Apr 4, 2021
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Fortnite STORYLINE - 3 Theories That Make Sense
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  • I found 2 llamas on misty meadows picture 1:45

    Kodaka88Kodaka88Hour ago
  • Where’s same?

    Jennifer GiffordJennifer Gifford4 hours ago
    • “Sam”

      Jennifer GiffordJennifer Gifford4 hours ago
  • Theory:The crystals growing at the spire IS Kevin the cube

    robby hinzerobby hinze9 hours ago
  • I was playing some fortnite and then when I was in the car that foundation said can you hear me in the radio

    the legendsthe legends11 hours ago
  • is it just me or are we seeing a re occurring theme every time somebody from another universe lands in the loop they lose their memory

    Dee-Ann HumphreysDee-Ann Humphreys13 hours ago
  • Theory, the end event can be that the other 6 of the 7 can rise up from the other small spires. The scientist can rise up from the main spire.

  • The monster from season x

    Zombie Your momZombie Your mom18 hours ago
  • If the We are stuck in the loop how can NPCs talk?

  • Crystal Mike mean something Who From last evening near all over the island maybe it can be growing them in making even worse

    Ron VanlakeRon VanlakeDay ago
  • season 5 ended when I was level 99 😑

    Phoenix LegendPhoenix LegendDay ago
  • Here are the 7: The visitor, the scientist, the pyradym, the foundation, Geno, and the sisters If you could them up, it makes 7

    BrickGuy AnimationsBrickGuy AnimationsDay ago
  • About the primal area, if you have graphics all on low you can see from far away that pleasant park have this orange grass around it

    _redq.__redq._Day ago
  • If there’s Dinasours maybe a meteor will strike

    davedaveDay ago
  • What if chapter 2 is a prequel of chapter 1

    cole gamcole gamDay ago
  • Cool

    Stephanie SharpStephanie SharpDay ago
  • Raz was created by the remaining energy of kevin after season 6 chapter one and just now came out of hiding

    Shannon McCormickShannon McCormickDay ago
    • Ok?

      Marvel SHIELDMarvel SHIELDDay ago
  • Crystal has a neck and a crystal necklace on on her neck

    Camerin GrunderCamerin GrunderDay ago
  • No more F O R T N I T E card >:(

    Eiaja Gabriel TaborEiaja Gabriel TaborDay ago
  • why not connect all the lines at kevin der cube why, of all things, the 3

    FortNiteGamer 1FortNiteGamer 1Day ago
  • I saw the sweaty sands one in replay

    Xxbear ManxXXxbear ManxXDay ago
  • This is the only channel that I actually like, that makes vids about fortnite 👍🏻

    Tommy AriasTommy Arias2 days ago
  • The imagined order logo kinda looks like the zap from the cube in one of the season 5 loading screens.

    Gunnar AsmundsonGunnar Asmundson2 days ago
  • Maybe just maybe be if the primal take over maybe the bunker would be a place or would be open and it would be a great base tbh

    Jeffrey JeffJeffrey Jeff2 days ago
  • mar be Kevin is trying to break free from the zero point because it got sucked in and that's why the crystals are at the spire.

    Parker JacksonParker Jackson2 days ago
  • No joke

    J CookJ Cook2 days ago
  • I found the io simble on the map in season 6

    J CookJ Cook2 days ago
  • Who is the imagine order?

    Shift RealmzShift Realmz2 days ago
  • maybe once the we are at the end of the season the crystals will get bigger and they will most likely play music and we might have to get close to them and listen to them... just a theory

    Joel GarciaJoel Garcia2 days ago
  • Awww thx

    Taylor PickardTaylor Pickard2 days ago
  • The storm king might go after the zero point and the cube energy might spread around the map to make every body a cube coruptoin skin and the zero point might make the six other towers into a cube zone so it would try and make the foundation and the zero point to explode to end all reality 🌋

    Jesse PageJesse Page2 days ago
  • Next season would suck even more if they put the whole map primal

    tristan gamestristan games2 days ago
  • I hope superman becomes a skin

    Kristen ClutzKristen Clutz2 days ago
  • Did anyone else notice the imagined order logo on remedy's shirt? Edit: sorry about the grammar on this comment idk about fortnite skin names and stuff.

    Ana CastellonAna Castellon2 days ago
  • Primal war has a crazy story line and leaks

    Andrew NievesAndrew Nieves2 days ago
  • The crystals around the spire could be parts of the crystals around the zero point in chapter 2 season 5

    Lewis CumminsLewis Cummins2 days ago
  • Noticed from the start but there's 7 pillars/spires one of them we know has one of the seven inside, and there 7 in that group

    TTvWhip_ytTTvWhip_yt2 days ago
  • Kevin should be coming back just look at the battle pass

    Eleanor MayEleanor May2 days ago
  • Any one else notice on the car that’s a Japanese’s flag color

    Elijah ThomasElijah Thomas2 days ago
  • I have a theory the pink crystals I think those are the crystals from chapter 2 season 5

    FleXxFleXx2 days ago
  • theres also a visual glitch near pleasant where almost everything is primal too.

    Raik176Raik1762 days ago
  • Fortnite sucks stop making vids

    Jeffrey PawlakJeffrey Pawlak2 days ago
    • Then why do you watch him I mean duh why are you here to say this and you hate these vids are you dumb

      Marvel SHIELDMarvel SHIELDDay ago
  • It sounds like I’m in Fortnite school learning about the storyline. It’s that interesting.

    priyakant parmarpriyakant parmar2 days ago
  • i found out the orange parts of the map are make a rift if you look on the map

    Ida AmirIda Amir2 days ago
  • at sweaty are now barricades to!!!!!!

    Thomas SpeksnijderThomas Speksnijder2 days ago
  • If you look in Isabella's back bling kevin the cube is written in it

    Golden starsGolden stars2 days ago
  • Could the enforcer skin be the firth recruited i.o soldier?

    Hunter PaceHunter Pace2 days ago
  • I thought the zero point was going to explode and turn into keven the cube

    pearson familypearson family2 days ago
  • Don't you get it those are the things that make you faster from season 5

    Placido CastroPlacido Castro2 days ago
  • Are cabin the cube coming back I love this season. 100 procent most fortnite players hated the last season because of madolorian 🤣

    Naimo MahamudNaimo Mahamud2 days ago
  • By the way rax had a different description idk for how long it might of glitches but one time raz had a description for me of doesn't put on as much as he knows

    Alice RigbyAlice Rigby2 days ago
  • I am just vibbing the songs

    The Introvert -The Introvert -2 days ago
  • Your content is fake

    Darth BearDarth Bear2 days ago
  • I just found a new glitch. If you go to a wall and use a spray and walk up to it you can camouflage into the pattern.

    Yasmin GillYasmin Gill2 days ago
  • ok why is pp getting changed soooo much

    John E. ManciniJohn E. Mancini2 days ago
  • Imagine still playing fortnite in 2021

    EquinoxEquinox2 days ago
  • My nicname (sprgutis PRO) plz give me betel pass

    mr_gaming_ g1mr_gaming_ g12 days ago
  • Your videos are so cool

    AmandaJason VajenAmandaJason Vajen2 days ago
  • Because clearly Slone is the most important

    DeathTrooperDeathTrooper2 days ago
  • I think the S stands for Slone and the other symbols are for the rest of the sisters

    DeathTrooperDeathTrooper2 days ago
  • Fortnite’S storyline is turning into a movie

    SynthAUSynthAU2 days ago
    • 👍

      Carys StrunkCarys Strunk15 hours ago

      Carys StrunkCarys Strunk15 hours ago
  • if u land pleasant park then in the air u may see it orange so maybe its also gonna turn orange

    twisterthegamer :Dtwisterthegamer :D2 days ago
  • 99% of us don’t care

    vr brothersvr brothers2 days ago
  • There's a glitch go in to creative then use the skin storm make sure it's the gold version use the built in emote for storm in a mech then when the cape is on your back then change your skin in the changing booth them into jonsey then respawn and the cape should be rainbow when your using the gold version and also turn into lexa then respawn then it turns in to a black and white cape you should try this it's really cool I'm going to find more glitches this season so keep an eye on the comments

    Mitchell BaillieMitchell Baillie2 days ago
  • I think the symbol on the top of raz’s scroll is a reference to the storm king?

    awesometanker12awesometanker122 days ago
  • Maybe the seven are once part of the imagined order but they were the test subjects they were tested on they survived each one but one test they did when they were sent to the loop they had robot like suits but when they were in the locks in there suits turned on and they got trapped in the suit

    Amodeus chaAmodeus cha2 days ago
  • Maybe The Retacted Bunker is The sevens Base?

    xx Among usxx Among us2 days ago
  • Any school or college students watching here ❤️

  • Wait maybe Kevin I the zero point

    Olive GamerOlive Gamer2 days ago
  • What the hell happens with batman XD????

    08 Arghodeep Chanda08 Arghodeep Chanda3 days ago
  • i got firnite in mobile

    Gd EasyGd Easy3 days ago
  • 1:19 corrupted cube?....

    The RiftzoneThe Riftzone3 days ago
  • Its all so the form a shine sprite from Mario sunshine

    SuperMario WolfBroaSuperMario WolfBroa3 days ago
  • You ever think about how if you go close to the spire you hear something

    Amari andnKeAmari andnKe3 days ago
  • Remember when agent Kobe came to the island well the panels that he messes with might be pieces of Kevin the cube

    Kasen&Karter GamingKasen&Karter Gaming3 days ago
  • I've made a discovery for myself. If you've met any of the Jonesy NPCS (Jonesy the first; Sash sergeant; Cabbie; Grill sergeant, etc.), in their descriptions in Collections, they all have a "Mission Log." Jonesy The First: MISSION LOG: I'm not sure if this was a good idea... Sash Sergeant: MISSION LOG: Explore the island's flora and... animals. Why can't I remember the fancy word for that? Cabbie: MISSION LOG: Just drive. Grill Sergeant: MISSION LOG: Infiltrate Cafeteria Wars. Status: Greasy. Slurp Jonesy: MISSION LOG: [DATA CORRUPTED, SUBJECT LOST] Rex: MISSION LOG: Rawr!

    Odyssey 父Odyssey 父3 days ago
  • Here is my storyline on chapter 2 so far. The black hole sent us to a different dimension. Fade form the season 3 battle pass confirms it because he looks a lot like drift doesn’t he 🤔. After Midas used his device, the storm overloaded the zero-point making the IO home base collapse. Janice or John jones created the wall of water to stop the force of the zero point. This force from the zero point that Midas cause caught the attention of galactis. He was coming to our planet and sent Thor to evacuate everyone. Thor tried to do this but failed, so he summoned all the season 4 battle pass and item shop hero’s to stop galactis. Tony teleported his lab to make tons of bombs to stop him. When galactis came he sucked up the zero point. The zero point tried to fight but couldn’t. We came in and sent galactis to a different dimension, meaning if we go back to the old island, galactis could be there. With the zero point exposed, John jones was forced to enter the loop. He recruited a bunch of bounty hunters to stop anybody from getting in the zero point. But when it was too late he had to get help. So he sent the portal gun to where the foundation was and sent him here. John jones and the foundation had a past because he immediately punched Jones. He said he can help the foundation find genó and the sisters. So the foundation tried to fight the zero point but it was too strong. To stop it from killing everyone, he had to seal it it a ball to protect every one. But because the zero point alters reality, it made us go back in time to the primal ages. This is slowly spreading because the zero point is becoming more and more unstable. That is all I got from everything in chapter 2. Btw, I remember not to edit if I get a heart.

    Tacodog PlayzTacodog Playz3 days ago
    • Basic summary, the black hole sent us to chapter 2 and Midas made a force that told galactis. “We got yum yum”. So he came and Unstabilized the zero point. Making John jones come to send the foundation to come and protect all humanity.

      Tacodog PlayzTacodog Playz3 days ago
  • I use your code to

    Chris WagnerChris Wagner3 days ago
  • Is Raz a member of the seven?

    Intercepticon .3Intercepticon .33 days ago
  • please look at this comment who is docter slone?

    AndreaAndrea3 days ago

    Elias GonzalezElias Gonzalez3 days ago
  • Ok so it same right???

    macae salzlermacae salzler3 days ago
  • 1:24 plzzz tell me what song you played then

    Daven KellaDaven Kella3 days ago
  • What’s that song that was played 1 minuet 26secends in to the vid

    Lisa StieperLisa Stieper3 days ago
  • The bite-sized illegal interestingly clap because girdle cytochemically file afore a majestic margin. ill-informed, tacit grandfather

    Oday AhmadOday Ahmad3 days ago
  • Repent from your sins because Jesús is coming back soon

    Alexander Duarte 2006Alexander Duarte 20063 days ago
  • Can we get me to 1K?

    EvolutionEvolution3 days ago
  • in chapter 2 season 1 there where random controller vibrations, translated into Morse code then into English it was SOS D5 418 if you take the numbers and sign them to the letters of the alphabet, you get DEDAH, which directly translates to: "there is a reason". Thoughts???

    Sidetracked BearSidetracked Bear3 days ago
  • has anyone notice how cluck sulrpy form is unlocked in level 69

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez3 days ago
  • "MiNeCrAfT sToLe BiOmEs FrOm FoRtNiTe!?!?!?!?!?!"

    Amanda HancockAmanda Hancock3 days ago
  • On his rap..

    Sophie IrvineSophie Irvine3 days ago
  • I think kondor and raz have a connection because they both have a connection to Kevin the cube and kondor has Kevin's markings sooooo......

    Sophie IrvineSophie Irvine3 days ago
  • Jonsey has 3 lives in the picture

    Ayson GrechAyson Grech3 days ago
  • Jumanji is coming😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😊😊

    Ayson GrechAyson Grech3 days ago
  • Theory:all big USworlds channels wait for the small channels then steal there content every time some leak stuff that “they” discovered is always said 3 days after the small USworlds channels upload

    Jordan LeanaJordan Leana3 days ago
  • Does anyone have a recording of the crystals from season 5? Maybe put that recording through that program that turns sound into pictures, maybe something will appear

    TechN1njaTechN1nja3 days ago
  • Remember when the foundation stopped fighting agent Jonesy when he mentioned Geno, that could be a star wars planet...

    Logan MoellerLogan Moeller3 days ago
  • I have a game theory, a possible Legend of zelda crossover. I said possible. The chickens in fortnite have a feature same in breath of the wild. There are wolves in fortnite just like zelda and they look like a wolf version of link. There are wolves in both games to. Take it from a fan here at T5G videos. Just a theory though. Hope this makes it in a video, I think you guys make real good content, bye.

    Logan MoellerLogan Moeller3 days ago
  • In the logo for fortnite season 6 has the butterfly

    Froggy cayFroggy cay3 days ago
  • And the thumbnail shocked me...

    fie lamfie lam3 days ago
  • You sound older top5gaming

    Dee HarrisDee Harris3 days ago