Friday Night Funkin' Plays AMONG US! - (VRChat)

Feb 18, 2021
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Friday Night Funkin' Plays AMONG US! - (VRChat) Daddy Dearest, Girlfriend, Lemon Demon and more from Friday Night Funkin' Mod get together and play Among Us in VR Chat! What could possibly go wrong? Will our heroes have a rap battle in the middle of space? Who is the imposter? Find out in this hilarious new Friday Night Funkin' in VRChat video!
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Special thanks to everyone who was apart of this video including:
Coblerone (Boyfriend) -
Salted (Girlfriend) -
Lukario (Skip)-
Thyper (Daddy Dearest) -
Madben (Picco) -
AverageRedPony (Pump) -
Arcy the skull dog (Mom) -
Sans (Lemon Demon) -
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  • Thank you all for 42k Subscribers! Let's get to the big 100k next!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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    • @VSPLXS Hi

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    • Papafeargaming : **pet Keith**

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    • You know you can just press the botton

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    • oof😣

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    • @Impostor FNF I do play among Us

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  • 4:11 pico: u drink the dna sample u moron

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  • Ola

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  • *u h o h* *s t i n k y*

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  • wheres the anime senpai

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  • 11:38 I was really laughing😄

    LG MobailLG Mobail2 hours ago
  • 11:36 The killer Demon

    Leslie NavasLeslie Navas2 hours ago
  • Aaaaaaaaa lemen

    Eydan Joaquin Delgado GonzalesEydan Joaquin Delgado Gonzales2 hours ago
  • sdrt df gdf ghdfgsdesdfa

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  • I like how the lemon demon says "STINKY"

    lemon demonlemon demon4 hours ago
  • pogchamp moment

    SCP 049SCP 0494 hours ago
  • 3:19 Boyfriend's Hand is Glitching


    Almainne EsminoAlmainne Esmino4 hours ago
  • te lemen demon

    The Beach DudeThe Beach Dude5 hours ago
  • Fart

    hawkcat the gamer67hawkcat the gamer675 hours ago
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  • А почиму не порусскому

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  • 5:55 S T I N K Y EW

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan6 hours ago
  • (11:47) yes! I see a then be eaten (is will be right back.)

    손정연손정연6 hours ago
  • lemon demon:stinky 0:30

    alex kinsey animationsalex kinsey animations7 hours ago
  • Lemon demon: *cries in the table* Me: man, he was like twerking with crying noises

    ZenithZenith7 hours ago
  • 5:51 s t i n k y

    Nick JabagatNick Jabagat7 hours ago
  • 0:30 PRESS THE NUMBER.XD stinkey ew

    Blake Lindelle CAPILIBlake Lindelle CAPILI8 hours ago
  • vr chat?

    GorefieldzGorefieldz8 hours ago
  • Dude the dad has a weird voice

    Emily OliverEmily Oliver9 hours ago
  • When papafeargaming SAID mama Luigi i laughed

    nicoleta elenanicoleta elena9 hours ago
  • Atleast at end lemon got food and wasnt hungry anymore

    Mm RrMm Rr9 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Дина КубаеваДина Кубаева10 hours ago
  • 11:37 lemon demon: comes to PapaFearGaming PapaFearGaming: NO NO NO NO NO 11:38 Lemon Demon: Eats Him

    ParappaPlayzParappaPlayz10 hours ago
  • 5:51 I hear the dad fart again

    ParappaPlayzParappaPlayz10 hours ago
  • 4:23 weird sound lol 4:26 uh oh stinky 5:56 and 5:58 lemon demon:stinkyyyyyy ewwwwwwww

    ParappaPlayzParappaPlayz10 hours ago
  • MAMA LUIGI 8:42

    Jethro leungJethro leung11 hours ago
  • mmm sour smell coming from the vents

    Mull MullMull Mull11 hours ago

    Jethro leungJethro leung11 hours ago
  • Ok.

    La Terrazita del VaporLa Terrazita del Vapor11 hours ago
  • 5:49 I would s*** my pants if he did that

    ivanjosh raymundoivanjosh raymundo11 hours ago
  • 5:55 S T I N K Y

    Sans MegalovaniaSans Megalovania11 hours ago

    Alexandra MarengereAlexandra Marengere11 hours ago
  • when the friday night is funkin!😳

    Tolerable Empress BulblaxTolerable Empress Bulblax12 hours ago
  • Man daddy dearest sounds like he has been getting into the helium again😂😂😂😂

    sans the YouTubersans the YouTuber12 hours ago
  • 5:50 the dad jets scared so bad he shits himself Everyone else:👁👄👁

    Ruben CardenasRuben Cardenas12 hours ago
  • I’m scared about the end that you got eaten by a lemon

    Robotgirl The robotRobotgirl The robot12 hours ago
  • I'm not gonna lie the gf voice the moms voice the dads voice (when its normal) and picos voice are all very accurate. like i headcanon they all sound like that

    AriAri12 hours ago
    • @salted pearls Oh! you're welcome!

      AriAriHour ago
    • thank you!!!

      salted pearlssalted pearls11 hours ago
  • DaD uR fArTs ArE lItErAlLy RaDiOaCtIvE!- Gf 2021 😂😂😂

    QueenBee2008QueenBee200812 hours ago

    Allan J BarkerAllan J Barker13 hours ago
  • pico: smart but cannot remember most things gf and bf: just being responsible. mom and dad: tries to act as a crewmate and succeds lemon: a crewmate, acts impostor but actually is not a impostor skid and pump: does not do tasks but only dances.

    Earth RockyEarth Rocky13 hours ago
  • Mommy sus

    강강이강강이13 hours ago
  • Sus

    ERCXIMAX _UwUERCXIMAX _UwU14 hours ago
  • Can I tell pumpkin or skeleton say stop looking at us to say it again

    Meliodas CaptainMeliodas Captain14 hours ago
  • How come you didnot know that boyfriend and girl friend is dead, boyfriend kills girlfriend or a girlfriend kill boy friend I don't know anymore

    I'm sorry AnimationI'm sorry Animation15 hours ago
  • Perfectly cut scream 4:28

    Mr. fishMr. fish15 hours ago
  • Me when I see skid and pump: *gets up and does spooky dance* Also me when same reason: iT iS dA SpOoKy mOnTh :D

    Sylvia BronSylvia Bron15 hours ago
  • Omgs i love your video💯💯💯💯💯👍 AEEEEEEE ITS PICO! YAY MY FAVORITE NEWGROUNDS CHARACTER😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Keyshona AnthonyKeyshona Anthony16 hours ago
  • Omgg

    Kayla SkiddersKayla Skidders16 hours ago
  • Mother: *talking to Daddy Dearest* Daddy Dearest: *spinning on the scanner*

    Renae StewartRenae Stewart17 hours ago
  • Pump: its a friend! Skid: you mean a for the spooky month! Papa: * laughs while talking* God damn it guys Boyfriend: shhhhh take ya pills, take ya pills

    Renae StewartRenae Stewart17 hours ago
  • It's just me or does anyone think that lemon demon always is creepy that is just classic lemon demon

    Renae StewartRenae Stewart18 hours ago
  • 4:22 poop sound

    Jylie JiJylie Ji18 hours ago
  • Spook mouth is with a skeleton and the Punkin head

    Allan J BarkerAllan J Barker18 hours ago
  • Me watching one of my weird little sisters videos

    Luis ChairezLuis Chairez18 hours ago
  • Everyone scared about lemon demon: Skid and pump: s p o o k y m o u n t h

    Huong LamHuong Lam18 hours ago
  • Iioooooppñ..gffxx

    Imelda BarrazaImelda Barraza18 hours ago
  • Pico. You made the Lemmon cry how is that possible. Me. Lol

    Dillan GamingDillan Gaming19 hours ago
  • how to get skin

    BizzleBizzle19 hours ago
  • Dad: 4:22 Skid:uh oh stinky!!!

    Justin Toons 64Justin Toons 6419 hours ago
  • where is senpai from week 6 or it was 7

    Iskander ThabtiIskander Thabti19 hours ago
  • 11:37 lol it got me XD

    Aidan MillerAidan Miller19 hours ago
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Fitt GamersFitt Gamers20 hours ago
  • *is anyone gonna talk about how cute gf voice is?*

    - P I e q -- P I e q -20 hours ago
    • omg thank you so much 🥺🥺🥺

      salted pearlssalted pearls11 hours ago

    Allan J BarkerAllan J Barker20 hours ago

    Allan J BarkerAllan J Barker20 hours ago
  • 8:23 nobody: Not even sad cube from JSAB: Not even the lemon demon around the corner: Not even the ghost peeing in my room: Skid: WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?

    The gaming weirdoThe gaming weirdo20 hours ago
  • Lol pico is markiplaier

    Bacon BoiBacon Boi21 hour ago
  • I love watching you guys it made me realize how much I love all of these characters even though I've literally never played the game-

    FuzzydubsFuzzydubs21 hour ago
  • yOu MaDe A lEmOn CrY hOw Is ThAt EvEn PoSsIbLe? Pico 2021 XD

    QueenBee2008QueenBee200821 hour ago
  • You mean kirby

    Jaqueline GarciaJaqueline Garcia21 hour ago

    flopax 27flopax 2721 hour ago
  • XD

    Jocelyn SanchezJocelyn Sanchez21 hour ago
  • Lemon demon at the end: oh your dead? name your death in my mouth

    Marvis RamirezMarvis Ramirez22 hours ago
  • 2:30 im in the dad xd

    danielsans8000danielsans800022 hours ago
  • Nggj

    Derrick BaldwinDerrick Baldwin23 hours ago
  • lol at 11:37

    xandervslo Gamingxandervslo Gaming23 hours ago
  • I'm sorry but I've never cringed harder in my entire life

    SammySammyDay ago
  • Pump and skel when they look at lemondemon: ItS nOt SpOoKy, ITs A ScarY

    SpringbonnieSpringbonnieDay ago

    Eloyse Sousa EloyseEloyse Sousa EloyseDay ago
  • Skid and pump: ITS A SPOOKY MONTH! *spooky dance*

    DarthMaulDude ‘DarthMaulDude ‘Day ago
  • 4:26 uh oh stinky 2:06 l e m o n 5:56 s t i n k y ewwwww 7:39 my arms are broken

    yeet tubeyeet tubeDay ago
  • sus

    TisisrealnowTisisrealnowDay ago
  • Papafeargaming : MAMA LUIGI

    hawkcat the gamer67hawkcat the gamer67Day ago

    hawkcat the gamer67hawkcat the gamer67Day ago
  • Among funking Uwu queen

    aulia thara sofiaaulia thara sofiaDay ago
  • If you love me let me gggoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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