Apr 2, 2021
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That was crazy...
Today I decided to become a fake high speed cop. I trolled people by stealing their expensive cars and more. The real cops ended up coming and it got pretty crazy. This is definitely my favorite fake cop yet. There are a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

  • Hey trey how’s it going😴

    Sloppy ProductionsSloppy ProductionsHour ago
  • Quick question how do you get proper cars like lambos and Bugatti’s or is it mods cause idk

    Tango V12Tango V123 hours ago
  • comment

    Jack SnoweJack Snowe4 hours ago
  • No one Trey Uses different voice changers and acts like he has the same voice 🤦‍♂️

    Landon LewisLandon Lewis5 hours ago
  • Trey you should do a crime and every time you do it Change your cloths and try to make the cops think your a witness

    50k. Treyy50k. Treyy5 hours ago
  • @treyten please when will you have your yootooz back in stock I really want to get one

    Finn2021 ツFinn2021 ツ6 hours ago
  • Where da second vid doe

    Lil sifLil sif7 hours ago
  • You should open a restaurant dealership selling burger cars with trackers in them

    BBstanderdsBBstanderds7 hours ago
  • that s anti-rp

    rx0timotiorx0timotio9 hours ago
  • Is it me or does the end of his videos make me feel sad and happy at the same time

    pullupsquadpullupsquad9 hours ago
  • Blue Corvette super cool

    Jay ARJay AR10 hours ago
  • Trenton every fucking time u try to do something smart like get away from the cops u fail every damn video it makes me mad I want one good one broo when u went from that parking lot ramp I was like oh my fucking God Trenton lmaoo

    Kacyn EndrudKacyn Endrud11 hours ago
  • 12:21 a general LEE!!!

    Soba MinecraftSoba Minecraft12 hours ago
  • Yo go steal a dodge demon

    Enes EleziEnes Elezi13 hours ago
  • 12:20 only real country music fans will understand

    Cole WoodwardCole Woodward13 hours ago
  • 1:08 treytens famous words ‘’It’s coming back stolen brother man’’

    Dank MemesDank Memes13 hours ago
  • Hi

    Sebastian BothmaSebastian Bothma14 hours ago
  • What server is this I can’t find it

    Hypnotik CartoonHypnotik Cartoon14 hours ago
  • Trey u changed money changed u remember when u were not farmus u post everyday now u post maybe when you are short at money

    rage thee manrage thee man15 hours ago
  • Yoooo treyten do the terminator

    CFN SavVCFN SavV15 hours ago
  • How we join the server

    Hani DaherHani Daher15 hours ago
  • What server do you go in?

    QsA ClanQsA Clan16 hours ago
  • Plz post a vid

    Javed AkhtarJaved Akhtar16 hours ago
  • I am your biggest fan you are so funny and tell Irish he is a dick head

    CinchMeisterCinchMeister16 hours ago
  • Plz more vids plz

    Dallas BrownDallas Brown16 hours ago
  • No one: Treyten when he slides: ahh this car is a car man Everyone: well no shit

  • trey can you bring back carlos

    Jacob PowellJacob Powell18 hours ago
  • Video idea steal the audi rs6

    Ogge GladOgge Glad19 hours ago
  • What’s ur sever called I wanna join pls

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy Wolf19 hours ago
  • I am your biggest fan you mean a lot to me my name is Brayden thank you for your videos.

    Reid CaraballoReid Caraballo19 hours ago
  • You need to post more

    Nicklas fortniteNicklas fortnite22 hours ago
  • what is the server called

    TudorTudor23 hours ago
  • i cant when he said this car is a car

    Beau BaxterBeau BaxterDay ago
  • Since you're a mod in the server why not have the cops leave you alone to an extent for.your videos so you can do stuff without getting pulled over constantly? I feel like you have a lot of control over what happens

    Dillon OliverDillon OliverDay ago
  • The striped teaching considerably back because prepared reassembly obey barring a miniature alarm. half, delirious refund

    Neptune ScalperNeptune ScalperDay ago
  • how do you join severs like that one

    Isaiah Um'Rani DJ Savage_GamerIsaiah Um'Rani DJ Savage_GamerDay ago
  • I love this guy

    Aj DiazAj DiazDay ago
  • What when did u hit a mil wait your almost at 2 mil man I just realized that your past a mil well congratulations keep up then grind I swear not that long ago u where at 100k

    orange juiceorange juiceDay ago
  • I cant buy it i habe no f money

    Leonardo RamirezLeonardo RamirezDay ago
  • This video is so hilarious for some reason

    PhysixxKCPhysixxKCDay ago
  • ha i am a big fan can you shout me out

  • what is the server called

    Mil HODMil HODDay ago
  • "how'd they find me?!"'re in a baby blue Corvette...what'd you think

    Ace_FTRAce_FTRDay ago
  • Block me pls

    XxWolfiexX oopXxWolfiexX oopDay ago
  • Trey gets pulled over: So I painted it red Gets caught again So I painted it black

    Demitrius DemarcusDemitrius DemarcusDay ago
  • whats the name of the server your playing on

    Minecraft StoriesMinecraft StoriesDay ago
  • Bro u need to start uploading everyday

    YT Mc playz ytYT Mc playz ytDay ago
  • Trey you need to make phone cases

    wavy 2wavy 2Day ago
  • It’s called an undercover cop, get it *right*

    JustJuxJustJuxDay ago
  • I have been so bored because I have no videos to watch on ur channel that I haven't watched

    Ralph AlexanderRalph AlexanderDay ago
  • U gotta post more bruh

    Ralph AlexanderRalph AlexanderDay ago
  • he died again

    Busted GamingBusted GamingDay ago
  • Can you make sone more video

    Sanin GackaSanin GackaDay ago
  • nies vid

  • Who all likes that good oh outtro music never gets old

    Kennaki YTKennaki YTDay ago
  • does anyone know what sever that trey plays on cause this looks really fun

    iffyiffyDay ago
  • Hides in bush in bright baby blue car "yo how did they see me!! "

    hotpokets hothotpokets hotDay ago
  • You should use the cargo from lambo vs cops to rob cars

    Tj ActionTj ActionDay ago
  • U gotta make more vids I watchs all of your vids now u dont make no more now this ur channel is boring srry it just had to been said

    killer-_-assasin BLOODkiller-_-assasin BLOODDay ago
    • But I LOVE ur videos keep it up

      killer-_-assasin BLOODkiller-_-assasin BLOODDay ago
  • Review For Treyten: u are bad at roleplay u just randomly keep driving even though multiples times you would have been knocked out or killed and multiple of those crash where fatal and whenever u straight up jump of the bridge u revive yourself and cut the part out You also Constantly FRP No Offense U have a Hard time not wanting to be arrested know it is for a video but man are u not so good at RP Review for the server: The server has some low Roleplay skill from you're view on you're USworlds A lot of FRP goes into the crashing and A lot more goes into shooting i like how a cop was shot with a AR about 3 times and still got up even if he had a Vest on a AR to the chest would most likely shoot thru at least one time hitting him in the kidney and the lungs causing him not to breath so in general the Roleplay here is not That strong so a 5/10

    Thebullfighter9Thebullfighter9Day ago
  • you should be a police with a lambo

    Emmanuel espinozaEmmanuel espinozaDay ago
  • Bro post 2 vids a week pls

    Rigoberto OsorioRigoberto OsorioDay ago
  • trey ddo the green alien with the voice and use ray gun and space ship and crazy things it will be so funny

    oshoshDay ago
  • his intro: "Alright boys!" me being a girl into gta5: 👁👄👁

    Vaeha VVaeha VDay ago
  • remember Tyron lollll

    HaloBombTroopers KeyBoardHaloBombTroopers KeyBoardDay ago
  • I just got a keyboard mouse and a adapter so it can work on my nintendo switch🎮

    Waylon's World with special guest DadWaylon's World with special guest DadDay ago
  • please learn how to rp

    FryersFryersDay ago
  • You make people days better

    Cd 7438Cd 7438Day ago
  • I wanted a youtooz so bad but thayer sold out

    keran dosanjkeran dosanjDay ago
  • Can you do another one this vid was a good vid

    AriezAriezDay ago
  • 7:14 but that backflip thoo

    sem Oldenhuissem OldenhuisDay ago
  • Man You need to change these titles 🤐😅

    RazzizbackRazzizbackDay ago
  • i think if he posted everyday he could over take Opie in subscribers?

    PlatinumPlanesPlatinumPlanesDay ago
  • Did you see that they got rid of sand and poleto and part of the whole map and put in New York Rip Sandy And Poleto

    20madgamer08 YT20madgamer08 YTDay ago
  • I was here at like 450k subs, and then I quit USworlds for so long, now ur at 1.8 mil congrats my guy!!

    God_Of_Noobs58God_Of_Noobs58Day ago
  • Lol he is trying to show us how he dirt with the car that he driveing and it does not turn out well

    fernando benitezfernando benitezDay ago
  • 17:29 💀

  • You should do fake cop gives money

    MAD Moose 99MAD Moose 99Day ago
  • make a video where you lure people to a drag race and steal their cars

  • The ill-fated scooter undesirably collect because month equally realise through a phobic food. mindless, adorable question

    Evan OukEvan OukDay ago
  • I want to to buy but I gotta pre-order and it not gonna get here until my bday

    Matthew BarnesMatthew BarnesDay ago
  • I love your USworlds channel

    Nathan BenardNathan Benard2 days ago
  • Trey you got tik tok

    Ez kil FleXxEz kil FleXx2 days ago
  • Bruh this guy just makes my day each time I watch his videos

    Macozoma LidsMacozoma Lids2 days ago
  • Yo actually how is voice changer rp idc u can say if u don't like how he rp's then leave but like I mean actually wtf

    srk_icysrk_icy2 days ago
  • Baseball videos

    Kay StewartKay Stewart2 days ago
  • Yo what’s up lips

    It’s RosePageIt’s RosePage2 days ago
  • The splendid dish recently live because lunch apically trick underneath a quick game. trashy, glistening glorious postage

    CyprusCyprus2 days ago
  • Heyyy boomer are you going to re-stock on youtoozs??

    lilboom xDlilboom xD2 days ago
  • trey are you a father cuz only fathers say "absolutly not"

    ben_the_goat1ben_the_goat12 days ago
  • That little guy I’m gonna buy one I have to

    SlyeWkeyzSlyeWkeyz2 days ago
  • What Graphic mod do you have?

    Mystic Tech Tips and GamingMystic Tech Tips and Gaming2 days ago
  • "No" "Yeah" that got me dying 😂

    OTG TrxpyOTG Trxpy2 days ago
  • what do you do for a living besides youtube

    Lai Yee LeongLai Yee Leong2 days ago
  • "Zimbobwe right below Zimbabwe" 😅😅😅

    LertoonsLertoons2 days ago
  • Trey said he pick a very fast car and the is fast but it is very slippery

    PX GamingPX Gaming2 days ago
  • Why does redline have to be so security tight to get into

    PostyyPostyy2 days ago
  • This is basically a glorified gta online with mods. There is literally no rp happening.

    Parasite CarrotParasite Carrot2 days ago
  • Been here since 300k i love your content keep up the good work

    YikesYikes2 days ago

    bob bobrikbob bobrik2 days ago