Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

Jan 9, 2020
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Official video for “Life Is Good” by Future​
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Workin' on a weekend like usual
Way off in the deep end like usual
Niggas swear they passed us, they doin' too much
Haven't done my taxes, I'm too turnt up
Virgil got a Patek on my wrist goin' nuts
Niggas caught me slippin' once, okay, so what?
Someone hit your block up, I'd tell you if it was us
Manor house in Rosewood, this shit too plush
#Future #LifeIsGood #HighOffLife

  • 1,5 mld ?! The fuck

    SugishiSugishiMinute ago
  • Terrible 😅😅

    legend Of goodlegend Of good2 minutes ago
  • yo

    OscarOscar3 minutes ago
  • Something nice bro 😁😎🔥

    Ulices FernandoUlices Fernando10 minutes ago
  • Future:life’s good Corona: HA I will change that😪

    Malachi GrovesMalachi Groves14 minutes ago
  • didn't age very well for 2020

    QuadrillionQuadrillion32 minutes ago
  • Get this to 69 likes and comments and then Future will be doing some other shit

    Darsh BhowmikDarsh Bhowmik46 minutes ago
  • i dislike this song but it keeps popping up how do i get rid of it!!! omfg

    Kelon SchmidtKelon Schmidt56 minutes ago
  • Por qué ría de cansino

    Welinton VasquezWelinton VasquezHour ago
  • You stold this you are not a youtuber you won over 1millon dolers

    Levent TestoniLevent TestoniHour ago
    • What

      Victor 1234Victor 123456 minutes ago
  • It's crazy they made like 20mil from this song. MINIMUM. That's just USworlds pay. It's prob 40-50+++

    WRLDWRLDHour ago
  • bro i hate futures part worst feature ever

    Jesse Koontz JrJesse Koontz JrHour ago
  • this was good till future opened his mouth

    Altr_HAltr_HHour ago
  • Me seeing this only now...I think I'm a bit delayed 🤣😅😂

    Zizi ElmiZizi ElmiHour ago
  • It is like 2 different songs neither are good lol why is this a thing

    TortewTortewHour ago
  • this view is like luffy's bounty

  • gay

    Ganador 77Ganador 77Hour ago
  • This is too much simalar to gods plans besides the beat

    999 forever999 foreverHour ago
  • Who listening in 2021 👇👍💯

    Lj Kxng GamerLj Kxng GamerHour ago
  • Me and guys that liked the comment are listening this in start of 2021 🎧🎶

    DevvDevvHour ago

    Alejandro CornejoAlejandro CornejoHour ago
  • Drake actually killed it

    Matt 639Matt 639Hour ago
  • It is a crime not giving a like

    karensimp _karensimp _Hour ago
  • Life is shit now with virus

  • how many subs can we get from this comment make my day

    Random VideosRandom VideosHour ago
  • Opened 2021 and 2020 with this track

    Kwezi GoqueKwezi GoqueHour ago
  • I can’t stand drake one damn bit. He ruined being on this song

    ease tresease tresHour ago
  • Never realised that Lil yachty was in this video

    KubKub2 hours ago
  • POV: this ain’t ur 1st time here

    how to lifehow to life2 hours ago
  • future: life's good me: ****2:39****

    Patrick StarPatrick Star2 hours ago
    • 😭😭

      𓀒𓀒Hour ago
  • Yo future like you choose

    Caeliv EdwardsCaeliv Edwards2 hours ago
  • Comentando en español XD

  • Let's See How Many People Are Watching in 2021 👍👍👍

    Davvel2001 !Davvel2001 !2 hours ago
  • 2:33 ig de la minita?

    Ignacio. C ツIgnacio. C ツ2 hours ago
  • Bullshit , I can’t know how people listen to this after listen to Eminem or 50 cent or NF

    عاصم يوسفعاصم يوسف2 hours ago
    • ⏸️

      𓀒𓀒Hour ago
  • life is shit 👍🏻

    M UM U2 hours ago
  • 24/01/2021😜

    Willian siqueira da silvaWillian siqueira da silva2 hours ago
  • future went off


    Aly MillaneAly Millane3 hours ago
  • Woof

    レトロでレトロで3 hours ago
  • Ur on fire for ur music

    Virginia WatsonVirginia Watson3 hours ago
  • Hi

    Carter RussellCarter Russell3 hours ago
  • My sister love your songs

    Nelson IdemudiaNelson Idemudia3 hours ago
  • Why Drake's all songs are same?

    Bolor CoolBolor Cool3 hours ago
  • Life is really good in 2021

    Bilive demigodBilive demigod3 hours ago
  • This is where I leave you firewall and cyber security

    Shannon JonesShannon Jones3 hours ago
    • Parents Mily and support you guys veterans

      Shannon JonesShannon Jones3 hours ago
  • When you and your partner do different things for the project

    meh guymeh guy4 hours ago
  • And you too future

    Siah StoreySiah Storey4 hours ago
  • Why you so your soul Drake

    Siah StoreySiah Storey4 hours ago
  • I love their acting, they are actually good🔥🔥🔥want to see the end of that movie ...

    TheSublimeFactorTheSublimeFactor4 hours ago
  • Am here at 1.5b

    Chris JR1000Chris JR10004 hours ago
  • This good song

    nitro gamrenitro gamre4 hours ago
  • น่าทึ่งมากสุดยอด

    วรัญญา ปริบาลวรัญญา ปริบาล4 hours ago
  • Crazy this still trending top 100

    John NiggaJohn Nigga4 hours ago
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  • Is that offset or quavo

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    Ssad painSsad pain4 hours ago
  • This is so fire, the beat is just so good, the SWAG THOO

    GuilleHGuilleH4 hours ago
  • Taxes music 🎵 🎧 Video🤟🤟🤟👏👏👏

    Sabiti KrikeijaSabiti Krikeija4 hours ago
  • Quel chanson de MERDEEEEEEE

    Sahiti FatonSahiti Faton4 hours ago
  • Split up with my x now life is good 🤙🏻

    Tuned- VXRTuned- VXR4 hours ago
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    Bo SolwoldBo Solwold5 hours ago
  • Nah man life is not good

    RSN ACABRSN ACAB5 hours ago
  • I feel less pain everytime I listen to this song

    GD MarcGD Marc5 hours ago
  • I was in the loo with the voo

    Kai MarplesKai Marples5 hours ago
  • i love how the song starts with them working and not trohwing money on some girls.

    Dr.DarknezDr.Darknez5 hours ago
  • 1B

    Hebert PauloHebert Paulo5 hours ago
  • Dope

    Chantal SegersChantal Segers5 hours ago
  • People riding on a dump truck 1 billion people: hmmm interesting

    MistshadowMistshadow5 hours ago
    • @mitayo lenson but I said that

      MistshadowMistshadow4 hours ago
    • *dump truck

      mitayo lensonmitayo lenson5 hours ago
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    Mauricio ProductionsMauricio Productions5 hours ago
  • 4:46 miniatura del video

    DubaeDubae5 hours ago
  • Who listening in February 2050

    rakib cbrakib cb5 hours ago
  • this song before the fuckin covid next song will be before the 2nd big bang

    Shaheen MohammadShaheen Mohammad5 hours ago
  • still can believe this song came out a year ago

    Joshua ChavezJoshua Chavez5 hours ago
  • When you skip track by mistake half way through the song

  • Jajj por😑😬😤

    Welinton VasquezWelinton Vasquez6 hours ago
  • This song is ass without drake.

    Vig Outdoor AdventuresVig Outdoor Adventures6 hours ago
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    Bo SolwoldBo Solwold6 hours ago
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    BeylulsBeyluls6 hours ago
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    BeylulsBeyluls6 hours ago
  • Reeeeeeell reeeeel good

    Manjinder SandhuManjinder Sandhu6 hours ago
  • XXX

    BeylulsBeyluls6 hours ago
  • XXX

    BeylulsBeyluls6 hours ago
  • Life is gooooodd mennnn

    Manjinder SandhuManjinder Sandhu6 hours ago
  • 🇧🇷

    Tallyson RodriguesTallyson Rodrigues6 hours ago
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  • 1:42 beat changed

    Can I Get 1 sub?Can I Get 1 sub?6 hours ago
  • Why is this song so famous. I haven't heard it till now. The beat is so uninspiring

    Tyffen123Tyffen1236 hours ago
  • Bro why can I relate to futures part so hard

    By DelahozBy Delahoz6 hours ago
  • Just leave my recommendation please, Just listening to 2pac and BIG and i still end up here after 3 songs

    VOID 91VOID 916 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/d4WFmmW-cHp3m5k

    Laser DynamicLaser Dynamic7 hours ago
  • I swear it only drake luke come the fuck on fr

    Tyler and clayten DuncanTyler and clayten Duncan7 hours ago
  • This song plays every time I’m playing a song on USworlds ... it’s a nice song and all but it’s getting annoying and I’m speaking for all who thinks so but is afraid to say!

    Keesh MalikKeesh Malik7 hours ago
  • Horrible

    Kieran KlombiesKieran Klombies7 hours ago
  • Agradeceria vuestra ayuda viendo nuestro primer cortometraje en mi canal! Gracias!

    Jake and BradJake and Brad7 hours ago
  • not bad...

    muhammed farhanmuhammed farhan7 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/rH53hHm4pnynfKk

    andreaandrea7 hours ago
  • Música de a verga

    Iván Burbano LuzuriagaIván Burbano Luzuriaga7 hours ago