Goldie: 3’s The Limit

Apr 5, 2021
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  • Oh my goodness the one you call Farrah is soooo fluffy wonder what she is going to look like grown up? Hope Newton doesn’t get in her nest and chow down. Maybe should have taken the whole bale nest and all.

    Cheryl HrapchakCheryl Hrapchak2 days ago
  • Maybe if its in the budget you can get an incubator to help out in this type of situation. Goldie is doing a great job!

    Mr. & Mrs. OsborneMr. & Mrs. Osborne2 days ago
  • What if you put the eggs under the heat lamp. Or an incubator to see if they hatch

    Megan MarcheMegan Marche2 days ago
  • GOLDIE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL ☮️⭐️❤️☮️⭐️❤️🌻😊‼️

    Connie ClumConnie Clum2 days ago
  • They are so adorably cute Jami... I love babies no matter what species they are...

    Debbie VanluvenDebbie Vanluven2 days ago
  • We always remove the new baby's and majority of the time we have other hens that has new baby's and we adopt the baby's to the other hen so the mom can continue to sit cuz there is still some hatching to do and if the baby's that hatch first decide to run off like yours did then mom will follow n leave the other eggs n those baby's don't have a chance they lay eggs different times so takes several days to hatch em we found out if you move the mom n eggs she won't return to cont to incubate them if you have a incubator I'd get the remaining eggs inside one asap also we remove tbe egg shells from the hatched ones so it don't get trapped onto other eggs n prevent them from being able to hatcn

    blessed specialonesmomblessed specialonesmom3 days ago
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2

    Stacy MeadowsStacy Meadows3 days ago
  • I'd gently crack the remaining eggs and see if there are any living chicks inside.

    Priscilla RowlettPriscilla Rowlett3 days ago
  • hard to think like a chicken, huh? at least you've got one baby chick out of it (2 ducklings that jump-attack momma goldie)

    Barbara BissonBarbara Bisson3 days ago
  • Adorable babies

    Stacey WadsworthStacey Wadsworth3 days ago
  • What if you would have brought her whole nest and nesting material that she was sitting on. That looked like straw or hay and that other stuff was like shavings ?? Yes?? No??

    Debbie CarpenterDebbie Carpenter3 days ago
  • Too cute..

    Elizabeth KiefferElizabeth Kieffer3 days ago
  • Maybe it time to just the left over eggs in a Hatcher. so u can raise them being u can't seem to let her finish her job.. I understand the chicks fell off but! instead of messing with her have fedil make a box around the hay bell to keep chicks there but u do know in momas find places to hide there baby's .just letting u know I did the same thing with my chicken and both times she abanded the nest so I leaned to just leave my moma alone.. she went on to live many years and had lots of baby's and raised them with out any help from but to feed her ...if I sound bad sorry but u of all people should have learned the frist time hun! nature has a way of making things okay without our help sometimes.

    Kara WonderKara Wonder3 days ago
  • Jamie you could transfer the other eggs to a heat lamp... but the ones she kicked out she knew were not live.

    Ruth ClarkRuth Clark3 days ago
  • Candle 🕯 them and see if there is a baby in them or not.

    jkrubsackjkrubsack4 days ago
  • Goldie only has to sit on them until they get to a certain temp then she can get up and move then co.e back when she thinks she needs to sit again

    Hetherington FamilyHetherington Family4 days ago
  • Those eggs are not viable that is why she kicked them out

    Hetherington FamilyHetherington Family4 days ago
  • We always wet the chick crumble for the chick's not give it to them dry 🤷‍♀️

    Hetherington FamilyHetherington Family4 days ago
  • You guys probably need to fix a place for Goldie that is hers alone that is safe for eggs and chicks if you let her to lay on them. Otherwise this will be a repeat cycle always. Might want to build a seperate coop that isn't in the pasture for the pigs to get into. Good luck and take care!

    Juley WalravenJuley Walraven4 days ago
  • Goldie is such a sweet little hen.

    Alpha SheWolfAlpha SheWolf4 days ago
  • You ever had an exploding egg?! Take the empty ones away ASAP 🤣

    Chris LawChris Law4 days ago
  • Ummm should have just left her and her eggs alone. Nothing wrong with taking the chicks if you have a heat lamp for them.

    Tammy StoudtTammy Stoudt4 days ago
  • Maybe she wants them on straw bed???

    Judy CollingwoodJudy Collingwood4 days ago
  • To late now but if the eggs were close to hatching you could have put them under a heating pad to continue the hatching process. To tell if eggs are close to hatching place them in a pan of warm water they will move and jiggle. The more movement the closer to hatching.

    Millie HarmonMillie Harmon4 days ago
  • Stop messing around with her nest and eggs unless you plan on moving them to an incubator. If you handle the eggs most birds will abandon the nest also don't handle the chicks. The more the mother smells human scent on them the more likely they will be abandoned. If chicks fall from a nest they can't get back to hand raise them like you did the others. Number one rule though quit bothering the mother. If she keeps nesting in a bad spot make it safer or eliminate the spot.

    Jason PerryJason Perry4 days ago
  • Do you really blame her one at a time is enough their so adorable

    Debra BuntingDebra Bunting4 days ago
  • Put them in the corner with the heat lamp

    Susan HulettSusan Hulett4 days ago
  • Goldie is absolutely beautiful.

    Jane LongJane Long4 days ago
    • You should have brought some hay from her original nest and put it in a corner so that she could feel more comfortable. Right now she's sleeping on wood chips. She's more comfortable on a hay from her original nest.

      Jane LongJane Long4 days ago
  • They yellow one popcorn

    becca grossbecca gross4 days ago
  • Uno dos, perfect.

    Rana FairRana Fair4 days ago
  • Congratulations Goldie!! So happy for!! Your babies are beautiful

    Theresa DawdyTheresa Dawdy4 days ago
  • Put the lamp on the eggs in the tub

    Carolyn JohnsonCarolyn Johnson4 days ago
  • if you still want the eggs to hatch then you can put a heat lamp over them but not to close that they will get to hot

    Robert DunnRobert Dunn4 days ago
  • goldy will keep haveing babys untill she cant no more

    Robert DunnRobert Dunn4 days ago
  • Yayyy congratulations Goldie! Beautiful babies.

    Linda DahlLinda Dahl4 days ago
  • Jami Amazon said the Brooder and incubators were delivered March 18 I think

    Lucy WalkerLucy Walker4 days ago
  • Jami did you get the brooder and incubation I sent you they were small but should have been big enough for now?

    Lucy WalkerLucy Walker4 days ago
  • Journey. 😢. Please try leaving bandages off and seeing if she stops raising her leg. To lessen the crying. Raising her leg is not normal. She’s reacting. To something.

    Michelle HeryetMichelle Heryet4 days ago
  • Jami you should of put the eggs under a heat lamp as soon as Goldie got off them,if they’ve been left to get cold the chick inside the egg will be dead now so you need to dig a hole and bury the eggs before they get rotten break and stink and attract rats mice and other vermin which could be a big threat to the living chicks,Be careful of a mother hen with young chick as she will fly for any thing she feels is a threat to her chicks,I can see just from your video Goldie is an excellent mother very alert especially when you were handling her babies

    James HorsfieldJames Horsfield4 days ago
  • Awww Jami! Congrats to you and Goldie. I think you do a fine job by observation and learning from the feathers themselves. I have a bicycle repair book but until I actually start taking things apart; I only have theory on what works. The knowing how it works is learned by getting my hands greasey. Meaning, Jami you letting Goldie take the lead and show you through her behaviour what she needs is the best way to go. You can chase her with the textbook and bag of eggs in hand and but in the end you know your feathers are unique and certainly don't conform which I love about them and all your feather baby vids. Look at Mama Goldie teaching her babies chicken scratch! ❤️💛💛💛

    Shell ShockShell Shock4 days ago
  • Get or make an Incubator!!

    Joan Dickman KusnetzovJoan Dickman Kusnetzov4 days ago
  • Why not just take 3 babies and leave Goldie!!

    Joan Dickman KusnetzovJoan Dickman Kusnetzov4 days ago
  • ive seen on other channels they have incubators for the eggs when this happens

    Courtney KingCourtney King4 days ago
  • Usually when a setting hen moves eggs out they are not any good and she knows it. Use the heat lamp to help hatch the rest.

    Cyndi GCyndi G4 days ago
  • Maybe she needed the straw instead of what is already there?

    Shirley LashShirley Lash4 days ago
  • That hen has the prettiest feathers. Do you know what the name of her breed is?

    Shirley LashShirley Lash5 days ago
  • Easter chicks

    Sherry VickerySherry Vickery5 days ago
  • This might be a stupid question but ima ask it anyway....couldn’t u burry a heating pad a bit or put something between a heating pad n on over the eggs???...or wood that cook them???...I guess if u trialed n error until u got the temp right it could work but then ud run the risk of losing some too?!!! Hmmm...???!!

    Karie trueloveKarie truelove5 days ago
  • Just take them next time and put them in a warmer. Eggs are done now unfortunately 😕 😒. They just don't lay good enough to have all of them.

    Brenda SniderBrenda Snider5 days ago
  • Goldie is such a good Mama! You are trying your best to be the best Mama to all your fur & feathered babies you can Jami. It's hard sometimes to know what is the right thing to do for all these babies. Just know Jami, Lester, LE & family, all of these fur and feather babies are so lucky to live with such a kind and caring family. My thought is if Goldue becomes broody again, maybe you should set her up in the Nursery with some hay to make her nest (not just the shavings) & let her be broody on the ground in there so you don't have to move her around. When she takes some of the eggs out of her nest, I think that might mean they are duds. I love to come on here every morning to see the adventures with the "Ima Survivor Crew". Thank you for sharing all these wonderful stories of your beautiful critters!! 💗🐣🐈🐕🐎🐮🐷🐃🦆🦃🦙🐐🐗💗

  • Buy a egg mashine

    Marie TörnellMarie Törnell5 days ago
  • She may need her bed with her in to the Nursery

    Teresa VaughanTeresa Vaughan5 days ago
  • Jami, I don't know much about chickens, however, the gorgeous Goldie seems to have a mind of her own and decided that she has her 3 babies and is happy with that as you can tell from her behaviour towards them. She is a wonderful Mumma & I would hazard a guess that when her chicks have flown the coop (so to speak) she will be back on more eggs.

    Janey CJaney C5 days ago
  • Suger & Spice makes everything nice

    Elizabeth NietoElizabeth Nieto5 days ago
  • You need to invest in an incubator and a brooder. There's some folks I follow, it's Cog Hill farm....they breed a TON of feathered babies...all different kinds of chickens, silkies and other should check out their videos....they raise ducks and geese, turkeys and peacocks!

    Mel LogueMel Logue5 days ago
  • Congratulations Goldie!! She is such a good mama!!

    Mel LogueMel Logue5 days ago
  • Here we go again, round 2 LOL

    Joanne GanonJoanne Ganon5 days ago
  • when they kick them out, toss em. not viable. geese will do same. Geese will lay eggs over period of days, when she is finished laying then she lays on them.

    Annie OakleyAnnie Oakley5 days ago
  • Aww, how precious!!!

    Angela CavacasAngela Cavacas5 days ago
  • Jamie get a incubator for the eggs Goldie won't sit on

    Sherry MccreaSherry Mccrea5 days ago
  • Thier so adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • Hi goldie

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • Geese are so funny

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • She so pretty goldie

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • She loves mama

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • Just like her goldie

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • So cute 🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • Happy birthday to her babys to yu goldie

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat5 days ago
  • Just leave her where she is and let nature take its course!!! Goldie still wanted to sit on the eggs cause the others weren't "ready yet". Just take the chicks and leave Goldie where she was....

    Kathy TidmoreKathy Tidmore5 days ago
  • You need a small incubator to help Goldie out....

    Kristy NaughtonKristy Naughton5 days ago
  • I want a chicken just like Goldie. She is such a great mama! I love them so much!🥰

    jinjin0135jinjin01355 days ago
  • Salt and pepper😂

    Candy MarchioliCandy Marchioli5 days ago
  • Put the eggs in a incubator next time

    Lori PasqualinoLori Pasqualino5 days ago
  • You need an incubator

    Lori PasqualinoLori Pasqualino5 days ago
  • you need one of those egg hatching things

    Dj RootDj Root5 days ago
  • well done mama goldy i just love watching your videos seeing all of baby 😍

    Jamilah MunkayilarJamilah Munkayilar5 days ago
  • Put the heat lamp over the eggs

    Katinka SwiftKatinka Swift5 days ago
  • Its to thick

    Katinka SwiftKatinka Swift5 days ago
    • The beddings to thick

      Katinka SwiftKatinka Swift5 days ago
  • She technically had 4 the first time

    Katinka SwiftKatinka Swift5 days ago
  • Yellow one is Goldie locks

    Katinka SwiftKatinka Swift5 days ago
  • I love the little yellow one. Looks like an Easter chick!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Michelle WilliamsonMichelle Williamson5 days ago
  • If she is kicking out some of the eggs I have heard that something is wrong w them. Maybe she just knows what's she is doing cause the rest of us don't. Lol I'm glad to see her up and about w her chicks tho!!

    Lindy JonesLindy Jones5 days ago

    CyndyCyndy5 days ago
  • You. Could see if another hen will sit on them

    Chrissie JundtChrissie Jundt5 days ago
  • Get a chicken incubator just do it that way leave her a couple put the rest in it to 🐣

    Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley5 days ago
    • Next time don't mess with mother nature

      Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley5 days ago
  • Dont mess with the nest. You can hold the eggs up to your ear and hear chicks pecking on the inside of the shell and you can hold egg up to bright light to see if there is a chick in the egg. Once you disturb the nest she gives up. If she is setting good on the nest and rolls eggs out they are duds. She needs a box to nest in that keeps the chicks from falling out and makes mama feel safe.

    Catherine ParkerCatherine Parker5 days ago
  • It's really not good to mess with mom when laying allot of times she have nothing to do with them and they kick there egg's out there done.

    Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley5 days ago
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2.

    Amy FernandezAmy Fernandez5 days ago
  • Baby 🐥 🐥 are always cute

    Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley5 days ago
    • Just like any bird you mess with mom. Leaves to never go back and they push the egg's out

      Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley Shadley5 days ago
  • Let Goldie keep her chicks this time.

    Chupa ChubChupa Chub5 days ago
  • Put them on the floor with her

    S HudnallS Hudnall5 days ago
  • Yeah... Goldie!!!

    Anita Keane MoranAnita Keane Moran5 days ago
  • Sonny and Cher

    Brenda EnglishBrenda English5 days ago
  • Oh well you tryed

    Linda GreeneLinda Greene5 days ago
  • She has babies. ❤❤❤❤

    Linda GreeneLinda Greene5 days ago
  • Ricky and lucy

    Pauline MurrellPauline Murrell5 days ago
  • salt and pepper

    Veronica Colon-RodriguezVeronica Colon-Rodriguez5 days ago
  • The little yellow one is a fluffy cotton ball. 💛 The Geese are hysterical 🤣 I see the purchase of a brooder, and incubator in your future.

    Ansley KinnamonAnsley Kinnamon5 days ago
  • Try a heat lamp on those eggs

    Brenda BroschBrenda Brosch5 days ago
  • If you want more chicks you can always incubate your eggs!

    Jessie LynnJessie Lynn5 days ago