Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Official Video)

Feb 18, 2021
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Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above
New album, "The Battle at Garden's Gate," available 4.16.21


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Video Director: Matthew Daniel Siskin
Video Producer: designedmemory / AMFM
Video Editor: Matthew Daniel Siskin

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Music video by Greta Van Fleet performing Heat Above. © 2021 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc & Lava Music LLC

  • You are amazing!

    David RiveraDavid Rivera3 hours ago
  • good song

    Eduardo Reyes OsorioEduardo Reyes Osorio3 hours ago
  • Josh looks like a court jester, and that stache is magnificent

    Gabe UttsectsGabe Uttsects3 hours ago
  • The best band to emerge in many many years!

    Wm FullerWm Fuller5 hours ago
  • Another fucking jam!!!

    Maci and SamMaci and Sam5 hours ago
  • Lava Records know what they're doing in finding talent. Not too many current rock bands out there these days that bring that same feeling that classic or hard rock (from 60s through 90s) would bring. They just signed The Warning recently, a hard rock band of 3 sisters from Mexico, who I recently discovered and they freaking rock too! Check them out! They were the ones who went viral for covering Metallica's enter Sandman in 2014 and have been making great music independently ever since. Keep it up Lava Records!

    Roberto EsquivelRoberto Esquivel6 hours ago
  • Una voz particular , exelente grupo

    Juan SorucoJuan Soruco6 hours ago
  • The singers voice has come a LONG way from their first album.

    LoganLogan6 hours ago
  • They do know that Robert Plant is still alive right?

    R. JordanR. Jordan6 hours ago
  • I'm 54 years old and haven't been in love with a band for decades...until now! GVF is amazing and I'm so happy younger generations are enjoying music of this quality. Extremely talented, they will go far!

    Rachel LineberryRachel Lineberry7 hours ago
    • You and me as well! I'm 59 and I'm like you. Waited for a long time to hear me music like GVF! So good. This song is and should be a #1 hit record! 🎸🥁👨‍🎤. I think their music appeals to the young and is older rockers alike!!!

      Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver6 hours ago
  • it looks like ney matogrosso culture

    Magnus WinkelmannMagnus Winkelmann7 hours ago
  • just fucking amazing

    Sir MichealSir Micheal7 hours ago
  • Oh cool, they moved down the classic album rack and found Rush.

    Shane KimberlinShane Kimberlin7 hours ago
  • Bro, that facial hair is lookin dope af.

    WillWill7 hours ago
  • Another spectacular song, but unfortunately their costume designer will most likely never work again. Their costumes are both laughable and effeminate.

    Jeff BarnardJeff Barnard7 hours ago
  • It sounds like geddy lee and Robert plant had a test tube baby and raised him in a recording studio, fucking incredible voice. Best band in 30 years.

    Carlos DangerCarlos Danger8 hours ago
  • This is freaking genius !!

    Jane DoeJane Doe8 hours ago
  • Strong LOTR vibes. A hobbit singer and the one on the drums has elvish features. Also I think the one on the keys is wearing mithril

    drewmccu258drewmccu2588 hours ago
  • Incrível o que essa mulekada faz com tão pouca idade, Very good

    Marcos AzevedoMarcos Azevedo8 hours ago
  • This is my 111th time listening to this song and it stills feels like the first time. Truly a great song!!

    jcr08211jcr082118 hours ago
  • Please never stop making music.

    Old Blood Hunter 85Old Blood Hunter 858 hours ago
  • Great, now they sound like Heart

    Ethan BerriaultEthan Berriault9 hours ago
  • great... but too many slow songs, c´mon guys, give us a real rocker... you can do it easily

    juan chicajuan chica10 hours ago
  • Greta Van Fleet and Dirty Honey both bringing rock n roll back

    Joshua BertramJoshua Bertram10 hours ago
  • I suffer from depression I think and usually something happens everyday to make me miserable but this song certainly helps.

    AliciaAlicia10 hours ago
  • Absolutely beautiful!

    Diario de un incultoDiario de un inculto11 hours ago
  • Frodo turned merman.

    FixateFixate11 hours ago
  • When you guys Tour Please please play at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont Illinois. It's a great venue.

    Sharon ScurtiSharon Scurti11 hours ago
  • Love the huge drum intro in this song! 😳 WOWSERS!

    Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver11 hours ago
  • Retro futuristic stadium rock! Hot damn these guys are for real!

    Fabian RiveraFabian Rivera11 hours ago
  • In the end, it kinda sounds like he’s saying wet baloney.

    Seth RamseySeth Ramsey11 hours ago
  • Wow! Speechless as my mind recoils in disbelief to possibly the most talented front man my ears and heart have listened to.

    twaktwin14twaktwin1412 hours ago
  • Love this song , band so refreshing kinda expected a Darkness type band but got far more

    Scott MawhinnieScott Mawhinnie12 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

    Marijana PredavecMarijana Predavec13 hours ago
  • 👏 wow!! Mind Blown

    Jason SolisJason Solis13 hours ago
  • Who ever is the costume designer needs to be fired! His voice sounds great.

    judy barcenasjudy barcenas14 hours ago
  • Love from Nepal..... ❤❤

    Sajjal NeupaneSajjal Neupane15 hours ago
  • First led Zeppelin, now cat this a real band???

    Tony MagnussonTony Magnusson15 hours ago
  • Why does this kinda sound like Rush? They did sound like Led Zeppelin😳

    Maria Wales-TindleMaria Wales-Tindle17 hours ago
  • This is what I call true art 😃

    Anon Freak2021Anon Freak202118 hours ago
  • Amazing vocals, great groove. Those costumes may be a bit difficult to tour in, though.

    Geoffrey MaukGeoffrey Mauk18 hours ago
  • J'adore!

    ANTONIN BANTONIN B22 hours ago
  • theres soo much shit going on in this song you will not understand it on first listen. after about a week youll realize this is a masterpiece. i did music for most of my life too, i know pure talent when i hear it. These guys are it

    Defund HollywoodDefund Hollywood23 hours ago
  • Cudo!.

    Darek MeszekDarek MeszekDay ago
  • This song is really helping me right now thank you guys for making such a amazing song.

    Katlyn SmithKatlyn SmithDay ago
  • Another beaut from these guys!

    Matthew IllidgeMatthew IllidgeDay ago
  • Not gonna lie... when the first vocals started I think I joined them in heaven. Holyyyy ****

    Mahalo LolakanaMahalo LolakanaDay ago
    • Goosebumps!

      Wendi ZombieWendi Zombie6 hours ago
  • Try 144p

    Khryzcer Byn BenavidezKhryzcer Byn BenavidezDay ago
  • So much better than Led Zeppelin

    JoshuaJoshuaDay ago
  • I Know this band since only few days and I love... I love... I love so much... Rock is not dead...

    Greg ZerraGreg ZerraDay ago
  • to the 500 who gave a thumbs down, i am glad i dont exist as one of you. How terrible your life must be. Your existence. I feel sad for you.

    MatthewMatthewDay ago
  • Amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Diego CervantesDiego CervantesDay ago
  • Refreshing! And I love that it has a positive and uplifting feel. They are really shining!!!

    Kendall KellyKendall KellyDay ago
  • Wow!!!!!!....I’m not super into the image/video but the song is fantastic and the vocals are!!!😀

    TrumpetTrumpetDay ago
  • Really great stuff.

    C HoC HoDay ago
  • God, what a great band! So evocative of better music times!

    Dunmore's Movie ManiaDunmore's Movie ManiaDay ago
  • Love the high 🎶 notes! This band is truly amazing and I love this song! Keep these coming guys! ✌️☮️

    Kathy ShriverKathy ShriverDay ago
  • Sounds like a cross between David Bowie and Ryan Adams!

    Nuclear-Skull87Nuclear-Skull87Day ago
  • I'm in my fifty's and This may be the best song I've ever heard.

    Mark FinnellMark FinnellDay ago
    • @Thomas Mueller Greta Van Fleet is the band that is loved by young and older fans . How cool is that!!

      Sharon ScurtiSharon Scurti7 hours ago
    • As a 70 old child of musical lore .......this group young musicians have a very special magic....🎼 ☮️🙏

      Thomas MuellerThomas Mueller7 hours ago
    • Love your comment!! Cause I'm an older person who loves this band especially this song so much.

      Sharon ScurtiSharon Scurti13 hours ago
  • WOW! Terribly disappointing. Thought they’d come back stronger. Alas, dressed like mid evil clowns.

    RadoOutdoorsRadoOutdoorsDay ago
  • Thank you!

    Mark FinnellMark FinnellDay ago
  • Love this band and I always hear a hint of RUSH!

    Kimberlee PetersKimberlee PetersDay ago
  • They’re so beautiful it’s not even funny

    elli sarantopoulouelli sarantopoulouDay ago
  • Great song. Silly video. Oh well. 😢

    Patrick FitzgeraldPatrick FitzgeraldDay ago
  • Sounds like a REO song

    Eric BoyerEric BoyerDay ago
  • If only they could turn this song into a vaccine it would heal the world!!!

    Julie HarrisJulie HarrisDay ago
  • I love Danny's chainmail head!

    Patricia RenaudPatricia RenaudDay ago
    • And Jake's too!

      Patricia RenaudPatricia RenaudDay ago
  • from zeppelin knockoff to rush knockoff. Such a good knockoff group!

    1m2a3t4t51m2a3t4t5Day ago
    • I think the vocalist sounds more like the guy from VInnie Vincent Invasion than Robert Plant

      mtnnoonanmtnnoonan6 hours ago
  • Dame la mejor banda de rock de la actualidad... no no no una taan buena por favor 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    Pablo Gómez SerenaPablo Gómez SerenaDay ago
  • I'm 46, and yes, that's a good song :) Some little 70-ies/80-ies revival.. But it is really good. Pozdrav iz Srbije ;)

    CzarsBirdCzarsBirdDay ago
  • The intro starts : Me : oh, i like it ! He starts singing: Me : I Love it

    Alice DalmontAlice DalmontDay ago
  • At 4:31 epic slide. At 4:50... well... words cannot describe the vocal range here.

    Elizabeth WaltersElizabeth WaltersDay ago
  • People bashing them about what they are wearing better listen to the lyrics more closely, after all the song is about rising above our pettiness, hatefulness and being better humans. It’s a call to our “better angels” , hence the white, gold, silver, shiny costumes, going for an ethereal effect. I get it, guess some others don’t. By the way, why do men get so outraged by what other men wear? I thought women were judgmental about other women, but wow, men have us beat! Beautiful song, beautiful meaning and these young men are so talented AND beautiful (inside and out, damn they’re beautiful!), it doesn’t matter what they wear!

    Jennifer SeppiJennifer SeppiDay ago
  • Beautiful.

    Kimberly Ann DeadyKimberly Ann DeadyDay ago
  • Right on boys !!! Thank you for the music. Especially in times like this.

    Titania BellTitania BellDay ago
  • Hola! Este tema me gusta

    hola holahola holaDay ago
  • Very unusual voice, but great octane range. 1st time I have heard this group. On a personal note, I wish you every success :-)

    P061534P061534Day ago
  • My new favorite song!

    Denise BrownDenise BrownDay ago
  • whoa. you are artists.

    Przemek RaczekPrzemek RaczekDay ago
  • There's so much ear candy in this it's eating a hole in my ear drums.

    WeAreTheyWeAreTheyDay ago
  • God damn!

    WeAreTheyWeAreTheyDay ago
  • Got to see them December 30th of 2019 what a fucking night

    UrboiUrboiDay ago
  • Poezja!!

    Darek MeszekDarek MeszekDay ago
  • They just keep knocking it out! They all shine and sparkle. Hi Jake. 😎😍

    Angela JevnagerAngela JevnagerDay ago
  • 😍😍😍

    Daniela JakubčováDaniela JakubčováDay ago
  • This sound dated bad... why make the same music as in the 70´ There's no proposal in this

    John MillerJohn MillerDay ago
    • Joe literally asked for it

      Ribbit RibbitRibbit RibbitDay ago
  • La entrada ya te engancha, cuando escuchas la voz de Josh te das cuenta de que lo que estás escuchando es algo WOWWWW MAGICO. 100% enganchado a GREATA VAN FLEET

    jose fernandezjose fernandezDay ago

    SeeSeeDay ago
  • This song makes me cry. And smile. And cry again. I just want to thank you all for another beautiful song! It's a real treat!

    Melissa BritoMelissa BritoDay ago
  • I like how they sometimes do a 'Vocal Solo' instead of a guitar solo.

    Umesh JUmesh JDay ago
  • This is what happens when your music starts to be influenced by all the chemicals the band is taking. All of a sudden they sound like The Beatles.

    Syd BarrettSyd BarrettDay ago
    • @Yvonne Saunders I'm 54. I WISH I knew someone that could supply me with chemicals. My experimenting with that stuff was years ago. Lol.

      Syd BarrettSyd Barrett18 hours ago
    • Hey syd barrett- you sure its not all the chemicals YOU took? 😉👍

      Yvonne SaundersYvonne SaundersDay ago
  • Ful soun

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • Likeeee

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • The Battle At Garden's Gates 1 - Heat Above 2 - My Way, Soon 3 - Broken Bells 4 - Built by Nations 5 - Age Of Machine

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • Rising

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • Can you feel my loooove

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • Bjrn

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • World

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago
  • You

    Mark -Libra-Mark -Libra-Day ago