GCOE returns: Blaney wins Atlanta and the crew preps for the Bristol Dirt Race

Mar 26, 2021
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We're back with a special edition episode!
Fresh off of a win in Atlanta, Ryan Blaney and the GCOE crew are back and just in time for the Bristol Dirt Race.
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  • Ryan congrats on the WIN!!! C'MON!!!! You guys need to bring ur pit crew on the Pod! Put Wadester on the platform haha!!!

    B Squad broskiB Squad broski5 days ago
  • Big deck energy

    Gloriously ImperfectGloriously Imperfect14 days ago
  • So glad this you’re back!!

    Benton MillerBenton Miller17 days ago
  • Y'all need to do this every week. We need to start a petition.

    Chasin9 ElliottChasin9 Elliott17 days ago
  • Thank God this is back. Was pissed when it was supposedly cancelled.

    Chasin9 ElliottChasin9 Elliott17 days ago
  • So glad y’all are back

    Kalen JonesKalen Jones18 days ago
  • Welcome back. For reference Midsummer Murders are still filming. They are in series 21 now. Long live your show.

    james Fowlerjames Fowler18 days ago
  • 😂 Scary movies 😂 I don't do them anymore either Chuck.

    Anita GarrisonAnita Garrison19 days ago
  • HELL YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    movieman46movieman4620 days ago
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey20 days ago
  • Enjoying watching your Podcast

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey20 days ago
  • Congratulations on your Win Ryan Blaney

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey20 days ago
  • Ready for Austin Dillon to win on dirt Bristol

    COPO Camaro Route 66COPO Camaro Route 6620 days ago
    • Man, idk what was up with him today, he was pretty non existent. The only cars I felt that had a shot were the 5 and 20 (until they wrecked) the 11, 24, 19, 99, 6, the 48 (until he had transmission issues) the 22 and right there at the end the 47. Everyone else was just there. Considering the circumstances and most drivers lack of dirt experience though, everyone did great just not wrecking in my opinion. I thought there would be a lot more spins and wrecks, but they all really showed their adaptability today. If the 10 and 20 didn't spin there would have been a pretty uneventful day. Not surprised the 10 spun, but the 20 spinning surprised me, sucks that Larson got took out in that wreck.

      Chasin9 ElliottChasin9 Elliott17 days ago
  • Ohhhhh Kimmie in 👢!

    Retired And DiscingRetired And Discing20 days ago
  • Ryan picking on lil sis.

    Retired And DiscingRetired And Discing21 day ago
  • The gang is back!

    Ivan CelisIvan Celis21 day ago
  • Happy to have the show back.

    Oval AceOval Ace21 day ago
  • I wish they could put these on tv.

    Mark SmithMark Smith21 day ago
  • I would like to see the Borg invade Earth. It would be awesome to see their sphere, cube, and diamond shaped ships.

    Schizz PopinovSchizz Popinov21 day ago
  • I'm so sad I wasn't able to get tickets to the dirt race. Fingers crossed they will do next year

    Sarah SmithSarah Smith21 day ago
    • They are.

      Chasin9 ElliottChasin9 Elliott17 days ago
  • Ah, Studio 3 with dungeon-like lighting. Three people are within feet of each other and only one of them is properly lt. How could it consistently be that bad over there? LOL.....

    Talladega TomTalladega Tom21 day ago
  • Easy answer to the “what Alien would you want to attack earth” question.... The movie Mars Attacks! Aliens

    SeaBay86SeaBay8621 day ago
    • I was thinking the same thing lol

      Sarah SmithSarah Smith21 day ago
  • Happy to have the show back. May need to put another light on Kim and work on Ryan’s shadows.... chuck looks very well lit so I assume he’s the one who set it all up and only paid attention to his lighting! 🤣🤣🤣lol

    SeaBay86SeaBay8621 day ago
    • I thought it was just me at first, but I turned the brightness up and it was still dark.

      Chasin9 ElliottChasin9 Elliott17 days ago
  • Letssss gooooo I thought they were gone forever!!

    Carson ECarson E21 day ago
    • sme

      Oval AceOval Ace21 day ago
  • Letssss goooooo

    James ThompsonJames Thompson21 day ago
  • Yeahhooo! It’s back.

    Speed04GTSpeed04GT21 day ago