Grubhub Ad but with Otamatones

Jan 17, 2021
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Now featuring 100% less cringe!

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    TheRealSullyGTheRealSullyGMonth ago
    • P

      askkeyonaaskkeyona5 days ago
    • hi

      fnaf familyfnaf family5 days ago
    • Do kroger

      Chirag RathorChirag Rathor10 days ago
    • @Gavin_Rockz Its pinned?

      Overlord 81Overlord 8112 days ago
    • 🅝🅞🅝🅞🅝🅞

      Hevi SalmanHevi Salman14 days ago
  • uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh 0:09

    ThePotBoyThePotBoyHour ago
  • this is less cringe

    sansifysansify6 hours ago
  • Cringe Level ............. 0%

    Russel Justin JomeiRussel Justin Jomei7 hours ago
  • The sound good

    Imtheimposter 2021Imtheimposter 20219 hours ago
  • Sound voice like a fart

    Sega & SonicSega & Sonic9 hours ago
  • grub hub should hire you to design their ads

    Proj3cted Penguin robloxProj3cted Penguin roblox10 hours ago
  • If this was the actual ad nobody would've been mad

    MikulMikul13 hours ago
  • I won’t be on USworlds anymore because my sister keeps getting scared I will be on roblox for all day sorry because this is bad to my sister too bad I will never be on USworlds never again😡

    Claudia RodriguezClaudia Rodriguez14 hours ago
  • *The otamatone ending*

    DreamerDreamer16 hours ago
  • If this was the real ad... I could watch every minute.

    RedSchneeRedSchnee17 hours ago
  • Tilden apliommy Defflies Breach Vartion Inflation, Screams, Bread

    Michael AdamsMichael Adams17 hours ago
  • Dislikes are the people who loves grubhub cringe

  • This video actually makes me want to consider using GrubHub

    general chaosgeneral chaosDay ago
  • 0:04

    IcefoxIcefoxDay ago
  • At the end you Can see the man Behind the Otamatone Cause purple guy is really Purple....

    Sean SeanGDplayzSean SeanGDplayzDay ago
  • I honestly thought this was cute...anyone else?-😶

    Melissa DavidsonMelissa DavidsonDay ago
  • Mind: Do I need to say anything?

    Charles ClavinCharles ClavinDay ago
  • 0:05

    IcefoxIcefoxDay ago
  • Is Guy 100%

    Melissa GuilloryMelissa GuilloryDay ago
  • This is better than the original ad

    Gachamations0103Gachamations0103Day ago
  • K

    Boy-ManBoy-ManDay ago
  • Ive watched this do many times 😩💅 (also its my birthday :D)

    dehumanised beingdehumanised being2 days ago
  • Cringetamatone (this version isn't cringey)

    Rafael SousaRafael Sousa2 days ago
  • Yeah now its 168854378537908478898975556889% cringe

    ً ًً ً2 days ago
  • In a parallel universe of Otamatones, this is what cringe is.

    Some GuySome Guy2 days ago
  • wah wah wahh wahh?

    Diogo Fun62Diogo Fun622 days ago
  • OtamatoneHub Ad

    Living Choosium PLiving Choosium P2 days ago
  • This is how people were with MacDonalds bac in da day

    DogLovesPizzaDogLovesPizza2 days ago
  • this video has more likes then the actual ad

    Julian AmamedaJulian Amameda2 days ago
  • Lol

    That MadThat Mad2 days ago
  • Cute who made otamatone

    A cute robotA cute robot2 days ago
  • *Me: realized that the sound is from your elbow scratching the window*

    #SebeeFan#SebeeFan2 days ago
  • it looks BETTER with otamatones

    Jordyn CosdenJordyn Cosden2 days ago
  • waah waah waah

    Miguel CLMiguel CL2 days ago
  • 100000000000000000% LESS CRINGE

    CJGamerCJGamer2 days ago
  • this ad meme has gone way too long Its like a *FRICKING* *CANCER CELL*

    NoNo3 days ago
    • Not this though

      Just a Yt channelJust a Yt channelDay ago
  • Bruh it sound like Indian music

    Thic boy Tantos The purple grapeThic boy Tantos The purple grape3 days ago
  • Otomatone can eat?

    ̶̶3 days ago
  • This is so much better than the original

    Ro MRo M3 days ago
  • 100 perfect

    Denizinha PereiraDenizinha Pereira3 days ago
  • this is actually very good

    Zer qyZer qy3 days ago
  • Waah wah wah wah Nunn mnn

    Malikata PlantMalikata Plant3 days ago
  • Even from this otamatone version you can’t totally remove cringe, incredible

    ACG2ACG23 days ago
    • Cringe is gone 😎

      dehumanised beingdehumanised being3 days ago
  • Guys, I think he fixed the ad!

    Slasher -DasherSlasher -Dasher3 days ago
  • A way to make a cursed video, *perfect.*

    imaginatiønimaginatiøn3 days ago
  • Hmborğ4r

    bananananabanananana3 days ago
  • This is not cringe at all i love this

    Meme DuckMeme Duck3 days ago

    Bubba BearBubba Bear3 days ago
  • Grub what you love

    Jhon LoisJhon Lois3 days ago
  • Wow, this song is really catchy. Great job!

    Iron OreIron Ore3 days ago
  • My mother said she's going to buy me 1 of these 👁️👁️

    dehumanised beingdehumanised being3 days ago
  • There is a small part of me that doesn't want to admit that this is better than the original.

    King BuBzKing BuBz4 days ago
  • when the thins mints came here

    Isahi VelasquezIsahi Velasquez4 days ago
  • 0:23 The otamatone behind the slaughter

    Mihaita VraciuMihaita Vraciu4 days ago
  • Yes you made it better the salad girl doesn't give me nightmares anymore

    Ishan TheLionCatIshan TheLionCat4 days ago

    Mehtap SıtkıMehtap Sıtkı4 days ago
  • Это яндекс еда

    Cori-CherryCori-Cherry4 days ago
  • Wah wah wah wah wah!

    Liam ButlerLiam Butler4 days ago
  • Why.....just why

    Mario's Epic Show!Mario's Epic Show!4 days ago
  • P

    askkeyonaaskkeyona4 days ago
  • you made it less crnge

    king luigi and tails / KLATking luigi and tails / KLAT4 days ago
  • this is just like desert themes grubhub

    Julian Becerra ReynosoJulian Becerra Reynoso4 days ago
  • ''in the future memes will be auto generated''

    TeteuszTeteusz4 days ago
    • good veggy tales

      king luigi and tails / KLATking luigi and tails / KLAT4 days ago

    MattimusMattimus4 days ago
  • stop this

    dominik wojciechowskidominik wojciechowski4 days ago
  • this cringe

    dominik wojciechowskidominik wojciechowski4 days ago
  • Now featuring 100% cringe!

    Gae LazzGae Lazz4 days ago
  • This is without cringe

    gameplays de sebitasgameplays de sebitas4 days ago
  • grub hub ad but not cringe

    Gavin GamesGavin Games4 days ago
  • 0:23 *the burger different tho*

    Umit efe SarisoyUmit efe Sarisoy5 days ago
  • why did they order a otamatone,are they going to eat their own kind?

    Mohammed IslamMohammed Islam5 days ago
  • kind of crappy but ok

    Rayyan NoorRayyan Noor5 days ago
  • 😂

    CRYPTO137CRYPTO1375 days ago
  • Pause on 0:05 why brown dad Otamatones want to be cool when you closer to he’s mouth he has teeth

    David McCallDavid McCall5 days ago
  • Wah Waah Wah Waah

    Kacper WachowiczKacper Wachowicz5 days ago
  • The cringe is gone.

    Sub-to-me-guys • 9999 years agoSub-to-me-guys • 9999 years ago5 days ago
  • SOY YO

    Electri-firedElectri-fired5 days ago
  • *No otamatones were hurt in the making of this video*

    Flare_ GlareFlare_ Glare5 days ago
  • 0:25 OTAMATONE wah waah wah waah

    varsity alumnivarsity alumni5 days ago
  • Xd

  • He buy Otomatones why coming burger ;-;

    night botnight bot5 days ago
  • Even cringer

    Wix StudiosWix Studios6 days ago
  • Day 427 of quarantine: I'm seeing things

    sproinklesproinkle6 days ago
  • Even better than the real one

    Sophie plays gamesSophie plays games6 days ago
  • 0:21 don't want to said it but The cutest moment

    Arya 0110Arya 01106 days ago
  • They should have done this instead of the other heap of trash and cringe

    Gummi PenguinGummi Penguin6 days ago
  • look at the 3 orengs g not eat

    Henrry VillatoroHenrry Villatoro6 days ago
  • wah waah wah waah

    cricketgreen 123cricketgreen 1236 days ago
  • QR code sent me here

    PillowTribePillowTribe6 days ago
  • you use otamatones?

    De'von VinesDe'von Vines6 days ago
  • So cute

    Chelsea SterlingChelsea Sterling6 days ago
  • Now i am questioning my existence.

    Kelapka ArtsKelapka Arts6 days ago
  • 0:18 Otamatones Disco Lights?!?!

    Minecraftian EPIC22Minecraftian EPIC226 days ago
  • It would be cool if you made a full cover of soy yo

    Mr. HMr. H7 days ago
  • sjsjsjs

    Tuna Doruk GürerTuna Doruk Gürer7 days ago
  • 1,000,000 less cringe

  • A lot better animation that’s for sure

    Daniel CamposDaniel Campos7 days ago
  • Wah waah wah waah

    William Caza ProductionsWilliam Caza Productions7 days ago
  • its actually way better

    Yohance AlfredYohance Alfred7 days ago