Friday Night Funkin Mod - VS Whitty Full Week (Cutscenes,Human/Bot)

Feb 15, 2021
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bro I worked so hard on this mod.
programming - me
animation help + charting - @Nate Anim8
spirtes and main animator + musician - sock.clip
FNFBot (for ballistic):
0:00 - Lo-Fight (FC)
2:30 - Overhead (4 Miss)
4:57 - Ballistic (FC, FNFBot)
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  • i wonder what happened next. Did whitty die or explode or glitch out of the world or anything?

    Ivan 2.0Ivan 2.010 minutes ago
  • Whitty: I don't want anyone knowin' I'm here. Also whitty: 5:04

    GreenyFE2GreenyFE216 minutes ago
  • Hey man you use hacks??

    Bayron_GiovanniBayron_GiovanniHour ago
  • Это араб с 99999999 пальцами даже не сможет пройти это

    Ислам КайрбергенИслам КайрбергенHour ago
  • If you discover what this means ur a god ok this is the u have to discover : ^+@[

    Haydn MorenoHaydn MorenoHour ago
    • Hint 2: w 👉 ^

      Haydn MorenoHaydn MorenoHour ago
    • Hint 1: u have to do it on mobile

      Haydn MorenoHaydn MorenoHour ago
  • Whitty: you underestimate my power. Boyfriend: ... Whitty: don’t try it. Boyfriend: ... *B e e p* Whitty: *AAA!*

    Jason KeelerJason KeelerHour ago
  • Ok but whitty be sounding like a whole electric guitar-

    Day and night CoreDay and night CoreHour ago
  • I thought he was in the game

    Lemano opiusLemano opiusHour ago
  • Not bad for the so eyes 🔷🔻🔷

    Bibi Gamer1607Bibi Gamer1607Hour ago
  • when its almost the end it sounds like whittys saying stop this

    cool starcool star2 hours ago
  • ª

    Paul Doen [GD]Paul Doen [GD]2 hours ago
    • @Paul Doen [GD] æ

      *The Game**The Game*51 minute ago
    • @*The Game* Ą

      Paul Doen [GD]Paul Doen [GD]53 minutes ago
    • @Paul Doen [GD] Ä

      *The Game**The Game*57 minutes ago
    • @*The Game* Æ

      Paul Doen [GD]Paul Doen [GD]Hour ago
    • A

      *The Game**The Game*Hour ago

    CxtxclysmCxtxclysm2 hours ago
  • How, just how.

    Oof-DudeOof-Dude2 hours ago
  • world record??? ,he legit never missed

    Xx_lilbluexX 7555Xx_lilbluexX 75553 hours ago
  • Wow :)))

    Digital NTDigital NT3 hours ago
  • Here’s a cool detail: for the first to battles , whitty’s fuze is regular. But It for ballistic, his fuze is lit.

    The OnlyZeppThe OnlyZepp3 hours ago

    GeDaGi :3GeDaGi :33 hours ago
  • Omg look how much points the bf is getting at 7:10

    KalvinGato 7KalvinGato 73 hours ago
  • Boyfriend be like : I only beepboop

    Mason TepMason Tep4 hours ago
  • (*´∀`*) cool game and music

    navigator voinnavigator voin5 hours ago
  • 05:46

    naty blixernaty blixer6 hours ago
  • Boyfriend: hi Whitty: OH YOU WANNA FIGHT LET'S FIGHT BIIIII-

    Meghann EllisseMeghann Ellisse6 hours ago
  • Fun fact: most of the Friday night funkin youtubers have less than 100k subs

    Mahedi HasanMahedi Hasan6 hours ago
  • Trying to read women's signs Their signs: 7:00

    RhiaxusRhiaxus6 hours ago
  • 😇☆(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*

    Татьяна ТашлановаТатьяна Ташланова6 hours ago
  • BF: Defeats Whitty on ballistic The next day: *Blue hair midget found dead in allyway*

    Bean BoizBean Boiz6 hours ago
  • Whitty: Having a heart attack Keith: *beep*

    ALPHAN33XOALPHAN33XO6 hours ago
  • no one: whitty at 5:04 : *_A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A_*

  • plot twist : whitty is a creeper in disguise

    Soup ManSoup Man7 hours ago
  • Girlfriend wasnt scared of whitty she was just suprised the bf went first

    Great Vaule Doritos _Great Vaule Doritos _7 hours ago
  • The among us one was 10x better lol 😀😂

    JujacksyJujacksy7 hours ago
  • Ngl, I love This part 0:52

    Exotic PumpkinExotic Pumpkin7 hours ago
  • Can this be week 7 PLEEEEEEEEASE

    Maranda AdamsMaranda Adams7 hours ago
  • It feels weird seeing Girlfriend standing up

    • Sakura サクラ •• Sakura サクラ •7 hours ago
  • this mod is incredible exep for gf she looks so weird

    megustalapizzaXDmegustalapizzaXD7 hours ago
  • This needs to be week 8

    Bruhmemes08Bruhmemes087 hours ago

    MrManYT819MrManYT8197 hours ago
  • Esto es canon? O creado por un fan?

    Pepito sadPepito sad8 hours ago
  • 4:59 so speed I can't do that

    BadboyfloweyBadboyflowey8 hours ago
  • i beat the 2 fights but..... I CANT BEAT BALLISTIC

    minecraft gamerminecraft gamer8 hours ago
  • Friday night funkin is fun I got this game and this come out of my game AND I JUST GOT ALL OF IT AND I HAVE TO DO THIS I CAN DO THIS

    Ashlee HairstonAshlee Hairston9 hours ago
  • Dam is video is in wikipedia

    BF KeithBF Keith9 hours ago
  • You can tell that dis man has been practicing ballistic

    Boogieman0919 I got lazy on thisBoogieman0919 I got lazy on this9 hours ago
  • 4:58 me when no McDonald

    •F e l i c i t y••F e l i c i t y•9 hours ago
  • 0:12 NaNi????

    toaster strudeltoaster strudel10 hours ago
  • First song: chill Second: bit mad Last song: OH SHI-

    Shrimp for nobodyShrimp for nobody10 hours ago
  • god i so hope this becomes cannon

    leaf lessleaf less10 hours ago
  • cuando tu piensas que es sabado y es lunes :v 4:57

    3A 37 Rodríguez Martínez Yuliana Itzel3A 37 Rodríguez Martínez Yuliana Itzel10 hours ago
  • It's exactly like watching Vegeta and Goku.

    Xkavar SmithXkavar Smith11 hours ago
  • they really went : " let's battle this bomb guy for no reason cause why not"

    Khanh HoKhanh Ho11 hours ago
  • SOS capo 👍👍

    carlos antillancacarlos antillanca11 hours ago
  • Witty: *Having a Mental Breakdown and going insane bf: now this i could get behind

    Saffy On like 14 1/2 fpsSaffy On like 14 1/2 fps11 hours ago
  • i think witty is the best fnf mod

    Blue SmileBlue Smile11 hours ago
  • instead of his thing being “ they took everything from me “ i’d rather it be he has just really bad anger issues . since whitty’s story would be too similar to senpai

    melaniemelanie11 hours ago
  • My favorite part was when he said ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️➡️➡️➡️⬅️⬅️➡️➡️➡️⬆️⬆️⬆️➡️⬇️⬅️⬆️⬆️➡️➡️⬇️⬅️⬇️⬆️➡️⬇️➡️⬇️⬅️⬆️⬅️⬆️

    The Epic_GamerThe Epic_Gamer12 hours ago
  • Lore: I actually think whitty had a problem with mom, dad, bf and gf that's why we see him breaking a poster maybe with gf and bf in it and then this happens

    Erick BeltranErick Beltran12 hours ago
  • hi :>

    REGINAREGINA12 hours ago
  • B eep

    MagwireMagwire12 hours ago
  • Whitty don't scare me,what scares me is the player hit ALL

    neko mafuyuneko mafuyu12 hours ago
  • girlfriend standing up kinda messes with me ngl

    Aric SernaAric Serna13 hours ago
  • How do you get 0 misses on ballistic but 4 on overhead?

    ?KLeeneX??KLeeneX?13 hours ago
  • Go to ballistic and put 2x speed it looks impossible

    Grisel RamirezGrisel Ramirez13 hours ago
  • 4:57 dont talk to him he angy

    Ash GasterAsh Gaster13 hours ago
  • 7:00 is my favourite part

    Julfikar SheikhJulfikar Sheikh13 hours ago
  • Girl freind:IM SCARED PLS BEAT HIM!! bf:alr Whity:*having a heart attack*

    Nilesh jayNilesh jay14 hours ago
  • this man have to use hacks or is a robot

    otoniel reyesotoniel reyes14 hours ago
  • jesus christ the comments weren't joking about whitty losing his shit on ballistic

    Kayla W.Kayla W.14 hours ago
  • You are hacker man nice

    Mohammad KarjatMohammad Karjat14 hours ago
  • whitty on part 1: uh thats ez part 2: fine part 3: *stop heaving a mental breakdown* corrupted whitty *did you know im way harder them him?*

    Saul HowardSaul Howard14 hours ago
  • did u breathe at did level`?

    SoaR ReX0SoaR ReX014 hours ago
  • Even bot can’t reach 100% accuracy

    Gopnic ChecGopnic Chec14 hours ago

    Xptz ZenXptz Zen15 hours ago
  • Whitty was nice enough to take most of the notes in Ballistic.

    Sandpaper The SkeletonSandpaper The Skeleton15 hours ago
  • Ah I see your button mashing skills

    McjaiberMcjaiber15 hours ago
  • gonna try this out and edit this: lo-fight overhead ballistic

    t0xic txarst0xic txars15 hours ago
  • Whitty: *is about to destroy an area with at least a 20 meter radius* Boyfriend: 🅱️eep

    B_Rice&EbiB_Rice&Ebi15 hours ago
  • The boyfriend is a psychopath Seeing this man loosing his mind and he keeps on beatboxing

    SwadSwad15 hours ago
  • "baboop peebo" Famous final words

    AlphaUmbreonAlphaUmbreon15 hours ago
  • Scary

    Tayla MilteerTayla Milteer15 hours ago
  • Tall, has an explosive temper (no pun intended), creepy voice I relate to this dude on a spiritual level

    NatsuJayRock NeoNatsuJayRock Neo15 hours ago
  • Back to work and get it done by the car for the car for me okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay thanks for the heads

    Tayla MilteerTayla Milteer15 hours ago
  • Scary about that happens it needs to be scary okay

    Tayla MilteerTayla Milteer15 hours ago
  • Me when I'm having a seizure 5:29

    piggy tales newpiggy tales new15 hours ago
  • Why does Whitty's design remind me of the bomb guy from "The Amazing World of Gumball"

    Axon2DAxon2D16 hours ago
  • TO Bad i somehow play on Xbox

    Ant AnimatesAnt Animates16 hours ago
  • Lets all remember that BF feels the need to come up to a guy and just force him into a mental breakdown in 15 minutes

    SpartaSparta16 hours ago
  • 00:34

  • Whitty: Would both of you kindly leave me alone? I don't want anyone knowin' I'm here. ''two seconds later'' Whitty : ''screaming so loud'' Bf: he don't say he don't wan't nobody knowin' he's here? ;-;

    Aldenir ThomazAldenir Thomaz16 hours ago
  • Did this guy use a robot

    Gavin MichulkaGavin Michulka16 hours ago
  • Everyone says beep but its more like; *"eeAeeEEeUEaAaa"* with many extra stops

    I ShaggyLeo II ShaggyLeo I16 hours ago
  • Lemon demon and GF : *talks english* Others : AE AE AH E OU A AE AE Whitty : *Electric guitar sounds*

    NaoNoXxNaoNoXx16 hours ago
  • talk about angry issues

    IsabelleIsabelle16 hours ago
  • 0:10 beep

    Sad CubeSad Cube16 hours ago
  • WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!! Round 3 : Miss : 0 ???????????? OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SóiNoraSóiNora17 hours ago
  • I dont think gf is scared cause whitty is terring the universe apart I think she is scared cause bf keeps up with whitty And ngl same

    MirQMirQ17 hours ago
  • Hello

    Juan GarcíaJuan García17 hours ago
  • When u don’t even miss one single click at the last song

    Itzbearpro YtItzbearpro Yt17 hours ago
  • Wait i feel like im the only one who realize that whitty ripped up mr rockstar idiot poster and senpai demon said help the people who her dad has done things too

    Ink SansInk Sans17 hours ago
  • whitty: *freaking out, lasers shooting out of eyes and horrifying robotic screams* girlfriend:😨😨😖😖 boyfriend:🎙😁

    LeCarreNoir LeCarreNoirLeCarreNoir LeCarreNoir17 hours ago
  • Me when I Kill 10 people in arsenal be like : 7:01 to 7:10

    DarkGeo ZionDarkGeo Zion18 hours ago