Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) - Hard Difficulty + Dialogue

Feb 15, 2021
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Made by Sock.clip (artist and song composer), Nate Anim8 (Note charter, secondary animator and play tester) and KadeDeveloper (coder)
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I love this mod. Can I even call it a mod? From the cool character design, to the inclusion of cutscenes and the boping soundtrack, especially the 3rd song, I love it, it's chaos in its purest form. It really feels like an official Friday Night Funkin' week.
Featured songs are Lo-Fight, Overhead and Ballistic (or how I like to call it, Arthritis with a Vengeance).
0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Lo-Fight w/ Cutscene
3:07 - Overhead w/ Cutscene
5:40 - Ballistic (aka Arthritis with a Vengeance)
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  • I know this game's an incredibly short passion project, but I'm enamored with how the music tells much about the character(s) without them needing to say much. Dad's songs are simple and sobering, littered with atonal 'spoken' syllables that add grit and stylize him as a no-nonsense type of guy. The Spookeez almost have nothing that sounds like music - they're having the time of their life slamming notes and progressions together and don't care if things get sloppy. Pico's strong with the drums and bass, interlaced with mellowed-out sections of smooth harmonic chords while he keeps the rhythm tight, perfectly semblant of his laid-back and thuggish demeanor. Mom's pop renditions have glitz written all over them - her tracks are technical and unpredictable. She lives fast and loose and mercilessly demands you keep up, but has a playful side. Lemon Demon's songs have lyrics, but even the carnival-ride-gone-wrong musicality gives you the idea that he's just having his own demented idea of fun. Then there's this guy. Lo-Fight starts off in a sad, yet focused D minor. Boyfriend takes the lead with notes on the upper end of the scale, almost like he's poking fun and trying to shake Whitty out of a slump. Whitty responds lethargically, but Boyfriend isn't in a listening mood. Whitty responds again, but takes the next measure right out under your feet at 1:32 in a long, melancholy progression; Whitty is exposing a tiny fraction of vulnerability to express his pain, and is upset that Boyfriend doesn't seem to get it. Boyfriend snaps right back with a poor attempt at motivation - he's seen worse, and the sun always shines, even when it's cloudy - what's to be sad about? The two stand at emotional and philosophical odds. Overhead steps things up - Whitty's trying to break it to Boyfriend by shouting rather than whispering. He's invigorated; a flame long since dead has been re-kindled, and he spits technical progressions at Boyfriend almost as if attempting to frighten him into listening. Unfortunately, this is where Boyfriend shines - the odds have only been made slightly more even. He's got no plans to back down and matches Whitty note for note, finally happy to have a serious competition. He's too busy having fun to notice Whitty's growing desperation. The chords at the end get slightly darker as the two sing in synchronicity, expressing a fervent refusal to come to an understanding. And then.. Chaos erupts. Ballistic is an apt title - Whitty's gone from shouting to screaming at the top of his lungs, like a demon throwing a tantrum. He tears into Boyfriend with breakneck technical sequences that leave most dizzy. Boyfriend retains a brave face, but he knows he's gone too far - he floats helplessly at the mercy of the rhythm and it's all he can do to keep up. The air of dominance he held the first two songs crumbles to dust as his position goes from giving a pep talk to squaring off against a deadly enemy. Whitty intrudes frequently during Boyfriend's segments, having heard more than enough. The fires die down at last as the hatred and sadness fueling Whitty's rage runs dry, and Boyfriend wraps up the tune at the end having had the last word - not exactly defeated, but not exactly the victor. It's remarkable stuff, really.

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    • @Fennek_CTOGPLAN good

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    • I dont know how to read

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    • It’s stupid ass video game called Friday night funk in! Wtf mate! Don’t need to make this child’s game philosophical!

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    • What about Senpai?

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    • w o w, thanks for the insight!

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  • mic

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  • whitty sounds like an old

    Shotgun Ded Scooby-DooShotgun Ded Scooby-Doo2 minutes ago

  • 6:18 Look at whittys face. *When you stubbed your toe:*

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  • I’m getting way too much Verbalase vibes from this

    Razor StudiosRazor Studios17 minutes ago
  • Tell me how

    Lizard DaWizardLizard DaWizard20 minutes ago
  • whity is hard event on easy on his last song ngl i cant beat him

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  • 7:01 Dogfights be like

    Horns BoomHorns Boom31 minute ago
  • Can I put a bounty on Whittys ballistic

    JevilJevil32 minutes ago
  • What the girl don't get scared: Lemon monster, demon of week 6, a man with a gun (Pico) What the girl actually get scared: Lightning and Whitty lol

    Chor TyversChor Tyvers33 minutes ago
  • Arthritis has some moves when he pushes his butt lol

    The MasterThe Master36 minutes ago
  • Is it normal that I'm scared to see a girlfriend standing up?

    LDrockR3LDrockR337 minutes ago
  • Whitty: Can you just leave Boyfriend: *rap battle*

    Wassim LadjeroudWassim Ladjeroud40 minutes ago
  • *playstation eyes*

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  • Girlfriend when there's literally a demon and a suffering human soul that was trapped in a game: *i sleep* Girlfriend when there's a bomb guy: *REAL SHIT*

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  • damn boyfrend, on that occasion he made me angry >:c

    WhittyWhitty46 minutes ago
  • I like the bomb guy 😍

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  • Boyfriend translation: shut yo PlayStation 2 lookin ass up

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  • COOL

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  • Co

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  • BF: Beep boop bap Whilly: understandable have a nice day :)

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    • Yes I am to lazy to even ducking edit this

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    • Sorry I mean whitty

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  • beep bloop 2:00

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  • Imagine if someone did a no miss run of this

    Nguyễn Duy PhúcNguyễn Duy PhúcHour ago
  • 6:13 Me trying explaining in detail the timeline of the universe’s history in 2 minutes

    Jaxon ErricoJaxon ErricoHour ago
  • Is nobody going to talk about his fingers?

    Lütfiye GesoğluLütfiye GesoğluHour ago
  • I like the fact that the player starts the song since they are the one who starts the fight. This could also mean that Lo-Fight belongs to the protagonist but I doubt that was the modders' intention.

    EmrassEmrassHour ago
  • With his height he could be a very good basketball player instead

    My Shin HurtsMy Shin HurtsHour ago
  • gf being scared of something that’s a genuine threat is new

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  • Everyone gangsta till Julius Oppenheimmer Jr from gumball joined the battle

    That one guyThat one guyHour ago
  • I mean the bonus week

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  • how do you take it

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  • Hlep this guy

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  • 6:13 is when ballistic starts (skipping dialogue)

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  • Arthritis with a vengeance is so correct

    marconde897marconde897Hour ago
  • Be be bop ea u aeeaaa

    kayden radfordkayden radfordHour ago
  • just realized the poster that Whitty burns is of the Dad from week 1

    Ryan GiblerRyan GiblerHour ago
    • Ó thaobh

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  • :o

    Un OtakuUn OtakuHour ago
  • Just wait until the creators of B-Side and the creators of Whitty collab

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  • My guy just wanted you to leave him alone

    Yan DominoYan DominoHour ago
  • Y'know, I didn't like this at first, but the more I listened to it the more I like it

    Mark HirschMark HirschHour ago
  • That guy reminds me bomb guy from amazing world OF gumball

    Zosia ChremplewskaZosia ChremplewskaHour ago
  • 5:40 when you got a cramp

    María PonceMaría PonceHour ago
  • beep

    alessibiza000alessibiza0002 hours ago
  • 5:41 I love that part

    Brandon DwayneBrandon Dwayne2 hours ago
  • the "through the fire and flames" of fnf

    Robot 62Robot 622 hours ago
  • Whitty: *has a mental breakdown* Gf: *scared out her fucking mind* Bf: *vibing*

    🔹Gem toons tv🔹🔹Gem toons tv🔹2 hours ago
  • Me when I rage: 5:40 - 5:50

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  • Kako si uspeo.How you did that?

    Daris KaltakDaris Kaltak2 hours ago
  • When Whitty screamed i like how the boyfriend was calm

    NextKageNextKage2 hours ago
  • Whitty: *ENRAGED* Boyfriend: beep boop skiboop >:)

    DexterityDexterity2 hours ago
  • Whitty like them school bullies who pretect their territory

    GargantuarGargantuar2 hours ago
  • the laat part is actually ez for me if i have enough energy

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  • Rorro

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  • nb

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  • I be do a big vibe

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  • The music to this game is just.... noice

    SteelRiffs GamingSteelRiffs Gaming2 hours ago
  • Me : Some Ugly voice Keith : Beep boop skaboop Bomb : INSANE GUITTAR NOISES i call whitty Bomb. bc he is *one*

    Kate's SimpKate's Simp2 hours ago
  • Lmao i cant even finish the tutorial i could never do this

    n0_nam3n0_nam33 hours ago
  • Whitty: is raging and dying with playstation eyes girlfriend: shitting her pants boyfriend: *morse code and beep boop intensifies*

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    • and yes im kinda copying other ppl cuz im unoriginal and out of comment ideas :)

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  • Блат нет руских ну тагда пака 😡🤬😡😡😡😤😰😭😭😭👿

  • When my dog runs away from me: 5:41

    Panyang AmioPanyang Amio3 hours ago
  • Как на зы ваец а ета игра

  • Angry Whitty 5:40

    Electric AnimationElectric Animation3 hours ago
    • but memes

      Electric AnimationElectric Animation3 hours ago
  • first time meeting Whitty : Whitty : pls go away Gf : nothing Bf : *Beep bap boop* 2nd battle with whitty : Whitty : alright time to get serious Gf : Nothing Bf : *beep brep brap boop*

    BaconHair123BaconHair1233 hours ago
  • ngl i hope these songs are on Spotify

    blissbliss3 hours ago
  • No!

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  • Just spam to win the thing

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  • Make the stupid bomb guy explode

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  • 4:09 that sounds like megalovinia.

    Murtuza's fun channelMurtuza's fun channel3 hours ago
  • 8:47...

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  • That's one pissed dot-matrix printer.

    Hikaru WDMHikaru WDM3 hours ago

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  • *raps in metal rock music*

    SW RobloxianSW Robloxian3 hours ago
  • "arthritis with a vengance-marcius urucu"

    Shery GeorgeShery George3 hours ago
  • Whitty: **having an actual mental breakdown** Girlfriend: **Will have mental trauma for the next few years** Boyfriend: beep boop your rhymes are poop.

    Due to personal reasons, JVolt is now a Poyo.Due to personal reasons, JVolt is now a Poyo.3 hours ago
  • Watch out! He's gonna blow!

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  • Eeeeeeeeeee 🇨🇷😃

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  • all i wanted is to beat MILF

    LeftCaioLeftCaio4 hours ago

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  • Girlfriend:scared,Keith:mental breakdown,Whitty: PlayStation eyes

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  • Whitty:↗️↘️⤵️↘️⬅️↪⤴️⬇️↗️↪↗️↘️⤴️↩⬅️⬇️⬆️↪⤴️↘️⬆️🔥🔥🔥 BF: beep

    uhhhuhhh4 hours ago
  • He needs to play playstation less

    Mr. FiletoMr. Fileto4 hours ago
  • This whole week is cool but the girlfriend is cursed

    GrossGrandpaGrossGrandpa4 hours ago
  • Did you do it?... Yes. But what did it cost? MY FUCKING FINGERS

    Lilony88Lilony884 hours ago
  • Найдут ой-ой-ой

    Семенова Евгения ВалерьевнаСеменова Евгения Валерьевна4 hours ago
  • whitty: angry, rude. people: omg so cute uwuwuwu

    пеня гейпеня гей4 hours ago
  • 5:40 best parto

  • I mean the told him to leave him alone tho right?

    spider manspider man4 hours ago
  • This is now on roblox apparently

    RandomGameStuff WithAllenRandomGameStuff WithAllen4 hours ago
  • Notice that whitty has 5 fingers instead of the cartoon 4

    uwu's mobile gaminguwu's mobile gaming4 hours ago
  • Is it me or the child has a baby voice xD

    The Lalo ChuyThe Lalo Chuy4 hours ago
  • سوو ارسال ل عبد السلام خلوه ينجلط🗿💔

    Zoro's wifeZoro's wife4 hours ago
  • The girl in the third stage: "why are you messing with everyone??"

    Элина УсынинаЭлина Усынина5 hours ago
  • 5:53

    Story TimeStory Time5 hours ago
  • 5:40

    Story TimeStory Time5 hours ago
  • Hacks xd

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