Godzilla vs Kong Ending - Post Credit Scene Explained and Mechagodzilla Breakdown

Mar 31, 2021
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Covering new Godzilla vs Kong Ending and Godzilla vs Kong Post Credit Scene, Deleted Scenes Easter Eggs and Mechagodzilla Explained. Godzilla and Kong changes, new Hollow Earth Godzilla Mythology. And Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Movies Teaser and update. Godzilla Kong Fight Scenes Explained, Mechagodzilla Powers and Abilities. Classic Godzilla Movies References. Godzilla King of Monsters and Titans References for other Movies. Mechagodzilla Origin and Kong and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla Fight Breakdown.
Future Godzilla Movies, Monsterverse Movies and Theory Breakdown. And Warner Bros HBO Max 2021 Movies release plans for the whole year.
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More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news. Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
My Full Godzilla vs Kong Breakdown video and Easter Eggs coming next. And my Full Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 3 video coming Friday!

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  • Here's my Full Godzilla vs Kong Ending video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! Full Breakdown for the entire movie and easter eggs coming next. Here's my new Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 3 Trailer video too! usworlds.info/slow/video/nYmagaS5kXyYjIM

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency Awesome13 days ago
    • @Michael Strathmore The crazy doctor scene messed it up but the hollow earth stuff and the king vs Godzilla vs mech Godzilla was sick !

      Alan kimachi WongAlan kimachi WongDay ago
    • @Emergency Awesome Hey Emergency Awesome We Want Martha Back Because She is Queen Of Monsters And Godzilla is King Of Monsters And Mothra is Godzilla Wife

      Zachary KelleyZachary Kelley6 days ago
    • There is showing a dragon symbol in that scene when kong put the sword down what that symbol mean??

      Max CorderMax Corder6 days ago
    • You May not spotted that, but when they (Kong and this weird ship) leaves the hollow earth, they don't go through this magnetic barrier and also when godzilla digs tunnel to hollow earth (btw ridiculous scene) he don't give a shit about that hollow earth barrier, like what the freak? When the "rull of cool" end, becouse even for a normal viewer that film is absurd. I enjoyed these slowmo fights in first godzilla film

      Thomas LiteratThomas Literat7 days ago

  • 13:21 That looks like Godzilla junior eating a giant crab

    LyonnLyonnHour ago
  • I'll never get why people still bitch over human subplots being in Godzilla movies whether they be good or bad. Humans will always be involved in Godzilla movies! They've been in the old movies and they'll be in the new ones! Deal with it! 🙄

    Makayla JonesMakayla Jones2 hours ago
  • What I really want to know is where does the light source in the hollow earth come from ?

    Twale TheKingTwale TheKing2 hours ago
  • I don’t know to be honest would I call apex evil dude really was trying to help the human race defeat Godzilla so in real life I would have applauded him

    Twale TheKingTwale TheKing2 hours ago
  • I think Godzilla spared Kong because his mother's name is Martha.

    NordanVindNordanVind3 hours ago
  • To be honest...I'd still rather have films like the first Godzilla of this reboot, he felt enormous and legit scary again without properly seeing him for the most part. Less is more.

    ShamblesShambles4 hours ago
  • But deep down at the center of the earth how do you explain there being what looks like sun light, but it never shows a sun or where it's coming from?

    LOW LYFELOW LYFE5 hours ago
  • I'd definitely want to see a Monsterverse Godzilla VS SpaceGodzilla or Godzilla VS Destoroyah!

    Unknown Seeker ProductionsUnknown Seeker Productions7 hours ago
  • The cameraman is underpaid by doing risk job 😔

    Muhaiimin minMuhaiimin min7 hours ago
  • Hollow Earth all the way movie! Always loved any movie that was based on it or it’s existence...I want a female Kong! Yeah it’s cheesy but I would love a good love story with Kong! Haha maybe a love story with Godzilla and both couples have a kid lol Then the kids grow up as buddies! But each set of parents tell their kid to stay away from one another 😊😂 But they don’t listen! Well at first hate each other...They even have a Titan kid brawl..But one day say kid Godzilla is getting whipped by another Titan and kid Kong saves him! So a bromance begins! And they the kid Titans actually help their parents to save Hollow Earth and the world! Yeah! I’d watch that! 😊❤️

    joseph cramutolajoseph cramutola7 hours ago
  • Destroyah: *MY TURN*

    NamekenNameken8 hours ago
  • I'm not sure if MechaGodzilla would actually be strong enough to take on Godzilla normally. Kong, yeah. Since in that Beam-lock, Godzilla's atomic breath held the Proton Scream at bay, temporarily, requiring Mechagodzilla to divert more power to the blast. Keeping in mind, Godzilla and Kong were fighting for what had to have been a bear minimum of maybe 4 hours, for it to go from pitch black to middle of the day light, and Godzilla was using his atomic blast VERY frequently. Also worth noting Godzilla tunneled ALL the way into the Hollow Earth. He was not at 'full power' and even a portion of his power was able to allow Kong to bash through Mecha's armor. Physically, Mecha might be stronger, but if it was a physical match for Godzilla, why would it need the rocket boosters? The missile launchers? Atomic Pulse clap hands?

    Meta MaxisMeta Maxis8 hours ago
  • I’m sick of people saying that. there was only one head from King of the Monsters. That was the one that got ripped of by Godzilla in the under water scene. All the other heads were vaporized 2 when Big G used his pulse the last one was in Big G’s mouth when he used his atomic breath.

    Jason NewshamJason Newsham8 hours ago
  • Destroyah: Fine I'll do it myself, I shall kill both God and King

    Eduardo AlmanzaEduardo Almanza8 hours ago
  • Now who the next monster for godzilla beside mechaghidorah???

    mini Gamingmini Gaming8 hours ago
  • That Asian guy is not looking for avenging his father. His father didn’t have time for him so that’s why he drifted off to the bad side.

    Grab the Crucifix BandGrab the Crucifix Band10 hours ago
  • 6:38 pewdiepie or shaggy?

    RaFa CHiN GoNRaFa CHiN GoN11 hours ago
  • watching this movie is like watching Captain America: Civil War... but the monster verse version

    Steve RogersSteve Rogers12 hours ago
  • If hollow earth is there then there must be a godzilla earth😂

    Aman ShaikhAman Shaikh13 hours ago
  • YOU CANNOT DO THAT TO A CHARACTER LIKE "KING KONG" .. jeez, I expected some fair n square war scenes between them 2 but didn't meet my expectations & same goes with MCU, for weakening the massive character like hulk .. smh, Not fair .. next movie, KONG developing some special powers would be GREAT 😏 Also the characters like madison, josh & bernie where just there & been used by the story writer to describe the whole plot other than that they didn't seem to have any significant purpose of being in the film, the movie would just be the same without them all ..

    Nikhil SNikhil S13 hours ago
  • Kong is still a baby mama I can't wait to see him when he's fully grown. Even Godzilla won't be capable of beating him then.

    Mighty GadMighty Gad17 hours ago
  • Can we address the fact that Godzilla kicked the living shit out of Kong that he needed to be recessitated lol. Stupid 🐒

    DiGital SicKnessDiGital SicKness18 hours ago
  • IIRC only one Ghidorah skull was salvaged, as seen at the end of KotM, and there isn't a second one inside of MGZ, it's just that the software allows Frank's skull to communicate to the Mech, and that's why when it gets overpowered with the Hollow Earth energy Ghidorah gets control from Serizawa. Also, you mentioned new sci-fi concepts. Are you referring to Hollow Earth Theory? Like, have you not heard of Journey to the Center of the Earth?

    Edward NygmaEdward Nygma19 hours ago
  • The music: Mission Passed Respect 100

    Kyo KuroKyo Kuro20 hours ago
  • kong is cute

    BlurlyBlurly20 hours ago
  • They need destroya since they used the oxygen destroyer, then they could elaborate on the hollow earth after that with a kong sequel

    ODST RepublicODST Republic21 hour ago
  • Great, now where’s space godzilla?

    Cherno alpha , the motherland’s monsterCherno alpha , the motherland’s monster21 hour ago
  • Earth is hollow so it's not science fiction. However the portrayal in the movie definitely is. Also the first coming from the ground was a reference to the petrified giants all over the face of the earth researchers call mud fossils. This movie dropped some universal truth bombs.

  • Wen godzilla n kong team up thats so cool and hype😎

    Satyanarayana GuranaSatyanarayana Gurana23 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that thought they showed an Easter egg/tease of Anguirus?

    L.G.TyroneL.G.TyroneDay ago
  • 'Evil Elon Musk' So Elon Musk

    Dat guyDat guyDay ago
  • The fight scenes action was amazing! But the storyline, not really. It lacks a punch. The story was too bare and simple.

    MelaiMelaiDay ago
  • What happened to the other titans

    Death YaquiDeath YaquiDay ago
  • I hope it is a prequel more or less showing the Great War between the to species. A Godzilla movie because he was alive during the great war.

    Aiden SAiden SDay ago
  • 13:25 I swear if this derpy thing is supposed to be like Minilla, I'm actually gonna loose my shit lol

    Rex Zilla427Rex Zilla427Day ago
  • I loved the PoV shots they added to the final fights. As much as I love Godzilla, seeing the camera go with him as he topples from MechaGodzilla's first couple attacks was a really nice touch. I hope Toho let's Legendary renew the rights to use their IP for future movies.

    John ReyesJohn ReyesDay ago
  • One of the worst movies of all time...complete crap🤮

    The_Dude_AbidesThe_Dude_AbidesDay ago
  • I feel like the war bats had previous knowledge of taking down larger prey and thats how the one was able to trap kong and if not for the assistance of the humans might have killed kong. Maybe if they do a kong hollow earth movie they might introduce more of kongs species or maybe another new titan. Also in king of the monsters ghidora was shown to have an insane healing factor so what if in the mecha godzilla head that had part of ghidora after being exposed to the hollow earth energy re-awakend dormant cells and they start reconstituting ghidora around the husk of mecha godzilla bringing mecha ghidora into a future movie.

    Ninja SmurfNinja SmurfDay ago
  • Well congrats, it definitely made enough money. Now lets lay the MCU down to rest and go all in for this universe

    Garrus VakarianGarrus VakarianDay ago
  • New mythology and SciFi? Not new, literally a mix of biblical and Antarctic conspiracy theory story line

    tomjw7tomjw7Day ago
  • its mechakinggoddorah

    kidpool gamingkidpool gamingDay ago
  • this is the way!

    William TovarWilliam TovarDay ago
  • i think the end scene is symbolizing absolute apocalypse and the rise of all titans on Earth. Perhaps it could be the extinction all the movies mentioned?

    Dylan KeilDylan KeilDay ago
  • What's the name of the song in the beginning?

    Arnav KhandekarArnav KhandekarDay ago
  • King of the Monsters had a serious missed opportunity to get the Titan Battle Royale sequences rolling. IF they do a "Destroy all monsters" arc I need them to make it a 2 parter, and resurrect the Godzilla vs Megalon story line and introduce either "atlanteans/lemurians" that are kicking it in Hollow Earth and they trigger a big baddie (GIGAN/MEGALON) to rep them on the surface world against surface dwellers that are not caretaking the planet well.... and we should use the scrapped MechaG from GvK to create a "Jet Jaguar" to assist Godzilla and Kong in the throwdown.

    Lazarus MavisLazarus MavisDay ago
  • To be honest I think the post credits scene was just the kong observatory in hollow earth moved before the credits...

    StigmataTicklesStigmataTicklesDay ago
  • Thanos: go for the head Kong: I did , I got my monke cheeks clapped

    Horacio ParraHoracio ParraDay ago
  • Let's be honest, Mechagodzilla wiped the floor with both Godzilla and Kong. It was badass.

    R3DN0V4 08R3DN0V4 08Day ago
  • King shows intelligence so chances are the gaint room was craved out by kings grand dads lol

    Michael StoylesMichael StoylesDay ago
  • Whoa whoa whoa why in the hell is Godzilla my favorite creature in the mutation radioactive crater is going after another mutation radioactive crater? I think the producer or the creator of this movie missed the mark instead of having two Notorious creatures going up against each other they should team up to take out some threat of a another notorious mutated mutation creatures that wants to rule the world and Wipe Out the human race Humanity so that it can rule the world and the only way to stop these devilish creatures are for King Kong and Godzilla must team up and work together to defeat these creatures to put them back in their place .and put the balance in order once and for all cuz you can only have one alpha males in their territory. but as usual producers and writer and creator have to make two iconic creatures go up against each other just like they did in in the movie Batman vs Superman again why have 2 most iconic favorable superheroes go up against each other? So lame hands down Superman's better . Yeh no to that movie as well as this movie Godzilla vs King Kong no I don't like it at all. I'm so not going to even see it if one of my beloved my favorite creatures have to be killed no thank you hands down # 🐲 Godzilla rules.

    Marie ClaireMarie ClaireDay ago
  • Am i the only one who realize the circular shape around the "source" is the shape of godzilla?

    Mahathir MohamedMahathir MohamedDay ago
  • In my honest opinion before watching Godzilla versus King Kong. I myself assumed it would be a battle between King Kong and Godzilla against mecha-king Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla I was a tad bit off but it would have still been a great battle

    Abimael ochoaAbimael ochoaDay ago
  • I need Destoroyah next.

    Betweentheraindrops8Betweentheraindrops8Day ago
  • Godzilla going one on one against Mechagodzilla was too funny. I could not stop laughing. Every time it cut from kimg making up his mind to them fighting godzilla was getting the beating of his life, at one point he got his face stomped into a building 🤣.

    Zacky MohmandZacky MohmandDay ago
  • This is in all honestly the best all rounded monster movie there is .this will age well.

  • They just combine all of Godzilla movie and make the remastered version what a nice plot twist

    zulhaikal zulhamzulhaikal zulhamDay ago
  • Kong: "You... spared me. Why?" Godzilla: "Mmm... monkey."

    NovaroNovaroDay ago
  • Actually Godzilla could have beat Mecha Godzilla if he wasn't tired and hurt from Kong's axe

    Samuel sentosaSamuel sentosaDay ago

    Rishi KrisRishi KrisDay ago
  • Bruh

    vermsyvermsyDay ago
  • Superman and Zod did more damage to a city than these two Titans LOL

    Tablet BoyTablet BoyDay ago
  • What the name of the opening song

    MusicOrGetMuggedMusicOrGetMuggedDay ago
  • while this used King Ghidorah, this Mechagodzilla kinda nods to the 3rd MG who used the FIRST Godzilla as the base for it's control system, even the eyes changing red when the unit goes out of control

    rankothefiremagerankothefiremageDay ago
  • Space gozilla, dude mentions roswell at the end

    Jordan MonteroJordan Montero2 days ago
  • I think the after-credit scene they talked about was actually just moved to before-credits, the sequence that shows Kong back in Hollow Earth with the monitoring station established by Monarch.

    Aircraft Carrier Wo-ClassAircraft Carrier Wo-Class2 days ago
  • Godzilla and Kong, the original Attack on Titan.

    fubuh8rfubuh8r2 days ago
  • I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be this good, shts way better than garbage wonder woman

    Chris RamirezChris Ramirez2 days ago
  • Take advantage of Kong and Godzilla sequels. It can work like Fast and Furious and the Avengers. I'm a big King Kong fan 😎

    Guadalupe ChavarriaGuadalupe Chavarria2 days ago
  • I love the music and the movie and GODZILLA VS King Kong

    Ashley De La FuenteAshley De La Fuente2 days ago
  • I don't get it how the f**k is there sun light inside the hallow earth

    Антонио БандерасАнтонио Бандерас2 days ago
  • King looks old here ... The grey beard made me sad.. i really wanted kong to find family

    Panta Rei 83Panta Rei 832 days ago
  • So I seen a leak where in Skull island they say Kong could grow even more if he was at home and now he is and in the next Godzilla vs Kong when he beats Godzilla he will be known as King Kong that’s why now they call him Kong

    Bhola aBhola a2 days ago
  • The ceo of apex wasn’t really that ‘evil’. Godzilla probably inadvertently killed 1000’s of People. Not to mention the other 1000’s that were killed by other titans. Humans would be stupid to not build a counter weapon and instead just ‘trust’ Godzilla or any other of the animals won’t go berserk and destroy a city.

    PapaShongo25PapaShongo252 days ago
  • Where TF did we get the recourses to make all this machinery in Godzilla including mech godzilla

    ValzicPlayzValzicPlayz2 days ago
  • That happen in Godzilla movie as will.

    Anthony VogelAnthony Vogel2 days ago
  • i enjoyed the movie. it was so fucking awesome.....NOW BRING OUT SHIN AND ULTRAMAN!!!

    ya bro barry oya bro barry o2 days ago
  • Godzilla real goal is actually pretty clear from the beginning when he attack the Apex facilities, find Ghidora remaining part and finish it off, but instead he keep found Kong in the middle of his path to find Ghidora since Ghidora not having a body yet. So Kong become a substitute for Ghidora to be beaten by Godzilla when he repetitive failed to find the real source of that malicious Alpha signal emitted from Ghidora remaining part. Until Apex complete Ghidora's new body named Mechagodzilla with Kong's help in the hollow earth, Godzilla finally met with the real source Alpha signal emitted in Hong Kong after mistaken Kong as the culprit again. That's why final battle with Mechagodzilla works while BvS battle with Doomsday is simply a forced plot device because the goal of Godzilla is consistent, finish off Ghidora Alpha signal hidden within that Mechagodzilla body. While Kong is actually just a unfortunate bystander that unintentionally mislead Godzilla about Kong is the source of that Alpha signal and help Ghidora complete his new body and also finally help Godzilla finish off his job by slaughtering Mechagodzilla with his axe charged up by Godzilla atomic breath.

    Jeus AlprimeJeus Alprime2 days ago
  • I hope they lead into the giant mecha reptile space chicken in the monster-verse

    Jared SmithJared Smith2 days ago
  • Godzilla could have beaten Mechagodzilla if he wasn’t week and exhausted after fighting Kong. And his atomic breath was less powerful because he used it to bast threw to the holo earth.

    Cameron BenderCameron Bender2 days ago
  • You know before this movie I was very unconfident on gigan making a appearance in this universe because this one try’s to be “more realistic” but if they have the tech to make a giant robot kaiju then they could potentially take a monster from hollow earth and cyborg it into gigan... just probably with less stomach saw.

    Arch JArch J2 days ago
  • "Kong bows to No one " shes right, he rolled over for Godzilla

    DapimpBDSDDapimpBDSD2 days ago
  • soo... we gonna get destroyah next?

    a non descript bulleta non descript bullet2 days ago
  • Kong pr mim da poder igual brigar juntar coloca mesmo tamanho eu vento firma mIs por lado gorzila sento inteligente nao parta por kong.direito nao pensou gorzila .

    Marcelo MartinsMarcelo Martins2 days ago
  • Pilot it like an Eren Yeager *

    Dan CampbellDan Campbell2 days ago
  • The next sequels they will do for King Kong there's a few characters should be in there and I list out some current standard titles King kong of hollow Earth- Gorosaurus Rex (trio) -scar eye (main antagonist and leader grey bluish scale) - scar finger (dark green scale) - scar tail (light brown scale) Titan grizzly bear (grizzar) Kiko Kong: 8th Wonder of the world- Mechani Kong (main antagonist) Gabara Kiko Mothra Battra

    Disney knights padillaDisney knights padilla2 days ago
  • Saw it last night. It was OK. 7 out of 10. Too much human crap. Not enough wow factor

    Nick KomenNick Komen2 days ago
  • Imagine if they made a MechaKong And a MechaGodzilla in this Movie that would get both to team up and fight their Mecha selves

    KI MASTERKI MASTER2 days ago
  • So Elon Musk...

    Mj ShortMj Short2 days ago
  • We all know Kevin won that fight

    Goggle Hero Omega MapleGoggle Hero Omega Maple2 days ago
  • how is building a giant robot to kill giant monsters that destroy cities evil. If you think about it, the leader of Apex isn't a villain at all and is trying to save humanity.

    Dragnoth LecoonaDragnoth Lecoona2 days ago
  • "Evil Elon Musk" so just Elon Musk?

    Fish With A KnifeFish With A Knife2 days ago
  • no King Kong submitted by letting the axe down. He didnt want any more damage to the humans. Kong has a humane personality to him

    joke mokejoke moke2 days ago
  • Imagine if the next Monsterverse movies have Gigan being the first of a group of artifically created titans, and in order to help the titans combat these artificial titans, Monarch scavenges Mechagodzilla's technology to create *Jet Jaguar*

    Ivan IvanIvan Ivan2 days ago
    • I can’t wait to see the kick that Godzilla does

      Nitro ZeusNitro ZeusDay ago
    • They could do that with Megalon, too, given he's kinda like Gigan in some regards, if I'm remembering his movie correctly.

      Rex Zilla427Rex Zilla427Day ago
  • Life uh finds a way

    Syed QatadsSyed Qatads2 days ago
  • Next movie is gonna be called King Kong: Hollow Earth, I'm calling it now

    アーロンXDアーロンXD2 days ago
  • everything is absolutely Great except 1 thing... THE ONLY THING THAT I WAS DISSAPOINTED ABOUT GvK is that . THERE IS NO GIANT CHEEMS WITH A BASEBALL BAT CHASING DOWN KING KONG AND GODZILLA!! . what a bummer!!

    He11moHe11mo2 days ago
  • Should definitely continue this. Such a great fun film

    Reign of SwordsReign of Swords2 days ago
  • Maybe they make space godzilla

    Nicholas SNicholas S2 days ago
  • Ren's motivations were meant to be like that but I agree. His characterization was incredibly stupid. Serizawa died to the oxygen destroyer to SAVE Godzilla. Not a classified detail really. Ren had to know this

    AquafoxAquafox2 days ago