Food City Dirt Race from Bristol Motor Speedway | NASCAR Cup Series Full Race Replay

Mar 31, 2021
142 427 Views

Relive the 2021 Food City Dirt Race from Bristol Motor Speedway that saw Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell tangle early, Daniel Suarez becomes a front runner and Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano battle for the win on the final restart.
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  • "joey, your gaonna need to do some work." and work, he did. one of the best races i've ever seen, and my favorite driver won too!

    RM 22RM 225 hours ago
  • Most stupid thing I have ever seen.

    Jedi’s DadJedi’s Dad23 hours ago
  • Thank YOU NASCAR for adding these full races! For the first time in 5 years I've been missing a race watching live due to traveling and dropping streaming apps. But so glad I wasabletowatch it after all. Thanks

  • This was a good race and I'm glad they're doing it again next year.

    Shawn LambShawn LambDay ago
  • That was awesome. I want to see them take some of the old tracks not being run currently anymore like North Wilksboro turn them into dirt and put them back on the schedule.

    Makayla SlaterMakayla Slater3 days ago
  • And they say F1 drivers are the best? I’d like to see them drive this close and so hard and even have a running car at the end!!!

    Duffer DudeDuffer Dude3 days ago
  • i hope nascar keeps the dirttrack racing up , its amazing seeing the highest grade of nascar cars doing dirt again

    Raphael LaufRaphael Lauf4 days ago
  • Make all NASCAR Racer on dirt and we europeans will watch it LOL

    Nö duNö du4 days ago
  • Well if you are gonna say no screens then no dirt they are cup cars right then they belong on asphalt dirt cars have screens for a reason and the drivers have tear offs on their helmet visor so they can see

    Zachary BrickZachary Brick4 days ago
  • Never sat down to watch nascar in my life, but this is awesome!! I will 100% watch dirt races in the future

    PatrickPatrick4 days ago
  • they should do a dirt race at Texas motor speedway

    dax2321dax23215 days ago
  • Bristol on dirt is epic!!

    duckedupduckedup5 days ago
    • This has renewed my love for Nascar, this is amazing, I hope to see more! Do it for Dale!! (and Cleetus!!) Freedom 500 3.0, on dirt, Crown Vics....hmm???

      duckedupduckedup5 days ago
  • This is by far the stupidest.

    Capt HowdyCapt Howdy6 days ago
  • Great race! Doc Hudson would be proud!

    Christine CougarChristine Cougar6 days ago
  • Good driving young man.

    James JonesJames Jones7 days ago
  • The last driver who enjoyed his job as much as Joey Logano was Carl Edwards.

    Barry GBarry G7 days ago
    • Of course he enjoys it...he is a clueless tool in a position he should never have been able to attain

      AFSOC 462AFSOC 4625 days ago
  • いつものブリストルよりおもしろかったです。 ロガーノさん、お見事でした。

    たねすけたねすけ7 days ago
  • I would pay for a streaming service to watch nascar live since I dont have cable

    lazerlordlazerlord8 days ago
  • Arkansas gumbo. Mud from the rice fields. It's black. There's no dust. It's what they used at the ditch in West Memphis always. There's a train that runs parallel to Highway 78 they can get enough dirt up there. Don't use orange clay use black gumbo

    Alan HarrisAlan Harris8 days ago
  • My father used to Race at Ascot Park, the last time we watched him race there was back in '92. #14 forever!!!! I miss you dad!

    Louis CiriglianoLouis Cirigliano8 days ago
  • I haven't seen any racing, where's the racing! LOL

    Robin NibertRobin Nibert8 days ago
  • I don’t get how these guys can go so long without a bathroom break

    Duston EllisDuston Ellis8 days ago
    • cmiiw, they drink/eat a "thing" that makes them cant peepee or poopoo, and before the race they have to go to the bathroom first

      Denzel IbrahimDenzel Ibrahim7 days ago
  • For some reason i think is a good idea to start "Nascar rally series" lol

    Dummy :PDummy :P8 days ago
  • This race was great, however ever the race needed to run at night since, though it looked funny on tv, it was extremely dangerous since apparently the dust was so thick that drivers couldn’t see much. Also, this replay has a couple of random time skips for some reason which is a bit annoying. Hopefully this race will be more organized next year; since I see a lot of potential with this race in the future.

    Ben WalterBen Walter8 days ago
    • @Jeremy Liu Yep it’s not just you. Unfortunately this is true and it’s annoying as heck!

      Ben WalterBen Walter5 days ago
    • Oh then it’s not only me since the video skipped for some time and I was kinda confused lol

      Jeremy LiuJeremy Liu6 days ago
  • Okay, this just looks awesome. Can we just make this once a year dirt cup race a regular thing?

    Zero KelvinZero Kelvin8 days ago
    • Coming back next year

      Jordan kJordan k8 days ago
  • i love nascar and im only 10

    bob johnsonbob johnson9 days ago
  • Omg I haven’t watched nascar in about 6 years but now they are putting full races on their channel I’m interested

    godwendygodwendy9 days ago
  • We need multiple dirt races in a season! This race was too fun to only have 1 a year. That being said glad they are at least bringing it back next year!

    Enoshima-v.ez.Enoshima-v.ez.10 days ago
  • That was an exciting race on a dirt track! Good to see! I'm amazed at how well all the Nascar drivers drive! From Tokyo

    名も無き研究者名も無き研究者10 days ago
  • Great Smile 😇 All the Best!

    Arnold WrightArnold Wright10 days ago
  • if only they ditched the stupid chase and the stages

    kstx eVoluTionkstx eVoluTion10 days ago
  • is it just me or the racing line was essentially back to the concrete level?

    kstx eVoluTionkstx eVoluTion10 days ago
  • Great job for the issues you had to deal with. As a long time dirt track fan, I have two suggestions. #1. This needs to be a night race. The sun beating down on the dirt makes the dust worse. It won't hurt the fall race, it's two totally different experiences. #2. NO WINDSHIELDS. Don't tell me in a sport where one set of tires cost $12,000 that you can't fashion a metal rockscreen that welds to the front roll bars in the cockpit. Get them tearoffs on the helmet visor and lets do this RIGHT. Great Great job on the first attempt. These are just the tweeks that NEED to be made for the quality of the show's sake.

    JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • This race waw AWESOME!

    markmartin97markmartin9711 days ago
  • This was epic. Makes me want to see this live!

    IrraticIrratic11 days ago
    • there are over 900 dirt tracks across america. pick one close and go.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
    • it was awesome

      Timmy PowellTimmy Powell11 days ago
  • It was good race!

    Mary HastonMary Haston11 days ago
    • Welcome and Thanks

      Mary HastonMary Haston10 days ago
  • What a mess. Lol

    Eddie JEddie J11 days ago
  • Always watched the races with my dad. He told me Nascar had a dirt track early this year and I was all in. Lucky to have a sport like this that reminds us of our loved ones

    DARC 87DARC 8711 days ago
  • This was a lot of fun. I haven't watched NASCAR in years but this really got my attention. Now if they get rid of the stages and playoffs and all the other hooey, i can be a real fan again.

    rizzodtheRCvloggerrizzodtheRCvlogger12 days ago
    • I havnt watched in years either. I think I'm cool with the playoffs kinda but the stages are ridiculous. Who stops a race in the middle? Makes no sense to me.

      Jeremy 1776Jeremy 17764 days ago
  • Added road courses, rain tires and dirt races? Haven’t followed since 2013 now I’m back this is great.

    Shawn KoerthShawn Koerth12 days ago
  • About the race, it was a race and it did have its elements of entertainment, but it was a dirty, muddy, dusty, slip and slide, it would have been a much better race on asphalt, dirt and Nascar ain't working for me, thumbs down.

    Harry HustonHarry Huston12 days ago
    • @JD Racing 84 not this year ._.

      Icy ToonzIcy Toonz10 days ago
    • if a dirty dusty muddy slip n slide is below you, go watch lewis hamilton win by 26 seconds every two weeks...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Awsome

    charles pezantcharles pezant12 days ago
  • I cannot stop smiling; ovals, rovals, road courses, dirt... thanks NASCAR, racers race.

    lch jrlch jr12 days ago
  • I'm from Indiana and I love dirt track racing but these cars were not designed for dirt track racing these are million-dollar race cars and this had to be absolutely the worst dirt track racing I have ever seen I used to go to the track in Kokomo every weekend my grandpa was involved in racing from Sprint Cars 2 World of Outlaws to Indy cars the only thing he wasn't involved in was NASCAR personally I think whatever corporate idiot came up with this idea she has to pay for the damages done to all of these cars out of his personal bank account these are not stock cars they have not been stock cars in years they are million dollar pieces of machinery not made for dirt

    Bob HollandBob Holland12 days ago
    • though I agree as a NY dirt guy, NASCAR can pull it off if they run it at night to keep the dust down and take the windshields off, add the rock screen and visor tear offs... I honestly think that alone would allow the drivers to focus on driving the cars and not worrying about not being able to see anything for half the lap. That alone would improve the show a LOT.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Please have more. This is really cool.

    The token black guyThe token black guy12 days ago
  • “You don’t have 3 wheel brakes, so you gotta pitch it hard, break it loose, and then just drive it with the throttle. Give it too much and you’ll be out of the dirt and into the tulips.” - Doc Hudson

    Michael MurrayMichael Murray13 days ago
    • 🪦 -the legend lies here 1958-2019

      NoiceNoice6 days ago
  • What Can I say But Supper Awesome!! More please.

    Randall TuckerRandall Tucker13 days ago
  • NASCAR 2021 Video Game needs to have Dirt Tracks as an option.

    Moses RiosMoses Rios13 days ago
  • 100% nascar needs more of these!

    J RutmanJ Rutman13 days ago
  • Jeff really likes that word "dust". lol

    t ct c13 days ago
  • Ok then... why the hell do they call it dirt track? I can see the asphalt showing through after 30 laps. Why don't they race on a real dirt track??

    Allen dmanAllen dman13 days ago
    • @JD Racing 84 Thanks for the info! :)

      Allen dmanAllen dman11 days ago
    • @Allen dman couple reasons for that. #1. The banking. It supports the cars enough, and they're at a low enough speed that the dead sideways driving you see on most lower banked tracks doesn't happen. even the real dirt cars weren't pitched as sideways on this track when they raced it. #2. heavy car, no offset in the chassis, skinny right rear tire etc. This is what street stocks would've looked like basically...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
    • @JD Racing 84 I was wondering if I was wrong on that. One thing is, they sure don't seem to drift in the corners near as much as local dirt track races I have been to. Maybe less horse power in Nascar?

      Allen dmanAllen dman11 days ago
    • ooof. look again. it's CLAY, and when you buff clay it gets black with rubber and slick. that wasn't pavement. that was the clay going 'hard pack' and getting black with rubber....

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Rip dude wipes car

    Brandon AmthorBrandon Amthor13 days ago
  • This is a awesome switchup love it

    Nick BruckNick Bruck13 days ago
  • Anyone else think it would be COOL to see SMOKE come out of RETIREMENT for ALL the dirt races?

    morphman21morphman2113 days ago
    • it would be, but SRX is a thing...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • When I heard about this race, I was like "This is either going to be the dumbest idea and it's going to be a complete sh*tshow... or it's going to be absolutely brilliant. Was not disappointed... This was such a damn fun race to watch... This needs to be an annual thing... Oh and now do Daytona LOL ;) Great job NASCAR!, had a blast watching this

    PianomanKYPianomanKY13 days ago
    • A race on the old Daytona Beach would be a fun exhibition :)

      Zero KelvinZero Kelvin8 days ago
  • This needs to be a tradition nascar should have at least one dirt race a season to honor the history of the sport

    nup tupnup tup13 days ago
    • @Jeff B exactly it’s would be a great way to keep the drivers on their toes and would be a good change of pace from the traditional asphalt tracks and would force the teams to get creative on prepping the car for such harsh track conditions

      nup tupnup tup3 days ago
    • Definitely. Much like how they do a "winter classic" in hockey and hold an outdoor event.

      Jeff BJeff B3 days ago
  • This is a stupid question.. but the track turning black, is that the dirt hardening? or the tires?

    GH0STFACEGH0STFACE13 days ago
    • @JD Racing 84 Helped me a lot, thank you

      GH0STFACEGH0STFACE10 days ago
    • The clay they use starts out with moisture in it. As the tires slide across it they buff the clay and pull the moisture out, which hardens and packs the clay down to a almost glass like surface... think of pottery before the kiln, then after the kiln... but the rubber also grinds into that slick surface and eventually drives much like pavement with a rubbered in groove... grip goes up and the cars tend to drive more like they're on asphalt even though it's still the dirt surface. hope that helps.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
    • Im pretty sure it's tires due the speed of cars because rubber leaves skid marks.

      The token black guyThe token black guy12 days ago
  • I took my 2 sons and they loved it. It was also on my birthday thanks to the rainout so that made it even more cool!

    Game Racer37Game Racer3713 days ago
  • Would love to see a new version of the IROC skills league. Dirt, asphalt, short, road, city, big tracks. Do a silly Friday night race and I'll give you the $10 a month my dad used to at the physical track. IDK, have Gordon announce a silly enduro race at Eldora on dirt or at Riverhead during one of their Sunday afternoon shows. Lets. Get. Silly. Let's make Nascar the ridiculousness that is America and make is a show. Racing skills show. Let's do it!

    Harvinator24Harvinator2413 days ago
    • SRX. TOny Stewart's new series. look it up.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • The race was so good

    Joseph Carey Kyle Larson 5Joseph Carey Kyle Larson 513 days ago
  • Bristol Dirt Race

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey14 days ago
  • Love watching these cars slidin' on the clay. Like watching a late model dirt track racing.

    WinchesterLockWinchesterLock14 days ago
  • Imma be first to say that I love how they didn't spoil the winner in either the highlights or here!

    Jóži KolníkJóži Kolník14 days ago
  • So in NASCAR Heat be dirt Bristol?

    AsrielAsriel14 days ago
  • Nascar Fan here in the UK. I've enjoyed the dirt race plus I'm glad they ran the race on Monday rather than Sunday because of the weather. If this race ran on Sunday then I would predict a complete disaster as they would be mud on the cars windshield (or windscreen we call it here in the UK) every lap. To those who criticised this race I wonder what does NASCAR need to do keep you guys happy.

    Juned HussainJuned Hussain14 days ago
    • @JD Racing 84 I don't think it makes sense to have a oval race in the rain or damp race track. The one thing that I get sick to death of is people who keep saying 'why can't NASCAR race in the rain using wet tyres in the oval?'. The easy answer is that it's too dangerous and it's not a pleasant experience for everyone including the fans. Just imagine driving at 80 to 100 MPH in the rain on the motorway (or freeway in the USA) the visibility is terrible. I do hope NASCAR would implement new ideas like racing on a street course and more short track racing.

      Juned HussainJuned Hussain10 days ago
    • @Juned Hussain most likely not, but If NASCAR feels confident they can put on a good race with them you never know. I think personally it's a lot of money spent on preventing a delay at only maybe three tracks at best. yes it would be interesting, but does it really make much sense? not sure about that.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8410 days ago
    • @JD Racing 84 I agree it's a shame. If you don't like to watch NASCAR then don't watch it. I heard that they would test rain tyres on short tracks like Martinsville speedway if the race becomes damp not full wet. I think it would be interesting however even if the tests were successful, I doubt that it might be implemented this year.

      Juned HussainJuned Hussain10 days ago
    • This is an easy one to answer for you. There's not a damn thing that will make some people happy. they just watch, torturing themselves into hoping for something that just doesn't happen. They're fairly pathetic lol.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Is that the concrete showing thru under the track, or is it just packed dirt? Awesome race!

    CHUDDCHUDD14 days ago
    • the clay starts out wet with moisture. as the cars run over it with sliding and spinning tires, they buff the surface off while also pulling the moisture out. it hardens and packs down then takes rubber and drives similar to pavement, but your'e still on the dirt...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
    • Rubber mixed dirt

      Glitzy X4XGlitzy X4X14 days ago
  • NASCAR, here me out: Dirt Road Course.

    Tyler DickeyTyler Dickey14 days ago
  • That's so cool they upload the full race I was so busy on sunday that I missed the race cool to be able to catch it later without having to record it

    William NimbachWilliam Nimbach14 days ago
    • @Michael Rosati oh yeah dude no doubt

      William NimbachWilliam Nimbach13 days ago
    • Good to see Freightliner as a sponsor. I like them trucks, good brand.

      Michael RosatiMichael Rosati14 days ago
  • Loving the dirt track racing. Back to the roots of the sport, and where drivers get to flex their skills. The raw connection between a driver & his car is what has been missing for years. Absolutely the best thing NASCAR has done in a long time.

    The Mad CultivatorThe Mad Cultivator14 days ago
  • Ridiculous. Please restart real racing soon.

    Paulo BarretoPaulo Barreto14 days ago
    • go watch F1 if you don't like it. this is where this form of the sport was born. would you take away monaco? it doesn't fit modern f1 cars very well but they still go there because it's important to remember where you came from.

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Lets see daytona dirt next!!

    tim woodtim wood14 days ago
  • Woooooo go William buyron

    John McCannJohn McCann14 days ago
  • 'I learnt sooo much from that iracing event with you'. The rivalry continues!

    Jase The SmiffJase The Smiff14 days ago
  • The track was too Dusty they needed to wet it down during the race

    Steve ColleySteve Colley14 days ago
    • simple. it was getting too much sun. needs to be a night race. like 99.9% of all other dirt races...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Hamlin really blew it. bump and run son, bump and run!

    Norrin RaddNorrin Radd15 days ago
  • Anyone know how many cautions?

    Evan JonesEvan Jones15 days ago
  • by the end of the race almost everyones car will look like a modified

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
    • lol

      Denzel IbrahimDenzel Ibrahim7 days ago
  • that was bound to happen

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • not to b rude but thats bristol for ya

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • ha ha

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • thatl get some pukering going on

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • didnt deni come from indy car i cant remember but i think he did

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • even in late models i notice llike one or 2 lines that work usualy gets the most rubber

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • bummer man ehh hell get um i actually like Kyle now days

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • its not tar of corse there gonna get dirty just sayin

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • no caution yet suprising not that i watch for the cautions

    Erek from MinnesotaErek from Minnesota15 days ago
  • These crew guys are supposed to be the best thinkers out there but didn't understand that an Outerwear filter on the nose wouldn't work! You gotta leave the nose open then add a tight mesh covering the direct path to radiator. This allows air to get behind the nose then redirected around the plugged up mesh.

    Phil RickePhil Ricke15 days ago
  • I wonder what made them decide to have a dirt race at Bristol

    Duston EllisDuston Ellis15 days ago
  • You all should definitely do this again Along with road racing That would be superb 🏎 Nostalgic in a sense Also, Love the on car cams

    CornBreadEarLCornBreadEarL15 days ago
  • I used to be into nascar back in the 90's if I watch a race at all its usually bristol or road races but the dirt is really cool.first race I have watched in a long time.very cool.

    Jeff PerraultJeff Perrault15 days ago
  • Maybe turn Kentucky Speedway to dirt and keep this also. But that track isn’t being used.

    Corey WaneCorey Wane15 days ago
  • Best race nascar has had in years

    Tomcat4888Tomcat488815 days ago
    • Wolfsburg fan smhh

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin11 days ago
  • Myself I didn't care for the race and glad I wasn't there when I saw pictures from high above of all the dust. Now haul all the dirt out?

    Hal JacksonHal Jackson15 days ago
    • you are clearly in a very small minority judging by this comments section...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • This was awesome racing! More of this NASCAR! ^^

    Swaggerjack ProductionsSwaggerjack Productions15 days ago
  • This is the boost nascar needed. We want to see more of this. Ignore the internet haters. True race car fans of every level LOVE THIS SHYTE!😎🏁 Hopefully a little dirt dont offend anybody. 😆

    James DaltonJames Dalton15 days ago
    • If ya ain't willin' to get a bit of dirt under your fingernails, you don't belong at any race track... lol. and that's most people on the interwebnets as I've found...

      JD Racing 84JD Racing 8411 days ago
  • Fantastic race on the dirt. Eric Jones is so much better in the 43 than baba Wallace. And it’s not because he’s black!! Eric should be in the 23 and baba needs to Fuxk off.

    Mark HolmesMark Holmes15 days ago
  • dust bowl

    ZacharyZachary15 days ago
  • Guys I think this is the NSACAR cup series

    Dank JadenDank Jaden15 days ago
  • What a mess race track 🤣

    Diether SantosDiether Santos15 days ago
  • This is great. First time watching nascar ever. More of this and I’ll come back.

    Official Nolan LaValleyOfficial Nolan LaValley15 days ago