Green Day's Bookmobile Tour Bus ( Inside West Coast Customs)

Jan 30, 2018
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Aired 01/23/2018
Green Day was coming up, they toured the nation in an old bookmobile customized by Tre Cool's dad. Now it's rusting away. Now, they are partnering up with Wheels for Wishes to bring the bookmobile back to it's former touring glory.

  • I can't understand that the WestCoast didn't play Green Day songs in this video

    Kinga PallosKinga Pallos2 months ago
    • Copyright issues most likely

      Louis SubearthLouis Subearth2 months ago
  • The "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" Car was only shown in the beginning of the music video, it's more like the "Holiday" car, it was shown for most of the video

    GianskiGianski8 months ago
  • Song name in 17:51 ?

    YudiH. HYudiH. H10 months ago
  • Where's Ish? where is the old crew?

    IAmCPKIAmCPKYear ago
  • where is the old crew?😢

    Mad MikeMad Mike2 years ago
  • What happen to ish?? Where is he

    Saiful HutuloSaiful Hutulo2 years ago
  • hi... how to get this video in high resolution 1920x1080???

    Маршал 2020Маршал 20202 years ago
  • I always admire you guys at Westcoast, you work with your heart. You are all an artist.

    Mel GplusMel Gplus2 years ago
  • The cool thing is that this video is also the same length as the Dookie album.

    Lee WhitworthLee Whitworth2 years ago
  • whats in the safe tho

    Jacob 20Jacob 202 years ago
  • great

    Matrixz TymarzteinMatrixz Tymarztein2 years ago
  • So cool seeing all these stickers and old photos of bands that i listen to. Horace Pinker, Screeching Weasel, NOFX and so on.

    Yoeri KurversYoeri Kurvers2 years ago
  • On the roof top, they did not derust or clean the metal, just painted on top of it. How the paint is going to remain strong? Appears more superficial job than through.

    Srinivasa NandirajuSrinivasa Nandiraju2 years ago
  • great! van looking good

    Hans LangholzHans Langholz2 years ago
  • What a sweet honor that would be to restore Greendays tour bus!

    Chah ChingChah Ching2 years ago
  • Green day a rock & roll band.. Don't tell them that, they think there a punk band for the last 31 years.

    • Aren't we all a family after all?

      Better ArtBetter Art2 years ago
  • they should have got it running

    Joel ClarkJoel Clark2 years ago
  • Good job! We hope you upload more new episodes 👍Thanks! 😉

    John SmithJohn Smith2 years ago