzmanStorie holtzman13 hours ago
    • This feels racist

      opzz xsinopzz xsin10 hours ago
  • Is that Mr.clean but older? D:

    PandaLife99PandaLife9913 hours ago

    Angel BrownAngel Brown14 hours ago
  • This is giving me Carlos vibes

    Natalia AmadorNatalia Amador14 hours ago
  • HELLLOOOO aggressive Indian music Playing

    Y o u r L o c a l k a r e nY o u r L o c a l k a r e n17 hours ago
  • Oh my Gandhi.....lollll.

    Natasha JB_202Natasha JB_20217 hours ago
  • toooooo goood😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    AlishaAlisha18 hours ago
  • Sooooo is Liza back

    Alyssa KateAlyssa Kate18 hours ago
  • Girl I’m scared

    Gisselle DGisselle D18 hours ago
  • Is that your puppy?!? Sorry if I’m dumXD

    Philrea KimPhilrea Kim19 hours ago
  • I feel like she looked like Ray from Sister Sister. Lol.

    GamingGalsGamingGals19 hours ago
  • Hahaha my name is Phoebe

    OK BoomerOK Boomer19 hours ago
  • Indian fans right here 💙😂

    Rochelle LoboRochelle Lobo19 hours ago
  • The nose is out of pocket

    J MJ M20 hours ago
  • This feels racist

    J MJ M20 hours ago
  • Liza is the best USworldsr ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Sumedha PrabhudessaiSumedha Prabhudessai20 hours ago
  • Love Liza’s randomness

    Official.SOS.Official.SOS.20 hours ago
  • hi Liza ily :)

    AquaDuckAquaDuck20 hours ago
  • Is your next vid about jokes e

    YoshOshFriskIsk eYoshOshFriskIsk e21 hour ago
  • Jesus is coming soon please guys repent from your sins and live for the lord before it’s too late, God bless your day:)

    Heran OffsetHeran Offset21 hour ago
  • wait is she back

    Tan GozaliciTan Gozalici21 hour ago
  • She’s back😃😄

    Candace WhaleyCandace Whaley22 hours ago
  • Wait. Is this the first time we’re seeing liza’s dad’s face?!?!

    Arshia AsifArshia Asif23 hours ago
  • Kwisten 🥺

    Benjamin NievesBenjamin Nieves23 hours ago
  • *OMG so beautiful* *Thank you for your video you are amazing* *I just added you to our playlist*

    Olivia MunnOlivia MunnDay ago
  • Omg hi liza im so glad your posting i love your vids.i have been watching your videos since day 1#love.god bless.love wendy johnson

    Wendy Bires-JohnsonWendy Bires-JohnsonDay ago
  • Yay! Lizas back

    Leiluna PlourdeLeiluna PlourdeDay ago
  • Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    Be Creative!Be Creative!Day ago
  • Liza koshy is my spirit animal

    Diandra GhifariniDiandra GhifariniDay ago
  • love u liza thanks for making videos still and staying crazy

    Steven LernerSteven LernerDay ago
  • I missed you so much, you were my whole childhood

    Midnight EunicornMidnight EunicornDay ago
  • thats not gandhi.

    Sumit YadavSumit YadavDay ago
  • i thought ghandi was a racist

    britishlolabritishlolaDay ago
  • "sometimes you dont want to swim you just want to float" fish float when they die, liza u good?

    potato salad with opinionspotato salad with opinionsDay ago
  • But why Gandhi as holloween costume isn't holloween suppose to be something scary i don't know about it i am just asking.....

    Aswathy.S.R AchuAswathy.S.R AchuDay ago
  • Please make a season 3 of liza on demand

    TellinosTellinosDay ago
  • I watch u and i love u and ur work it's soo funny and lots of love from INDIA plsss can u talk hindi in 1 video pls

    Diya's ParadiseDiya's ParadiseDay ago
  • Is her dog a shetland sheepdog does anyone know??

    Aideen 123Aideen 123Day ago
  • hey i know this video had good intentions but mahatma gandhi is super problematic

    Ran TutRan TutDay ago
  • That was my fav ig video istg

    Abhipsa BeheraAbhipsa BeheraDay ago
  • I was dying and laughing 😂😂

    Brisa RBrisa RDay ago
  • Me vibeing on the song

    TheDeadOne XTheDeadOne XDay ago
  • Lovedddddddddddd it❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

    Pal BijewarPal BijewarDay ago
  • lol she's 24 now

    Reyn John TolentinoReyn John TolentinoDay ago
  • Cardi b😂looks alike

    G l o e e CherryG l o e e CherryDay ago
  • What happened to Liza on demand??😔

    Somila nazoSomila nazoDay ago
  • The Punjabi music in the background is soo inappropriate

    rhythm dewanirhythm dewaniDay ago
  • Liza I missed you so much

    Jade MendozaJade MendozaDay ago
  • OMg anyone agrees she looked so natural and pretty at the first part of the video 0:03

    Isis QueenIsis QueenDay ago
  • Hahahaha omg 4:15 Phoebe was like *waddle waddle* I'm gonna kill yuh 😋😋

    lee iscurlylee iscurlyDay ago
  • Hiiii

    Naomi DavisNaomi DavisDay ago
  • Okay on top of everything I love how Gandhi has manicured nails😂😂😂😂

    Namrata PrabhuNamrata PrabhuDay ago
  • ngl this is a little disrespectful considering this man did a lot for freedom of our country

    Vamika NegiVamika NegiDay ago
  • You should collaborate with Jason Nash.

  • When did u get a dog? What’s its name?

    Hummingbird !!!Hummingbird !!!Day ago
  • Is you posting again 🤔

    K EldridgeK EldridgeDay ago
  • You should post on your main channel more..🥺🥺

    Loser PlayzLoser PlayzDay ago
  • Anyone else remember when she posted her last Wednesdays with Lizza

    Jessica BrunoJessica BrunoDay ago

  • I never get tired of watching her lol

    John DoeJohn DoeDay ago
  • Oh so u make fun of "the father our nation" This is inappropriate it ain't even funny disrespectful!!

    choi sooyeonbeomchoi sooyeonbeomDay ago
  • Yaaaay !!! You are back... Love from Pakistan....

    Vocal SistersVocal SistersDay ago
  • 1:25 cardi b?

    Ziall AndradaZiall AndradaDay ago

    Jaemiyyukkuk *Jaemiyyukkuk *Day ago
  • That puppy is soo cute

    Brianna SherwoodBrianna SherwoodDay ago
  • only the og’s remeber how bad liza wanted a dog

    AllAround EzzyAllAround EzzyDay ago
  • 0:21 is that David's voice? Or am I hearing something different😂

    Sweet On BeatSweet On BeatDay ago
  • M A G I C A L 🥴✨

    AddyLand :DAddyLand :DDay ago
  • *Well now she has a dog. Dreams do come true!*

    Chloe BautistaChloe BautistaDay ago
  • Eeeewww

    Korty MeiKorty MeiDay ago
  • OMG watch greys plz its so good and stupid

    Bella JackBella JackDay ago
  • She’s just a whole other vibe ❤️❤️

    Keria KezaKeria KezaDay ago
  • I started dying when I saw your dogs name. *Phoebe Waller-Bitch* *My name is Phoebe as well.*

    Caroline ColemanCaroline ColemanDay ago
  • Liza on demand season 3 pleeeease

    Thato NkoanaThato NkoanaDay ago

    Kylee ShurgotKylee ShurgotDay ago
  • Wait u have a dog! And in your last Liza Koshy vid I saw a cat how many pets do u have pls make that your next vid

    Kim FlintKim FlintDay ago

    Sarah HickeySarah HickeyDay ago
  • Heyo this looks great I’m Australian as well If y’all can subscribe to my channel that would be phenomenal I’ve been grindin and am trying to upload every day I just want a chance to chase my dreams and I know you guys are awesome

    ReacTimReacTimDay ago
  • U look like gandi

    Jamin Camacho JCJamin Camacho JCDay ago

    Horny CatHorny CatDay ago
  • Asterix or Oooobeliiizzzzzzzx???? 👀😮😮😱😱😱😱

    PanPan 00PanPan 00Day ago
  • I love you Liza ❤️ Thank you 🌹 !! 😇🌺🤍

    Nature GreEnRyNature GreEnRyDay ago
  • Yesss were backkkkk

    Emma TriscottEmma TriscottDay ago
  • Can't believe you chose to be Gandhi! Lol😂😂 Love from India

    Rajshree 10'E' Roll:30Rajshree 10'E' Roll:30Day ago
  • Бабки даром usworlds.info/slow/video/aYpkrI-8g5N2hoc ОХРЕНЕТЬ

    Аlex KorshАlex KorshDay ago
  • Yeeeeeeees she is back

    Khamzal FatimaKhamzal FatimaDay ago
  • Ewwwwwwwww🤢