Fox News "Comedy" Show Goes Horribly Wrong

Apr 6, 2021
338 546 Views

--Fox News' new weeknight comedy show hosted by Greg Gutfeld couldn't possibly be less funny, raising more questions about whether right wing comedy could possibly work
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Broadcast on April 6, 2021
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  • The Gutfield show isn't even as funny as my pals and me playing around with a tape recorder 60 years ago when we were 12!

    gmaneisgmaneis10 minutes ago
  • Greg Gutfeld is not funny & too dumb how to be funny,no one take him seriously,

    Mr EggsMr Eggs47 minutes ago
  • I haven't watched Gutfeld, and I don't really plan to do so. I have nothing against the guy, but I prefer not to watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. Having said that, that "You're a racist" skit making fun of CNN was pretty funny (and true). Maybe the Gutfeld show is terrible, but apparently it is getting very good ratings so far. Gutfeld might be terrible, but he can't possibly be less funny than Trevor Noah. Noah completely sucks, and I have no idea how he still has that job. I wish they would bring back Stewart so that that show could still be somewhat entertaining again.

    Jeremy ZarinsJeremy Zarins50 minutes ago
  • I'm reminded of Imus' radio bits after Stern's rise... he tried to do Stern-like comedy and it always backfired.

    Hermann ShermannHermann Shermann53 minutes ago
  • I'm sorry...I have to disagree with you. To the right-winger, that was comedy gold.

    Bernard ArthurBernard ArthurHour ago
  • Looks quite good.

    Stephen HillStephen Hill4 hours ago
  • gutfeld isn't funny, he comes off mean, hateful, arrogant, and just the least likeable guy. he's the type of guy who has no real friends and who people actively avoid.

    joy travisjoy travis4 hours ago
  • Have they not seen the Fallon Brian Williams thing? It could have been funny if they used footage of him instead of doing a pathetically bad impression

    Benjamin DickelBenjamin Dickel4 hours ago
  • No, Kids in cages is hilarious to fox viewers.

    David WongDavid Wong6 hours ago
  • It’s bad everything!!!

    Phil NightPhil Night6 hours ago
  • You should read the book “irony and outrage”. It’s Pretty much nails why the right fails at comedy. Namely, it’s the audience. In order for topical comedy to work it expects the audience to understand truth and reality. The jokes are only one piece of the comedy puzzle.

    Kraken BoostersKraken Boosters7 hours ago
  • Dude, even funnier than Greg G. is the fact that you can't see the humour in it. Or in Steve Crowder apparently. Glass houses, throwing stones? (was that too abstract for you?)

    Brenton CrowhurstBrenton Crowhurst8 hours ago
  • So let me see if I understand this. After four years of listening to every liberal news station which is most of the news stations, all of Hollywood and most newspapers attempt to be humorous at Trump's expense sometimes very badly, I am to feel remorse at FOX's attempt at jokes. Mr. David Pukeman needs to shut up. See what I did. Man am I funny.

    Andrew PinsonAndrew Pinson8 hours ago
  • Comedians are intelligent, emotional, empathetic, and funny, so of course this show wouldn’t work since this host is none of these things.

    Lalala123Lalala1238 hours ago
  • Good lord that's cringy!

    Ryan "Ducky" GeorgieffRyan "Ducky" Georgieff9 hours ago
  • Not funny at all, just rants, continue with that kind of rhetoric, the country will leaning more to the left. Sad.

    NightSocietyNightSociety9 hours ago
  • How sad this is f..k fox

    oscar loposcar lop9 hours ago
  • Faux News wants their propaganda to be more palatable again? Shocker! 😂 The only person more unfunny than Crowder is now Gutfeld.

    Rachel BronkeRachel Bronke10 hours ago
  • Ok, having canned applause before even the very first sentence is bad, also why do pundits do comedy?

    Mathias BartlMathias Bartl10 hours ago
  • An absolute disgusting display of what comedy is not.

    IDK YIDK Y11 hours ago
  • Gutfeld reminds me of Bruno Kirbys character in good morning Vietnam

    Mark LeopardMark Leopard12 hours ago
  • Just brutal @ Fox News..

    Graham CruickshankGraham Cruickshank15 hours ago
  • Greg Gutfeld isn't the slightest bit funny. he tries miserably but fails. i like to turn fox news on once in awhile just to see what they are talking about. last night he was making fun of Brian Stelter's weight. i'm sorry, didn't think basically calling someone fat was suppose to be funny?

    Maddy RMaddy R15 hours ago
  • 7:13 I don´t know, you studying that bottle looked so funny. It came across like you never seen a bottle before and was like "This is a nice invention. You can store liquid in these kind of containers." And then went on pretending to work, pretending to read and pretending to sit casually on the stairs before you felt the need to go and look at that bottle one more time.

    Åsa SÅsa S16 hours ago
  • Now I see don Jr is not only a successful business man and Author, he is the comedy writer for this piece of shifty human garbage that you have to be in a cult to think is funny.

    Kathryn FrankKathryn Frank16 hours ago
  • But it just wasn't funny in any way!!! By the way it was Republicans who said we are spying on us using microwaves no one else

    Lesley AllinsonLesley Allinson19 hours ago
  • This isn't new. I have caught this terrible show a few times, I'm sure some time last year, with the big wrestler guy who's comments contribute nothing to their immature conversations, it's so garbage

    Sugar HillSugar Hill20 hours ago
  • Fox is a JOKE in of itself.

    Scott SilvisScott Silvis20 hours ago
  • Greg Gutfeld is about as funny as herpes

    Chris HayesChris Hayes21 hour ago
  • I loved the "3... AM in the morning blah blah.." the awkward pause where the teleprompter hadn't updated quick enough after 3.

    【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ22 hours ago
  • Hes not good at all sleep well all late night host couse .none off that was funny it was no difference then there regular news lol

    Karl ToddKarl Todd22 hours ago
  • You are so right!

    Teri HarrisTeri Harris22 hours ago
  • "the jokes are not really any different than the positions that right-wingers stake out" - there you have it .... exactly!

    Eamonn MorrisEamonn MorrisDay ago
  • Fox News comedy.. Wow, if you guys think that’s funny there’s definitely something wrong with you..

    Nick ArzanasNick ArzanasDay ago
  • Greg Gutfeld is a babbling and embarrassing idiot. He out-glibs Glenn Beck, if that is possible. Recently on Fox Noise's weekday drivelhour called The Five, he said that "John Kerry's voice sounds like a tree taking a dump." Comparing the sound of a person's voice to a sound that doesn't exist is stupid and banal---certainly not clever or funny. This train-wreck of a "comedy show" will only tank Fox's ratings to a laughable new low.

    Zygote ZygottenZygote ZygottenDay ago
  • Is he talking about Trump

    Bryan CastroBryan CastroDay ago
  • Gutfeld. Sloppy, smarmy, unfunny sarcasm. His style reeks of insecurity, arrogance and white smugness. Is this the best that American can be? Sad.

    Desmond JamesDesmond JamesDay ago
  • This was SUPPOSED to be funny? Racism isn’t funny. That’s how he deliberate.

    Kat FergusonKat FergusonDay ago
  • Wow, both sides of the political spectrum really are just echo chambers to jerk off to. I can’t believe I fell into all this bs and emotional trickery.

    SluuurrrpSluuurrrpDay ago
  • I'm not American what is fluffernutter ?

    Michael ShaughnessyMichael ShaughnessyDay ago
  • Conservapedia. Wikipedia tries (imperfectly to be sure, but it tries) to accurately describe reality. Conservapedia, by contrast, pops up because conservos don’t like reality and need something to reinforce their idiocy. Which leads a rational person to ask: what the heck is a self-proclaimed ‘NEWS’ channel doing dealing in comedy? Especially a ‘news’ channel that is philosophically aligned with Conservapedia???

    GK2003GK2003Day ago
  • Republicans don’t get punching down isn’t funny

    David MarcootDavid MarcootDay ago
  • Gutfeld -- kinda like Seinfeld -- but without the wit, humor or intelligence,

    hangdogithangdogitDay ago
  • There use to be a middle of the night Gutfield comedy show a while ago... 'Red Eye'. IMHO, the best by a significant margin is Trevor Noah.

    Craig CrudenCraig CrudenDay ago
  • He's not funny. Objectively, the microwave joke could have been funny, but the delivery was terrible. Everything else was awful. It's tough to make hate and angry commentary comedically valuable. They're funnier when they're not trying to be.

    Eric DavisEric DavisDay ago
  • Holy shit ... a door knob is funnier.

    Quons LecnQuons LecnDay ago
  • Fox News AKA Fox the Tabloid Gutfeld is just a waste of air boycott

    Bobby WilliamsonBobby WilliamsonDay ago
  • Like u said the problem is trying to tell the difference between their “comedy” and their “news”. It’s almost like they’re satirizing themselves

    Todd KohutTodd KohutDay ago
  • It debuted with great ratings beating out all other night time talk shows, too bad it’s right so it hurts your simpleton lefty brain

    Demo ReviewsDemo ReviewsDay ago
  • Fox news comedy show is lacking the talent of good comedy writers and missing the right host who can deliver the punch lines.😳

    Angel WingsAngel WingsDay ago
  • Its just bad.

    Eric PeloteEric PeloteDay ago

    Billee MBillee MDay ago
  • Regular fox programing is the comedy show

    Gersson BGersson BDay ago
  • Keep God as number 1 and your life will be perfect. Put Lucifer number 1 and your life will be exactly what you all are living. BETA males and females are what you crybabies are and you truly know it deep in your soul.

    J LapJ LapDay ago
  • I think that comedy is very attached to reality and the most right wingers are not attached to reality

    Martina RenoMartina RenoDay ago
  • Its giga-cringe to us, but it hilarious to conservatives who believe things like the presidency was stolen.

    TankTankDay ago
  • This guy is the worst comedian

    VickyVickyDay ago
  • It’s because theyre secretly angry

    koen Armstrongkoen ArmstrongDay ago
  • People consider Gutfeld a clown, so now it seems that he thinks that must mean he's a comedian. But Gutfeld will always remain just a pathetically stupid clown. And the only joke here is Greg Gutfeld himself along with Fox "News".

    RJ HRJ HDay ago
  • (bad pun incoming) after watching this my gut feld like it was aching

    Neer KumNeer KumDay ago
  • "You cheat on your taxes, you cheat on each other..." Was he talking about Trump?

    AlexplainlaterAlexplainlaterDay ago
  • Many of these Deplorables actually have a full deck it’s just that they were dealt a 2-3-4-5-7 hand and it’s 5 card stud we’re playing.

    bstemplebstempleDay ago
  • The reason why that show is not funny is because no writers in their right minds would have that they wrote jokes for a propaganda snowflake channel in their resume, plus all the jokes this guy says only sound like they're sore and angry.

    Dirk DigglerDirk DigglerDay ago
  • What Colbert and Jon Stewart and John Oliver have is self awareness and the ability to hit both sides and to laugh at themselves, which makes for brilliant comedy. Fox and this show and the commentators have none of those qualities.

    Thomas ToveyThomas ToveyDay ago
  • Can't watch Fox... It is physically nauseating.

    C HigginsC HigginsDay ago
  • This "comedy "show would have converted me in an Instant back when I was a conservative. Geez is that cringe

    dogbot goddogbot godDay ago
  • The problem is that satire is based upon the premise that you know it's hyperbole. They're literally just saying things that they 100% believe as if it is satire. Not to mention that nothing they said was anything new or original.

    niaremniaremDay ago
  • Comedy is based on two principles: 1. Contrast and 2. Subversion of expectation. This show has neither. Subversion of expectation means you set up a serious premise, then exaggerate and/or subvert it. thereby creating contrast. This is just another fox news idiot yelling the same bullshit at a different hour with a different backdrop. There's very little differentiating it from their "news" reporting. John Olliver/Jon Stewart/Colbert succeeds because they use the MSM as a contrasting viewpoint. CNN is serious, they are exaggerated. Thats why it's "funny" because of the contrast. This is just same ol fox news bs

    SDwillySDwillyDay ago
  • Political anchors do comedy...WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

    Jeremy MitchellJeremy MitchellDay ago
  • Fox “news” is their comedy show.

    Sandra FriendSandra FriendDay ago
  • It's because good comedy has to have some kind of truth behind it. When a Group that is already satirical in and of themselves attempts to do comedy, it's going to fall flat because it isn't rooted in anything but their own echo chamber. It's things they say to leftists to make them mad, which they find funny. But when said out loud outside of Facebook comments in a group therapy setting, it starts to sound as absurd as it really is. Hopefully some thing like this will make some people wake up.

    VDA FilmsVDA FilmsDay ago
  • Fox "News" has been trying to force Gutfeld onto viewers as "comedy" for DECADES. I first heard about him when I was in college and he and his unfunny buddies had to apologize to the Armed Forces of Canada because they spent 15 minutes making "jokes" about "ha ha! Canada has a military?! I thought Canada was where you go if you don't want to fight!" the same week that several Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan. They were literally invoking the idea of draft dodgers from the Vietnam Era except like 30 years too late. The whole notion of "right-wing comedy" is that it's based purely on ignorance and bigotry (like all right-wing ideas).

    zammmerjammerzammmerjammerDay ago
  • Gutfeld is trying too hard

    Terry RTerry RDay ago
  • Every time they say a punchline, an angel looses its wings.

    rockin' ricky fanrockin' ricky fanDay ago
  • White people complaining about being cancelled when black people are getting knee'd to death out there just doesn't work.

    bananianbananianDay ago
  • Did they get some of the writers from Saturday Night Live? Its just cringe, then add all the hate. FYI to have satire comedy you need to have a is expected to feed the funny man lines that he can respond to for laughs. IE you would need a Biden gaffe, and then the funny response, simply telling the audience an antidote to demonstrate that Biden is senile is not funny....What a card, what a card!

    kwaii gamerkwaii gamerDay ago
  • Gutfeld is too angry to be funny!

    Guy BagleyGuy BagleyDay ago
  • Those clips weren’t bad honestly.

    Kevin SpearsKevin SpearsDay ago
  • The problem with conservative comedy is that these people lack the self-awareness and humility to appreciate self-deprecation. I think that the concept of irony is actually foreign to them.

    Matt CMatt CDay ago
  • I'd imagine you don't think it's funny because he's attacking you're party. If you were a brain dead Republican supporter, you'd probably be laughing your ass off.

    MrSpeedDemon72MrSpeedDemon72Day ago
  • So a normal human capable of feeling empathy, speaking about the horrific treatment of those detained at the border (many of them children) is considered comedy on Fox? But everybody else is the a****** right?

    Fanboy 3000Fanboy 3000Day ago
  • I think the issue is that the conservatives only make comedy that attacks the left. While people like Colbert do things from both sides.

    Stephen HousmanStephen HousmanDay ago
  • Impossible to be funny when you are seething with rage, prejudices, fear, and envy.

    I AM ZENI AM ZENDay ago
  • You cheat on your taxes and cheat on each other. What in the actual fuck is going on

    Maxx RayMaxx RayDay ago
  • Gutfeld is dry as fuck.

    Irwin VasquezIrwin VasquezDay ago
  • The horror

    Zen Robot NinjaZen Robot NinjaDay ago
  • Get Glen beck back he was the funniest thing ever onFOX.

    lakesidelakesideDay ago
  • Gutfeld seems about as disingenuous as it gets, I think that's a big part of the problem, too. The thing is that Colbert, Stewart, Fallon, Noah, O'Brien, and I guess Kimmel 😂, are all wholesome people who make relevant jokes in good taste. Gutberg pales in comparison to the legends of late night, both past and present.

    MassMenace 13MassMenace 13Day ago
  • Devo

    MD ShackMD ShackDay ago
  • Comedy requires wit.

    Cameron CreasyCameron CreasyDay ago
  • Which is why the Ratings are thru the Roof~

    DDDay ago
  • Part of the issue is deff most comedy writers are left leaning to begin with and if they’re not their material doesn’t revolve around politics. So the writing is bad from the start.

    BehindTheMustcheBehindTheMustcheDay ago
  • This awful montage almost made me unsubscribe from pakman.

    Malik Samari jonesMalik Samari jonesDay ago
  • David...I don’t think you get satire or humor like you think you do. Example: Mispronouncing the VP’s name... Maybe he is simply being overtly disrespectful.

    Rick BakerRick BakerDay ago
  • Trump, tucker and the little rabbi bulldog are funny, in a way. Scary, but funny too. Greg and his team are just pure nastiness, and there's nothing funny about it.

    VirginieVirginieDay ago
  • wait fox isn't the new comedy centeral

    General DeliveryGeneral DeliveryDay ago
  • With Fox News, it's definitely a case of laughing at, not with.

    paghal11paghal11Day ago
  • Autocratic hypocritical bullies just tend not to have a sense of humor. It's genetic. If they were funny, they wouldn't be Republicans.

    paghal11paghal11Day ago
  • This is literally why right wing versions of of this type of show don't work. It's not that they can't be funny, because more liberal comedians have made plenty of fun of leftist politic screw ups, but their 'satire' just comes off as malicious without the grounding of truth.

    TheWoebegoneJackalTheWoebegoneJackalDay ago
  • lol, I thought it was pretty funny actually. Especially the bit about CNN, because that is basically all they do on that network. So thanks giving the show some publicity. I think I might check it out now. It probably just hit a little close to home and that's why you didn't like it. haha

    Jeremy DaleJeremy DaleDay ago