Georgia man charged in US Capitol riot dies

Jan 11, 2021
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Christopher Stanton Georgia, of Alpharetta, has since died.

  • Domestic tErrorism. Seditious treason.

    Marci Lee Nelson-MurrayMarci Lee Nelson-Murray12 minutes ago
  • More Trump supporters are perishing in this civil war since they declared it. How many will it take? I do feel bad for his friends and family that loved him and probably saw his radicalization.

    James DentonJames DentonHour ago
  • That dude didn't kill himself.

    txmuddiggertxmuddiggerHour ago
  • Some people die a hero. He died a villain.

    Amethyst SavageAmethyst SavageHour ago
  • Oh no well anyway.

    Tim GTim GHour ago
  • Burn in hell! If you believe in that sort of thing, that is.

    Jason HardyJason HardyHour ago
  • The loose ends are being tied , and those who are expendable will be terminated . Everything that was seen with the vision of Twenty Twenty is now in the second stage of the New WORLD Order . Put on your clothes , and fix your tie , put on your hat , and turn the brim down , put on your gloves . and clap your hands , put on your sunglasses , and kiss the sky , are you ready ?

    Michael AkiyamaMichael Akiyama2 hours ago
  • He was shot in the chest

    Moz garageMoz garage2 hours ago
  • He had a severe case of stupidity that killed him

    MusicByJCMusicByJC2 hours ago
  • Alhamdullilah

    Wimpi HandokoWimpi Handoko2 hours ago
  • Why is this news.? Nobody cares

    Nick PNick P3 hours ago
  • wow he died for trump...tthe orange conman must be so proud again, feeling so "christ" that someone offered his life for him.

    sweet dovesweet dove3 hours ago
  • When the arresting starts, the shooting starts.

    Cherie MacEachernCherie MacEachern3 hours ago
  • So he has betrayed his family twice, then.

    Lori NelsonLori Nelson3 hours ago
  • Three debts left to collect. One paid.

    SilliVilliNSilliVilliN3 hours ago
  • He used the cowardly way out of a jam. Must have been to much for him to bear. The shame must have be too great

    Trump Is DeadTrump Is Dead3 hours ago
  • Hahaha 🎶 scoop there it is.scoop there it is shovel shovel shovel 🎶 scoop to his grave. 🤣 🎶

    B Aman RaB Aman Ra3 hours ago
  • Good riddance! Too bad all of those seditious, traitorous, bastards haven’t joined him including Trump and his whole family right down to Baron. Hey throw in most of the Republicans in Congress and Rudy the idiot too.

    rf brf b4 hours ago
  • .

    fat tonefat tone4 hours ago
  • I wonder what the cause will be? If it's anything but suicide I can understand it.

    David ParkesDavid Parkes4 hours ago
  • I am a Democrat and I Am Sorry that my fellow American Died For Narcissist Trump Lies. $3000.00 dollar child credit and $15.00 an Hour National Minimum Wage for "49 Million Americans that do not make $19,000.00 a year, Joe Biden Will Take Away Loeffler Loop holes to Write Off $27 Million dollar jets, and Tax The Rich Fairly To Spread America's wealth, do you know how hard it is to spend "1 Billion Dollars, When we Have Centi-Billionaires that pay $0.00 in federal Income Tax, Bezos, Musk & Others *****Middle Class Joe Biden Will make our everyday lives "25% Better, Republicans call Anything That is Paid For By Government for Average Americans The Yell Socialism. Republicans Yelled "Socialism" When FDR & LBJ Gave Us Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Student Grants, The Affordable Care Act****Republicans Don't Yell "Socialism" When It's Pharmaceutical Subsidies, Petroleum Company Subsidies

    Ralph CampbellRalph Campbell4 hours ago
  • Well if he's the one that had that computer I highly doubt it was suicide we all know Democrats are murdering cowards

    Lucky DogLucky Dog5 hours ago
  • Far as I'm concerned all those people are Patriots and heroes they should have burned it to the damn ground with all those crooked politicians in it that way we can start over with honest people

    Lucky DogLucky Dog5 hours ago
  • ALL these Domestic TERRORISTS need to be arrested and charged with Domestic Terrorism !! They are NOT Americans, they are TRAITORS, they spat in the face of OUR Constitution and the Voters faces as well.... Disgusting, Undeniable, Inexcusable AND CRIMINAL..

    NewOldVideosNewOldVideos5 hours ago
  • He's been killed

    Tony BigalowTony Bigalow5 hours ago
  • We can spare that one.

    Colt45caliberColt45caliber5 hours ago
  • Glad he's dead. Execute all traitors that took part in the insurrection at our nations capital.

    apathetic marsupialapathetic marsupial5 hours ago
  • His wife found him with was self inflicted gunshot wound in the basement. If you don't blame Trump, then blame the cult under Trump. This didn't have to happen

    Baby ShayaBaby Shaya5 hours ago
  • If he dies...he dies!!!

    Triple RRRTriple RRR6 hours ago
  • Hillary Clinton back at it again

    MilanMilan6 hours ago
  • Fake news

    Moses MosesMoses Moses6 hours ago
  • 'Suicided' with 8 shots to the chest by SKS rifle.

    Mott ScottisonMott Scottison6 hours ago
  • One less to protest

    Eric PowellEric Powell6 hours ago
  • How... convenient. He must've gotten too much dirt on Pelosi or the Clintons

    Rain Shadow BandRain Shadow Band6 hours ago
  • This was the guy with Nancy Pelosi’s drive my man got Epstein’d 😂

    SLATT *SLATT *6 hours ago
  • Expect MAGA news to say he was killed by the 'Deep State'.

    alonzo calvilloalonzo calvillo7 hours ago
  • There you go. Somebody saw it fit to provably kill themselves for following Trump. The insurrectionists are calling for a bardon. The thing is, would that be in the interest of the Trump brand? Do you want to side with the MAGA insurrectionists or with the 'whitewashed' Republicans in order to save the brand? Any votes?

    Sam HartfordSam Hartford7 hours ago
  • Am I supposed to feel bad? I’d say everyone that broke into the capitol if you were to die this week and your death was “under investigation”. I one would really mind.

    Brian ToalBrian Toal8 hours ago
  • Let's not sink to the pro-Trumper's level. This guy was still somebody's son.

    TwistedPenguinTwistedPenguin8 hours ago
  • And his god trump doesn’t care about him never have

    Naz TaylorNaz Taylor8 hours ago
    • @Pete Austin demorats truly are cancer. It looks like they have been working with the communists against us. May they be strung up high if proven guilty...

      Elias BoudinotElias BoudinotHour ago
    • Here are some prominent democrat officials and some of their media minions. Calling for punching, assasinations, exterminations, beheadings, and putting children of Trump supporters into re-education camps. Where is the clip of Trump inciting violence? Why isn't it going viral and been shown on every propoganda channel out there? Oh it doesn't exist! Instead the totalitarian fascist left is calling for assasinations, beheadings, exterminations and putting children in camps. Wake up before you too justify genocides and putting kids in reeducation camps.

      Pete AustinPete AustinHour ago
  • Maybe is one word , and he realized there ( are) a lot of ...

    droddrod8 hours ago
  • "Traitor Dies, Nation Cheers"

    Barnaby ap RobertBarnaby ap Robert9 hours ago
  • Good, hope more follow the same path.

    Steve MabusSteve Mabus9 hours ago
  • Lincoln

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose9 hours ago
  • DAMMIT! This shit , this blood is on Trump's hands and HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF HIS SUPPORTERS! They are just pawns, mind controlled cult followers who trusted this piece of shit president! Their lives are RUINED, alive or dead! Trump is not the devil but DAMN!.....could've fooled me!

    papiamable44papiamable449 hours ago
  • He killed himself out of shame or out of cowardice. Either way, I have no sympathy.

    Chris AChris A9 hours ago
  • Antifa strikes again!

    Gelatin SkeletonGelatin Skeleton9 hours ago
    • Article said he killed himself... Guess the idea of a prison stint was just not his bag... But violating Democracy was ok... Ignorant ass holes, the lot of them!

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose9 hours ago
  • Saves time and money...maybe it`s a new virus killing off racist fools.

    Phive blackmenPhive blackmen10 hours ago
  • He better hope he does not meet Donald Trump in the afterlife. I hear it's mighty hot there.

    hizzle mobizzlehizzle mobizzle11 hours ago
  • I don't believe this

    Debbie KnoxDebbie Knox11 hours ago
  • At last some good news today

    egy Magyarvagyokegy Magyarvagyok12 hours ago
  • He looked like untreated HBP and one stress event from a heart attack. I can almost imagine his family begging him to see a doctor and met with "I ain't sick!".

    Jed BurnellJed Burnell12 hours ago
  • That wasn’t a RIOT, it was a TERRORIST ATTACK.

    jazzy jjazzy j13 hours ago
  • Cristopher Stanton Georgia, a bank manager, died in his own home, from 5 (some say 8) gunshots through his chest. All bullets were fired from two semiautomatic SKS guns. Police have announced it was suicide. How did he manage to shoot himself in that way? During the Capitol Riot, he went into Nancy Pelosi's office, got hold of her notebook computer, looked through certain files on the computer, took some photos and also took away one letter signed by Nancy Pelosi. So what had he found in Nancy Pelosi's computer files??? And what is that signed letter about???

    Sophie MaySophie May13 hours ago
  • Bye jerk.

    Sal SpencerSal Spencer13 hours ago
  • Lets hope Covid ran rampant through the ranks of the traitors.

    Big Daddy RatBig Daddy Rat14 hours ago
  • More questions.

    Legend InthemakingLegend Inthemaking14 hours ago
  • Sweet! 1 less cult member on the planet. We've lost how many of them now 4 or 5 related to their Capitol terrorism? Its turning out to be a much better even than I initially thought! MAGA!!!!!

    Crooked DonaldCrooked Donald18 hours ago
  • human rights! human rights! human rights!

    Jerry WuJerry Wu19 hours ago
  • Didn't want to go to prision. Did the crime but couldn't handle the time.

    Mark HMark H20 hours ago
  • It's called Karma

    NEIL FOXNEIL FOX23 hours ago
  • Article said he killed himself... Guess the idea of a prison stint was just not his bag... But violating Democracy was ok... Ignorant ass holes, the lot of them!

    Deborah SantamariaDeborah Santamaria23 hours ago
  • "Suicide"...

    Iulia N.Iulia N.23 hours ago
  • So the breach started at around 12:45. Trump's speech didn't end till around 1:00pm. And the Whitehouse was like a 10 minute walk in a crowd.But yet he caused the chaos????? They have already found that antifa were in the building. Including nancy,s son in law who was speaking to a antifa person All a bunch of 🐂 💩.

    MegaYogibMegaYogib23 hours ago
  • Sounds like suicide I wouldn't be surprised if there's more.

    Steve LSteve LDay ago
  • a Capitol police officer also commit suicide, just so sad why he has to kill himself over these morons.

    Min YoungMin YoungDay ago

    Angela YDAngela YDDay ago
  • goodbye

    Michael AmbrosanoMichael AmbrosanoDay ago
  • I feel sorry for the pets of the MAGAts. Those innocent cats and dogs will never understand why their humans aren’t coming home for a very long time.😭

    Jesse Jackson BrownJesse Jackson BrownDay ago

    Larry PalomaresLarry PalomaresDay ago
  • Looks like he couldn’t handle the shame and humiliation of supporting an armed insurrection against the country he once professed to stand for.

    Em AndemEm AndemDay ago
    • Yeah. Right. That must be it. Every seen Training Day?

      Elias BoudinotElias BoudinotHour ago
  • Galatians 6:7 "Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap" ...... nothing more needs to be said

    Signore NicolaSignore NicolaDay ago
  • FTP

    Al WilsonAl WilsonDay ago
  • They should be charging these people with treason instead of a misdemeanor. They have committed treason and should be treated as such. It is absolutely appalling that they aren't being charged serious enough. They stormed our nation's capital in order to murder our law makers because they decided that democracy is only great when it's for a white supremist agenda. This is bullshit and they need to charged properly for the crimes they intended to do and have committed. These people are criminals that need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Amie HaycockAmie HaycockDay ago
    • I agree. God bless you, Amie. I also hope to see justice.

      Peaceful AmericanPeaceful American23 hours ago
  • May be he committed suicide when he realized there is a lot of black folks in prison 😂😂

    Patriotic LeePatriotic LeeDay ago

    Tecumseh ShermanTecumseh ShermanDay ago
  • Thanks for publishing the pic of unlawful activity, now please be consistent and continue publishing the photos of criminal acts such as looting a Target, or burning down businesses or blocking roadways and assaulting motorists that simply want to pass through an illegal roadblock. No doubt the hypocrisy of the democratic leaning media will let us down and not help bring criminals to justice in the future if they’re part of BLM or antifa.

    Scott SnowderScott SnowderDay ago
  • "Good riddance to bad rubbish" -My Gammy

    Big BoomerBig BoomerDay ago
  • WHY are these people Not being Charged with Terrorism ????!!!?!?!?!?!?! WTF

    gypsy raingypsy rainDay ago
  • Storming the capitol, intent on killing the VP and congress is a misdemeanor.

    Shannon OlivasShannon OlivasDay ago
    • @Micklejaxon21 I'm sure that wasn't everyone's intent, just the people screaming "heads on pikes" "hang Mike Pence" and going in with zip ties.

      Shannon OlivasShannon OlivasDay ago
    • Intent on killing?!?!

      Micklejaxon21Micklejaxon21Day ago
  • We bet he was killed by law enforcement just like the poor unarmed veteran hero lady who was violently, shot in the neck. She was violently murdered, in cold blood, by capital police witnesses say..

    Mark McCormickMark McCormickDay ago
    • @Mark McCormick Okay then, what would you call this incident then, hm? Nevertheless, things like this always end with bloodloss. They asked for it

      AustinAustinDay ago
    • @Austin what revolt? You been drinking that kool-Aid?

      Mark McCormickMark McCormickDay ago
    • Well, revolts never end bloodless. Did you think storming a government building would leave no injuries?

      AustinAustinDay ago
  • Mr. Hankey?

    Dan ScaglioneDan ScaglioneDay ago
  • Prob terrified he was going to wind up in a cell with the orange windbag for company so decided death by lead poisoning was preferable.

    Rob GeorgeRob GeorgeDay ago
  • This is fucking insane the gun disappeared no way he committed suicide

    Ben ZBen ZDay ago
    • The gun was a paid actor

      AustinAustinDay ago
  • He got Epsteined

    Marks FersMarks FersDay ago
    • I wouldn't be surprised.

      iamhungey12345iamhungey1234523 hours ago
  • Did he do it to himself? Or did his buddies find out he was ready to talk??🤔

    Fitawrari FitnessFitawrari FitnessDay ago
    • Maybe he had mild covid but threw a blood clot had a heart attack and died. Shit happens.yall think covid is a joke but Shit like that is a reality. You could be fine and mild and doing well, throw a blood clot and have a stroke or heart attack and you're done.

      Sparky JonesSparky Jones4 hours ago
    • Indeed, this feels off regardless of what side he's on.

      iamhungey12345iamhungey1234523 hours ago
  • Ain't this the guy that stole Pelosi's hard drive?

    PlotsOnePlotsOneDay ago
  • In the aftermath of the insurrection on the Capitol it is encouraging to see that the FBI and the courts are doing their jobs. Now the Liar in Chief, the first president to be impeached twice, must be prosecuted in the Senate. Furthermore, the Department of Justice must prosecute Trump charging him in criminal courts with every instance of encouragement of violence, incitement to violence, misrepresentation of the facts and fraud in his career. Criminal trials are designed to discover truth. They seem still to be working in the US. The FBI must track down every participant in the insurrection, including GOP members who were involved. These people must be arrested, charged and prosecuted. There must be an urgent review of every member of the police and armed forces with the specific aim of removing individuals with white supremacist and fascist sympathies. Similarly, white supremacist and fascist members of congress and the senate should be exposed, and if possible they should be removed from office. If the Department of Justice and the FBI fail to do this, then this insurrection will one day be remembered as the dry run for the terminal destruction of the Republic. The great danger now is that Biden will make Ford's mistake, claiming that these crimes are best left behind, forgiven and forgotten. The US Republic is in mortal danger. Read this:

    Baron BarBaron BarDay ago

    goo guwlgoo guwlDay ago
  • Atlanta 11 is tabloid TV just like TMZ and over the top.

    Lenard MelvinLenard MelvinDay ago
  • He must have seen something

    RH GuoRH GuoDay ago
  • Oh well

  • Y’all think that Trump is going to pardon you. Think again.

    Scottishroad_pinoyScottishroad_pinoyDay ago
  • he's on that mid night train from Georgia..........

    aola wiliaola wiliDay ago
  • ... um.. he was charged with riot , but STILL HAD 2 GUNS in his home ?!....

    speedyspeedyDay ago
  • Well, the penalty for treason is death.

    TheJwlasichukTheJwlasichukDay ago
  • Lol one less trump turd

    Jonathan BalbuenaJonathan BalbuenaDay ago
  • "It is what it is."

    David AndersonDavid AndersonDay ago
    • Maybe he commit suicide because he is patriot of trump

      aola wiliaola wiliDay ago
  • Waiting for conspiracy theorists to claim he was "disappeared" by the congressmen involved in the insurrection. Or maybe someone higher up? I'll get the popcorn going.

    Amy DavisAmy DavisDay ago
  • He faked his death...

    Ken BellKen BellDay ago