GachaLife TikTok Compilation [✨ Ep 37✨]

Apr 5, 2021
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  • can yall appreciate how much time it took her to do this Whole entire video it takes a lot of pressure

    ᴀɪsʜᴀ Kᴀᴅᴀʏᴇʀᴀɪsʜᴀ Kᴀᴅᴀʏᴇʀ43 minutes ago
  • Tsukishima kei ❤💖

    Aliscat :3Aliscat :3Hour ago
  • Tpn

    emma•emma•3 hours ago
  • 3:47 Good recoloring! xd

    •Meru - Chan• Ú3Ù•Meru - Chan• Ú3Ù3 hours ago
  • 5:15 not me using my fingers

    My TranMy Tran3 hours ago
  • 11:38 what is the name of the song?

    kaianehdkaianehd4 hours ago
  • Someone :I like MNM A dumb person:I prefer skittles Someone: no like the rapper A dumb person: WHY WOULD YOU EAT THE WRAPPER????

  • Am I the only one he just was sitting here just being depressed watching this

    Ayden_HunnyAyden_Hunny5 hours ago
  • But you did copy Bum Bum with the intro

    Strawberry Milkshake :3Strawberry Milkshake :36 hours ago
  • Lol jk

    Strawberry Milkshake :3Strawberry Milkshake :36 hours ago
  • You copied BUM BUM!!!! How dare you! That is so rude and im reporting you

    Strawberry Milkshake :3Strawberry Milkshake :36 hours ago
  • 1:33 Aizawa that u-

    Starry DreamsStarry Dreams6 hours ago
  • This is what everyone has been waiting for- 18:55

    Aya & Aldian OfficialAya & Aldian Official6 hours ago

    La_Tortuga_PerronaLa_Tortuga_Perrona6 hours ago
  • i love ur ideos

    jayden brooksjayden brooks8 hours ago
  • 7:42 LMAO 😂

    Taryn BaackeTaryn Baacke9 hours ago
  • Totally not me dancing because of that intro…no,no,no Ok,yes

    Just FoxyJust Foxy10 hours ago
  • 7:29 9:33 30:05 Yes but I have no money...

    Abigil LenhardAbigil Lenhard10 hours ago
  • Gacha Logic: Red paint looks exactly like blood. They also smell the same.

    * BuggyLikesBugs_ ** BuggyLikesBugs_ *10 hours ago
  • i dont get what mom i 17 and then the mom said and im 30 ?

    night fallnight fall11 hours ago
  • But the one where he was like”I’m 17”and then his mom was like”and I’m 30”I just realized she 13 when she got pregnant because 30-17=13!

    Wolfeybee•_• :pWolfeybee•_• :p11 hours ago
  • What is my 30 my just a kid?

    TV ROSETTATV ROSETTA12 hours ago
  • 10:19 i can't stop laugh😂😂

    Natalia BednarskaNatalia Bednarska12 hours ago
  • can someone tell me the name of the song at 8:19 in cant find it 😩

    flattykawaflattykawa12 hours ago
  • 15:01 this is where the fun begins

    LuckyGuyLuckyGuy14 hours ago
  • 18:03 THE FAWK 🪦😩🤚🏻👩🏽‍🦯

    axime Sweetsaxime Sweets14 hours ago
  • what song?

    Marvellous MakerMarvellous Maker14 hours ago
  • When I see the face of the guilty exposed My life is complete

    NightBearzNightBearz15 hours ago
  • Song the minute 10:46

    valentina gonzalezvalentina gonzalez15 hours ago
    • ??

      valentina gonzalezvalentina gonzalez15 hours ago
  • What’s the song for 8:20 ?

    Mamdouh M. Al-BatatiMamdouh M. Al-Batati16 hours ago
  • 5:16 what song is that??

    CallmeSia YTCallmeSia YT16 hours ago
  • 2:03 I cried bc I realised that my mother and father never said anything about live you life or of those lines so I put a fake scenario in my head

    Nine Cry’sNine Cry’s16 hours ago
  • 18:03

    Janry LonsberryJanry Lonsberry16 hours ago
  • Salt in the thumbnail

    ɑʝgร_ʏтɑʝgร_ʏт17 hours ago
  • in 16:48 THE FRONT FACING🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hel perHel per17 hours ago

    A̷n̷o̷n̷y̷m̷o̷u̷s̷•_•W̷e̷e̷b̷A̷n̷o̷n̷y̷m̷o̷u̷s̷•_•W̷e̷e̷b̷17 hours ago
  • 15:00 what have I witnessed

    Pradip Kumar NandiPradip Kumar Nandi17 hours ago
  • Banana

    ĞłîťčhĞłîťčh19 hours ago
  • 5:26 THAT IS A CHILD-

    Sienna martinezSienna martinez19 hours ago
  • 18:15 Wot dat song

    Michal LorekMichal Lorek20 hours ago
  • i only came here for the ✨Salty King ✨

    Sari ArtzSari Artz20 hours ago
  • 18:08

    Koky KokyKoky Koky21 hour ago
  • 17:46

    Koky KokyKoky Koky21 hour ago
  • 11:08 pliss tell me Whats Song ?

    BrownPinky8U.UBrownPinky8U.U22 hours ago
  • 29:13 ..w h y ?

    CatNipCatNip22 hours ago
  • 18:06 wth was he doing

    Woahbaby _laniWoahbaby _laniDay ago
  • 18:59 if i was there i would chase fastest i can cuz im simp of him

    AnimeCandyYTAnimeCandyYTDay ago
  • I like your intro song

  • Why did Zack touched his no no square

    Mei MeiMei MeiDay ago
  • Omg im dieing 10:29

    BunnyBerryBunnyBerryDay ago
  • 11:24 birdy because she could hide the blood on his han with the long sleves and how did she handle a pointer if she had long sleves

    Cia LingCia LingDay ago
  • The robux thing is a fake I didn’t try but I just know it is

    Jorian 90Jorian 90Day ago
  • 18:04

    Villain IidaVillain IidaDay ago

    Crizatica1Crizatica1Day ago
  • la musi me ase culpable de lamuerte de mi familia quela asesine

    Claudia PerozaClaudia PerozaDay ago
  • At 2:48 I was like how is you going to threaten to shoot me and then smile and start singing I swear it's gacha logic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hailey LadybugHailey LadybugDay ago
  • i love the video that they say kamonaa

    Jennifer LauretaJennifer LauretaDay ago
  • Why were music randomly playing at the end-

    avoid heravoid herDay ago

    Blackie The CloverBlackie The CloverDay ago
  • 6:55 8:34 10:19 10:47 11:42

    ฅ 03. ωׂon̶ղ̶ׂĭe ׂ ִ ꐍꐍฅ 03. ωׂon̶ղ̶ׂĭe ׂ ִ ꐍꐍDay ago
  • ففففففففقققققق

    Kk HKk HDay ago
  • E

    WateryBadZachWateryBadZachDay ago
  • Anyone know the song in the beginning of the video? Not the first tiktok but the intro?

    My foolish Little brotherMy foolish Little brotherDay ago
  • When I saw the puppy I was like I wanted to adopt it bc it’s so cute❤️

    Michelle Chavez lujanMichelle Chavez lujanDay ago
  • 18:08 is no one gonna talk about HOW MUCH OLDER THIN MAN IS LIKE WHAT!!?!?!?!

    Elaine Likes Bakudeku ofcElaine Likes Bakudeku ofcDay ago
  • 5:22 wait... She was 13? 13:18 wait this sounds familiar... Oh yeah! My life when mom still lived with me.

    Vern JosephVern JosephDay ago
  • 5:23 I’m so bad at math I thought she would have been 23 😂 She would have been 13 ☹️

    Gnomies SøøtGnomies SøøtDay ago
  • simple girls like me - when we saw anime in the thumbnails we cutely press it 😩

    MusHr0om FlowerMusHr0om FlowerDay ago
  • Цуки нафиг что с ним Если что смотрите на превью

    Tobirama SenjiTobirama SenjiDay ago
  • 1:49 Im crying....

    XXJester_LifeXXXXJester_LifeXXDay ago
  • The background on the end of the part I had to do for an assignment lol

    Isis ClarkIsis ClarkDay ago
  • Who from is Russian? 🌚 лялялял,а ой... 🤞👊

    XxariamariaxXXxariamariaxXDay ago
    • Huh =-)

      XxariamariaxXXxariamariaxXDay ago
  • Does anybody know how to make the underwear suit thing? Been trying to do it and I can't figure out how

    Anna GreenTreeAnna GreenTreeDay ago
  • 2018 gacha life is so funny you should do a day where we bring back all the old ga cha life stuff

    Taraji LoftonTaraji LoftonDay ago
  • 11:55 is so sad

    Tower Of Hell YusliTower Of Hell YusliDay ago
  • 8:#20

    Asia_lynn NeuhausAsia_lynn NeuhausDay ago
  • 18:56 the thumbnail you’ve been looking for

    Min :vMin :vDay ago
  • 15:10 gacha 2018 it wa yucky

    The emperor 29The emperor 29Day ago
  • Tsukishima? .... bro-

    I will start a CULTI will start a CULTDay ago
  • 1 like= 1 owner for the puppy 11:04

    Marilou TacadMarilou TacadDay ago
  • Кто русский?!

    ИошиИошиDay ago
  • ;-; Hewo Ik it’s long UwU Sowwy 🥺

    Anthony LadejiAnthony LadejiDay ago
    • Sowwy for putting it long and anyways I love your Gacha tik tok’s UwU

      Anthony LadejiAnthony LadejiDay ago
  • I know dis random but....does anybody hate this word and the thing......gacha heat....I hate that word and the thing #saveyoutube #getgachaback share this please

    {Wolfie_afton}{Wolfie_afton}Day ago
  • Credit? :/ just because you said you don’t own any of them and send love to the original creators how I don’t even see their names

    L O A D I N G . . .L O A D I N G . . .Day ago
  • *I ran after Tsukki lmao*

    It’sJustMay And The squadIt’sJustMay And The squadDay ago
  • 2:53

    Millie Studio36Millie Studio36Day ago
  • 4:49

    Millie Studio36Millie Studio36Day ago
  • 10:33

    Millie Studio36Millie Studio36Day ago
  • 10:05

    Millie Studio36Millie Studio36Day ago
  • I like Eminem I like skittles No like the rapper... WHY WOULD YOU EAT THE WRAPPER

    Riley McIntyreRiley McIntyreDay ago
  • I saw my fav I forgot the meme name but it’s the bald girl and stuff

    gacha berrygacha berryDay ago
  • Song or I shoot!!!! The mom:sings The shooter:sings Me:HOLD UP?👁️👄👁️

    Itz Gacha Strong!Itz Gacha Strong!Day ago
  • Hi

    osita lindaosita lindaDay ago
  • Why would you eat the RAPPPER

    Christine MooreChristine MooreDay ago
  • That robux hack does not work. I tried it. :P

    Allie Sun-BourneAllie Sun-BourneDay ago

    Saiki KusuoSaiki KusuoDay ago
  • 0:00 song?

    Morena JuarezMorena JuarezDay ago
  • i can relate it hurt like hell when you get a wopin

    Angie The Chris AftonAngie The Chris AftonDay ago
  • The FRIENDS DON'T LIE! Verse is from stranger things it's the verse of 11 / Jane

    Panda ExpressPanda ExpressDay ago
  • 5:19 wait she had him at 13 🤨

    QuackiEvieQuackiEvieDay ago