Gacha Life TikTok Compilation #34

Feb 18, 2021
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e too long my storage is pain also @frosty if u see this u gay ;)

  • Love youuuuu i can be pinned? ❤✌

    ¿?kitty official?¿¿?kitty official?¿13 days ago
    • What’s the name of this song at 2:13

      Isabel CruzIsabel Cruz3 hours ago
    • @XxSimply_MintyxX I wont hate :)

      alleynett Villamento -_-alleynett Villamento -_-4 hours ago
    • @alleynett Villamento -_- mind ur own business pls

      XxSimply_MintyxXXxSimply_MintyxX5 hours ago
    • @XxSimply_MintyxX what did you say? because im late and I dont see your "rude" comment cuz maybe you deleted it.... please tell what you said xd

      alleynett Villamento -_-alleynett Villamento -_-5 hours ago
    • @luna moon lps Jean lol ty

      XxSimply_MintyxXXxSimply_MintyxX6 hours ago
  • lOVE YOUUUUUUU i can i e pinned

    April MarieApril Marie2 minutes ago
  • Who likes this dora?

    rody abu shadyrody abu shady41 minute ago
  • 3:45 my respect for the mom:📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    Kawaii Ueharaffe QwqKawaii Ueharaffe Qwq48 minutes ago
  • Что !!!???

    Diana TDiana T52 minutes ago
  • 0:15 my fav

    Nomiko и FuryyNomiko и FuryyHour ago
  • does anyone know what this sound is called? 0:01

    Magdalena KrzeminskaMagdalena KrzeminskaHour ago
  • 3:57 😍😍😍😍😍 (very nice)

    Sümeyye ÇavuşluSümeyye Çavuşlu2 hours ago
  • Can you give the credits to people especially around 11:52 :/

    •Mochii Chan••Mochii Chan•3 hours ago
  • Is it just me or does the FNAF bunnies sound like the triangle guy from Gravity falls

    sunnyheartxosunnyheartxo3 hours ago
  • Backpack: Dora why did you even pack all this stuff?! Dora: "Yay"

    sunnyheartxosunnyheartxo3 hours ago
  • The Dora one had me off guard.

    Stevie ReedjonesStevie Reedjones3 hours ago
  • (Warning: Flashing) If you are on a computer, go back to the video and type "Awesome" on your keyboard without anything open to actually write on. Then look at the red bar that indicates where you are on the video. Trust me. ;)

    Coffee AddictCoffee Addict3 hours ago
  • Gg

    Rosalinda PatalinghugRosalinda Patalinghug4 hours ago
  • Gacha 😎👑

    Giang DoanGiang Doan4 hours ago
  • killua ? 20:40

    ZEUSBEY -ZEUSBEY -4 hours ago
  • 7:06 ngl this song is so cool anyone know what the song named?

    Party TimeParty Time4 hours ago
  • HEWO :)

    Cindy TaguianCindy Taguian4 hours ago

    hate all] [hate all] [4 hours ago
  • That’s a lot of neglected 9 year olds right there.

    TheCommentaryMuffinTheCommentaryMuffin4 hours ago
  • The Dora one… just ruined my whole entire childhood 🥲👌

    Ava RiveraAva Rivera4 hours ago
  • Where is 32:28 from? (I know it’s Teen Titans, but what episode??)

    Gåłåxÿ_Girł :3Gåłåxÿ_Girł :34 hours ago

    Leonnie chanLeonnie chan5 hours ago
  • 21:02 WHAT THE SONG

    Dina 09Dina 095 hours ago
  • 21:02 I LIKE SONG

    Dina 09Dina 095 hours ago
  • Here comes KARENNNNN!!!!😂🤧

    C̸h̸o̸l̸e̸シC̸h̸o̸l̸e̸シ5 hours ago
  • i love the one with the girl falling and the violin in the back ground hehe

    Rene RootRene Root6 hours ago
  • No comesso o gostei do terseiro

    Beatriz SantosBeatriz Santos6 hours ago
  • HeRe CoMeS KaReN

    oompaloopawhowonderedwhodlandoompaloopawhowonderedwhodland6 hours ago
  • 24:08 song name/tiktok name?

    •Acid Butterfly••Acid Butterfly•7 hours ago
  • 12:07 fnaf

    Ian MontoyaIan Montoya7 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Rudi Arud79Rudi Arud797 hours ago
  • I Love cat🥰🥰❤

    Rebecca VitoriaRebecca Vitoria7 hours ago

    luna moon lps Jeanluna moon lps Jean7 hours ago
  • My fav: 11:42

    Pajarito_ AnimationsPajarito_ Animations7 hours ago
  • 5:22 *LMAO I-*

    Denyar GemintangDenyar Gemintang7 hours ago
  • YES

    Jessica SakkasJessica Sakkas7 hours ago
  • 0:15 yes yes

    ii_peavchiiii_peavchii7 hours ago
    • 0:24

      ii_peavchiiii_peavchii7 hours ago
  • 25:10 girl: *puts phone away* Me: seems just about RIGHT

    Jenevieve UyJenevieve Uy7 hours ago
  • The first one looks hurt😭😭

    Midari_IkishimaMidari_Ikishima8 hours ago
  • 3:36 is key

    Makanaaa _cMakanaaa _c8 hours ago
  • 20:43 KiLlUa?

    xDragonArtzyxxDragonArtzyx8 hours ago
  • why was i not surprised when dora said "another"

    Perry SophiePerry Sophie8 hours ago
  • 3:03 name song please

    •Miluz estudios_s••Miluz estudios_s•9 hours ago
  • i know its hard to make it like a vid can i be hearted? love youuuuuuuuuuuu

    Noor MaarofNoor Maarof9 hours ago
  • The first one is so cute :')

    • Nelissa Boodram •• Nelissa Boodram •9 hours ago

    Goda ZemblysGoda Zemblys9 hours ago
  • 1:33 if you reply asking, I can tell you what this "means"

    Gonta GokuharaGonta Gokuhara10 hours ago
    • What does it mean

      AuslesAusles9 hours ago
  • You Make Me So Happy 😀 Thank You For Always Cheering Up My Day, You Are Kind And Generous You Really Do Care For Your Fans, Even Though There Nobody You Know! ❤️ That Makes My Heart Ache, Your Videos Each And Every One Of Them, Are Amazing. 🤩 You Are My Idol, I Am In Love With Your Content! And Just Know I Love You With All Of My Heart! 💞💞💞💞You Are Passionate About Everything, And I Love You! ❤️ You Are Literally My Therapist! You Love Us, You Have To Know We Love You, Right Everyone?! :DDD If Something Is Happening In Real Life, Please Tell Us

    simp.simp.10 hours ago
  • Excuse me but did Dora say another like.... This ISNT the first TIMe

    Atomic Wolf LookasAtomic Wolf Lookas10 hours ago
  • It's pretty>: v

    angelina abigailangelina abigail10 hours ago
  • I love the dora one :))))

    Simply_Cozy シSimply_Cozy シ11 hours ago

    valeria hernandezvaleria hernandez11 hours ago
  • Ok but like when that one came on where he she was at the roof I thought he said do a flip-

    Meyah GardnerMeyah Gardner12 hours ago
  • 20:07 Ö No way! ME TOO >:DDDDDDDDD

    Douglas MorrisonDouglas Morrison12 hours ago
  • 14:13 that beat got me thinking I was in some badass edit oml

    official mateoofficial mateo12 hours ago
  • Why all white ppl?

    Ramkumarie PersaudRamkumarie Persaud13 hours ago
  • 20:43 Killua’s twin? Lol!

    -Zachey--Zachey-14 hours ago
  • Fnaf haves alot have bunny's 0-0

    Naomi NeuveauxNaomi Neuveaux14 hours ago
  • 25:19 Who knows what app is it

    • Lin •• Lin •14 hours ago
  • 21:19

    WolfArtWolfArt14 hours ago

    ᏦᎾᎠᎪ & BëllloᏦᎾᎠᎪ & Bëlllo15 hours ago
  • 8:49 .__________.

    •Millie Blossom••Millie Blossom•15 hours ago

    Ariana GirasolAriana Girasol15 hours ago
  • Wtf???????

    Michele SavinoMichele Savino16 hours ago
  • its funny bc.. when it says "big brother i'm just.. like.. you.." i'm always trying ti follow my brother's footsteps.. :)...

    Lauryn GarciaLauryn Garcia16 hours ago
  • Dora.

    Psycho DemonPsycho Demon16 hours ago
  • 14:57 is my fav idk why 😐

    -{Shadow X wolfie}--{Shadow X wolfie}-17 hours ago
  • 0:24 any one know the name of this song?

    Kylee CobbKylee Cobb18 hours ago
    • All I know is that it’s a song from Eminem

      Chima -uZChima -uZ15 hours ago
  • 5:58 rip

    callmebubblescallmebubbles19 hours ago
  • 3:21 tho

    callmebubblescallmebubbles19 hours ago
  • 15:05

    Galaxy?Galaxy?19 hours ago
  • 1:51 THEY GOT NO BROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny SilvaJohnny Silva20 hours ago
  • 20:41 Killua that you?

    K RobinsonK Robinson20 hours ago
  • Amei o vídeo

    shinobu uzumakishinobu uzumaki20 hours ago
  • ...

    Yusuf IbrahimYusuf Ibrahim20 hours ago
  • What's the song title at 0:18?

    kivistankivistan20 hours ago
  • 1:59 sorry but i hate when people wants to have a love with boy, but when they learn she is an girl they act so uhmm-

    Hira GürHira Gür20 hours ago
  • Pls se chennal @videl OuO

    Yuanita Tresna PujawatiYuanita Tresna Pujawati20 hours ago
  • 19:57 me be like-

    ItzMokiMokiItzMokiMoki20 hours ago
  • Karen gang attacing >:)

    Julia PuzioJulia Puzio20 hours ago
  • 8:17 is thumbnail if u r looking 4 it

    Galaxy- PlaceXXxGalaxy- PlaceXXx20 hours ago
  • 6:56 Wow :0 that's give me an idea for my next vids

    •cloudie aexthetic cat••cloudie aexthetic cat•21 hour ago
  • 1:37

    ღIt'z MīkīkōღღIt'z Mīkīkōღ21 hour ago
  • 20:59 song name

    Cristina TigbaoCristina Tigbao21 hour ago
  • arkada türkçe şarkı?

    Çiğdem EroğluÇiğdem Eroğlu22 hours ago
  • 15:54-16:04 мне нужно название композиции༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    Хараки́риХараки́ри23 hours ago
  • Soy la única que abla español o que pedo..?

    Alondra HernándezAlondra HernándezDay ago
  • Baby and cookies its a nice match🤣

    Nevaeh AveryNevaeh AveryDay ago
  • whats the start tik toks song called please????

    Kathrine BaileyKathrine BaileyDay ago
  • 20:09 whut!?

    Ms.pufferfishMs.pufferfishDay ago
  • 5:14 OMG SO CUTE :33 >// w //

    Chill GuyChill GuyDay ago
  • 24:38 song .,.

    Abby BalansagAbby BalansagDay ago
    • momma said we were the good kids i think but just search that up and youll probably find it

      - R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -- R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -10 hours ago
  • 2:13 do anyone know the song name??

  • 19:38'deki şarkının adı nedir

    Elif Şevval KaracaElif Şevval KaracaDay ago
  • :(?

    Yara AlMalkiYara AlMalkiDay ago
  • 11:01

    【strawbrrymlk】 『moonlight』【strawbrrymlk】 『moonlight』Day ago
  • I like the second last part.....Is it an anime? if yes than tell me the name of it?

    Cherry SitlhouCherry SitlhouDay ago
  • 12:47 they look like borther and sisters

    • Clouds •• Clouds •Day ago

    Carlos Alejandro Camacho SandovalCarlos Alejandro Camacho SandovalDay ago