Mar 25, 2021
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  • Hey Kendall I'm wondering what happened to peanut it dog its been a long time since I have heard about it

    Brad MitchellBrad Mitchell29 minutes ago
  • Dude last time i saw steve he was a pup

    TheLoneWolfTheLoneWolf3 hours ago
  • My fear chart The dark--- Clowns------ Highway Patrol uturn ---------- Kg not uploading----------------------

    seth 4844 mtb trackseth 4844 mtb track21 hour ago
  • Can you tach us how to kill one

    Claire OMGClaire OMG23 hours ago
  • Hi 👋☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ I Love 💕💕💕 you

    John MatlickJohn MatlickDay ago
  • Hi my name is nolan

    John MatlickJohn MatlickDay ago
    • Hi

      John MatlickJohn MatlickDay ago
    • Hi

      John MatlickJohn MatlickDay ago
  • "He's an angel. Well he thinks he his" absolutely beautiful

    Mr. DebinMr. DebinDay ago
  • ghinies suck i have hundreds i wake up to everyone of them screaming

    Aaron PruitAaron PruitDay ago
  • The car says wash me

    War 777War 777Day ago
  • “Chicken plug”. LOLOL

    Thad EckhoffThad EckhoffDay ago
  • I have a chicken in his heart his name is Michigan State because he has partly green and white feathers he has worn around his neck pretty cool I don't post them crack his neck you turn it sideways sometimes bloody yeah. Better yeah it's twisting it usually cut off I twisted that I'll just shove it in the hog roaster boy barbecue sauce on that or something want to know me the one and only best sauce that you could ever have ketchup and I love ketchup so much that I will literally eat it on pizza!

    Emerson DoddEmerson DoddDay ago
  • Get show pigs

    Phoenix CampbellPhoenix CampbellDay ago
  • You are the best

    Matthew PetersonMatthew Peterson2 days ago
  • Nooooo chickennnn

    Andrea AlvisAndrea Alvis2 days ago
  • Why😭😭😭

    Lyve Wyrez EntertainmentLyve Wyrez Entertainment3 days ago
  • No

    Lina GhanmehLina Ghanmeh3 days ago
  • Why else attacks chickens from above....... Mammy- Kendall grey

    Meme GODMeme GOD3 days ago
  • Change title to "Raise and Cook“

    Lin DongLin Dong3 days ago
  • **your dogs name is Steve** "woah, he's just like me!"

    Steve MichalakSteve Michalak3 days ago

    BlakeBlake3 days ago
  • Bullet probably runs away to kill predators

    ItalianbankerItalianbanker3 days ago
  • hi im your dog woof

    Stephen PowellStephen Powell3 days ago
  • DARREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jackson LanghauserJackson Langhauser3 days ago
  • A chicken rope

    Jackie NelsonJackie Nelson3 days ago
  • Shebe is a chicken?

    drop it like a hell catdrop it like a hell cat4 days ago
  • 15:26 you’re burning your homework 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Levi CarlsonLevi Carlson4 days ago
  • How old are you

    Sandra RobinsonSandra Robinson4 days ago
  • Yeet the said with the caterpillar

    Kayden MitchellKayden Mitchell4 days ago
  • You are Hilarious. Thank you for making my day.

    Ken LberryKen Lberry4 days ago
  • CAT

    Brandon RBrandon R4 days ago
  • So I have a question I think everyone has do you have a nice rooster alarm

    O.L. SonO.L. Son5 days ago

    Colby Atkins the noob YouTuber AtkinsColby Atkins the noob YouTuber Atkins5 days ago
  • i mean... the camera guy literally kicked the chick and laughed saying " i kicked it" haha ye real funny.

    ItsHalvarItsHalvar5 days ago
  • 10k likes has entered the chat

    Will HelphingstineWill Helphingstine5 days ago
  • This guy is so funny 😂

    L0RGZ3Y 7L0RGZ3Y 75 days ago
  • you should make a cooking channel

  • Fire truck was savage

    RIPspaceRIPspace6 days ago
  • me or when he say firetruck i think about when he chased him with a net lol

    Emmanuel FinchEmmanuel Finch6 days ago
  • Why does your car say wash me

    Matt496962 LucasMatt496962 Lucas6 days ago
  • I don't know how your chicken system work but in my country you don't put 3 roster in the same cage it like sent your roster to war

    Ly TourLy Tour6 days ago
  • Red because you did not bleed out the chicken. You need to ring its neck or cut off It's head and let it die while the heart pumps blood out. It's called bleeding out. Country boy should nkow that.

    ronald filkinsronald filkins6 days ago
  • Bro Kendall gray should be as popular as pewdiepie

    Tucker GoldschmidtTucker Goldschmidt7 days ago
  • That montage lol the chicken face loll

    Cj Gamer09Cj Gamer097 days ago
  • I like darrel

    Cj Gamer09Cj Gamer097 days ago
  • Ohhhh i love catapillers

    Cj Gamer09Cj Gamer097 days ago

    Cj Gamer09Cj Gamer097 days ago
  • I live in Tennessee

    Robyn DunnRobyn Dunn7 days ago
  • Cook those chicken

    Elijah SprouseElijah Sprouse7 days ago
  • Lol am i the on” one who niticed the sode by side said was me

    Cooper ChristopherCooper Christopher7 days ago
  • Hey you forgot abb kfc XD 0:45 r7 days ago
  • Your knifes are sharp 👍🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

    Ryatt SmithRyatt Smith7 days ago
  • You should do a coyote catch and cook video 🐺🐺🐺🐺

    Sarah EastridgeSarah Eastridge7 days ago
  • You all ways shoud have 2 meal chickens

    Monica CalinescuMonica Calinescu7 days ago
  • I thought this was a joke...

    CarrotBerryCarrotBerry7 days ago
  • i like the wash me on the back of the thangiemobob

    Cayden FranckCayden Franck8 days ago
  • Buddy just kicked the chicken wtf

    Scoot ScootScoot Scoot8 days ago
  • I got to farm day and was doing silkies should I get some

    Alpha d09Alpha d098 days ago
  • "We don't go no knives" after promoting his knives a few minutes before

    Shawn MayShawn May8 days ago
  • He said mammy eats chickens from the sky did mammy pass away

    Jahren GravesJahren Graves8 days ago
  • Love the vids

    Walker HopkinsWalker Hopkins8 days ago
  • Chickens look like there saying 🤖 food 🤖 detected 🤖

    Wesley BuchananWesley Buchanan8 days ago
  • i need more food pleaz you was not nice with me last couple days🤣🤣🤣 that's dogs abuse lol and i need to pee on the carpet don't tell me no oh i'm steve the dog lol

  • ohh i can protect you then🤣🤣 why your dog have ma name🤣🤣🤣🤣 damni feel said now i wish no one of ma friends watch this i will be burnt they will just tell me that i'm a dog 😭 and ma name is STK = STEVE THE KING 😅

  • Nothing better then waching kg in the car on my way to florad

    Erik HaldemanErik Haldeman8 days ago
  • Kendall you wood make a good comedian lol #jesus

    Erik HaldemanErik Haldeman8 days ago
  • Rip chuck norris he was the best right 😭😭

    XxraccoonkingXxXxraccoonkingXx8 days ago
  • This is like something I would do cuz I live out in the country like him

    siniardsiniard9 days ago
  • My friends.

    Epic ChickenEpic Chicken9 days ago
  • Thank so much for sharing the verses on your videos! Very Inspirational stuff!Everything about your content is uplifting and exciting. Stay awesome dude!

    Bizzy BeegeeBizzy Beegee9 days ago
  • Is is just me or does Steve kinda look a little like a polar bear

    Amy DumasAmy Dumas9 days ago
  • Pig are my favorite animal

    Owen BecherOwen Becher9 days ago
  • Gray

    Ravinder Kaur BainsRavinder Kaur Bains9 days ago
  • Is anyone know if Steve is a great Pyrenees

    Amy ArantAmy Arant9 days ago
  • wtf yoo kil e picin yoo ar e monster

    Ago asllanAgo asllan9 days ago
  • Do you live by your self???

    Dustin OwensDustin Owens9 days ago
  • wow

    Dimitri WrightDimitri Wright9 days ago
  • I did the same with a fish a few times

    Susan RyrieSusan Ryrie9 days ago
  • It's called a catch & chook

    LT.savageLT.savage9 days ago
  • Vegans: 👁 👄 👁

    DashFNDashFN9 days ago
  • You should get a PIG

    Noahs AdvenutreNoahs Advenutre10 days ago
  • Live footage of chickens getting kidnapped in their sleep

    noah Hayesnoah Hayes10 days ago
  • KG: you see that yellow stuff on the chicken thats corn , fat from corn Me: OHHHHH so you get a free chicken corn dinna and u got 10 k likes Read More

    RyanWOLFxDRyanWOLFxD10 days ago
  • 10k likes boys

    l S P A C E ll S P A C E l10 days ago
  • Darrel is the one and only exception he must live as and the hens

    Am proAm pro10 days ago
  • Do a catch and cook with turkey

    Erin OliverErin Oliver10 days ago
  • Sorry if the title didn't make you happy

    Chance censkeChance censke10 days ago
  • on 15:46 the car says wash me hahahahahhahahahahah

    Perico esos eso School bebé MiloPerico esos eso School bebé Milo10 days ago
  • Great, your chickens are free-roam, organic, etc., but if the corn you fed them wasn't organic, it was GMO, and it is in the chicken meat.

    G. E.G. E.10 days ago
  • AMEN!!! 1Peter 1:9

    G. E.G. E.10 days ago
  • Btw the music he uses is called ( banana by Conkarha

  • 5:14 here you go brother Steve 🤣

    Flamingo juiceFlamingo juice10 days ago
  • Kendall gray is the best he make me do good in school and make me happyr just like the hunter DD33

    Wolfy KitsuneWolfy Kitsune10 days ago
  • Why You you’re very naughty I hate you everyone on this unsubscribe🤪🤪🤪

    Rebecca LightRebecca Light10 days ago
  • Who r u killing lizards with a pocket knife?

    Bmx BoiBmx Boi10 days ago
  • I just got some chicks because u made me want them 😂

    Dragon Gamer59Dragon Gamer5911 days ago
  • The geuina is a hen that you didn’t know we have a lot of them

    Blue Lives MatterBlue Lives Matter11 days ago
  • Sweet.KG/gray gang.

    HKSO SparksHKSO Sparks11 days ago
  • Mean

    Jimmy SchnellJimmy Schnell11 days ago
  • “chokehold 3000 chuck liddell”😂😂

    Quan FnQuan Fn11 days ago
  • The way that rooster looked at me i was SCARED

    Gunnars LifeGunnars Life11 days ago