"Gone Away" | Dream SMP Original Song

Apr 2, 2021
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Song/Vocals by @CG5
Composed with @Axie
Guitars by @Ryan Lafford
Art by calybrii ▶ twitter.com/calybrii
Video Production by Andrew Duemig ▶ twitter.com/andrewduemig
Inspired by the Dream SMP Lore
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I see the face of peace on the horizon,
Rising in the east.
But it only took one moment,
Just one moment.
Now we got battle scars,
And freedom feels so far,
Tyranny was meant to be,
All that remains is an unfinished symphony.
He was so in love with chaos, I could never see.
Good things don't happen to heroes, just like you and me.
It only took one moment,
Just one moment.
These adventures are a gift,
And we will never drift
The thing I built this nation for,
Doesn't exist anymore.
Gone away.
It only took one moment,
Just one moment.
Our life and liberty,
And pursuit of victory gone,
The thing I built this nation for,
Doesn't exist anymore.
Gone away.


    TubboTubbo8 days ago
    • Is this amogus?

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks8 days ago
    • Tub-O

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks8 days ago
    • Lol

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks8 days ago
    • They disgnd tubbo so good

      Mazen MohamedMazen Mohamed8 days ago
    • Lol

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks8 days ago
  • Just what is that thing ? Dream SMP ? What is that ?

    Ryo JoestarRyo Joestar4 minutes ago
  • Im going to cry

    CrystalCrystal15 minutes ago
  • This is actually quite good. Well mixed!

    Ignat RemizovIgnat Remizov20 minutes ago
  • At 2X it sounds like an adventure song

    Amicko AberinAmicko Aberin35 minutes ago

    Rafael GašparRafael GašparHour ago
  • its a bit upbeat i like it i wanna see a less upbeat version of this thiis feels like an anime ending song

    KaymationsKaymationsHour ago
  • Cool!

    Vaishnavi VedantVaishnavi VedantHour ago
  • EVERYTIME you say "Gone away" within the chorus or on the start of the chorus is just SO POWERFUL especially because of the changing tones! I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work CG5

    Josiah NatanJosiah NatanHour ago
  • The fact this was premiered one day before my birthday is really cool.

    Hayze GroombridgeHayze Groombridge2 hours ago
    • Woah :0 Happy late birthday! :D

      Anna LucasAnna LucasHour ago
  • Pog and sad at the same time! Great work like always!

    Jackson AnimatesJackson Animates2 hours ago
  • This makes my sadness go away

    Kazi adnan khalid AroshKazi adnan khalid Arosh2 hours ago
  • Gone Away ;D

    Baiq Pujawati FatimahBaiq Pujawati Fatimah3 hours ago
  • *larry poppins should collab with CG5, who agrees?*

    Toniwan RizalToniwan Rizal3 hours ago
  • Our childhood has been so odd...but in the weirdest way enjoyable. Long live the Dream SMP.

    Ethan BakerEthan Baker3 hours ago
  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS SONG AND ADDING THE LINE “The thing I built this nation for doesn’t exist anymore.” I love it!! 💗

    Sweet Lemonad Art & AnimationsSweet Lemonad Art & Animations3 hours ago
  • Music is absolutely pog. In all seriousness though, the background music in *beautiful* 🥲

    TheBabyCheezTheBabyCheez3 hours ago
  • Do a technoblade song

    Yagachi rYagachi r3 hours ago
  • CG love your songs

    God GamingGod Gaming3 hours ago
  • im not all in the dream smp tea, but this is amazing

    khonexkhonex3 hours ago
  • Omg 😆

    The ice team 782The ice team 7823 hours ago
  • I love the animation it’s so good

    Gamer JCBGamer JCB4 hours ago
  • Hey maybe you should do the promised neverland

    Troy KanesoTroy Kaneso4 hours ago
  • Trooled

    Nicole ThomasNicole Thomas4 hours ago
  • Been

    Nicole ThomasNicole Thomas4 hours ago
  • You've

    Nicole ThomasNicole Thomas4 hours ago
  • 3 Minutes with this song feels like 30 seconds.

    DanderDander4 hours ago
  • oh this is wilbur blowing up lmanberg how am i just realizing that now

    Jibraan KhanJibraan Khan4 hours ago
  • This is a epic adventure song

    Eren YeagerEren Yeager4 hours ago
  • There needs to be a Friday Night Funkin’ song next. That would be so awesome.

    Yvette BorowskiYvette Borowski4 hours ago
  • everyone says the song was fire but didn't say calybrii's art was fire

  • This is amazing!

    User_097User_0975 hours ago
  • Your the reason I want to keep singing

    qrtwozero1qrtwozero15 hours ago
  • 1:00 You can continue scrolling, this is just the best part.

    DanderDander5 hours ago

    JeremyticSJeremyticS5 hours ago
  • This was so good! Good job CG5!

    lucixi gaminglucixi gaming5 hours ago
  • Please!!!

    Henriqueta Garcia RibeiroHenriqueta Garcia Ribeiro5 hours ago
  • New music please!

    Henriqueta Garcia RibeiroHenriqueta Garcia Ribeiro5 hours ago
  • Hello CG5

    Henriqueta Garcia RibeiroHenriqueta Garcia Ribeiro5 hours ago
  • Well Done, CG5. Yet Another Banger.

    Bacon.Bacon.5 hours ago

    stxr.strxckstxr.strxck5 hours ago
  • Best song yet

    Bunny BombsBunny Bombs5 hours ago
  • The guitar part fits in super well and I love it

    BROSKIBROSKI6 hours ago
  • Welcome, to the Dream Smp,CG5

    User. Aim 019User. Aim 0196 hours ago
  • Ok you did The legend, and then then a boy, but is there going to be one for the blood god? (aka techno)

    Luczie 2356Luczie 23566 hours ago
    • @Luczie 2356 oh understandable have a great day

      ًً5 hours ago
    • yes, but it's from the perspective of tubbo, and as a techno simp, I am going to ask my favorite musician to make a song from the perspective of techno

      Luczie 2356Luczie 23565 hours ago
    • this music video is actually referring to tubbo tommyinnit and technoblade

      ًً5 hours ago
  • Once you hear the actual story you get sad.

  • this is the best song i ever heard i also take it u took insperation from Derivakat

    die e3die e36 hours ago

    Emily BurnhiselEmily Burnhisel6 hours ago
  • dream

    le cuongle cuong6 hours ago
  • OMG! CG5 That was so good! I love it! Nice job! Keep up the great work! I really like your songs!

    Sunny GamingSunny Gaming6 hours ago
  • hello

    le cuongle cuong6 hours ago
  • es hermosa la musica

    Alvaro JVAlvaro JV6 hours ago
  • hello

    le cuongle cuong6 hours ago
  • Who is the one throughout the entire video In the school uniform

    A BaskA Bask6 hours ago
    • I am too stupid to know

      A BaskA Bask6 hours ago
  • Wow!

    Purple PlanetPurple Planet7 hours ago
  • 5 stars like up vote heart sub and share all in one

    Ethan HerreraEthan Herrera7 hours ago
  • Third favorite song (the first and second are also your creation)

    Your local Mincraft playerYour local Mincraft player7 hours ago
  • How is it that you make the most unique sounding songs?

    Madpistol26Madpistol267 hours ago
  • world peace is not a real thing there will always be war no matter what you do

    dog wizzarddog wizzard8 hours ago
  • Is that dream fighting technoblade

    bitMinecraft779bitMinecraft7798 hours ago
    • @bitMinecraft779 please shut up, that is tommyinnit. Dreams’ Minecraft skin looks nothing like that.

      EggDogEggDog7 hours ago
    • @EggDog oh yeah dream first skin

      bitMinecraft779bitMinecraft7797 hours ago
    • Ah yes, the blonde person with a red and white shirt *totally* looks like dream

      EggDogEggDog7 hours ago
  • I know nothing of dream smp but this is a beautiful song nonetheless!

    Smaug 123Smaug 1238 hours ago

    AppleFadeAppleFade8 hours ago
  • I hope Tubbo sees how awesome his character is with this song.

    JaedynJokeJaedynJoke8 hours ago
  • everytime i hear this song i wanna cry

    TogbooTogboo9 hours ago
  • Omg I love this song!! 😍 😍 😍

    Krispin SchlabbersKrispin Schlabbers9 hours ago
  • When your this late that even tubbo commented on this video

    Arlo PlayzArlo Playz9 hours ago
  • we need tubbo to do a cover of this with willbur

    Joseph CrawfordJoseph Crawford9 hours ago
  • Why does the models for Tubbo_, Technoblade, and Tommyinnit remind me of Sad-ist's drawings of them?

    Assasin PandaAssasin Panda9 hours ago
    • I think the artist who drew this used Sad-ist models

      Ref MoldRef Mold8 hours ago
  • Suggest: can you make a roblox arsenal original music?

    Non lozersNon lozers9 hours ago
    • Never say that sentence again, I don’t know why he would *ever* make roblox music. Not even a song for a specific roblox game

      EggDogEggDog7 hours ago
  • Can anyone please tell me why this video supports 4k?

    Anonym HareAnonym Hare10 hours ago
  • Hit me in the feels

    Melon TomMelon Tom10 hours ago
  • Lol when Tommy and Techno were like standing opposite to each other on the hills they look like they're about to di an epic pokemon fight whit the whiters begin the pokemons

    EddieOof G22EddieOof G2210 hours ago
  • TOO ALL SMP PEOPLE THAT SEE THIS (asking for something impossible yes I know please don't judge)!I CAN SING THIS FOR ANYONE (Including others that aren't in the smp and normal people! make it even!). If you dont want me to ignoor this, sorry for wasting your time!

    Coolerwatermelon0Coolerwatermelon010 hours ago
  • How to cry in 3 minutes

    jason lejason le10 hours ago
  • bruhh is it just me or does that music make u cry because of how beautiful it is

    Jessie PlaysJessie Plays11 hours ago
  • Who else's head has this song consumed? 😂

    Olivia JeonOlivia Jeon11 hours ago
  • Is this song about Wilber or Tubbo?

    Oro 6460Oro 646011 hours ago
    • Tubbo

      MiniFatRatMiniFatRat10 hours ago
  • The thing I've built this nation for doesn't exist anymore. It was never meant to be. My unfinished symphony!, Forever unfinished. My l'Manberg!

    pablo lopez martinezpablo lopez martinez11 hours ago
  • It won’t let me comment on tubbos comment🙁

    Chase the MasterChase the Master11 hours ago
  • Bro this is freaking awesome

    Tankengine17 ProductionsTankengine17 Productions11 hours ago
  • I love how you drew the withers

    All Eben-SpiffAll Eben-Spiff11 hours ago
    • War is upon us...

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu11 hours ago
  • Anyone else miss L'manburg storyline? all the things before the destruction in the revolution was the best thing of this story..

    - shin- shin11 hours ago
    • Omg your voice would be perfect to cover the song Billie Jean, I LOVE that song just as much as I love all of yours. Which is ALOT🖤

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu11 hours ago
  • Please airship map Song please

    Rahman İhsan KORKMAZRahman İhsan KORKMAZ11 hours ago
  • Hell yes booooooooooooy

    GoldenGamerGhostGoldenGamerGhost12 hours ago
  • Cg5 you should try to join the smp

    P51 on air and on fuelP51 on air and on fuel12 hours ago

    Verdes ArtVerdes Art12 hours ago
  • People will make* memes with this song.

    ImSimp4HanakoImSimp4Hanako12 hours ago
    • How?

      EggDogEggDog7 hours ago
  • This song is gonna be so popular in a few years.

    ImSimp4HanakoImSimp4Hanako12 hours ago
  • god damn

    ᴋʀᴏᴡᴋʀᴏᴡ12 hours ago
  • Are you ok? You haven’t uploaded in a. Bit

    Nick gameing123Nick gameing12312 hours ago
  • Perfect or good?

  • Best. Song I ever heard

    Josue CastilloJosue Castillo13 hours ago
  • The scene where Tommy and techno are fighting with tubbo watching is references to when dream and tecno teamed up to destroy lmanburg

    ChimkinGamingChimkinGaming13 hours ago
  • It’s neet how he included lines from the smp like when Wilbur said “the thing I built this nation for doesn’t exists anymore”

    Shantel MooreShantel Moore13 hours ago
  • Awesome song

    minecraftkid954 ytminecraftkid954 yt13 hours ago
  • Omg your voice would be perfect to cover the song Billie Jean, I LOVE that song just as much as I love all of yours. Which is ALOT🖤

    •Kumi••Kumi•13 hours ago
  • War is upon *us...*

    「OL」Zero!「OL」Zero!13 hours ago
  • Is it bad that I’m crying to this :’D

    Giovanni CruzGiovanni Cruz14 hours ago
  • Unfinished symphony -wilbur reference The thing i built this nation for doesnt exsist anymore-wilbur Good things dont happen to heroes -technoblade techno: want to be a hero tommy, then DIE LIKE ONE!!! also techno: why isnt this spawning

    Jamari AdderleyJamari Adderley14 hours ago
  • That *away* can fit so many feelings and change the mood in one part

    FluteyFlutey14 hours ago