Fousheé - gold fronts (Official Video) ft. Lil Wayne

Mar 29, 2021
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Fousheé - "gold fronts" out now!:
Fousheé - "single af" Official Video out now!:
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Directed by: Edgar Esteves & Jon Primo
Co-Directed by: Fousheé
Cinematography by: Jon Chou
Produced by: Johnny Hernandez
Edited by: Joan Pabon
Commissioned by: Karina Lopez

They don’t make enough paper
All this stream of thought spilling off my notebook
And they don’t make the sane type anymore
All my homies got problems and
We self medicate
What’d you do today?
I stared at my phone for hours
Since the city's fucked
Why don't we twist one up
Stretch out
They can’t take our gold fronts away
Let em shine
They can’t take our gold fronts away
Let em shine
They don’t make enough days in a month
I got plans and they’re all piled up
And I think this year had a personal vendetta
There’s always 2031
We self medicate
What’d you do today?
I stared at my phone for hours
Since the city's fucked
Twist one up
Stretch out
They can’t take our gold fronts away
Let em shine
They can’t take our gold fronts away
Let em shine
They can’t take our gold fronts away
Let em shine
They can't take my gold fronts
They can't take these white cups that I just poured up
They can't take these gold teeth
They can't take this gold leaf that I just rolled up
They can't take my gold blunt
Can't tape my bullet holes up
Can't take my close up
They can't break my hoes up
They can't break these shoulders
Or make my quota
And I'm the one they take their notes from
The one they try to take their flow from
And if they drip, then I'm the one that it all flows from
Silence of the lamb, don't wake this goat up
They can't take the same road up
They can't take when I roll up
With both my doors up
They can't take all these chokers
The gold one, the yellow gold, white gold, nor the rose one
Can't break all these boulders I broke up
New one make me hate my old one
New bae ate my soul up
Type of shit make me fold up
But I'm still ho-hum I just can't take it slow, huh?
I just can't fake it, no front
It's me and Fousheé
They just can't take this cold front
They just can't take my gold fronts
But this was golder
I'm like hold up
No one can take my gold fronts away
No one can take my gold fronts away
#Fousheé #goldfronts #LilWayne #RnB

  • Oh I love Het!

    Jonathan HillJonathan Hill3 hours ago
  • 🥺❤️ how sweet something special that gold fronts can make people come together.☺️ @foushee @lilwayne

    Mikrisha TaltonMikrisha Talton5 hours ago
  • I love her voice it's so smooth

    Phyco PompPhyco Pomp10 hours ago
  • Fire! Wayne killed it.💯

    Hands andFeetHands andFeet10 hours ago
  • summer 2021 theme song 🔥

    Mackenzie HartMackenzie Hart12 hours ago
  • The guitar and Wayne been a vibe mf how to love 🔥🔥

    G KingG King14 hours ago
  • .Fousheé's ethereal voice is perfect & okay Mr. Wayne - digging the vibe

    ChristieChristie16 hours ago
  • respects 💯

    unidentifiedunidentified17 hours ago
  • Amazing song, and mad respect to Wayne verse was fire

    Chima AnyaChima Anya18 hours ago
  • Fire song should win a Grammy

    gamewatchgamewatch22 hours ago
  • This nigga still the GOAT

    chainechaine22 hours ago
  • 2:27

    Devansh SinghDevansh SinghDay ago
  • Who was here before 1M

    OChampOChampDay ago
  • Amazing energy captured

  • Wowww they are very very far in their heads🤣🤣

    Christiane K.Christiane K.Day ago
  • Wayne flow is BEYOND what these niggas is doin!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    mystro's INKmystro's INKDay ago
  • Luv it

    jerkinrandyjerkinrandyDay ago
  • This Foushee chic ❤❤❤

    Elevated EmotionsElevated EmotionsDay ago
  • I'm so glad I found this

    Michael EasleyMichael EasleyDay ago
  • Silence of the lamb, don't wake this goat up. #FarmBars

    Who they came to seeWho they came to seeDay ago
  • Why did Wayne slaughter this?

    C SC SDay ago
  • They said Wayne fell off?🤔 He ate that shit🔥

    718-Icsis718-IcsisDay ago
  • more than just a trend... One Own's Dignity & Self Respect👏🏽 is all one has at the end. I hear you

    Zemay 749Zemay 749Day ago
  • This is beautiful ❤️

    Samantha LloydSamantha LloydDay ago
  • Song so sweet. Simply beautiful. Shorty playing the hell out of that guitar. And Lil Wayne committing man-law violations. Men DO NOT sip from a cup using both hands ...

  • This the lil Wayne I fell in love with 🚀🚀🚀

    TheNervouswreckTheNervouswreck2 days ago
    • Wuh,? Lol

      Mystic ArtistMystic ArtistDay ago
  • Poetic justice!💥💥💥🌊

    Jeff Ian NderiJeff Ian Nderi2 days ago
  • I need more Lil Wayne rapping over a guitar cuz that shit🔥🔥🔥

    Armandas gintvilasArmandas gintvilas2 days ago
  • Honestly Wayne marked that song bro listen to erry words 💯💪🏻

    Tamim DotarachiTamim Dotarachi2 days ago
  • Need you and smino on a track

    No SnowNo Snow2 days ago
  • #Damn I'm In #Love With #This #One 👊🏾💥💚 #Classic #Beautiful #Weezy Baby What ^ Hope you good #homie👊🏾💥💚

    D.O.B.D.O.B.2 days ago
  • stupid hot mess!

    kel Griffiskel Griffis2 days ago

    Thaddeus ValiantLilBodhiThaddeus ValiantLilBodhi2 days ago
    • Solange

      william godfreywilliam godfrey20 hours ago
  • why hasn’t this hit a million yet

    Mequan ChristieMequan Christie2 days ago
  • What was that liquor brand that was in the sword that Lil Wayne had in the store? That ish was fire!!!!!!!!!

    Floyd WalkerFloyd Walker2 days ago
  • I hope he stops the lean

    QuannQuann2 days ago
  • God flow 😉

    Loshem JESUSLoshem JESUS2 days ago
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Kristen TaylorKristen Taylor2 days ago
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    Relax TimeRelax Time3 days ago
  • Here before it blows up

    Danan qwertyDanan qwerty3 days ago
  • Red Cup Approval Tune! 🥤Six Colour Nation! 🇿🇦

    Deon RichardsDeon Richards3 days ago
  • This is a nice sound, but foushee is so talented at crafting creative music videos - this one maybe could have been pushed artistically further

    YonaYona3 days ago
  • This song is really refreshing. I cried after listening to it. This is real music. Chills.

  • Mantap. Love it.

    Mutiara TanjungMutiara Tanjung3 days ago
  • Ok so whats the drink Lil Wayne 2:48😯😂

    Mat RavitMat Ravit3 days ago
  • Thank You!

    WaxestLowa732 RWaxestLowa732 R3 days ago
  • Vibin ✨🦋

    IndigoIndigo3 days ago
  • That'll do it

    G.JamesG.James3 days ago
  • Who started this style of singing? I see more and more girls trying to sing like this!

    Tony TigahTony Tigah3 days ago
    • She giving off a Lauren Hill India Arie floetry vibe, because that's who I first heard sing it like that.

      Quintilious JonesQuintilious Jones10 hours ago
  • Cute sailor moon hair!

    blackpandabearblackpandabear3 days ago
  • I love when wayne has fun like this. Beautiful art

    Eli savageEli savage3 days ago
  • This is a vibe I never knew I needed 🔥🔥

    Shana GayShana Gay3 days ago
  • Whoever reads this God Bless you and your family 🙏

    LxrdOfDoom prod.LxrdOfDoom prod.3 days ago
  • this is sooooo damn good

    dotnafdotnaf3 days ago
  • No hate to wayne but y'all hyping his ass to much. Give the damn girl some damn credit!!! She popped tf of and yall always gotta give the credit to some guy. Wayne verse was good but half of the time You cant even tell what he is saying! Foushee came for the money and was singing her heart out I love the vibe. But the song would've been better without wayne. Plus wayne is not even that good but of course they always like the smoke voiced,drug addicted,felin. Yall have no taste in real altRnB Fousheee slayyyyyy

    thegaminggecko dabossthegaminggecko daboss3 days ago
    • Why hate on this one

      william godfreywilliam godfrey2 days ago
    • Wayne sounds coherent, wtf are you talking about?

      Tony GrantTony Grant3 days ago
    • Stfu you can barely understand what she’s saying. You can understand Wayne well like a spoken word verse . She did good too but don’t act like you understood everything she’s saying.

      Adonnis S GodAdonnis S God3 days ago

    Mariah C. CrawleyMariah C. Crawley4 days ago
  • Weezy the 🐐 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 😤 verse too ill

    prince hardyprince hardy4 days ago
  • Love this song!

    TKF Team Kharre FadeTKF Team Kharre Fade4 days ago
  • Vibe all year

    Tim JohnsonTim Johnson4 days ago
  • The best rapper alive

    Gresey lilfarajGresey lilfaraj4 days ago
  • "Silence of the Lamb, don't wake this GOAT up." BROOOOOOO

    ChegCheg4 days ago
  • She Doesn’t Get Enough Credit.

    Seiko KaioriSeiko Kaiori4 days ago
  • Dude like don't wake this gold up this is how hard I'm giving it to y'all cuz this is how hard we wanted to go with it this is just how we went with it but I could have went even harder but this is just all we wanted to do with it and that's all she wanted just something smooth hard and effective evidently she's happy she ain't complaining

    Cedric PollardCedric Pollard4 days ago
  • I wish foushee was my friend ☺️

    Phelelani MkhizePhelelani Mkhize4 days ago
  • Fantastic

    luar.luar.4 days ago
  • this is the song.

    Wayne Hudson IIWayne Hudson II4 days ago
  • Pink matter vibes

    shadab Khanshadab Khan4 days ago
  • I literally stepped on this video accidentally and yeah, best mistake ever

    Daniella LyutrovnyDaniella Lyutrovny4 days ago
  • The 🐐

    Vint & Ashley PateVint & Ashley Pate5 days ago
  • Wayne doesn't get enough recognition for supporting young talents

    Alaa MahmoudAlaa Mahmoud5 days ago
  • Wayne snapped

    Patrick MoorePatrick Moore5 days ago
  • Wayne always discover great talents

    Nana AkwasiNana Akwasi5 days ago
  • Lol basically saying .. I'm no where in life and hoping for a miracle. No work ethic

    VanGoughVanGough5 days ago
  • She gave me boujee sailor moon vibes and I luv ✨

    Joumana Al-SeryaniJoumana Al-Seryani5 days ago
  • Can't wait to see which producer adds the hottest drums on this.

    Studio 1FORTY4Studio 1FORTY45 days ago
  • I am in love. Whole 4.02 minutes of the video was so captivating, Foushee's voice, the guitar, Wayne's entrace, like I don't know how else to explain it other than it felt like a warm hug

    Ingrid AIngrid A5 days ago
  • She's channeling my inner child..... All that soul. 💜

    Spirit FoxSpirit Fox5 days ago
  • “Silence of the lambs, don’t wake this GOAT up.” -Lil Wayne 🐐

    Bender B RodriguezBender B Rodriguez5 days ago
  • 💖💖💖

    May S.May S.5 days ago
  • Omg I love the video 🖤🌻✨

    Jo-Ria St. JohnJo-Ria St. John5 days ago
  • Foushee go in soo hard Wayne dun went in HAM too! He aint like all them other trappers out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

    Brandy CrystalBrandy Crystal5 days ago
  • Dude you got Lil Wayne without the autotune, that's respect

    Karmic KoalaKarmic Koala5 days ago
  • You can tell that this song meant something to Wayne he took his verse really seriously. Because when he went to jail that was on of the first things they did to him. She is beautiful and I like her voice and the track was a black excellence vibe!

    Xay VXay V5 days ago
  • Why is all the comments talking about Wayne? FOUSHEE DID HER SHIT. Her vibe in the music she makes is unmatchable.

    alaiii jalaiii j6 days ago
    • They both killed it..but it’s Lil Wayne

      Tre Y.L.G.Tre Y.L.G.5 days ago
  • Skipped straight to the point..Wayne's verse

    Jed CarsonJed Carson6 days ago
    • okay

      Luh KayLuh Kay5 days ago
  • Watching this video from cape town and noticed the south african flag

    Inovations Lego&Taurez423Inovations Lego&Taurez4236 days ago
  • She resembles Nicki Minaj from some angles

    Dawud JibreelDawud Jibreel6 days ago
  • Could’ve did without wayne. Great song

    casposince1984casposince19846 days ago
    • @Tre Y.L.G. nah

      Luh KayLuh Kay5 days ago
    • Everybody came here for Wayne verse

      Tre Y.L.G.Tre Y.L.G.5 days ago
  • I thought the beat was gon drop

    R2TheArTisTR2TheArTisT6 days ago
  • I bet a thousand dollars that half you niggas who learn Lil Wayne verse have never even seen silence of the lamb to understand his reference . But lik Wayne ate his verse!!!! As expected

    Stoned MermaidStoned Mermaid6 days ago
  • Ummmmm randomly here and I’m feeling this

    Stoned MermaidStoned Mermaid6 days ago
  • Foushee is high i love her voice❤ 😂

    Tacaras worldTacaras world6 days ago
  • She's💪 🤧🤔🤳My bad! I first, STOP.🤭I Tauvaaga will love t👀say Thanks for This song cuz time's like This the whole Y world needs for time just like this.we are still R still here. 💤💪😴🤳💤general trying to say Thank you for this song right here. 🙏Blessings to you and one Love t👀family cuz Love is the meaning of family 🙏💪😝🤙

    Tauvaaga PoialiiTauvaaga Poialii6 days ago
  • This is life🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

    Dyin ArtDyin Art6 days ago
  • this singing in cursive is just getting out of hand now

    Prod By 86Prod By 866 days ago
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    Bernie HoustonBernie Houston6 days ago
  • I didn’t know how lil Wayne would rap on this song when I heard the beginning... then he calmly snapped

    Amir LAmir L6 days ago
  • Legendary 💯😫🤞🏽

    Weezy RoitWeezy Roit6 days ago
  • I waited for the beat to drop for half the song lmao

    Carlton RobertsCarlton Roberts6 days ago
  • Foushee, your time is this year 2021, trust that! Her tone, runs so smooth and unmatched!

    Ayanda WilliamsAyanda Williams6 days ago